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I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


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“There’s some more over here,” Bianca called from near the river. She reached out to pick up a box of Pop Tarts that was lying upon the side of the river, having washed up from the previous night. A few seconds later, Trinity came running up with Kimba, Bucky and Pauley, coming in to collect the rest of the sweets and loose confectioneries that were scattered about.
“I can’t believe there’s so many of these things around,” Bianca said to Trinity. “How could Sabre have been keeping this many in his cave?”
Trinity rolled his eyes. “With Sabre, Bianca, anything’s possible. And to think all it took was an overnight storm to wash it all out.”

Trinity the Adventurer had been staying with Kimba for a couple of days, talking about a special event coming up in the future, something that was called ‘The Carnival of the White Waters’. Trinity’s first guess was that it involved a certain somebody with an amusement park fetish, but he didn’t say who it was.
Then as sunset fell over the jungle, Trinity and Kimba had been out for a walk, talking with each other, when they came across Bianca running from Claw, Kimba’s nemesis. The white lion wasted no time in fighting him off, and after Trinity had managed to calm Bianca down, he introduced her to Kimba and his friends, and soon all was well.
Then a short while later, they were all forced to take shelter when that terrible storm struck out of nowhere. Since Bianca was weak with energy due to her encounter with Claw, she couldn’t use her teleportation skills to get home. So she was invited to stay with her friends until the morning.
Then…when the morning finally came…
Dan’l Baboon immediately came in to report to Kimba that a strange collection of odd-tasting things had littered the jungle overnight during the storm. When the gang heard from Mupa, the young mountain lion, that she had seen her boyfriend Sabre with a whole cave full of sweets, Trinity immediately knew the reason for the littering. While he would have a word with Sabre later, the first thing to do was clean up the mess.

Which was what they were doing now.
Bianca stood up with a collection of sweets and lollies gathered in her arms. She walked up to Trinity who pulled a sack off his shoulder, and opened it, allowing her to dump the goodies in. Kimba came up with a packet of Frosted Flakes in his mouth, and that was put in the sack too. Bucky and Pauley then donated their findings as well, and they continued to move on.

Soon, after a good amount of searching throughout the African jungle, they were certain they had collected the last of the goodies. With a sack full of them, Trinity was about to take them away when they suddenly saw Sabre chasing after Mupa, yelling at her for teasing him the other night with make-believe things like ‘Coladiles’ and ‘Leopuffs’, saying it gave him a nightmare that night. But all Mupa did was laugh and giggle, enjoying the fact that Sabre was actually chasing her for once, because it was usually the other way round.
Trinity sighed. “Guess we’d better sort them out, Kimba.” He turned to Bianca. “Thanks for your help, Bianca. You okay with getting back?”
“I sure am,” Bianca smiled. “Thanks again, Trinity. You too, Kimba.” She kneeled down and kissed the young white lion on his head. Kimba blushed deep-red and replied, “Uh…Y-You’re welcome.”
Then as Bianca watched Trinity, Kimba, and the rest of her new friends hurrying off to catch up with Sabre and Mupa, she focused and began to teleport…
Making her way from one jungle to another.

* * *

Within the tops of the trees of the Indian jungle, a long, powerful form lay napping after having shed his old skin. His coils looked so fresh and colourful that they radiated and glistened in the bright, morning sun.
Kaa looked so much brighter than before that he was looking forward to showing Bianca when she finally came back, to see just how brilliant he looked. A smirk crept onto his face the moment he thought about it. Even while napping, his thoughts of impressing Bianca often ran amok.

At that moment, Bianca teleported into the jungle, just close to where Kaa was currently napping. But she didn’t know this yet. She began thinking of where he might be when she put her hand in her pockets, and then suddenly felt something inside it.
She pulled out what appeared to be a wrapped-up lollipop. It had probably fallen into her pocket when she had been putting the sweets into the sack. Bianca looked at the treat for a moment, before shrugging and deciding to enjoy it before looking for her favourite snake.
She unwrapped the lollipop and began licking it, noticing that it seemed to bring an unusual taste to her tongue and lips. She didn’t notice, however, that the lollipop seemed to have a strange effect upon her as well, because while she was enjoying it, an aura began spreading over her. She didn’t even know it was there; even though she was a powerful witch, she couldn’t see this aura.
Then, when she finally finished the lollipop off, she put the stick back in its packet and placed both of them in her pocket, so she could put it in a rubbish bin later on. Unaware as to what had just happened to her, she began searching for Kaa, wondering where he could be.

Kaa was suddenly jolted awake the moment his tongue detected a strange scent in the air. Whatever it was, the scent seemed to be pleasant, and filled Kaa with a longing to taste it. What could it be? He had no idea, but whatever it was, one thing was certain: he loved it. It was that kind of mysterious scent that made him long to taste it and see what it was really like.
Unwinding a few coils from the branch he was on, he slowly descended down his tree, eager to see whatever was making this delicious scent.
The moment he saw Bianca walking through the jungle, he couldn’t believe it. The strange aura of scent was coming from her direction. Two pink love symbols seemed to roll into his eyes, as he immediately came to believe that whatever this divine smell was, it was coming from his favourite human. He couldn’t believe his luck.
He stretched back up into the trees and began to follow in pursuit, taking it easy through the treetops, as he didn’t want to reveal himself just yet. The crafty snake thought about taking her by surprise.
Bianca stopped near a tree that was close to a rather fruity berry bush. She couldn’t help but feel she was being watched. She looked around, suspicious, but couldn’t see anything. Not a sound could be heard either. She didn’t like it, and was just about to start moving when suddenly, “Going ssssssssomewhere, my sssssssssweet?” a familiar voice spoke up.
Bianca recognized Kaa’s voice instantly and stared up into the trees, hoping to see any sign of him. But he was too well hidden; wherever he was, he couldn’t be seen easily.
“Where are you, Kaa?” she called out. “Come out, wherever you are.”
But unbeknownst to Bianca, the said snake suddenly dropped his head down behind her, eyeing her hungrily. Now that he was up closer to her, that gorgeous scent was so intoxicating that Kaa felt he was addicted to it. Your love issssssss my drug…he thought to himself, and he leaned forward and opened his mouth…
Bianca jumped the moment she suddenly felt something wet and fork-like on her back, and she gasped and spun around, coming face to face with Kaa. “Oh, there you are!” she grinned. “You scared me.”
“Did I now?” Kaa dreamily cooed. “Well, I only wanted to tasssssssste my ssssssssssweet human lollipop.”
Bianca just stared at him. “Huh…what?”
“Come here, my treat,” Kaa suddenly threw a loop of coils straight at her and Bianca was too late to prevent getting snagged. Kaa held her only tight enough so that she was secure, but that she could breathe. He brought more of his body down from the tree and kept throwing more coils around her.
“Kaa, what are you doing?” Bianca cried out. He had never acted like this before…what was going on? She had no idea, but she hoped something bad wasn’t going to happen.
But then, as Kaa threw his final coil around her and moved his head towards her exposed feet, he spoke, “You sssssssssmell ssssssssso good, my sssssssssweet. I have no idea what perfume or incsssssensssssssse you have, but it’ssssssss sssssssso nicssssssse that it makesssssssss me want to lick you up and down and all around.”
“Oh…?” Bianca was surprised, but felt a little better. It sounded like Kaa wasn’t going to eat her after all, but what did he mean by her smelling good? She couldn’t remember the last time she had used any perfume or incense while he was around. So what did he mean?
She could have thought about it more, but just at that point her thoughts were shattered the moment she started laughing at the tickling sensation on her feet. Kaa had suddenly started to lick her feet, running his long, thin, forked tongue over that exposed pink skin like it was some sort of tasty delicacy.
“AHAAAHHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!” NNNOOO-STOP! That tickles!” Bianca laughed like crazy, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t get anywhere. Kaa was holding her tight; she couldn’t escape.
Kaa pulled his coils up with Bianca straight into the tree above, and once he had her in a better position, he made his way up her legs, not missing a spot as he continued to taste Bianca’s sweet form, enjoying this exquisite flavour that he never remembered her having before. He was so bent on sampling it that his coils began vibrating excitedly, causing ripples of tickling sensation straight all over Bianca. Her laughing increased even louder, which would eventually become loud enough for the whole jungle to hear.
But still Kaa didn’t stop. Making his way up to her dress, he pulled it up so he could get to her stomach, moving her so that she was facing more vertically than horizontally now. Bianca’s insane giggling went mad, and she could hardly speak in protest as she kept feeling that serpentine tongue taste her in every place, not leaving a single spot unmarked.
“My tassssssssty little morsssssssel,” Kaa cooed as he then continued further up Bianca’s body, and before the young girl knew it, he was already up to her neck, licking her over and over, while his coils held her lower body down tighter. They also held her arms out so she couldn’t move them and reach out to stop this from going any further.
But then, unexpectedly, Kaa’s coils loosened up just enough, and Bianca suddenly slipped right out, and fell out of the tree…straight into the berry bush below! SPLAT!
Kaa put his tail to his mouth, shocked and ashamed at having been careless, and he quickly dropped himself down the tree to see if Bianca was okay.
But the moment he saw Bianca pull herself up from the berry bush, he had to suppress a chuckle. Bianca was now covered in berry juice, all different colours too. She looked like she had just been given a paint job.
But Kaa loved berries too…and getting in closer to sniff at her new berry flavour, he salivated as the scent was now an absolute cuisine! He immediately grabbed poor Bianca in his coils again, and then spoke in a false annoyed tone, “Oh dear, look at you, Bianca! Now I need to ssssssssstart at the beginning again!” He grinned the moment he finished speaking.
So, once again, Kaa began licking Bianca like mad, starting from the feet and working his way up. Bianca’s laughing continued to increase, but even if it was pressuring her, her face would be deep-red if it wasn’t coated with purple berry juice. But there was no way to get out of it. Kaa was having the time of his life, and it looked like he wouldn’t stop until he had completely finished licking off the berry juice all over her.
Then finally, after a good period of licking at every spot, Kaa brought his head up from sampling her neck, and he smiled warmly at her. He then plastered her face all over with snake saliva, enjoying his immense treat so much that he just wouldn’t stop. Bianca was now very worn out from all the effort to stop him, and all the tickling and licking had gotten to her as well. She was just about to faint, when suddenly…
Kaa brought his face right in front of hers, and grinned at her. “My ssssssssscrumptious little girl,” he cooed, and as her exhaustion caused him to slowly fade away, he slowly brought his tongue over her face one last time…

Bianca suddenly woke up, startled. She was lying in her bed, feeling very warm. Leaning up, she realized it was her bedroom, in her house, the house she had near the jungle, where she liked to live with Kaa.
Bianca blinked for a moment. “Wow,” she uttered quietly. “Was it…just a dream?” She giggled as she thought of her favourite snake giving her a tongue bath all over her. Perhaps…in a way, it hadn’t been so bad after all. She did love Kaa, and Kaa loved her too. So in a way, maybe if it hadn’t involved so much tickling which had pressured her, then she could have really enjoyed it.
“Aw, gee,” she muttered to herself. “Maybe I wouldn’t have minded if it had actually been real…”
“Ahhhh, but it wasssssssss, my dear,” a hiss suddenly came from underneath the blanket. Bianca nearly jumped again as Kaa the snake suddenly poked his head up.
“Kaa! Did you really…?” Bianca stared at him.
“Yessssssss,” Kaa grinned. “You were jussssssst sssssssssso tassssssssty, I couldn’t ssssssssstop licking you all over. Then when you fainted, I decsssssssssided to bring you home. That wasssssssss when I found thissssssssss in your pocket…” he suddenly held up the wrapper and the stick which Bianca had been meaning to put in the rubbish bin earlier.
Bianca suddenly twigged. “The lollipop…” All of a sudden something clicked in her mind. “But…it couldn’t have been…!”
“It isssssssssss,” Kaa then gave her the wrapper. “Read what it sssssssaysssssss.”
Bianca took the wrapper and carefully looked at it. She then noticed it read: ‘The Sweet-Inducing Lollipop – attract your loved ones with a simple lick. Caution: the aphrodisiac provided is strongly affected by how much of the sweet is sampled.’
It now started to make sense to Bianca. She blushed when she realized she had enjoyed the whole thing, and the effects that it had made on Kaa…to make him lick her everywhere…
Oh, wow.
Too Much of a Sweet Thing
This is based on a dream :iconraventhedoll: had recently. Rated "IL" this time, for "Intense-Licking".
After helping her friends out in another jungle, Bianca returns to find her friend Kaa the snake, only to sample an unusual lollipop before finding him. But it's found that the sweet seems to have left an effect on her, because now Kaa seems to want to sample Bianca just like a lollipop as well.
The beginning section of this story is based on the aftermath of the RP-story I did with :icongreasygears:, the "Coladiles and Leopuffs" story.
Heavy fists smacked into the huge punching bag, and the metal chain creaked in response as Baloo the bumbling bear landed point-blank blows upon the bag as his training continued to make him fit. “This is what we call the bear necessities of life!” he declared proudly, before bringing his foot up, and spinning a 360’ angle, he landed a heavy kick upon the bag causing an even bigger CCCCRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKKK upon the chain holding the bag up. It was a surprise it was even holding it in place at all now. Sooner or later, it would break.
Not that it seemed to bother Baloo with his training. To him, if the chain were to break, he would just put up another one. That was all that mattered.
Then as he tackled the punching bag and hung upon it, as if trying to wrestle it, a shout came from nearby. “Hey Baloo, you got any bouncing balls left?” his polar cousin, Sunbo, called out. He had been a bit too careless with the last one, and his claws had pricked it and deflated it.
“Comin’ up, cuz,” Baloo reached behind the bag, and grabbed a ball off the shelf, tossing it over his shoulder. Sunbo immediately caught it and began dribbling it over the cave floor, towards where a basketball net hung upon the wall. “Two points for the Ursidaes!” he yelled out as he jumped and scored a heavy shot through the basket.
The ball bounced off the cave floor and sprang right over Sneed, the biggest bear of them all, heavily heaving bar-bell weights above his head and grunting with effort but clearly enjoying himself. “Try that for size,” he boomed. “We’ll show you pussycats that even obese bears like me can outwit you in the Olympics!”
By this, Sneed was referring to their rivalry team, the big cat competitors. Tai Lung was a primary reason, because he had mocked Sneed for his obesity and claimed him to be naturally ‘unfit’ for the Olympics. But that apparently didn’t stop Baloo and Sunbo from pummelling him in revenge, and just to show that they would prove better, they had doubled their training this week in their cave. They would show those feline fur balls who they were messing with!
Then finally putting the weights down, Sneed heaved up and let out a victorious growl by bringing his arms together in a sumo-wrestling style. “Sneed ready for run,” he yelled. “Come with Sneed?”
“Let’s boogie!” Sunbo finished spinning the ball on his paw and tossed it over his shoulder, as Baloo head-butted it back onto the shelf where it back-spun safely back into place without falling off.
“All we gotta do is –” Baloo began, before waltzing over to the other two, as they sung in unison:
Train to be Olympic Champions
As we’re the Bear Olympians
We’re stronger than the others think we are

They began waltzing out of the cave, tapping their feet as they strolled out.
We mean the Bear Olympians
Were born to be the Champions
Because the Olympic winners are what we are!

Then they began running, as fast as they could go, as their cross-country run had commenced. Baloo, Sunbo and Sneed disappeared within a matter of seconds over the hill. All was finally quiet around the cave.

But a few minutes later, trouble came arriving at the cave.
A young Indian girl with long, black, curly locks of hair came walking by. She had noticed the cave because there seemed to be a great intensity of hotness inside. Clearly this was by the three bears having been training so hard, and yes…they did train hard for the sweat.
Shantilocks waved her hand in front of her face to try and cool down from the warmth. Then she curiously decided to check out the cave, and see what was inside.
She was rather surprised to find the cave was full of training equipment. “Who would need things like these?” she wondered. She immediately looked towards Sneed’s weight-lifting machine, and decided to see if it would work.
She sat down and tried lifting the bar-bells. But they wouldn’t budge, being way too heavy for her to lift. “These weights are too heavy,” she muttered, and got back up again, absent-mindedly kicking a pin connected to the machine. Shantilocks squealed and jumped away as the weight-lifting machine suddenly collapsed. A clatter of weights made a loud echo out of the cave and into the forest.
Shantilocks looked at the mess on the ground, and shrugged. Then she turned her attention to Baloo’s punching bag, and wondered what to do with it. She tried punching it a bit, but it was a bit too solid for her to hit it properly. It hurt her wrists a bit. “This bag is too solid,” she complained, trying to shove it in her annoyance.
But just at that moment, the chain went CREAK and finally snapped. Again Shantilocks cried out in shock as the punching bag came crashing down to the ground and made a big THUMP! The sound made a rather big echo outside the cave and into the forest.
The thump also made a certain inflatable ball drop down from the shelf above. It was Sunbo’s bouncing ball, the one he used to play basketball. Shantilocks picked it up, and then tried dribbling it over the cave floor. Her smile finally appeared. “But this ball is just right,” she laughed as she tried pretending to be a real basketball player. She bounced the ball around herself, having a great time…
Until suddenly, the ball hit a rather sharp indent upon the cave wall.
VVVSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!! The ball burst open and started flying around the cave like mad, much to Shantilocks’s surprise. With all the air pumping out, the ball flew straight out of the cave entrance…

Just as three certain Olympian bears were coming back from their cross-country fun. They had actually heard a strange noise coming from far off (Sneed’s weight-lifting machine falling apart), and decided to hurry back to see what was going on. Along the way they heard a dull thump (Baloo’s punching bag falling down), and they began fearing something was wrong back at their cave. They picked up the pace, and then, just as the cave came into their view, they heard a strange whooshing sound (Sunbo’s inflatable ball deflating)…
And just as they reached the cave entrance, something came flying out and slapped right over Sunbo’s face! “Yeow! What’s going on?” the polar bear started to stumble around, blinded by the deflated ball laying over his eyes.
As they helped him stumble into the cave, Baloo’s and Sneed’s eyes widened the moment they saw the mess inside. Sneed bellowed out, “Somebody broken Sneed’s weights!”
And when Baloo saw the punching bag upon the cave floor, he growled, “Somebody’s ruined my punching bag!”
Then finally, Sunbo pulled the blindfold off his eyes, and finally realized what it was. “And somebody’s popped my last ball!”
Their eyes all immediately fell open a scared little girl with curly black locks over her head, who had become astonished upon seeing the occupants of the cave enter.
“SO!” they all growled in unison.
“What a naughty little girl, ruining our equipment like this!” Baloo gritted his teeth.
“What horrid little girl, intruding in cave like this!” Sneed agreed with a bellow.
“What a tasty little girl! Becoming a nice midday snack like this!” Sunbo licked his lips to the others’ surprise, but then picked up what the polar bear had in mind. “But first,” Sunbo continued, “I think you’ll need to be taught a lesson.”
And before Shantilocks could attempt to get away, Sunbo scooped her up in his paw, and began squeezing her together Toon-style, forming her into a ball. While Baloo went to get a new chain to hang his punching bag back up, and Sneed began putting his weight machine back together, Sunbo finally held Shantilocks up, having been squeezed into a ball shape. The polar bear began dribbling her around the cave like a real basketball, and the poor girl began wailing for mercy as she was bounced around.
Then finally, “Slam dunk on the field!” Baloo called out the moment he finished hanging up the bag and the chain, and Sunbo dribbled the helpless girl towards her. She bounced across the cave floor, and slowed down as she unravelled and lay in a heap on the floor.
Shantilocks’s eyes swirled a moment, and then once they cleared, she looked up and immediately saw a huge form belly flopping right over her! She cried out in alarm, but it was too late.
WHAM! Baloo body-slammed right on top of her, almost flattening her on the ground. Baloo held still for a moment, and then got up, revealing a flattened Shantilocks looking very uncomfortable.
Baloo peeled her off the ground, and then placed her upon the other side of the punching bag. “Now for a few uppercuts!” he proudly announced, putting up a boxing stance. “Weave a little, now move! That’s the ticket!” Then he began punching the bag, causing Shantilocks to shake about on the bag, crying out in terror.
Finally, Sneed got his weight machine back into position. “Sneed ready for heavyweight challenge!” he boomed. Baloo grinned as he took hold of the punching bag, and began spinning it like mad. Shantilocks began to get very dizzy as she was spun about on the bag, and Baloo began winding up his fist. “Show the muscles we mean business!” he shouted as he brought in a big shot, and slammed Shantilocks straight off the bag, and she flew right across the cave right onto the bar-bells upon the weight machine.
Sneed grinned as he took hold of the bar-bells from down below. “Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Heave-ho!” he began pumping them up and down repeatedly, and shaking Shantilocks up and down, making her even dizzier. “Please stop…stop, stop, STOP!” she cried out, hardly able to take much more of it.
Baloo was helping Sunbo to blow the deflated ball back up and then fix it up with a piece of sticky tape. They looked over at Sneed with Shantilocks. “Well, I reckon it’s Sneed’s turn to have a protein boost!” Sunbo pointed out. “I had my turn last week, and it’s your turn next week, Baloo!”
“Fair’s fair, cuz,” Baloo grinned. He shouted, “Protein rush, Sneed!”
Sneed peered over at them, grinned, and then…pausing his bar-bell exercising, he grinned at the frightened Shantilocks clinging to the bar-bells. Then he forced the bar-bells up with a quick push so fast that it caused Shantilocks to lose her grip and fly up into the air.
Sneed quickly pushed himself up from the machine, and then opened his mouth very wide, ready to catch the girl.
“HEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!” Shantilocks cried out as she began falling, and panicked the moment she saw those two massive jaws coming straight at her! But the moment she hit them, she slipped straight down the big bear’s throat and slipped straight into the stomach without any chewing or swallowing needed!
Once again, Sneed heaved up and brought his arms together in a sumo-wrestling style. “HARRRRRR!!!” he growled. “Sneed feel protein rush!” He began jumping up and down, causing the cave to shake like an earthquake was occurring with his weight crashing upon the cave floor. “Sneed now wanna sumo-wrestle!”
“I’ll take you on, big guy!” Baloo grinned.
“Me too; let’s do it together!” Sunbo piped in.
The two bears immediately jumped into the fray to take on Sneed simultaneously. The big bear welcomed them on. He charged them and began wrestling them like mad.
Yes indeed; within a matter of time, with this continuous training and plenty of naughty children to snack on for protein rushes, they would soon be all set for the Olympics. Nobody would ever be able to match them!

“Except me, of course,” the Grand Duke of Owls put his wing upon his chest proudly in front of his two children.
“Yippee!” young Rory cheered for his dad. “One more story, daddy?”
“Yes, one more, daddy!” Rose chirped in agreement. “We promise we’ll go to bed after…we do!”
“Okay…one more,” the Duke smiled. “And this one is going to be just as good!”
Shantilocks and the Olympian Bears
Story 06 of the Grand Duke's Fairy Tales

The title says it all: this is a remake of the Goldilocks story, with Shanti as the officially girly prey!
Baloo the bear from the Jungle Book, his cousin Sunbo the polar bear (self-made character), and also Sneed from "The Blinkins and the Bear" are training in their cave in preparation for the Olympics. But when they go for a cross-country run, the said naughty girl causes trouble in the cave, and the bears decide to punish her before one of them gets a chance to eat her up for a protein rush!

"The Bear Necessities of Life" in this story has been altered to fit in with the story for the three bears getting ready for the Olympics.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Deep within a lush jungle, it was peaceful. The sun streamed overhead through the trees, illuminating the cool ground with the rays of the beckoning morning. Birds and crickets chirped their merry lives, hardly bothered by any of the surrounding sounds of the bigger residents of this fresh paradise.
From out of the bushes, a creature appeared, slowly plodding its way through the jungle, sniffing out the best possible plants to eat. This creature had been known to exist millions of years back in time, and even now, amazingly, thanks to the unknown existence of this very jungle home where it lived, its kind still flourished with all the many others that too had existed since such a long time ago.
This was a dinosaur.
A male juvenile Stegosaurus, to be exact.
Sniffing out a nearby bush, it walked over and glanced around for a moment, expecting any sounds or signs of a predator. But when nothing was evident, it turned back to the bush and began to chew at the green breakfast that would satisfy its stomach.
As it ate, another creature walked out into the clearing from behind the Stego. It was a Triceratops, a grown female. It too curiously looked around for any signs of danger, yet there was no sign of such a probability. Content, the Triceratops walked up to a nearby tree, and began to run its sharp-pointed horns against the bark, sharpening them for preparation against attacking predators.
The Stego turned its head to look at the Triceratops, hearing the scraping of the horns against the tree bark. The Stego had earlier smelt the Triceratops, but knowing it was simply a neighbouring herbivore, it simply accepted its presence and minded its own business. The Stego continued to eat, and the Triceratops continued to sharpen its horns upon the tree.
Then suddenly, from a far distance off, a bellowing roar echoed through the jungle.
Both the Stego and Triceratops looked up upon hearing that roar, and then, in the distance, another familiar sound was heard. It had been a few times now hearing this strange sound, but whatever it was, it made them uneasy.

Close nearby, a small little figure hid within the bushes. It had been spying upon the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops. Clearly these two dinosaurs were too big for a little thing like that to take on straight up. It would take brains, not just brawn, and a lot more others to take down such big herbivores.
The little figure was clearly not able to hunt on its own.
Now, however, upon hearing the sound of the horrible roar in the distance, and the strange sound that followed it once again, the small being’s mind was pulled away from taking on the delicious meat of plant-eaters. The figure sneaked back quietly into the jungle, making enough stealth within its footsteps to prevent being heard. It ran within the direction of where the roar had come from, ploughing deep through the jungle brush and keeping an eye out for any other predators that might be lurking about.
A few minutes later, the little figure came running out of the jungle scrub and onto a beach, where the big blue waters lapped gently upon the sand, beckoning the little figure to come closer. As she emerged from the shadowy jungle of her home, the figure was illuminated by the bright sunlight shining overhead.
Upon this island infested with creatures dated back to millions of years in time, it was a strange thing…a very strange thing indeed, to see a young human girl, about the age of twelve. Her skin was fairly pinkish-white though slightly tanned, and she wore a strangely-fashioned array of jungle garments, covering from her legs upwards to her chest. Dark-blonde hair streamed down from her head, although it didn’t seem to get in the way of her cute face, with sparkling blue eyes equipped with the stare of a determined predator.
But the most interesting aspect was her posture. She was bending forward a touch, her arms slightly out in front of her, as if she were in a bipedal position. If one were there to study her correctly, her posture might mimic that of a predator in question…that of possibly a T-Rex or a Velociraptor.

This little human girl, strangely jungle-dressed and dinosaur-posing, inquisitively sniffed the air, as if checking for anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps the roar had come from Jawline again, the merciless Tylosaurus (1)that lived out in the open seas around the border of her island home. Had he perhaps claimed another of those strange metal objects that floated upon the sea?
Over a number of years, the jungle girl had learned that the destructive dinosaur often attacked these strange metal objects, as if Jawline were a guardian to anything that tried to invade their island home, fuelled by his gnawing hatred to everything but himself. She remembered once seeing him attack a metal object close to the beach, which had been robbed of some strange lifeforms she had seen trying to scurry away and escape into the island; most of which had lost their lives to Jawline’s cruelty. Of the rest, no one could tell…either death by other dinos, or starvation. Either way, they were never seen again.
Some of the metal objects had survived the merciless attacks of Jawline, and as such had ended up stranded upon a close part of the beach near where she was now. Perhaps she would see another one wash up today. The jungle girl was just about to go and investigate when she heard a sudden sound from behind her.
She immediately whipped around. Coming out of the jungle curiously was a dinosaur that walked upon two legs, a bipedal itself. Its strides matched that of an ostrich. It had a black and white crest upon its head with a bird-like beak, and compared to its body covered with a pattern of black, blue and purple feathers, its paws carried even bigger black and white-tipped feathers.
It was an Oviraptor. (2)
It was a young one; a kid, just like the young jungle girl watching it.
The Oviraptor let out a curious chirp as it took careful steady strides towards the young jungle girl, until they were practically face to face. The two simply glared at each other.
And then…
The jungle girl smiled, and chirped herself. She held out her hand, and put it upon the Oviraptor’s beak. The dinosaur chirped back in a curious tone, and then relaxed into the hand, accepting the girl’s gentle petting. It was evident then that the girl and the dinosaur knew each other, and were content with each other’s company. True, it seemed that the girl and the Oviraptor in fact were best friends upon this island that they called home.
Done with their greeting, the Oviraptor chirped to her human chum, communicating in its strange, foreign dinosaur language that was native here to the island. The girl responded in kind, having learned this mysterious dialect over the years since she had come to live here in this dinosaur-infested paradise.
Turning towards the beach that led out towards where Jawline’s menacing attack had come from, the girl communicated clearly that she wanted to investigate. The Oviraptor showed a little concern, but also curiosity. Another quick chirp and then both of them were suddenly pelting across the beach; the girl running at an amazing speed whilst kicking up the loose sand under her feet; the Oviraptor striding at a perfect speed to match the girl’s. Together, they ran side by side, human and dino chums.

Finally, they came across the terrain where the metal objects lay strewn upon the beach. The human civilisation had a word for such objects: boats. They lay strewn in different angles, some still standing straight, others laying on their sides, some not even complete and laying in pieces but evidently in the shallow waters.
The girl and Oviraptor approached carefully, keeping an eye out for trouble. The open waters in the distance were very calm, and the scent in the air made it clear that Jawline had indeed been close and had engaged in battle, but had by now left the vicinity.
Sure enough, upon the side of the boat graveyard, a new vessel appeared to be evident by the plumes of smoke rising up from it and a fire raging somewhere inside. The vessel appeared to be strangely shaped, showing only a slight similarity to other boats in the graveyard, being part military, but it was altogether different.
The jungle girl and her Oviraptor pal sniffed carefully for any new scents, though the smoke bothered them. The young dinosaur pecked at the ground for a moment before the girl then wandered close to the new wreck, and then noticed something suspicious.
There appeared to be indents in the sand, something that she could vaguely remember as footprints. Whatever had made them, it must have gone straight into the jungle. Calling her friend over, the girl had a suspicion that these ‘footprints’ had probably been made by some more of those strange creatures that walked on two legs, much like the rare survivors from Jawline’s rampages.
Were they what the local dinosaurs often called…humans?
Perhaps the jungle girl did not know much about humans, but one thing was clear to all life upon the island…they were all wild, capable of riding upon these strange metal derelicts over the open seas and coming to invade her island home, only to perish either from Jawline or any other predators living here.
Her Oviraptor friend sniffed the nearby air, and from its chirping, the girl could tell that the scent was fresh without having to smell it herself. Wherever the wild humans were, they were not far off. Perhaps if she followed them, she would be able to see a wild human up close, before they ceased to live.
Chirping to her friend, the jungle girl immediately turned away from the derelict graveyard and pelted into the darkness of the jungle. The Oviraptor immediately followed.

Meanwhile, elsewhere further down the beach…

The gentle sound of the waves slowly stirred him into consciousness.
Eugene’s eyes blinked open. He was lying on his side. He felt like he had only slept a short while, a diluted sleep that had brought no rest and no dreams. He turned over to his other side, expending as little energy as possible in doing so.
Then the sound of water rolling and gently slapping him in the face knocked him to his senses.
He groaned, and then, straining to move, he was overcome with coughing. The aftermath of the attack on the ship and the fight for survival was finally getting to him.
Looking up, he thought he could see trees in the near distance. But he did not move. Perhaps it was all just a chimera, a play of the mind, even if it seemed so comforting, to take in the colour green, after so much blue ocean.
But the trees remained in his sight, even after blinking his eyes a few times. In fact, they began to look more like a jungle.
Until then, he hadn’t noticed he was lying on the sand. He wondered why the ground he was lying on felt so grainy; so dry…shouldn’t it be wet and cold, with no depth? Was this heaven or something? It certainly didn’t seem like it.
Then finally, the scent that came to his nose became the judge. It hit him hard; the smell of vegetation. After nothing but salt-water-bleached smells, this reek of vegetable organic matter was intoxicating. It was then that Eugene suddenly realized he wasn’t going mental.
Oh my God, he thought. Oh my God! The world wasn’t going to fade away; it was real!
He stretched out his arms and spread his fingers through the soft sand where he lay, cupping it into his hands and watching it cascade through his fingers, dropping back to the ground.
“I’m on land! I’m alive!” he managed to shriek out. Feeling a comforting rush of energy boost through him, Eugene started to pull himself up…and then… “OW!”
An unexpected pain suddenly blasted through his left leg like the explosion of an underground bomb. He tipped off balance and fell onto his back. For a moment, he lay like that, whining as the pain forced its way through him until finally it started to calm down. His left leg was aching badly. He lifted the top half of his body up using his arms for support, and he looked down at his twitching left leg. It looked badly injured; mostly around the kneecap. It wasn’t going to move easily without a struggle.
Looking back at the jungle, he slowly started to drag himself towards it, towards the world of green. He took it carefully, making sure not to move his left leg too much, to prevent too much pain from occurring. After a couple of minutes, he finally reached it. Heaving himself up to a sitting position, he looked over his injury. If he was able to bind his injury enough, he would at least be able to walk.
Looking over at his shoulder, he saw a torn fragment of his lab shirt hanging loose. Taking hold of it, he pulled hard and tore it off. The piece was just big enough for him to wrap around his knee. Eugene placed the fabric over it, pulled down a nearby vine and wrapped it around a couple of times, tying it only tight enough so that he would only put so much pressure on his knee, and it would be enough to keep his bandage on.
When he was finished, his leg felt a little bit better. Then Eugene reached up, and took a good grip of a nearby tree. Putting his arms around it, he carefully started to pull himself up, making sure not to stand on his hurt leg too much. He took it carefully, bit by bit, even though blood rushed from his head and the ground shook. Though dizziness and the possibility of fainting lingered in his mind, he kept himself focused to reach his goal of getting onto his feet.
Finally, after a bit of effort, Eugene managed to stand up, with most of his weight leaning on one leg. His injured leg still felt like a hundred hot-white needles, but it still wasn’t as bad as it had been when he had just found out about it.
Looking up at the tree, he noticed a branch that he was certain he could break. He took hold of it, and pulled it, easing it this way and that, until it finally snapped off. Then placing the branch under his arm, he used it as a crotch to hold up his injured leg. That would keep the pressure off it and keep the balance on his good leg too.
Taking a deep breath, he inhaled deeply, and blew out, feeling strangely better, perhaps rejuvenated by the organic scents of the jungle world he had found himself at.
Then feeling a bit more sense return to him, he finally checked himself over and assessed the state he was in. His clothes were soaked right through and stuck to his skin. His hair was matted down, and the sand stuck to his face. He felt sick right to his stomach; it was a miracle he was alive at all for that matter.
Eugene stared out towards the ocean, thinking that all of this sudden trouble had left him here on this unexplained, undiscovered island, without the crew of US Squad Five Ten, stranded here alone, wet and seasick. For a moment when he thought he would die the moment the aquatic monster attacked the boat, and he had fallen overboard, choking on gallons of seawater, he had accepted his death before losing unconscious.
But it seemed that this wasn’t his day.
The only thing he had left now…was salvation.
I’ll find a way to survive, he thought to himself. I’ve got to.
Leaning upon his branch-crotch, he turned to the side of the beach on his left, and decided to try and follow the coastline that way. Maybe he could find some help…if there was any. It was a long shot, but he had to try. Eugene began hobbling across the beach, his eyes kept balancing between the beach ahead of him and the sea, possibly looking out for another sea monster that might suddenly attack.

There was no sea monster watching the young scientist from the sea.
But it didn’t mean he wasn’t being watched either.
From hidden deep in the shrubbery, a pair of narrow fiery orange eyes watched with a slight hint of curiosity. It wasn’t often the creature saw wild humans still alive on the beach for this long. It could tell by the scent of blood that it had been injured, but somehow, it had managed to improvise and was still able to move…weakly, yes, but undoubtedly moving. It seemed this one had a bit of willpower to survive.
It had mostly been through curiosity though, that the owner of the eyes hadn’t just attacked right then and now, and struck the wild human down.
Letting out a slight growl, the eyes slipped back into the jungle, creeping through without much sound as it continued to follow the human adjacently across the beach from the jungle.

Elsewhere, somewhere in the jungle…

“Calm down, Brooks. Stop beating yourself over it!”
“But I could have saved him…honestly, why did you hold me back?”
“Brooks, there was no way you could have just dove in to save him and then somehow magically gotten back onto the boat. That monster could have eaten you too!” Private Lenny Joels tried to comfort the distraught zoologist. He knew how much Carla Brooks had gotten along with Eugene Kalypti; they had known each other since college. After all those years they had become equals in the study of both flora and fauna; whereas Eugene was the botany guru Carla was the animal expert.
And the last thing she had expected when the boat had been attacked was to lose her old friend so suddenly. It had been a pretty bad bombshell that hit her.
Joels looked over his shoulder to see Halley approaching, his AK-825 automatic at the ready just in case. They were all deep in the jungle, and since they were all in unfamiliar territory, they couldn’t afford to take chances. Anything could happen; maybe something even worse than the boat getting wrecked, but they silently prayed that something like that wouldn’t really happen.
“Come on,” Halley told them. “We’ve gotta keep moving.” Joels nodded and turned to help pull Brooks to her feet. The zoologist was at first resistant, but finally gave in and went along with them, as they went to re-join the rest of the group.
US Squad Five Ten hadn’t physically suffered too much from the attack though. Private Lawley had only gotten a sprained ankle which Medical Officer Rudic had treated already, and Trieste’s arm was broken, but other than that there were hardly any other injuries.
Even the high-ranking soldiers were okay, including Lieutenant Grove. Upon seeing the privates return with Brooks, he nodded. “Let’s saddle up, Malay,” he told Sergeant Malay. “If we find a good place to take cover before dark, we’ll at least survive the night.”
“Aye, sir,” Malay nodded, and turned to the privates. “Okay, let’s head out people. Take up positions on both flanks…we’ll need all the cover we can get.” The privates immediately began scouting around as the group continued to push their way through the jungle, while Halley and Joels escorted Brooks with them.
Then suddenly, there was a shout from nearby. “Sarge! SARGE!”
Malay turned his head. “What is it, Yallin?”
Yallin shouted back. “I think you’ll wanna take a look at this!”
The group immediately turned and dashed towards where Yallin was shouting. But as they approached, something came to their noses that definitely didn’t smell right. It smelt like there was a carcass or something nearby.
It didn’t take them long to find Yallin standing right in front of it. “Geez, Harry,” Joels held his nose with a free hand. “Did you really have to show us this?”
“Shut up, Len,” Yallin snapped at him. “Have you even seen what this is?” He indicated to the carcass. The group came in a bit closer, and took a better look at it.
While most of them just stared with confusion, one of them seemed to twig. “God, you’re saying that this is…” his voice trailed off.
Corporal Levin looked up. “Brooks, what do you think?”
Carla came over, and while holding her nose, she examined the carcass. Her eyes were as wide as saucers the moment she hit her verdict. “No doubt,” she took a step back. “This is a juvenile Hadrosaur, probably male…but it’s a bit hard to tell.”
Lieutenant Grove stared at her. “You mean what I think you mean, Brooks?”
“Sweet Lord!” Private Gonte muttered. “You’re saying we’re looking at the carcass of a bloody dinosaur?”
Anderson looked at him. “Yeah, Trev. That’s exactly what we’re bloody looking at!”
“But how?” Now questions were beginning to be pointlessly asked around the group. Even the hard-case Sergeant Malay was showing confusion. Suddenly finding a dinosaur carcass in this jungle on an island they didn’t even know was obviously raising questions amongst the group.
This is, until suddenly…
“Uh, guys, I think this means trouble,” Owen suddenly spoke up above everybody.
“What you mean, Roy?” Yallin asked. “This dino’s dead…and even if it wasn’t it’s not a flamin’ carnivore at least.”
“No, that isn’t…” Owen suddenly pointed above them. “But that is.”
Everybody turned and looked up…suddenly seeing a huge head rising up from a hiding spot within the tall grass. It appeared to be a young, juvenile T-rex, just simply staring at them with a fixed expression upon all of them. Its sharp cold gaze seemed to freeze the group, as if they all were suddenly mesmerized by the sight of the meat-eating hunter.
For a slight moment, all remained quiet between the group and the very alive dinosaur.
Then a small growl escaped from the T-rex’s lips.
From amongst the group, Brooks thought, Dear Lord, is this for real?
Then the juvenile roared. A deep, booming roar that sent a huge, hot, rancid whiff of breath upon all of them. The moment it hit them…
The group immediately turned and ran. They knew too well that it had already seen them and had been watching the whole time.
“Bloody run for it!” Halley shouted out, and the group, without even needing to hear that, obeyed without question. They stuck together as they ran in the other direction from the juvenile and the carcass.
But then, suddenly, in front of them, an even bigger form began to emerge from the trees. It was a much bigger T-rex, (3) possibly the parent to the juvenile, staring intently at them as it began to walk in their direction, letting out a roar of its own.
Pangaea #1 - Welcome to the Jungle
Okay, finally here's the first part to the Pangaea story I've been planning to do in tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art. Clearly, we've got a little girl who's peacefully living upon this mysterious island filled with dinosaurs apparently, and the boat of which US Squad Five Ten was on board was attacked by a merciless aquatic dinosaur and left stranded upon the island with only one person missing from their crew. What will happen to them all? Will they survive? Will they find the answers as to why there are dinosaurs on this mysterious island?
Who can tell...until the next part comes...?

Rated Mature for a slight bit of swearing involved.

(1) = Here's Jawline the Tylosaurus's form that I've chosen:…

(2) = Here's the Oviraptor pic that I wanted the girl's dino-friend to look like:…

(3) = And finally, the T-rex that confronts the group:…
Reserved for RP with :icondigolgrin:
All was peaceful in the Great Valley, as it usually was without some enemy like Redclaw, Victor Veloci, or Rott-Wyler around to cause trouble. Today was just one of those normal, peaceful days, when there was absolutely nothing to worry about.
And for the kids of the Great Valley, it was a great time to get together and have fun.
Littlefoot came running across the fields after a fresh breakfast of tree-stars, and bidding his grand-parents goodbye for now, he soon joined up with Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike coming from their own respective families. Running past the Secret Caverns, they were then joined by Chomper and Ruby, making the group complete.

An hour later, they were in the middle of a game of Swimmer and Splasher when it happened.
A shadow flickered over Littlefoot’s vision. He looked up. “What was that?”
“What was what, Littlefoot?” Chomper looked up, but had to put his claw over his eyes while looking, so the Bright Circle wouldn’t bother his eyes. “I can’t see anything.”
The others all looked up too, but just the same, all they could see in the clear blue sky was the Bright Circle which normally shone down over them all.
Littlefoot just shrugged. “Never mind,” he turned his attention back to the game. But just then…
Something flickered past the Bright Circle in the sky, and this time it was Cera’s turn to notice the shadow. “Did you see something?” she asked.
Littlefoot immediately turned towards her. “You too, Cera?” He looked up again, as did everybody else. But again it seemed there was nothing but the Bright Circle in the sky. They began to look down…
And the shadow flickered once again right in front of Ducky’s eyes. She jumped. “I have seen it too…I have! Yep, yep, yep!”
“What’s going on?” Cera stared once again at the sky. “Is the Bright Circle going out?”
The kids immediately jumped out of the water and tried backing up a bit to try and see what was wrong with the Bright Circle. For a moment, they still couldn’t see anything…
Until, “Look!” Ruby pointed. “There is something up there!”
“What is that?” Chomper asked curiously.
“Me no know. That is one strange Flyer,” Petrie shrugged. Spike grunted, clearly just as confused. Whatever the thing flickering in front of the Bright Circle was, it was certainly very strange. It looked like it was flying in circles in the sky, and slowly getting closer and closer down towards the ground.
And now that it seemed to be getting closer, they began to notice that there was something familiar about it…
“Wait a minute,” Littlefoot brightened. “That looks like…”
“LOOK OUT BELOW!!!” a familiar voice called through the sky. They knew immediately who it was…it was their human friend, Trinity the Adventurer, somehow flying through the air and descending down towards them while holding onto whatever it was he was using to fly.
The kids marvelled as he continued to descend…and then finally, Trinity finished drifting down and used his shoes to land carefully upon the ground, skidding a slight bit before coming to a stop, the object above him immediately dropping down and landing in a heap just nearby.
The kids ran up. “Hi, Trinity!” they all called out in unison.
Trinity turned towards them and grinned, taking a pair of goggles off from around his eyes. “Hey, kids!” he waved. “How’s it going?”
“Wow!” Littlefoot stared at the object that seemed to be tied to Trinity by some strings. “That was really cool, Trinity. How did you learn to fly?”
“Fly?” Trinity asked, confused. Then he looked down at the parachute, and grinned. “Oh, that…that wasn’t flying, Littlefoot. I was…er, Sky-Sailing.”
“What that?” Petrie asked.
“I was using this to carefully drop down to the ground. After falling from so high up, I needed something to slow me down before hitting the ground.”
“You were falling?” Cera asked, a little unamused. “That’s a pretty dumb thing to do.”
But Ruby took a closer look at the ‘Sky-Sail’. “I never thought you needed to use this to fall,” she tried picking it up, amazed on how light it seemed to be between her fingers. “Falling the way you were, you wouldn’t need it because the way you were was falling.”
Trinity laughed. “I know this must seem strange to you guys, but let me explain,” he took the backpack he had on his back, and began packing the parachute back into it. “What I was doing was something called ‘Skydiving’. To do it, you need something to help you go very high up into the sky, and then when you’re very high, you jump off and ‘dive’ into the air. Sure, it seems like you’re falling, but that’s what people in my world call a ‘Skydive’.”
“Me think it strange,” Petrie pointed out. “What wrong with flying?”
Littlefoot answered for him. “Trinity didn’t mean it like that, Petrie.” He turned to Trinity. “So, if you were falling from that high up, you needed that thing so you wouldn’t hit the ground so hard.” It made him think about what might happen if one might hit the ground hard, but he didn’t like most of the thoughts that came to his mind. For one thing, it reminded him of the Sharptooth that had fallen into the big underground, just before he had lost his mother.
“That’s right, Littlefoot,” Trinity patted him on his neck. “It’s actually quite fun to do once you get used to it. This is actually one of the few times I’ve done it alone…it takes a lot of trained jumps with other people before you’re allowed to do it solo, you know.” He decided not to say just how many…if he told them that it took a thousand jumps before being qualified to do it solo, they probably wouldn’t believe him for doing it that many times.
Just then, a strange whirring sound could be heard up in the sky, and everyone looked up to see another strange object coming down towards them. It turned out to be another strange-looking Flyer, but obviously the kids had no idea what a plane really was. It carefully touched down upon the ground nearby.
Then Trinity waved as the front of the plane seemed to open up, and another human jumped out. It was Bryan, Trinity’s best friend and sidekick from the Homeworld, piloting the plane. The kids knew him too, but not as much as they knew Trinity and his brother Arty.
“How’d it go?” Bryan asked Trinity.
“Awesome!” Trinity slapped him a high-five. “I feel like I could do another dive. You okay with it?”
“Sure, still got plenty of fuel,” Bryan grinned, and turned to run back to the plane.
Trinity turned back to the kids. “Well, I’m going to go have another dive through the sky. I might see you again in a short while.”
“Wait, Trinity,” Littlefoot called him before he could run to the plane.
Trinity turned. “Yeah?”
“Can I try it too?” Littlefoot had been thinking eagerly about this. If there was one thing he liked, it was trying different things, and this ‘Skydive’ that Trinity was doing sounded really fun.
“Littlefoot, are you serious?” Chomper stared at him, bewildered.
“Longnecks can’t fly, Littlefoot!” Cera complained, stating the obvious.
“You will fall very badly and hurt yourself. You will, you will!” Ducky worriedly tried to talk him out of it. Spike grunted in concerned agreement.
Trinity sighed. “For the last time, all of you, it’s not flying or falling, and don’t worry…I’ll make sure Littlefoot comes back in one piece.”
That caught Littlefoot’s attention. Trinity was going to let him come along for the ride. “Oh boy!” he gasped. “I can’t wait!” He immediately followed Trinity to the plane as it started up again, and then started to take off into the sky.
All the other kids could do was watch it soar into the sky, a bit worried for their friend.

A short while later…

High up in the sky, Bryan spoke over the radio. “We’re just about at that height,” he reported. “Are you guys all set?”
“Almost,” Trinity replied, as he carefully strapped a pack to Littlefoot’s back, and tied it very tightly so it wouldn’t unravel and come loose. He could see Littlefoot was trembling with excitement, but also noticed he seemed a little nervous as well from diving this high up.
Trinity couldn’t blame him though…the first time usually was a bit scary.
“Okay, Littlefoot,” Trinity finished fastening the pack onto the young Longneck. “Remember, once we jump, we have to dive a certain amount of height before we can open our Sky-Sails and slow down our fall. But I’ll be with you the whole time so you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong.”
“Thanks, Trinity,” Littlefoot smiled as he felt a pair of goggles slide over his eyes. He had been told these were for protecting his eyes while diving. He waited until they were on properly, and then Trinity took a step back to look at him.
“You know, Littlefoot, for a first-time diver you look really awesome!” Trinity gave him a thumbs-up. “Ready to dive?”
“I sure am!” Littlefoot excitedly jumped on the spot.
Just then, Bryan spoke over the radio again. “Okay, we’re in the hot spot,” he said. “Ready when you are.”
“Roger that,” Trinity pocketed his radio, and then walked over to the plane’s side-door. Carefully opening it, the wind became evidently very noisy. Littlefoot let out a nervous gulp as Trinity carefully ushered him towards the opening. “Don’t panic, Littlefoot,” Trinity assured him. “If you’re nervous about the fall at first, make sure not to look down. When you get used to it though, it’ll be okay.”
“Okay,” Littlefoot nodded, keeping his eyes ahead of him. “How do we dive?”
“We’ll do it together, first time,” Trinity instructed. “I’ll count down from three, and we leap out together. Remember I’ll be here to help you if you feel uncertain about anything. Ready?”
Littlefoot nodded, and held his breath for a moment. Trinity then spoke, “3…2…1…”
And then, he jumped from the plane, pushing Littlefoot along with him!
Littlefoot couldn’t help but yell, with it being his first time, but while he felt Trinity holding tightly onto him, he felt safe, and a little braver. He turned his head to see the plane flying out of sight above him. Then looking around, he had to admit…the feeling of diving through mid-air from this high up…
Well, it was amazing! For a young Longneck like him, it really was.
“WHOOOOOOO!” Trinity hollered. “WHATCHA THINK, LITTLEFOOT!??” he shouted over the continuous rush of the wind, having to shout or Littlefoot couldn’t possibly hear him.
“IT’S AMAZING!!” Littlefoot called out in reply. He spread his legs out, enjoying the dive, and let out a whooping holler of enjoyment.
Then when he suddenly felt Trinity let go of him, he panicked for a brief moment, but when he noticed he wasn’t falling out of control, he calmed down, and then laughed as he suddenly saw Trinity swoop in front of him, arms and legs outstretched, and reaching out to take Littlefoot’s front legs.
Now they were falling while facing each other. Trinity indicated with his head to one side, and leaned his body to the right. When Littlefoot tried doing the same, they started to spin in the air while falling, and Littlefoot enjoyed it immensely.
Trinity then let go of Littlefoot’s front legs again and angled downwards, his arms stretched out and beginning to spin in mid-air, like a helicopter blade facing downwards. Littlefoot laughed while looking at him, and tried to do the same. He nearly spun out of control, but managed to do it all the same.
Then when he angled the right way up, Trinity swooped back over to him, and then checked his watch. It was showing a reading of how much further they had to fall, before they reached a certain point where they had to slow down their fall. Again they did a spin together in the air, and after another minute had passed, the watch finally indicated the height level that they wanted.
“OKAY, LITTLEFOOT!” Trinity called out. “PULL ON YOUR CORD!”
Littlefoot immediately reached behind him with his neck, and took hold of the cord hanging from his pack with his teeth. He pulled it hard, and the pack immediately opened, causing a Sky-Sail to burst out, and it spread high up above him. Littlefoot felt a quick jerk around his body, and suddenly Trinity vanished from his vision as the Sky-Sail slowed his fall immensely. It held him dangling in the air by the strings attached to him and his pack, and Littlefoot felt no fear of falling.
Then as he looked around, he saw another Sky-Sail having opened nearby, and Trinity came swooping towards him while holding onto it. “There you go, Littlefoot!” Trinity called to him, not having to yell anymore since the majority of the fall was over. “You enjoy that?”
“I sure did!” Littlefoot happily cheered. “This is just like flying! I wish Petrie could see this!”
“Oh, he will,” Trinity grinned. “Everyone’s about to see it. Look down there.” He pointed down to where they could now see the Great Valley very closely.
Littlefoot took that opportunity to stare around the Great Valley…a view like this was amazing. Even the Looking Rock couldn’t compare to it. He could see far out beyond the valley…even far into the Mysterious Beyond, and beyond that even…
And then down below, a familiar sight came into view in the valley. He could now see his friends vaguely like dots as they swooped down, safely and slowly descending.

“Wow!” Chomper gaped as he stared up at the two figures. “That’s really Littlefoot flying!”
“And very nicely too,” Ducky nodded. “Yes, yes, yes!”
Even Cera was impressed. “Yeah, I’ll admit it…that really looks cool.”
Spike grunted excitedly, and Ruby jumped up and down, clapping her hands. “Hooray for Littlefoot!”
Petrie in turn tried to fly up to Littlefoot and Trinity, as they slowly descended down. “You amazing, Littlefoot!” he called to his friend. “You fly like me!”
“Thanks, Petrie,” Littlefoot whooped. “This is fun!”
Then everybody made way as they finally touched down upon the ground, and stopped altogether. The Sky-Sails came down to land as well, but unexpectedly, Littlefoot’s sail came down right on top of the other kids. There was a sudden confusion as they tried to find out where they were, and it made Littlefoot laugh.
Trinity then came over and undid the pack on Littlefoot’s back, allowing him to walk free. He carefully took the Sky-Sail off the other kids, and packaged it back into the pack before sorting out his own. He then looked up and noticed Bryan coming back in with the plane. “Well, that was certainly a great skydive, with a friend too!” he nodded.
But just then, Ruby and Chomper came over after talking to Littlefoot about something. “Um, Trinity…can we ask you something?” Ruby asked.
“Sure,” Trinity leaned down. Both Ruby and Chomper quietly whispered into his ear. As he listened, Trinity suddenly grinned, knowing where this was going.
“Well, well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it,” he replied. “Better ask Bryan how much fuel he’s got left.” He walked over to the plane to talk with his friend.

Another short while later…

Once again, the plane was in the air, high above the Great Valley. The side-door of the plane slowly opened, and there was a moment’s pause, before Littlefoot and Trinity leapt out to skydive again, but this time, they were joined by both Ruby and Chomper. It had turned into a foursome dive.
While diving they performed tricks in the air, spinning and flipping about in mid-air, and also coming together to form a four-way helicopter propeller…a Longneck, a Sharptooth, a Fast-Runner, and an Adventurer, before opening their Sky-Sails and drop down to where the rest of them were watching.
The kids all had great fun for the rest of the day with their new favourite game that Trinity had shown them…how to skydive.
The Great Valley Skydive
For the last couple of days I couldn't seem to get the idea of skydiving out of my head, especially after listening to the song Fall from The Presets. It's my newest favourite music track.
Then I had an idea, and here it is on this story. Trinity, now officially qualified to skydive on his own, decides to show the kids of the Great Valley how to skydive.

Now I'm imagining a picture of Trinity, along with Littlefoot, Ruby and Chomper, all skydiving from high above, with a title saying, "The Land Before Time - The Great Fall". Just comes to show how far one's imagination can go sometimes.

The Land Before Time and its characters belong to Universal Pictures.
Only Trinity and Bryan belong to me.

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