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If any of you are wondering, i've suddenly got Bug-Type Pokemon on the brain. The reason? My Shiny Cinccino. I put Hidden Power on her move list, and its power was Bug.
I'm thinking perhaps Joltik is a certain favourite of mine. It first appeared in Unova, the same region where i caught my shiny, and its post-evolution, Galvantula, looks rather cool.
I'm beginning to see something between Cinccino and Joltik, as Cinccino's data mentions its fur prevents static electricity from building up. It could therefore be unaffected by Joltik's electricity in that term.
So i'm thinking that Cinccino could probably keep a Joltik for a pet; i've not seen any Pokemon that would keep another Pokemon as a pet, but it's an interesting thought.

So that's why i've got bugs on the brain!
What's your favourite Bug-Type?


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


A is walking back to his house with Arbok beside him. A is playing with a 3DS that he bought a few months ago to play a new game he received, and Arbok is watching as he practices with Super Training, using an Arbok to score points against a Haxorus balloon.
“This game is great for a birthday present,” A grinns as he finally deflats the Haxorus balloon, and gains an Attack Bag L as a prize for his Arbok to punch up. “I’ll have to see if Miles has Omega Ruby…then we can make a few trades.”
“Birthdays are so fun, A,” Arbok smiles. “I’m sure there’ll be lots more great presents at home. And a big birthday cake…mmmmmmmmmm!!!” The image of a big birthday cake shaped and coloured to look like A appears in her mind, and she begins salivating at the thought of eating it.
“Me too,” A returns the smile, “though I hope Gardevoir was able to help Emily get the decorations right,” thinking about what happened last time with the Halloween decorations.
He puts the 3DS back in his pocket as he steps up to the front door, and reaches out to open it. “Hey, I’m sure it’ll be a great party,” he says. “And Mewtwo will be back soon on Smash Bros. too. Wonder what he’ll think of that?”
Opening the door, they go inside. “Hey everybody, we’re home,” A calls out.
But no answer comes from inside the house.
Walking into the main living room, A and Arbok then spot a huge object sitting right in the middle of the room. It looks like a huge, icy, blue birthday cake decorated with diamond patterns all around the sides.
“Wow!” Arbok is amazed. “Is that some kind of new birthday cake?”
“Not quite,” another voice suddenly replies from behind them, almost making them jump. They turn to see Selas Jarra leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and a smug grin on his face. “Happy Birthday, A!”
“Hi, Selas!” A smiles and shakes Selas’s hand. It has been a while since they last met…although technically, it had been Arbok who found Selas first being left like a hostage, and swallowed him down for a meal as a way to free him, before bringing him back to A’s house.
Arbok too is eager to see him. “It’s been some time. How did you get in the house?”
“Gardevoir leant me the spare key before they went out to get groceries for the party tonight,” Selas explains as he takes off his hat and hangs it on the nearby coat-rock. “Me and Sammy had time to help Typhlosion finish off the cake, and keep it cool until you came back.”
“Keep it cool?” A asks, looking back at the cake, and then looking around for Selas’s Shivaconda. “Where is Sammy, anyway?”
“I’ll tell you later,” Selas walked up to the cake. “Since you’re the special one today, why don’t you have an early first go at the cake?”
A eagerly walks up to it. “Mmm, looks tasty,” he smiles. He puts his hand on the diamond patterns of the cake, noticing it feels nice and cool, just as Selas said, but at the same time, he notices it feels a little familiar. “Hey, wait a minute…what’s…”
“Uh, A,” Arbok is now looking above his position, her eyes wide. “I think you should look at what’s riiiiiiiight over your head.”
A sudden blast of cold air suddenly drifts onto A, and he nervously peeks up. “Bonjour, birthday boy!” another voice suddenly speaks, and A finds himself staring into the open maw of Sammy, the Shivaconda, posing as part of the cake with her Ice-Type body keeping it cool. “Uh-oh,” A realizes what’s about to happen.
But it’s too late. Sammy’s maw comes straight down onto A, already taking him in up to his chest. “Mmmmmm…” Sammy mutters as her coils slide away from the cake, revealing its true appearance. “It was well worth preserving the cake to have a slice of A.”
Nearby, Selas grins. “Whoops, sorry A. But that’s Sammy’s surprise for you. She was just helping to keep the cake cool, since she is an Ice-Type.”
“Tell me about it…it’s freezing in here,” A bluntly states as he can clearly feel the difference in Sammy’s throat compared to most other Pokémon.
“Awww…don’t like it?” Sammy queries him. “Then perhaps we should warm you up.” She then winks over at Arbok, who grins at the idea and comes closer.
With A’s legs sticking out, Arbok prepares to grab them in her own mouth. “Don’t move, A,” she says. “I’ll pull you out.”
“Okay, Arbok,” A agrees, feeling a bit better. But then his face changes the moment he feels something familiar. “Hey, what…”
But it’s too late, as Arbok has already taken off his shoes and socks. Selas is impressed. “Heh. I’m still amazed on how you’re able to do that using only your tail, Arbok.”
Arbok grins in turn as she takes A’s legs into her maw. “Heh, piece of cake,” she mutters, and then teasingly kisses Sammy on the muzzle as her mouth covers A’s lower section completely.
Then Arbok starts to pull back on A. A begins to feel himself sliding out of Sammy’s cold throat, but knows all too well how he is really getting taken out. “Uh, Arbok…” he says nervously.
“Come on, A,” Sammy says to him. “You know Arbok’s only trying to help…would you rather be in my cold inner embrace?”
Then as she opens her mouth and releases A’s top half, letting it hang from Arbok’s gullet, he says, “Uh, I guess so.”
“Good,” Arbok squeals in delight. “Then let’s continue.” She starts to gulp him down further.
“Uh, wait a minute,” A asks as already only his arms and head hang out of her mouth. “Don’t I get any of the birthday cake?”
Selas smirks and walks over to the cake. “Oh dear, where are our manners?” he says as he takes a plate and knife, and cuts a piece of the cake off. He then hands the cake and knife on the plate to A. “Enjoy,” he says, before Arbok finally takes a big gulp and sends both A and the cake down her throat. “Mmmmmmmm…” she mutters. “You were as tasty as always, birthday boy.”
A smiles from inside her belly, eating a bit of the cake he has. “Mmm…the cake is too. Thanks, Selas and Sammy.”
“Glad you liked it,” Selas grinned.
“You’re welcome, little morceau,” Sammy agrees, saying the Kalosian word for morsel. “Well, since it’s a little while before the others get back, there’s time for one more helping of cake.”
“Do you think Typhlosion will mind?” Arbok asks her.
“Not at all,” Sammy grins as she rises over Selas. “This type of cake fills me up as good as my trainer does.” She opens her mouth just as Selas realizes what she’s saying. “Eh? Oh no…”
But Sammy quickly engulfs him just like she did with A earlier. “Mmmmmpphh,” Selas mumbles as her maw keeps him from saying anything at the moment.
Sammy then leans up and holds Selas’s legs up in front of Arbok. “Ahhhhhhh,” she sighs. “This is why I love birthday parties, especially when it’s with friends like you, Arbok.”
Arbok grins, and then as Sammy gulps down a little further, she moves her tail towards her mouth. “Hey Arbok, what’s going on out there?” A asks from inside her belly.
“Nothing, A,” Arbok replies as she uses her tail to flick off Selas’s own shoes and socks. “Sammy just felt like a piece of cake herself.” Selas snorts from inside Sammy’s throat at that compliment.
Sammy gulps the rest of Selas down and says, “Ahhhhhhhh, delicious every time.”
Arbok smiles at Sammy and then asks, “Hey Sammy, wanna come up to my room until the boys are ready to come out?” Sammy agrees, “Okay.”
They make their way out of the living room, leaving the cake where it is.
Just then, the front door opens again, and Seviper, followed by the others, comes inside. She suspiciously looks around the room, and then notices Selas’s hat hanging from the coat-rack.
“Hmm, what’s this?” she wonders, taking it off the rack and looking at it curiously. She then puts it on her head, heading over to a nearby mirror to check herself out.
But will she like it?
The Shivaconda's Cake
Here's a small story for :iconlivinlovindude: to celebrate his birthday.
My OC Selas and Sammy the Shivaconda have stopped by to help make a birthday cake for A when he returns home. And when he does return with Arbok, Sammy devilishly disguises herself as the cake in an attempt to vore A. But in the end, both A and Selas end up vored by their own serpents.
After seeing previous A and Arbok comics, I wanted to try and base this story in the view of a comic as well. So I hope you have a great birthday, :iconlivinlovindude:, and I hope this little story for your birthday encourages you to keep going with your art!

But I might need to ask later if Seviper will give my hat back.
If any of you are wondering, i've suddenly got Bug-Type Pokemon on the brain. The reason? My Shiny Cinccino. I put Hidden Power on her move list, and its power was Bug.
I'm thinking perhaps Joltik is a certain favourite of mine. It first appeared in Unova, the same region where i caught my shiny, and its post-evolution, Galvantula, looks rather cool.
I'm beginning to see something between Cinccino and Joltik, as Cinccino's data mentions its fur prevents static electricity from building up. It could therefore be unaffected by Joltik's electricity in that term.
So i'm thinking that Cinccino could probably keep a Joltik for a pet; i've not seen any Pokemon that would keep another Pokemon as a pet, but it's an interesting thought.

So that's why i've got bugs on the brain!
What's your favourite Bug-Type?
“TERRA!” The screech echoed out across the terrain of Auswes. It felt awesome to be back on familiar terrain.
Selas Jarra, the local Pokémon trainer, stretched out his arms and felt the wind rush across him as his legs held tightly to Altair’s sides. When it came to performing Soar across the region of Auswes, nothing was better than riding a Qanterra…not even a jet plane. A lot of Sky Trainers would often come up here to battle too, but Selas’s mind was not on battling right now.
He had another matter to focus on. It was his friend’s birthday today.
Selas smirked as he looked at his bag on his back. It contained a couple of presents that he had bought for his friend, Ryan Lindquist, who happened to be staying in Auswes for a few days. They were both pretty much equal in training, not to mention that they had their own unusual Eeveelutions. They had done a lot of travelling together since Arceus knew when, and ever since finding their way to Selas’s home region, the Auswes trainer felt like showing Ryan some of the amazing sights it had to offer.
Four days ago Selas had introduced Ryan to his parents, Eliza Jarra, the local Pokémon Professor whose lab was also a Gym, and Russell Jarra, a miner and construction demolitionist. They spent the day showing Ryan the wonders of Culturan City.
Three days ago they had been to Kununair Town, the home of the Flying-Type Gym Leader Sora, a close friend of Selas and his 8th conquered Gym.
Two days ago Selas had shown Ryan Stalac Mountain, where he had first found Sammy, his Shivaconda Pokémon. He then showed him Wintreley City and the local skating arena.
Then just yesterday, Selas took Ryan to Perthalia, and introduced him to the League where he had worked for a time. The Champion James was pleased to meet Ryan, and inspired him to a future battle at the League when Ryan had earned 8 badges from any of the Gyms spread around Auswes.
And now today…
Which was the big day…
Selas had something even better to show Ryan.
But first, he was bringing the birthday boy some presents.
Just then, something coming in the distance caught Selas’s attention. There was a Sky Trainer coming his way, clearly wanting a battle. Selas sighed and leaned Altair to steer him to the right, indicating that he was not interested. But when he looked back over his shoulder he noticed the Sky Trainer was following him. It was clear this one wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
We’ll see about that, Selas grinned. “Throttle, Altair!” he shouted.
“Qan…Qanterra!” his Pokémon screeched, and Selas held tight as Altair pulled his wings back, and suddenly shot off with a supersonic boom! Before the Sky Trainer’s eyes, his target vanished into the distance like a rocket!

* * *

Flomantle City was peaceful, particularly because the people and Pokémon liked to take care of the environment best of all here. It was also one of Auswes’s major harbours.
As Ryan walked his way through the streets with Shira, his Bruteon (Fighting-Type Eeveelution), trotting by his side, he looked towards the harbour where the big ships were loading cargo onto their decks, with the help of Powlines sending their cables out to hoist the big crates on board.
Ryan then looked up as a group of Whindwirl flew over his head, flapping their wings with a breeze that seemed to spin the air current. That too helped to channel the air and keep it fresh. Ryan was amazed on how many new Pokémon there were here native to Auswes that he hadn’t seen before. Even a nearby Lullamare walking by with a small family of Centune was nice to look at.
There was no doubt…he should definitely tell his friend Crystal to come see the sights here too.
“Enjoying your time, Shira?” he asked his Pokémon. The Bruteon sniffed a nearby flower garden, and let out a happy “Bruteon!” in reply.
Ryan smiled, and then checked his PokéNav. “Now, where’s Selas?” he wondered. “He should have been here by now, unless…he probably got caught up in a battle.” Ryan just smirked…he knew Selas well enough to know what the reason could be if he was late in coming, even if only for a few minutes.
But Ryan was patient. He could wait.
He walked with Shira towards a nearby drink stall to buy a Pinap Fruit Juice, and then went to sit down on a nearby bench to pass the time. Shira leapt up and sat on his lap, wanting Ryan to pet her while they would wait, which he did.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, a familiar ZOOM over their heads indicated Selas had arrived. Ryan and Shira looked up to see Altair the Qanterra coming down to roost on the ground, tucking in his wings before landing, and Selas jumped off before recalling Altair into his ball.
“Hey, sorry I’m late,” Selas apologized. “Sky Trainer this time.”
“Giving you a run for your money?” Ryan suggested.
“And your presents. Happy Birthday,” Selas grinned as he slapped Ryan a high-five, and then took out another ball to release Sunny, his Scaleon (Dragon-Type Eeveelution).
The two Eeveelutions greeted each other in the usual way; a quick nuzzle and a high-tail.
Selas tipped his all-around hat before pushing it off his head and letting it hang behind him, by the string around his neck. He then pulled his bag in front of him and opened it up, taking out a few items.
“This one’s from me,” Selas produced a micro-chip which contained an upgrade to Ryan’s PokéNav. “It’s got Super Training on it; you know…that fun new way to train your Pokémon with the punching bags. Bet you’d like it, eh Shira?”
“Bruteon!” It was clear that Shira was excited, being a Fighting-Type, and most Fighting-Types loved training with punching bags.
“And this is from Dad,” Selas took out a mining kit. “Build your own Secret Base in the Auswes Underground.” Ryan strapped it to his back.
“Piper sent you the Pokémon-Amie upgrade all the way from Kalos,” Selas handed him another micro-chip. “And here,” he handed Ryan a licence card and a data-pad showing three PokéBalls, each containing a picture of a different starter type of Auswes. There was a choice of Floey, Bandyre or Flemu. “From Mom,” Selas continued. “You’re now licensed to train Pokémon in Auswes once you choose your starter. Pick your choice on the pad, and then drop by the lab later. Give Mom the pad with your choice, and she’ll give you your new starter.”
“This is great!” Ryan took the pad. “I might need to think carefully before choosing.” He slipped it into his bag and pocketed the micro-chips. “Thanks for the presents, Selas.”
“Actually,” Selas then whispered. “That isn’t all.” He reached into his pocket, and took something else out. “Here.” He handed Ryan a small stone. It had colours similar to that of Ryan’s Treerex, Toothy, and it had a familiar mark on it.
Ryan was surprised. “A Mega Stone?”
“Mom did some researching on it a couple of days back,” Selas told him. “She found it works for Toothy. So I hope you’ll put it to good use when you get your own Key Stone. Sammy and I will be looking forward to it.”
Ryan’s grin matched him. “You bet.” He slipped the Mega Stone into his pocket. “So, where were you going to take me today?”
“A special place,” Selas explained. “It’s restricted to the public, but James gave me special permission to visit it. You’d better call out your flying Pokémon…we’re gonna fly there using Soar.”
“Great,” Ryan took out a PokéBall. “Ready, Banshee?”
“Aero!” Ryan’s Aerodactyl burst out from the ball, and turned his back to Ryan to let him climb on. Ryan called Shira back into her ball before he did, and held tight as Banshee began rising into the air.
A moment later, Selas, having recalled Sunny, summoned Altair again and was back in the air with them, ready to show them the way. Pointing towards the sea way out from the harbour, Selas showed Ryan an island that was vaguely visible in the distance. “That’s where we’re going!”
“Let’s go!” Ryan shot his fist up into the air, and Banshee immediately took off for the island, as Selas flew alongside with Altair. “Bet you twenty bucks I beat you there!”
The bet was on.

It was a terrific flight. Ryan and Selas also rivalled each other for races across High Flight, making sure to keep an eye out for any wild Pokémon or Sky Trainers that might be lurking about.
The island loomed closer as they flew lower down, and Banshee looped upside down so that Ryan could reach out to trail his hand through the waters. Nearby, Selas was doing the same with both hands.
But then, suddenly, Altair shrilled loudly, indicating something was wrong. Both Selas and Ryan took hold of their Pokémon again and spun the right way up…
Just as something suddenly shot right between them at high speed! “Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” a voice cried out as the blur shot by. Whatever the Pokémon was, it sounded like the scream had come from what it was holding in its claws.
Ryan looked behind him. “Hey, was that…a Pidgeot?”
“Never seen that Pokémon here before,” Selas looked confused. “Must have migrated from another region.”
“Or it could be a straggler from a Swarm or something,” Ryan suggested. “But…was that a kid hanging from its claws?”
“A kid?”
“I could have sworn it looked like a kid…wearing a red and blue shirt.”
Selas didn’t know what to say to that. “Strange. We’d better get to the island first and find out if it came from there. We’ll head back later and see where it went.”
“Okay,” Ryan agreed. “Bet’s still on, though. Go, Banshee!”
“Dactyl!” Banshee cried as he quickened his pace, with Selas and Altair chasing after them to reach the island first.
However, while they were focused on the race, they failed to notice a certain Transport Pokémon racing across the sea with a group of humans riding on its back, two of them also wearing red and blue shirts.

A few minutes later, both of them arrived at the island, Ryan touching down first on the dock. He grinned as Selas landed close by, and handed him twenty bucks. Nearby, a sign read: “Welcome to Rottwest Island! Please present your League Tickets upon arrival.”
Just then a man with a firm expression came walking up. “Soaring here to the island isn’t allowed, you two! If you don’t have League Tickets, I must ask you to-”
But Selas opened his wallet and showed two League Tickets. “Don’t remember me, do you Carl?” he asked in a stern voice. “Should I remind you, or should I inform James of this?”
The man immediately stepped back. “Mr. Jarra. I apologize. It’s been some time.”
Selas nodded. “Yeah, it has. This is my friend Ryan. I’m showing him around.”
Carl took the League Tickets and checked them over. “Very good, Mr. Jarra. You may pass with your friend.”
Selas took back the tickets and then led Ryan out across the dock to the mainland. “I’m guessing he’s one of the security guys here on the island,” Ryan asked Selas.
“Yeah, Carl’s a bit of a pushover, but he’s good at his job,” Selas nodded. “No unauthorized person can get to the island and stay. But since you’re with me, they have no say in the matter. Let’s hurry over to the Pokémon Center and get any info about that Pokémon we saw.”

The nearest Pokémon Center was straight across from the dock, and the two boys immediately checked in for any information about the Pidgeot or the kid it had been carrying. Nurse Joy there mentioned that she had seen a group of kids checking in at Rottwest Plaza earlier, before taking off with a Lapras to chase the Pidgeot to the mainland.
But immediately after explaining, Nurse Joy suddenly looked at Selas, and her face filled with confusion. “Weren’t you with them earlier, Mr. Jarra?” she asked. “I’m certain I saw you taking off with those kids to chase that Pidgeot.”
Selas thought for a moment, wondering what she meant. Ryan then noticed a slight suspicion in his face. “What is it, Selas?”
“I’m not sure, Ryan,” Selas spoke in a low tone. “But I have a funny feeling whom it really might have been.” The Auswes trainer thought to himself. It sounds to me like Trinity the Adventurer’s been here with his friends, the Time Kids. Maybe it was one of them that the Pidgeot took away.
“Thanks for your help, Joy,” Selas immediately replied. “Come on, Ryan. Let’s hurry back…maybe we can help them.” Ryan agreed, and they turned to hurry out the door.

“Hold it, Jarra boy!”
The moment they came out of the Pokémon Center they were suddenly stopped by a bunch of shady people. How they had managed to get past Rottwest’s security was anyone’s guess.
Selas didn’t look surprised though; if anything, he looked annoyed. “What are you morons doing back here?” he insisted. “Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”
“We’re not gonna let you get away with foiling our plans to resurrect the mighty Quokkitan here, Jarra!” one of them, obviously the ringleader of the group, shouted back at Selas. “You won’t be leaving this island without being punished!”
Selas just tilted an eyebrow before looking at Ryan. “Stubborn idiots,” he muttered. “You feel like helping out, Ryan? It’ll be your first Auswes battle, right here on this island…not to mention on your birthday, too.”
“Awesome,” Ryan smirked, and immediately reached for his PokéBalls. “Go!” he shouted, opening the balls and releasing Shira, Banshee, Toothy, and also his Houndoom, Azazel, his Dragonair, Prince, and his Shiny Gyarados, Derpy. At the same time, Selas released Altair and Sunny, along with his Trigite, Trev, his Bandiferno, Bandi, his Straihound, Corga, and his Shivaconda, Sammy.
People passing nearby turned to see what was going on, as the shady characters immediately began releasing their own Pokémon, some familiar and others not. “Nobody ever messes with Team Rubble!” the ringleader continued. “Not even a former Elite member of Perthalia!”
But the remark didn’t even faze the boys, as they were in their prime and ready for battle. “Hard talk for a team that fails at everything,” Selas taunted them.
“We’ll show you that we mean business!” Ryan retorted in turn.
Then a slash appeared between them, and they both posed, shouting, “LET’S DO THIS!”
Welcome to Auswes, Ryan
For :iconthetapir:'s birthday, I invite him onto the home turf of my Pokemon OC, Selas Jarra...the Auswes (WA) region as I call it.
Using a new Soar ability, you can use any Pokemon to enter a mode called High Flight, where you can catch wild Flying-Type Pokemon, or battle Sky Trainers. And while Soaring, Selas brings Ryan to Rottwest Island (Rottnest), where in my idea for the Pokemon games, it is only accessible with the League Ticket event. It is also home to a certain type of Pokemon that is capable of breeding...unless it enters a certain evolution and becomes a legendary!
A scene during High Flight to Rottwest, however, hints that a Pidgeot has somehow arrived at Auswes, and happens to have possession of a certain somebody belonging to :icongloverboy23:...can you guess who?
Here's the hint on this link: Pidgeot's catch of the day!

I hope you have a terrific birthday, :iconthetapir:. And keep up your Auswes there's always something new each day!…
Name: Ricky
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Height: 0.7m
Weight: 68 kg
Appearance: Fire-engine red in body colour, white on chest, muzzle, belly and tail, black ear-tips, brown paws with slight green shade, deep-brown eyes.
Characteristics: Has a cute smile and grin when happy. Affectionate around friends. Often intimidated by bigger predators and can’t help but cry at times. Does not want to kill innocent animals, but works well in a team when hunting for prey, and allows other team-members to finish them off after catching them.
Food Diet: Being omnivorous, the young fox can eat anything between meat and grass. Even flowers taste nice to him, especially red ones which are his favourite. It’s said that his taste for veggies is due to being born with a genetic defect, but this choice for food unfortunately resulted in his family chasing him away in disgust.

Known History

Birth and early life

When Ricky was born, he was born with a defect within his internal organs, which wasn’t noticed straightaway while he was only a cub suckling from his mother. However, when a little older, about the time when fox cubs often begin eating meat, it was noticed that he found meat rather tasteless and bland, and although he could eat it, he preferred not to.
But then one day, it was discovered that he had taken a liking to grass and often herbivory delicacies that foxes would normally not consider eating. His family began to worry about young Ricky, especially when it was noticed that his new nutrition had caused his brown paws to turn a slight green in colour (almost like the human equivalent of a green thumb).
Things went from bad to worse when his family tried to teach him to hunt. Although Ricky proved to be good at hunting, he couldn’t bear to kill any innocent little animals…and often let them go much to the dismay of his family, or handed them over to them because he couldn’t stand to be involved. When offered a piece of the carcass, he refused to go anywhere near it.

Chased out...
Finally, when at the age of 10, Ricky’s family finally snapped, and chased him out of their forest den in hatred for his different nature. Ricky was heartbroken, and ran a good distance from his home before he thought to return and beg them to take him back. But when he returned, to his horror he found that a murderous pack of wolves had invaded the den and killed his family. Once again Ricky ran, this time for his life, until he had run so far that he finally collapsed in an open field where a flock of wild sheep were grazing.
The sheep took an interest in young Ricky, and after learning that he wouldn’t eat their young and that he could eat grass, they adopted him into their flock. But a couple of days later, the flock was attacked by the same merciless pack of wolves, and again Ricky was forced into running. The pack chased him through the forest until he tried to cross a waterfall, where a lone pack member tried to catch him and caused Ricky to fall off the log he was on, down the waterfall and out of sight.

Meeting Lily
Ricky washed up on the waterfall’s pond, unconscious but alive. He most certainly would have died right then and there, if it had not been for the unexpected arrival of Lilyanne (Lily for short), a while-tailed female deer. She pulled him out of the water, and then prepared to eat him up. For it turned out that Lily, despite being a deer, was a carnivore, relying on meat to sustain her.
But as she was about to eat him, Ricky woke up and saw her. Not knowing about her nature, he cried about having lost everything in his life. Lily felt sorry for him, and soon she and Ricky became good friends. Ricky soon learned about Lily’s diet of meat, and that she was amazingly engaged to a wolf. In turn Lily learned of Ricky being able to get grass as well as meat, and soon Ricky was able to trust her enough in letting her eat him, but that she could let him out before digestion would begin.
Lily finally brought Ricky back to her home where she lived with Luc, her wolf mate. It took a while for Ricky to get used to Luc though, for since his ordeal with the pack that chased him, he had become very distrustful of wolves. But eventually, Ricky came to trust Luc and they became good friends too.

To the present time...
Since that day, Ricky has been living with Lily and Luc peacefully, often assisting them with their hunts and proving to be a useful team member. While Lily and Luc would chase their prey, Ricky would often cut the prey off from a sideline and corner them, and sometimes even seize them to stop them from getting away, allowing Lily or Luc to finish them off.
During life with them, Ricky has been learning from his friends to enjoy meat better than before, and has developed a better taste for it. Now being able to enjoy both meat and veggies at the same time, Ricky is happier than before. He even enjoys Lily and Luc eating him and keeping him in their bellies for a time.
It seems now the only thing he still doesn’t like is killing prey himself.
Ricky, the Omnivorous Fox
I came up with an idea to introduce this young fella after an RP with :icondj-xyclone:, and meeting his OC Lilyanne, or Lily for short. Here's the link:
Lilyanne the Deer
I'm intrigued by animals that can change their choice for this case, a young doe becoming a meat-eater. Also, Kimba the White Lion is a good example, with meat-eaters learning to eat veggies. Thanks to the inspiration, that is how young Ricky came into existence. A brief bio and summary of his life is included here, and sometime later, I'll include an in-depth story of his meeting with Lily.

Lily is owned by :icondj-xyclone: while Luc is owned by a friend of his.
“You think it’s hard being a bush-ranger sometimes? Try being a dino-ranger,” Michael spoke as he used his rope to help Shelly and her parents pull the frisky doe away from Ken’s room. She was doing everything she could to get back in, because she was determined to get to Ken, who in turn was peeking around the door like a scaredy-cat.

But it was no surprise. It had been a pretty terrifying scare that night, after Shelly had brought Ken home from his little voyage to the great forest where Bambi, the Great Prince, lived. She had saved Ken from the great deer’s mate, Faline, who had taken a naughty liking to him and wanted to keep him.
But what they hadn’t counted on was that during the time jump back, somehow, they had unknowingly pulled Faline through time too, who had managed to stay with the time buggy via Ken’s pants that she had been pulling him by. Faline had sneaked into their house and had somehow managed to stay hidden from the family until night-time. She was determined not to lose her favourite little Man-toy.
Later that night, she made her move, sniffing for Ken and eventually finding him sleeping in his room. Ken stirred at first and then woke sleepily at the feel of something licking his face, but the moment he turned upwards, he suddenly saw something furry and deer-like standing over him. He was too late to react as Faline playfully sat down on him.
After a moment of teasing him, Faline eventually moved her butt off his head, and this gave Ken the opportunity to shout for help. The household immediately woke up and Shelly dialled for assistance, while Thomas and Clara Blake tried their best to separate their son from the eager female deer in his room.
Eventually, Michael the Dino Ranger arrived and helped them to pull her out. Christine was outside with a trailer attached to her from behind. A quick time jump and Michael would soon have Faline back in her own time period. They still had no idea on how she had managed to follow Ken here. Bringing something back from the past wasn’t normally permitted, because it could affect the future and was thus dangerous to do.

Finally, they succeeded in getting Faline out of the house and into the trailer. The Blakes thanked Michael and waved goodbye as he took off in Christine.
Shelly immediately walked back into the house, followed by her parents. She could hear them talking quietly, but she could easily guess that they were talking about Ken. “Don’t bother trying to scold him,” she decided to interrupt. “He’s not going to come out for the rest of the night, anyway.” And with that said and done, she immediately went back upstairs to her room and closed the door, wanting to catch up on her sleep.
Thomas and Clara exchanged glances, but they had to admit Shelly was right. They shrugged and went back to their own bedroom, letting the trouble go for the night.

Ken, meanwhile, was still feeling nervous and had locked his own door, not wanting to be involved in anything else that night. That fright had been pretty scary, if not humiliating too. He tried to settle back into his bed, but now he found it harder to sleep. It seemed the scare had left him wide awake.
Ken grumbled and paced about in his room. He hated when this happened. What he needed was something to help him sleep. But what?
His eyes immediately rested on the bookcase. That would do. If he read something, then it would make him feel sleepy again. His smile returned as he walked over and scanned across the shelves for anything of interest.
Then he came across something that he thought he had put up in the attic ages ago. It was a book of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It had been an old child favourite of his, when he had been very young, like Winnie-the-Pooh.
He was a little old for it now, but Ken didn’t mind. He didn’t see anything else that he thought interesting at that moment. It was nice to settle with something simple.
At least it has a deer in it that can’t get me through a book, he thought to himself. But somehow, the thought left him troubled. He remembered what had happened a couple of weeks previously. When he had been cleaning the house’s attic, he had found his old Winnie-the-Pooh book, and had been transported into it, becoming a play-toy for Kanga, the mother kangaroo.
I’ve gotta stop thinking about it, Ken continued to think as he opened the Rudolph book. Or it’s just gonna keep bothering me for the rest of my life. I should relax, and just enjoy this book, because it’ll help me get to sleep, and not get me into trouble. For all I know, I’d probably wish that I could meet Rudolph next.
He laughed for a moment, but then twigged, and slapped his hand over his mouth. Did he just wish? He immediately dropped the book and backed away from it. He kept his eyes fixed on it, waiting for something strange or magical to happen.
But nothing happened. The book was completely motionless.
Ken cautiously approached, expecting anything nonetheless. He carefully tapped the book with his foot, then flicked it, and finally picked it up, shaking it just in case. But still nothing happened.
Feeling a little relief, Ken smiled and then opened the book. Whew…that was a close on-
FLASH! Suddenly, the book jumped out of Ken’s hands and began to shine, leaving him shocked. (1) Ahhh, not again! I knew it! I knew it!
But he was too late to move, as suddenly the magic drawn from the book surrounded him, and the world suddenly spun before his eyes. Ken started crying for help, but it was too late, as he was no longer in his bedroom…

…but instead somewhere else!
Falling downwards!
Ken cried out in alarm as he fell (2), unaware that down below, something was watching him with astonishment upon seeing him appear from out of nowhere in the sky. (3)
And of course, it was Rudolph, the young reindeer with the shiny red nose. He had been going for a walk when he unexpectedly saw what was happening right now.
WHUMP! Ken Blake landed in the snow down below, making a large Ken-shaped hole in it. Luckily he had landed in a deeper part of the snow. Any shallower and the landing probably would have hurt.
Rudolph carefully approached, unsure of what the young creature was that had made the hole in the snow. From what he had seen, it had looked like a young human. He didn’t mind that…humans were friends here at the North Pole, and had nothing to fear, especially with Santa Claus around.
A groan came from the hole, and a Christmas Tree-shaped mound of snow rose up on top of Ken’s head. For a shape like that to happen was very hard, but it looked funny on the boy’s head all the same. Rudolph couldn’t help but chuckle…he thought this human was funny.
Reaching in, Rudolph grabbed hold of the human lower down, and tried to help pull him out. (4) But as he did, he noticed that the young human appeared to be frowning. His smile immediately dropped too.
“Hey! Watch where you’re holding me!” Ken grumbled, hoping that his underpants wouldn’t be next. But the moment he was pulled out, he was dropped to the ground and he got a face full of snow! “Watch where you’re dropping me too,” he wiped the snow off his face and turned to look at Rudolph.
But the moment their eyes made contact, Ken’s face turned from grumpy to surprised. This time, unlike the Winnie-the-Pooh story, this time he had firstly met the main character of this story. He couldn’t take his eyes off the shiny glow of the young reindeer’s nose.
Rudolph smiled again. “Hey, you’re kinda cute for a human,” he grinned. “Especially since you’re so small.”
Ken stared at him in confusion, and then finally noticed for the first time… “EEK!” He was small! Once again, the transportation into the book had left him smaller than usual. It was like being shrunk by Blazeheart’s shrink ray again, and his mind immediately flicked back to the Dalmatians. “I…uh…I think I should get going now,” Ken stammered, not wanting this meeting with the young reindeer to go bad.
“Aw, but we’ve only just met!” Rudolph put on an adoring face. “I quite like humans…especially ones like you!” And without warning, he pounced! Ken yelped and jumped back, but being smaller than Rudolph he hardly made much of a leap to avoid Rudolph’s dive. A mountain of warm fur pressed him up against the cold snow. “Hey, get off!” Ken complained.
“Why should I?” Rudolph asked innocently, grinning down at Ken sticking out from under his front side. He playfully touched his red nose down upon Ken’s small little nose, and for a moment, something tingled inside of Rudolph at that moment. He didn’t know what it was, but from the way Ken suddenly jolted, he was certain the small kid felt it too.
“Alright then, if you don’t like it this way,” Rudolph held his grin as he slowly got up…and then, to Ken’s horror, turned himself around so that his back was facing him instead.
“Let’s try it the other way round!” Rudolph finished with a snigger.
“NOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOFFFF!!!” Ken tried to turn around and crawl to safety, but another big mound of fur landed right on top of him, cementing him straight into the freezing blanket of snow that covered the ground. Struggling from underneath, Ken managed to squeeze his front half out, and he peered up, a little frightened, at the dominating young reindeer that simply smiled at him. (5)
Rudolph was beginning to find it quite fun. He now had a little seat-cushion to take care of, and he loved it. Maybe it wasn’t Christmas now, but it seemed to the young reindeer that it was like the best present that he could have ever been given. He couldn’t wait to tell his mom and dad.
“This is great fun,” Rudolph finally sat up and stood on his four hooves again, allowing Ken to get up and groan as his squashed bottom half wriggled a bit to regain control. “Wait till I take you home – you’re gonna be great fun to have around. Maybe Zoey will like you too.”
Ken immediately found his feet at the mention of Rudolph’s best friend. If a girl reindeer was going to be involved, it would mean twice as much trouble. It always seemed to be the females that gave him the worst of trouble. “No, no, wait a minute,” he begged. “I have a better idea. Why don’t you close your eyes and count to twenty, and I’ll give you an even bigger surprise. What do you think?”
Rudolph put his front hoof to his mouth for a moment, thinking it over. “Hmm…that sounds okay. Okay then,” he shut his eyes and began counting.
That was the break Ken needed. He immediately sprinted through the snow, away from Rudolph, down the path towards the book in the distance. He guessed he was lucky this time that he had spotted it nearby while Rudolph was playing with him. If he could just reach it, he could get back to his own home, safe again.
But just then, “Hey, come back here!” Ken looked over his shoulder and realized that Rudolph was chasing him. The young reindeer had decided to peek while counting, and noticed that he had been suckered. He madly charged after Ken, and the young Time Kid gave out a squeal and doubled his speed into reaching the book. He could hear Rudolph getting closer and closer, but he was almost within an arm’s reach of the book. He jumped for it…
“Gotcha…OW!” the moment Ken grabbed the book, he suddenly felt something familiar – and painful – pull at his pants. He struggled to hold on to the book, but he couldn’t help but grit his teeth in pain as Rudolph pulled with all his might to pull him off the book by his pants.
And not just his pants – the reason it felt so painful was because Rudolph had unknowingly gotten him by his underpants too. It was the worst wedgie yet! (6)
“Ow, ow, ow!” Ken yelped but managed to hold on for dear life. The book began to glow around his hands as he felt its magic beginning to work. “Lemme out…lemme out!” he begged, wishing for all of this to stop…
Suddenly, Rudolph’s eyes went wide the moment his small human and the book vanished in a flash of light. Without Ken’s pants to tug on, he fell backwards in the snow and made an imprint.
“No way!” he gasped as he stood up. “How did that human do that?”
“Hey, Rudolph,” a familiar voice called out to him. “What’s going on? Who are you talking to?” He turned to see Zoey running up to him.
“Huh? Uh…I don’t know what to say,” he told her. “But I came across a small human, and I found it really cute to play with. But then it just disappeared like magic.”
“Magic?” Zoey shook her head. “Rudolph, you know magic only works on Christmas.”

Ken blinked. Where was he?
Staring around, he realized he was in his room again, his pants hanging loose around his legs. He felt dazed, and a little sore down below, but all the same, he was okay.
Getting up, he pulled his pants up and breathed a sigh of relief. Staring down at the Rudolph book, he frowned. Picking it up carefully, making sure not to open it, he hid it between some of his other books. It was still night-time, and he decided that the first thing he would do when waking up that morning, was to ditch it upstairs in the attic with his Winnie-the-Pooh book.
Feeling a little relieved by this, Ken got back into his bed to try and go back to sleep. This time he wasn’t going to find a way to get to sleep…he would just wait until sleep took him. He would rather do that than read another book this night.
I’m just glad that’s all over and done with, Ken thought as he shut his eyes. I’ll make sure never to wish for any more of that stuff ever again whenever I’m near a book. It’s dangerous to even think about wishing for Rudolph and Zoey to come out of the book!
Ken let out a sigh and finally stopped thinking, holding himself still in his bed until eventually, his consciousness finally faded and he slipped into a quiet sleep.

But it was not all over and done with.
Because in that blind moment, he had thought about wishing.
And the moment he slipped into sleep, the book amongst the others in the bookcase began to glow again.
And a mysterious mist crept out, forming around Ken’s bedroom floor until it covered a good portion of it. Something appeared to be materializing in the mist, and within the deep blackness, a red glow seemed to illuminate the mist from inside. A moment passed before the mist finally faded away…
And revealed Rudolph with his shiny red nose lighting up the bedroom, along with Zoey, both of them surprised at how they just got here!
“Magic!” Zoey gasped. “But how?”
“I don’t know,” Rudolph shook his head. But the moment he noticed a familiar figure sleeping in the nearby bed, a grin formed on his face. “But it looks like I can still introduce you to my new little friend, Zoey.” He eagerly led her over to the bed, his mind buzzing over what to do with his sleeping human seat-cushion.
He didn’t notice however, that his red nose appeared to be tingling.
And oddly, so was Ken’s…
Ken, the Red-Nosed Time Kid
This story was meant for Christmas, but I was delayed thanks to the holidays.

This story takes place after the incident with Faline, the Princess of the Forest. Here's the links to that story and its sequel:
Meeting the Princess of the Forest
Escaping the Princess of the Forest
Now Ken Blake reads another book about Rudolph, and you can guess what happens when the book magically does its stuff, can't you?
This picture from :icongloverboy23: fits with the story:
<da:thumb id="499895548">

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) = representing the six parts of the picture the story is based on

Ken Blake and his family are owned by :icongloverboy23:.
Michael the Dino Ranger is owned by :iconsusenm74:.
Rudolph and Zoey owned by GoodTimes Entertainment.

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