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The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Somewhere far off, in another dimension...

The city of Altonos gleamed with its new buildings, an obvious trait to the New Homeworld. People bustled and shouted and made their ways through the crowded streets. Whatever all the people were up to was anyone’s guess, but considering how much effort they had put into rebuilding their world after the last Hub War, it would be a good excuse to hurry along with their business.
Then, amongst the crowd, a lone figure was noticed.
A person wearing a shaded helmet over his head.
He walked through the city, towards a back-alley where he had been hoping to meet up with a connection he knew here in Altonos.
Slipping into the back-alley, he turned a corner and then waited with his back leaning against the wall. A few moments later, another shady character turned up, puffing a cigarette and simply minding his own business until it looked like the area was clear.
Only then did he turn to the man with the helmet, who in turn took it off.
“Plunder,” the man said.
“Q-Zone,” his accomplice spoke in turn.
They put a hand on each other’s shoulder, each undercover bounty hunter showing respect for their fellow man.
“So,” Q-Zone asked, “did you find any information?”
Plunder pulled out a data-pad from his coat. “You said the dart was toxic, didn’t you?”
“That’s right,” Q-Zone took it out of his pocket. “Purple tint, needle-shaped.”
“Dark Lord weaponry, all right,” Plunder continued. “But the origin of this is hard to find. Your Adventurer friend’s travels did indicate involvement with the stuff during Terrorion’s demise. But there’s been no transactions of the stuff from any shop or retailer anywhere. So it must have been kept by someone, after the Dark Lord was slain.”
“Any clue?”
“Not for certain. There’s very little information. I tracked links to Karanus’s Arcanum on the fourth dimension’s Astro-field, and also to anybody who might have known Astrono. Their involvement may have some clue, but getting information out of them may be tricky.”
“We’ve got to try,” Q-Zone nodded. “But I can’t understand why somebody would try to frame Trinity like this…using a rare toxic dart as a cover-up, I mean.”
Plunder shrugged. “I’ve also taken the liberty of checking the files for anybody under the name of Count Starr,” he continued. “He’s been seen in the New Homeworld a few times, but his actions are strange…he seems to be keeping the streets clean from any gang members or crime spreaders.”
“Crime fighting?” Q-Zone thought about it. “That sounds like us before the Armageddon attacked.”
“But there’s a difference,” Plunder pointed out. “You guys preferred to keep the Homeworld safe – the clean way. This Count does it through force…seems he isn’t afraid to draw blood.”
Q-Zone winced. “Wouldn’t want to imagine Trinity on a blood spree then,” he replied. “Any idea where the Count is hiding?”
“No clue. He keeps appearing in and out of places, like he knows time-and-space travel,” Plunder told him. “It’s almost like he knows everything that Trinity does.”
Q-Zone sighed. “Well, we’d better keep looking,” he said. “I have to get going, because Michael’s probably going to call me any minute and report in.” Just then, BEEP-BEEP! As if the Dino Ranger had read his mind, his call was coming through now.
“Q-Zone here…whatcha got, Mike?” Q-Zone held his arm-radio up to his mouth.
“Hardly anything,” Michael’s voice came over the radio. “Bulge’s scans of the Great Valley came out clean, and Sirius couldn’t see anything out in the Mysterious Beyond involving suspicious activity. I think the Count is using some kind of cloaking device to conceal his movements.”
“Drat,” Q-Zone snarled. He hated invisible bounties like this. “Okay. Let’s meet back at the Great Valley in an hour.”
“Gotcha…did you find any info on the dart?”
“Not much, but we’re hoping a few links can help. I’ll give you the rundown when we rendezvous.”
“Roger. Michael out.”
Q-Zone held down his arm, and took the data-pad as Plunder handed it to him. “Thanks for your help. Remind me later that I owe you a Mega-Credit for this little mission.”
“I don’t think I need to do that,” Plunder smirked. “You’ve never forgotten about paying a debt.”
“Good reason too,” Q-Zone grinned. “The burden is on me never to forget anything until the mission is done.” They placed each other’s hand on their shoulders again, bidding farewell, and after Q-Zone put back his helmet on, they walked out of the back-alley.

* * *

The enraged half-human, half-Fast-Biter, hesitated the moment he heard Redclaw’s thundering voice. He turned to face the red-eyed Sharptooth angrily, but Redclaw was even angrier and refused to back down. Glancing back to the Fast-Biter lying on the ground, feeling very sorry for himself, he sighed and stepped away.
Redclaw took a step forward to Thud, and the Fast-Biter whimpered silently as he sorely got up, afraid that something even worse was going to happen. He shut his eyes and expected the worst to happen.
But all that happened was a simple push. Thud opened his eyes, and he saw Redclaw leading him away from Veloci. He didn’t understand what was going on, but he simply went along with it like the minion that he was, and simply let Redclaw lead him away.
Then once they were around the corner, Redclaw simply let out a sigh. <Okay, Thud,> he spoke quietly. <I know that you and Screech had reason to run away like the cowards that you are, and for that I should punish you both. But I am not in the mood to do so, not after our humiliation with that small biter who wields those weapons of lightning. I want answers, but Veloci had no right to force them from you.>
<But I don’t know anything!> Thud weakly growled. <I don’t even know what happened to Screech. When we ran, we got separated and I haven’t seen him since. What if he’s been captured?>
Redclaw just sighed again. <We will find him, Thud. But we should rest first before we return to the Great Valley. That little biter is responsible for humiliating me and Veloci, and even if we must kill his parents we shall even the score.>
Thud let out a sigh of his own – with relief. At least now he had a breathing space, after all that suspense he had been through. And his boss seemed to agree with him on that much…they should rest before going to get answers. That little biter had to know something about Screech’s whereabouts. It wasn’t like he could have just disappeared, after all.
Thud finally nodded, showing that he agreed. Redclaw simply turned and started to lead Thud back to where Veloci was waiting…
Or had been waiting, because now it seemed something else had caught his attention.
A human laugh shot at Redclaw’s nerves and made him flinch angrily, and Thud almost bolted when he felt a shock of suspension again. They both glanced up to see Veloci staring up at a human figure standing upon a high ledge, laughing in a mocking tone.
“I might have guessed you were behind this!” Veloci snarled, practically ready to assume his Fast-Biter form.
“So you found me out,” Dr. Tenma simply laughed. “But what good is it going to do you now, Victor? We both know that young Chomper deserves to be the king of all dinosaurs…oh yes…even mightier than you and Redclaw! It’s only a shame that you can’t learn to respect this fate, for it’s inevitable one way or another.”
“I’ll never bow to you or that pest of a leaf-eater raised Sharptooth!” Veloci’s voice became more violent, as his face was now quite red with anger.
But Tenma just laughed again, despite how close he was to driving Veloci into attacking him. “Then I guess you’ll just have to accept it when the time comes. Maybe then you’ll finally learn that I was always better than you to begin with. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment elsewhere.”
He fiddled with a watch on his arm. “Until that time comes, let that fury pump out. Farewell, rival!”
Veloci was making his move the moment Tenma started to fade out of existence. The maddened Fast-Biter changed his form and lunged up the rocky slope, but by the time he had reached his target, Tenma had already faded out of existence. Veloci angrily hissed, annoyed that he hadn’t caught Tenma in time.
Redclaw and Thud just stared at Veloci, unsure of what to make of the situation. Now that they had Dr. Tenma to add to the anger list, they were running out of time and opportunities to recover their strength and patience. In fact, the way Veloci was looking red with anger, it looked like he was going to erupt like the Mountains That Burn.
But then, unexpectedly, Veloci took a deep breath, and somehow managed to calm down right in front of them. His human form slowly returned to normal. “Well, if that’s the way you want to play, Tenma,” he spoke quietly, “then I’ll have to rely on my own links to match you.”
He glanced over at Redclaw and Thud. “Come with me.”

A short while later…

The three of them had gathered at Veloci’s Mountain Lab, deep in the core of a burnt-out Mountain That Burned. With all the technology that now existed in the cave, it was hard to believe that the cave had once been a tropical jungle home to a race called the Tint-Floaters, a race of butterfly creatures that had achieved a state of gigantic proportions.
Nobody had ever found out where the Tint-Floaters had gone after their home had been destroyed, but Veloci didn’t care much for that, since he had claimed this cave now as his newest lab, and could do whatever he wanted here. Here, he could carry out his plan of attack in getting revenge against Dr. Tenma and young Chomper.
But first, he would need a useful bargaining tool. And he knew just the one.
Stepping over to a transportation pad, he typed in a code, and then glanced over at the machine nearby. There was a moment’s pause, and then the machine simmered as something seemed to appear inside. It was a human (which made Redclaw flinch as to why Veloci had done this).
“Hey, what’s this all about?” the human glanced around.
“Pardon my sudden bringing you here,” Veloci uttered calmly. “But I have a ‘business’ proposition for you.”
The human then looked at Veloci for the first time. “Oh, you’re…hmm…” his expression went serious. “I never thought that Victor Veloci would actually be interested in my business.” This remark received an annoyed snort from Redclaw.
Veloci ignored it though. “Any possible link to the ones called Count Starr, Dr. Tenma, and Chomper would be very useful indeed,” he replied. “Or even Trinity the Adventurer.”
The man tensed. “What interest do you have in that cretin? For all I care, he should remain in that Temporal Asylum to the end of his days.”
“Are you forgetting that I have connections around the ‘multi-verse’?” Veloci stated. “As you know, I could very easily hire someone to murder you whenever I’d want you dead. I could also organize to have Trinity broken out of that asylum with a snap of my fingers. But I’m offering you this proposition simply out of a favour, and in return you may feel free to relax for the rest of your life. You’d never need another cent in your life.”
This seemed to catch the human’s attention, and he crossed his arms. “Tell me what you have planned.”
Veloci smirked. “I want you to bring me the Adventurer…as an exchange in using him as bait to lure in the other three mentioned. But when the deed is done, you may kill him.”
The human smiled. “With pleasure.”
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (23)
While the search to identify and track down the mysterious Count Starr continues in the Homeworld (which is Trinity's home parallel version of the Earth), trouble mounts back in the Great Valley as Victor Veloci is taunted by Dr. Tenma in preparation for the takeover of the whole Land Before Time with Chomper's ascension to king of the dinosaurs. But Veloci plans to get his own back as he prepares a plan in his own lab, which was once home to a mysterious race called Tint-Floaters...
But who has he called upon to do the job? And how does it concern the Adventurer?
The Time Kids were just packing up their camps, ready to return back to the Ice Age up above. Yoko had caught them in time to say goodbye to Shelly.
Shelly was eager to see him when he showed up. “Hey, big boy,” she waved to him.
“Hi, Shelly,” Yoko waved to her. “When will you be coming back next?”
Shelly took a good look at Yoko, and then gave out a sly smile. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said as she put down her rucksack, and then walked over towards him. Yoko stood still and watched her as she approached, giving him a gentle loving look.
“Then again, I’m not sure I really want to go back, when I can be with you…for the rest of my days,” she came up beside him, and leaned down to his height. Yoko so wanted to kiss her right there on her lips at that moment…
But suddenly, Shelly took hold of his head and turned it to the side. Then she leaned in and strangely began to lick him right on his cheek, running her tongue up and down very close to his jawline.
“H-Hey…cut that out,” he stammered, closing his eyes and blushing like mad. “Come on, stop it…you…can’t you do that when you’re in your dinosaur form? Stop…cut it out…”

“Heh, heh, heh. I love you, big boy Yoko,” a familiar voice teasingly said.
Yoko’s eyes snapped open, and he suddenly noticed, “Argh! Shelly!” he pushed his sister Shelly out of the way, who in fact had been teasing him while he had been napping. The young rex female giggled as she took a step back and licked her lips. “Aw, don’t you wuv me?” she teased again.
The sound of guffawing came from nearby. Egbert was trying his best to hold back his own laughing. “Aw, Yoko misses his human girlfriend already!”
Yoko groaned. “I don’t believe this!” Now he was quite grumpy at having been tricked while he had been napping. For a moment, the dream had seemed too good to be true. Ignoring his siblings, he stormed away, going anywhere else just so he could be alone.

Eventually, he arrived at the big lake. He sat down upon a nearby stump, staring at his reflection in the water. It had actually been a couple of days since the Time Kids had gone back up to the Ice Age…and already Yoko was missing his human friend Shelly a lot. It wasn’t just because they were good friends…it was that Yoko secretly had a love crush with Shelly. He only wondered if she felt the same way.
Stupid, he thought to himself. How could he prove to Shelly that he really loved her? He didn’t care that he was a tyrannosaurus rex, and she was a human. He had to think of some way to confess to her. But he felt he just didn’t have the bravery for it.
There’s no way I can…he continued to think, when he looked over to the side…
And he noticed something sitting down by the edge of the lake, something that didn’t look right.
Yoko got off the stump and curiously went over to check it out. He suddenly recognized it as the same strange inedible object that he had found when Michael the Dino Ranger had last been around. He had found it inside Michael’s Plymouth Fury, Christine, just before Michael had woken up and had taken off back through time.
But what was it doing here? Hadn’t he left it back at his mom’s cave?
More importantly, what had happened to it? The mask now seemed to be dinosaur-shaped in its appearance, no longer human like it was before. It looked like he could fit his muzzle into it.
But would it work?
“No way,” he said to himself, and tossed the mask over towards the lake. He stared for a moment, and then turned around to walk the other way…
When a strange feeling came over him. Maybe…if he did try it on…
Without thinking, Yoko suddenly turned back, run towards the lake, and dove straight in to grab the mask. He disappeared underneath the surface.
Some nearby dinosaurs drinking looked up the moment they heard lightning flash from the lake, and then suddenly, a hurricane of water swept up from the middle of the lake. They all backed away in fright.
The hurricane slowly swept towards the bank of the lake, whereas then it turned into a hurricane of dust, until…
Yoko suddenly emerged as the Mask, dressed in a casual yellow outfit. He grinned a toothy grin as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cool picture of Shelly Blake. “Hold on, sugar,” he muttered. “Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight! Ha, ha, ha!” he zipped off to get ready.
Soon he returned to the lake, giving his teeth a quick brush, then using a blow-drier, and then spraying on shaving cream to shave his lower face. A quick cut with a blunt rock shaped like a knife helped, and then he cleaned it off with a nearby Compsognathus unfortunate enough to pass by.
Then he slipped on a yellow hat, and gazed at his reflection in the water. “Ooooh, somebody stop me!” he grinned. Then his face dropped as he reached into his pocket, revealing it to be empty although a small white butterfly came fluttering out. “Uh-oh.”
He grinned casually. “Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green,” he muttered. “I’d better make a little stop.” His grin grew even wider as he took a step away holding his hat, and then zipped away holding his hat out, which zipped after him after a moment.

Elsewhere, a short while later, a van was standing just outside the Dinotopia National Bank. Inside, a group of Fast-Biter chumps were just loading up their goods, ready to do their work.
“How’s it going, Needle?” a familiar voice spoke over the radio.
“Lookin’ good over here, Veloci ol’ buddy,” the Fast-Biter called Needle grinned a toothy grin.
“Okay, you boys are on your own now,” Victor Veloci muttered over the radio. “We’d better get downstairs and make sure we’re on the scene.”
“You do it, bud,” Needle grinned as he put on a pack which made him capable of holding a human’s gun. “The Biters are about to check in for the appetizer!”
The van opened up and the Fast-Biters began to crowd around the entrance to the bank. One of them stepped up to the door and began to carefully drill into it, while the others, including Needle, positioned themselves nearby, their guns at the ready.
There was a moment’s pause as the drill continued to whine. Then…
WHOOSH!!! Suddenly a burst of wind caused the Fast-Biters to fall down and cover their heads as a yellow-coloured cyclone suddenly burst out and began spinning nearby, before finally coming to a stop, revealing Yoko as the Mask holding some huge bags stuffed with something inside.
“Sorry, fellas,” the Mask grinned. “Waste not, want not!” He began making a strange sound with his teeth moving about, and then began whizzing down the road in his cyclone form, leaving the Fast-Biters just staring into the distance, completely baffled.
Just then, a siren in the distance gave way to a Subaru Forester skidding down the pathway, followed by a group of police cars.
“Cops!” one of the Fast-Biters shouted, and they immediately pulled out their guns to fire at the incoming cars, who returned fire from their windows. The Fast-Biters immediately made a move to try and get away, while the incoming assault kept firing.

Meanwhile, at a certain club, people were gathered determined to enter, but the head bouncer was checking the list. “If you’re not on the list, you’re not in the club,” he simply pointed out to them.
Just then, a horn let out a tune caught everybody’s attention, and they all turned to see a big white limo stretch out in front of the red carpet leading to the club. They all watched as it rolled forward, until finally, a door came up, whereas a man walked up and opened it, allowing the Mask to step out, making everybody marvel at the sight of him.
The Mask grinned. “How do?” he muttered, and then stepped up towards the bouncer at the door.
The bouncer looked at him, and muttered, “Uh…are you on the list?”
“Nooooooo,” the Mask muttered, “but I believe my friends are. Perhaps you know them?” he held up a bunch of rich money in his claws. “Franklin, Grant, and Jackson?” He grinned before letting the money spill out of his claws to distract the bouncer, before walking up to the door and opening it to enter, while the bouncer tried his best to keep the people from getting through after him. “That’s it! Nobody’s getting in!”

Inside the club, everybody was clapping their hands at the last performance that had been held. The announcer spoke up. “And now we present a beautiful new flower starring here tonight at the Congo Bongo, Miss Shelly Dino of the Ice Age!” Cheers and applauding grew as a beautiful bipedal dinosaur walked up onto the stage. It was Shelly Blake, disguised in her dinosaur form. She had sneaked into the club herself to perform, not having realized that the club was actually owned by Victor Veloci as a way to study her more in her new form.
From his seat, Victor Veloci grinned and glanced at Rott-Wyler, who also happened to be watching in the seat nearby. The two villains shared a sneer between each other.
Shelly walked up to the microphone and began singing.
Love makes me treat you the way that I do
Gee baby, ain’t I good to you?
There's nothing too good for a boy that's so true
Gee baby, ain't I good to you?

Nearby, the Mask sat down upon a chair, still grinning his face off.
I bought you a fur coat for Christmas, a diamond ring
A Cadillac car, and everything

The Mask swiftly took the menu from the nearby waitress.
Love makes me treat you the way that I do
Gee baby, ain't I good to you?

Veloci just smirked at the thought of perhaps hiring the unknowing Shelly Dino for future performances. The Mask peeked over, and then realized who the singer really was. He perked up as part of his conscious recognized her as his favourite girlfriend.
Love makes me treat you the way that I do
Gee baby, ain't I good to you?

The Mask’s jaw dropped, his tongue flopped out, and his eyes pointed out like balloons.
There's nothing too good for a man so true
Gee baby, ain't I good to you?

The Mask’s heart then began literally beating out of his chest.
I know how to make a man happy, I'll treat you right
With lots of lovin’ just about every night

Just then, a familiar Fast-Biter came up behind Veloci and Rott-Wyler. “What are you doing here?” Veloci asked, confused.
“We’ve got trouble,” the Fast-Biter panted. “You’d better come upstairs.”
Veloci glanced at Rott-Wyler. “Come on, let’s go.” They immediately got up out of their chairs.
Love makes me treat you the way that I do
Gee baby, ain't I good to you?

The Mask began howling like a hound in love for that lovely dino singing her heart out on the stage.
They got me paying taxes for what I gave to you
Gee baby ain't I good to you?

Shelly Dino then posed in front of the stage as all the lights lit up, and everybody began cheering for her performance. The hound Mask put his fingers to his mouth, and whistled like mad, then hit himself over the head with a hammer, crazily in love, before shaking his head clear and getting out of the chair.
Taking a quick step, he zipped through the audience and posed straight over the band that was high over the stage. Even Shelly Dino turned to look at him.
“LET’S ROCK THIS JOINT!” the Mask grinned, and reached down, spinning one of the band members around and changing his outfit. The member, amused, began drumming on the drums excitedly. The other members began to play too as the Mask began to slide excitedly down the stage, keeping his yellow hat on, down to Shelly Dino who chuckled quietly at his appearance. The audience began to get excited too, as they got out of their chairs and began to dance along with the beat as the Mask came over to Shelly Dino and began dancing with her like mad! Cameras began clicking at the sight as this was too good an opportunity and a sight to pass up.
Hey, Pachuco!
Hey, Summer '43
Hey, the man's gunnin' for me
Hey, blue and white mean war tonight!
Hey, they say damn my pride and
Hey, all the other cats livin' down the east side
Hey, tonight there's just no place to hide!

The dance was getting wild as Yoko under the Mask’s influence spun Shelly Dino around himself, above him, and under him, muttering “Smokin!” in a pure impersonation of Michael the Dino Ranger when he had been under the influence.
Meanwhile, upstairs, the Fast-Biter walked Veloci and Rott-Wyler in, and the first thing they saw was a wounded Needle on the chair. “Oh, man,” Veloci muttered, seeing the blood was bad. “What happened, man?”
As Veloci knelt down to him, Needle muttered, “Someone hit the joint before we could!”
The drums out in the club led to annoyance as Veloci took a cigarette from Rott-Wyler and put it in Needle’s mouth. “Here, buddy, suck on that,” Veloci held up a lighter, but then, the cigarette dropped out of Needle’s mouth as his head leant back, and he went still.
Fury became evident in Veloci’s face as he stood up and uttered angrily, “I don’t believe this!” and he threw the lighter at a nearby picture, shattering it. He grabbed the other Fast-Biter and shook him. “Who did this, huh? Tell me! Who?”
The Fast-Biter didn’t know what to say, until he suddenly glanced out of the window, and saw the dancing out in the club. He recognized one of them instantly. “There, there, over there. That’s the guy!” he pointed.
Veloci held up the blind to take a better look. “That green-faced dinosaur dancing with Shelly?”
Veloci fumed. “He’s dead meat. Come on,” he snapped as he led the Fast-Biter and Rott-Wyler out of the room.
Meanwhile, in the club, the Mask took hold of a rose on a table, and held it in his mouth as he continued to parade with Shelly Dino, twisting his legs about before unravelling and resuming the dance with his girlfriend. He then took the rose out of his mouth and began spinning Shelly around him like mad until she became like a cyclone, and flipped her up into the air. The Mask yawned and then looked at a clock in his pocket, silently gasping before holding out his claws, and catching Shelly to hold her in his arms.
Just then, Veloci and his comrades strolled out into the club. “I want this place cleared out right now!” he ordered.
The Mask grinned excitedly at Shelly, and then leaned down to kiss her, muzzle to muzzle. Something went zip off Shelly’s dinosaur feet, and as the Mask leaned back from the kiss, she smiled at him.
Suddenly, BANG! Rott-Wyler’s gun went off and knocked off the Mask’s yellow hat, causing Shelly to fall from the Mask’s grip. The hat fell down to the ground before turning brown, similar to another familiar hat.
“Hello,” the Mask casually muttered.
“Get out of here!” Rott-Wyler shouted at the petrified audience. “Club’s closed. Move it! You think I’m joking? Come on, move it! Party’s over, let’s go!” The audience didn’t hesitate to scramble out.
Veloci stared at the two lovers. “Shelly, get out of here! Get lost!” he muttered. Shelly Dino just frowned as she saw Veloci was in charge here, and she moved to leave, leaving the Mask staring point-blank at them.
“Okay, twinkle toes,” Veloci demanded. “If you have my money, tell me where it is right now!”
“Okay,” the Mask muttered carelessly, and then put on an accountant’s cap before pulling out a till. Paper began spewing out as he checked it over. “You've got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year, 8% in stocks and bonds. Carry the divide by the GNP…fortunately, funeral bouquets are deductible.”
Veloci had had enough. “Ice this deadbeat!” he shouted at Rott-Wyler.
The Mask immediately threw the machine aside and tossed off the cap. Rott-Wyler began firing at him but the Mask easily dodged the bullets by moving his body flexibly to the sides, and then upwards!
“Shoot him!” Veloci demanded. Rott-Wyler continued to fire. The Mask turned himself into a Spanish bullfighter and dared him to fire again, and then turned into a bear-skinned dancer, going “Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!” on the spot. Then he became an impersonation of Elvis Presley, saying “Thank you very much!”
Rott-Wyler kept firing, but the Mask just kept avoiding each one, and then turned into a cowboy to fire back, but the next bullet suddenly sent the gun flying out of his hand. Rott-Wyler fired one last time, and caught the Mask right in the chest. “Oof!”
Veloci brightened at the mark.
“Yer got me, pardner!” the Mask whined in a cowboy tone. Both Veloci and Rott-Wyler smirked at each other.
The Mask stuttered forward, like a real cowboy dying, and then letting out a false holler, he collapsed into Rott-Wyler’s arms, glancing up at him.
“Hold me close, Red,” the Mask muttered in the same tone. “It’s getting dark.” Then he leaned down and coughed harshly. Rott-Wyler looked a bit discomforted by it.
The Mask looked back up at him. “Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out,” he muttered, and leaned down again to cough again. Veloci pulled a face at the sight of it.
Again the Mask looked up at Rott-Wyler. “Tell Tiny Tim I won’t be coming home this Christmas.” Once again the coughing started and Rott-Wyler now looked very sad.
“Tell Scarlet I do have a care for her,” the Mask said again and coughed in Rott-Wyler’s direction this time. “Pardon me.”
Then he hung loose like he was dead, and Rott-Wyler was now actually beginning to cry at the sight of it. There was a moment’s pause, and then an arm reached out holding a trophy to give to the Mask. The Mask brightened up and stood up to take it. A silhouette of a crowd appeared to cheer at the bottom of the screen.
The Mask was beside himself with happiness. “Thank you,” he muttered at his performance. “You love me. You really love me! Hah!” he blew them kisses as the audience settled down, and the Mask was just about to take his leave when…
Victor Veloci pulled out his own gun right in his face. “You aren’t going anywhere!”
The Mask glanced to the side for a moment, and then sprang away, laughing insanely as he drew both Veloci’s and Rott-Wyler’s guns to pointlessly fire at him when he easily sprang away to get out of sight. Veloci and Rott-Wyler kept firing, determined to settle the score when suddenly…
“DROP IT, BOTH OF YOU!” a familiar voice shouted from behind them. Both Veloci and Rott-Wyler turned to see Trinity the Adventurer with his brother Arty, and a whole group of police, all pointing guns at them. Just beside them, the Time Kids came up with Shelly, who had reverted back to her human form, and had alerted them to Veloci’s being here at the Congo Bongo.
“Hey, Trinity. What are you doing here?” Rott-Wyler tried to sound casual.
“I said drop it!” Trinity snarled. Both villains sighed and dropped their weapons. Veloci decided to speak next. “Have you got a warrant this time? Or did you guys come for a nightcap or something?”
Trinity held down his gun as the cops walked up to frisk the villains. “What we’ve got is probable cause. Arty here and his unit spotted your boys knocking over Dinotopia’s National Bank.”
“Hey, easy,” Rott-Wyler snarled as he was searched. “You’re giving me a woody.”
“And one of them,” Trinity finished off, “was wearing a big, green mask.”
“You know, for once, Adventurer, you’re right,” Veloci shrugged. “Except it wasn’t one of my boys. Maybe if you and your brother tried a little actual police work…”
“Cuff him,” Trinity just shouted, and the cops immediately started pulling out the handcuffs. “You think we don’t know police work, Biter boy?”
“Trinity,” one of the cops upstairs suddenly shouted. “We’ve got a stiff upstairs. It’s one of the Fast-Biters from the heist.”
“You’d better call that high-priced red-eyed Sharptooth friend of yours, Veloci,” Trinity remarked. “You and the rest of us are going downtown for a little chat. Get them out of here,” he shouted, and Arty and the Time Kids helped to assist the cops in dragging both Veloci and Rott-Wyler out of the club.
But before he could follow them, Trinity glanced down for a moment…
And then saw the hat lying on the floor nearby. A slight hint of confusion etched onto his face as he knelt down to pick it up, and he looked up with a slight concern. “Michael?” He suddenly remembered when Michael had returned to the T.W.C. earlier that day, and he couldn’t remember what had happened to his hat. Maybe somebody had taken it…
But who?
Trinity stood back up, wondering what was going on. Deciding to think it over later, he hurried off to join the others.
The Ice Age Dino's Mask
To be continued from the Mask section that involved Michael the Dino Ranger (owned by :iconsusenm74: ), now it's time for young Yoko from the Ice Age to have a turn at using it. Except now this time he is determined to find his lover, Shelly Blake of the Time Kids, and party wild with her at a fancy club. But when it's found that Victor Veloci is in charge of the club, will the Mask prevail over the criminal's dangerous intent?

As mentioned before, Michael the Dino Ranger is owned by :iconsusenm74:
Shelly Blake and the Time Kids are owned by :icongloverboy23:
Trinity the Adventurer, his brother Arty and Rott-Wyler are owned by :iconetaris333:
Yoko and any other Ice Age characters included are owned by Blue Sky Studios.
Years have passed and Bianca had grown into a beautiful mother. One day she was exploring an old town. People were shopping around, and the kids were playing out on the streets.
Then Bianca found an old house. “Oh, what a huge house. Hmm…I think I’ll check it out.”
But as she approached it, she didn’t know that there were eyes watching her from the shadows. “Lookssssssss like we have a vissssssssitor,” one of the strangers muttered darkly as they watched Bianca enter the house.
Bianca was looking around the main lobby when suddenly, a huge chandelier dropped down from above. She managed to jump away in the nick of time…CRASH, BOOM, BANG!
“Whoa, that was close,” Bianca wiped her brow and continued looking around.
“Drat, I misssssssssed her,” the first stranger muttered from the darkness.
“Never mind that, Zaa,” another stranger spoke quietly. “It’s my turn to kill her.”
Then, as Bianca slowly walked up the stairs, the second stranger turned a switch on, and the stairs turned into a slide! “Whoaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!” Bianca cried out as she slid down into a trapdoor that opened below her, and she fell through a tunnel before landing in a chair in a dark room. Then huge chains lashed out and chained her down.
“Hey! What the…I can’t move! Where am I?” Bianca then saw the floor she was on now was beginning to tilt towards a pit with spikes at the bottom.
“Yikes!” Bianca quickly flicked her hands and fire blasted out of them to melt the chains around her. She managed to jump clear from the chair before it toppled over and crashed into pieces in the spike pit below. “Whew, close one again!” she panted.
“Oooooh, that brat! I hate her,” the second stranger growled in his teeth.
“Well, Misssssster Black,” a third stranger grinned, “you’ve failed too. It’ssssssss my turn now.”
Bianca was now getting suspicious about the place, and began thinking about looking around the place more carefully, in case somebody was trying to kill her.
Just then the lights went out! “Uh-oh,” Bianca thought to herself. “Here we go again…” But thankfully, being a witch, she was able to see through the dark.
A coil suddenly lashed out from hiding and tried to grab her, but she sensed it coming and dodged it easily. “Ah ha, the Nightmare Snake! You won’t get me this time!”
“We’ll ssssssssee about that!” the stranger spoke as it shot a coiled fist at her, thumping her backwards onto the floor.
“Ouch, that smarts!” Bianca spoke, dazed, but before she could move another coil suddenly grabbed her leg and held her upside-down. As soon as she was up high, the lights then turned back on again. She saw it was indeed the Nightmare Snake, but it wasn’t him who was holding her by her leg. “Oh, it’s you too, Zaa.”
Then another figure emerged from hiding. “Oh, and Mr. Black,” Bianca sighed.
“Surprised?” Mr. Black grinned.
“Not really,” Bianca shook her head. “I knew you two clowns could never trap me without the Nightmare Snake’s help.”
“Well, we have you now,” the Nightmare Snake grinned. “Well, boys, what should we do?”
“Let’s eat her, grand-uncle,” Zaa eagerly opened his mouth widely.
“No, Zaa,” Mr. Black stepped in. “We can use her.”
“No, Mr. Black. We must kill her…she’s too dangerous.”
“But she has powers! Think about it!”
“Hmm,” the Nightmare Snake thought carefully. “Mr. Black has a point, Zaa.”
“Also,” Mr. Black continued, “I still have a control collar that I used on her when she was young. I still have it with me.”
Bianca gulped. “Not that, Mr. Black!”
Mr. Black pulled out the collar and walked over to put it around Bianca’s neck, but for some reason the collar didn’t seem to click into place. Something was causing it to be repelled from her. “That’s strange,” Mr. Black muttered. “I can’t put it on.”
“Why not, Black?” Zaa snapped, getting impatient.
Then Mr. Black noticed something. “There’s already a collar on her…look!” He pointed to it upon Bianca’s neck…it was the same collar she had gotten from Ken, her husband.
“I’ll be the Grinch!” the Nightmare Snake snarled. “That complicates things.”
“It certainly does!” another voice suddenly spoke up, and they all turned to suddenly see a powerful tail lunging their way. Ken coiled up Mr. Black and held him tightly to secure him. Raven then came in from behind and launched some special arrows that glowed in the dark from her bow, straight at the Nightmare Snake. “Arrggggh no! Not the light!” He backed off angrily. Then last of all, Longclaw came running and attacked Zaa, biting him and forcing him to drop Bianca, who was caught by Ken. Longclaw began chasing Zaa all over the house until he was gone.
“Are you all right, Bianca?” Ken asked.
“Yes,” Bianca hugged him. “I’m fine. What luck you guys came to save me.”
“Yes, it was lucky I put that tracer on your collar, Mom,” Raven rattled her head. “Come on, let’s go home.”
So as soon as Longclaw came back to them, they all put hands together and teleported back home.

In the next week, it was a sunny day and Bianca had gone off shopping. She passed an old shop and decided to enter it. She saw a lot of great stuff inside, like voodoo dolls and monkey paws, and even a jar with a brain in it.
Then she found an old but pretty box. “Ohh, it’s lovely. Sir, how much is it?” she asked the shopkeeper.
“It’s not for sale, my dear. I’m afraid it’s not safe to keep,” was the reply.
“But I want to buy it, sir. I’ll pay whatever you ask…do you want 100 dollars for it?”
The shopkeeper was caught in the moment…he desperately needed the money for his child who was sick in bed, but he was worried about the box being in the wrong hands.
“Oh, okay,” he relented. “But I warn you…it will bring doom to your family, miss.”
But as Bianca walked out of the shop with the box, she didn’t take the shopkeeper’s words into consideration, because the box turned out to be Pandora’s Box, which she had been looking for a long time now.
“I must hide it,” Bianca thought to herself. “But where?”
But as she was walking home, Mr. Black, who happened to be hiding in the shadows, was watching her with the box in her hands. He snickered. “So, legend has it that whoever should open the box shall ruin or rule! Hah, at last!” He followed her home.
Later that night, Bianca made dinner for Ken, Raven, M1, Longclaw, and Gia. They ate peas, salad, corn, and Bianca ate a burger. Once they started to settle down for bed, Bianca put the Pandora’s Box in a safe place where every treasure she had ever collected was hiding away.
Then as she settled in bed to read a book, she began to feel something wasn’t right. She ran to her bookshelf and pressed a hidden button. She ran back down the stairs to enter her treasure room, and she immediately found Mr. Black!
“Hey, stop!” Bianca shouted. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m after Pandora’s Box,” Mr. Black simply grinned. “I’m determined to cast chaos, sadness, and evil! Ha, ha!”
“You can’t!” Bianca sprang at him. “I won’t let you!” She began to chase him all over the house, causing her family to wake up in surprise. Ken tried to seize him with his coils, Raven used her arrows, Longclaw used his speed, and M1 used a net to catch the thief.
Then finally, after an hour’s worth of chasing, they finally caught him. Mr. Black snarled and struggled as he was pinned down by all of them together. “No! Let me go, I say!”
“Not on your life,” Bianca firmly said. “You can never beat us, because we’re a family and we work together. Ken, call Cleo and get the police. I’ll put the Pandora’s Box away.”
Bianca took the Pandora’s Box back to her treasure room and stored it safely in a vault. She came back in life to see the police entering the house to take Mr. Black away.
But as they pushed him out of the house, he snarled one last threat at Bianca. “I’ll be back, Bianca, and when I do return, I’ll kill you once and for all!”
“Well, I hope never to see you again,” Bianca nodded.

In the month of May, Bianca and Raven were home alone for a day as Ken had taken the little ones for a walk. They read and drank tea together until there was a knock on the door.
Bianca looked through the peep-hole in the door, and she saw that it was that dumb excuse for a villain, Mr. Black.
“Well, well, he’s up to his old tricks again. Time to show him who boss,” Bianca cast a spell upon herself, and she turned into a tall, strong man.
She then opened the door and asked, “Who are you, buddy?” in a firm, masculine voice.
Mr. Black jolted. “Oh, sorry. I thought that a little girl was living here.”
“Why you!” Bianca gritted her teeth and smacked him with a giant rock. Mr. Black walked away with a very confused face and a very sore head. Bianca just frowned and then cast off her man suit. “He should have never said that.”
Then as they were having lunch, they heard a second knock on the door. “Who could that be, mom?” Raven asked her.
“I’d better see,” Bianca went up to the door and peeked in. “Mr. Black again…what a dumb-dumb!” She opened the door. “Why are you here?” she asked.
“I just thought I’d come to have lunch with you,” Mr. Black said innocently.
“Ah, hang on a second,” Bianca went back into the house. Mr. Black waited patiently, and a minute later, Bianca returned. “Okay then, come in,” she invited him in.
When Mr. Black sat down, Bianca served him a pie. He gladly ate it, and was just about to open his mouth to talk when suddenly, a blaze of fire shot out. He began choking, and jumped up emitting steam from his mouth. “Ahhhhhh! My mouth is on fire!”
“Here, drink this,” Bianca handed him a huge cup of water, but it happened to contain man-eating fish. The moment Mr. Black gorged, he ran out screaming like a scared girl.
“Bye, bye,” Bianca waved innocently. “Guess he doesn’t like my cooking…what a drama queen!”
A bit later, Bianca was playing Goldfish with Raven when a third knock came on the door. “Here we go again,” Bianca shook her head.
“Mom, don’t you think he’ll ever stop to think that you won’t fall for his tricks?” Raven asked.
“I don’t think so,” Bianca shook her head. “Why don’t you do it this time?”
“Cool!” Raven rushed to the door and opened it. “I’m sorry, sir,” she told Mr. Black, “but my mom isn’t here at the moment.”
“But she must be here,” Mr. Black said. “I have something to talk to her about.”
“I can guess what it is, so take this!” Raven punched him straight in the gut and sent him flying right into the rubbish dump nearby. “And don’t even think of coming back for a month…not when you smell that bad!” Raven shut the door, and gave her mom a high-five.
Later, Ken finally came home with the babies and got them ready for bed. “Awww, who’s my little Talia, yes, you are so very cute!” Bianca tickled her teasingly. “And who’s my special little guy Sanji? Hey, tickle, tickle!”
“So, what did you do today with Raven, dear?” Ken asked her.
“Oh, not much, Ken,” Bianca shrugged, turning her head to hide a smile.

Finally, Halloween had come. The twins were excited because this was their first time to do ‘trick-or-treat’. “Twins,” Bianca called, “it’ll be time soon. Go get ready!”
“Okay, mom,” Talia called back. “Come on bro, let’s go!” She forced Sanji into their room so they could hurry and get changed. Bianca and Ken were waiting for them when they arrived.
Talia was given the chance to become either Super Girl or a princess, but Talia wanted to dress up like Raven so she used a spell to look just like her. Sanji decided to dress up like Frankenstein.
“Oh boy,” Talia squealed. “This is going to be a great Halloween, right bro?”
“Sure will be, sis,” Sanji laughed. “Hey dad, what are you going to be?”
“I’m a snake. Hissss!” Ken just grinned and flicked his tongue at her belly. “Ha, ha, ha! Stop that, daddy, it tickles!”
“Sorry, dear,” Ken grinned. “I couldn’t help myself. Okay, let’s go.” He ushered them out of the room, but then turned back to Bianca. “Are you sure you can’t come with us? We all know you love Halloween.”
“I know, dear,” Bianca kissed him on his nose. “But I must hang around to give candy to the kids coming here tonight. You three just have fun tonight…and stay away from strangers.” She turned to Raven who had just walked in. “Raven, will you watch them too?”
“Sure, Mom,” Raven nodded, and Bianca escorted them to the front door. They all waved goodbye to her as they left.
Meanwhile, in a dark castle, Mr. Black was planning to steal at least one of the twins to use in his latest master plan. “Once I get them as bait, I’ll use them to get back at Bianca, and I’ll use her as a slave to rule the world. What an opportunity to do it on Halloween! Ha, ha!” He looked through his telescope and watched them walking down the street.
He frowned. “Hmmm, I forgot about Ken. This could be a problem.”
Meanwhile, the twins were having great fun, but Ken and Raven were watching them like hawks to be absolutely certain nothing bad would happen. Ken decided to sit down for a while, and warned the twins again not to talk to strangers. They went along with Raven to do some trick-or-treating.
By about 10 o’clock, they returned with a bag full of candy.
“Look at all this candy, dad,” Sanji cheered. “We must have collected a lot of candy.”
“It’s a huge bag alright,” Talia grinned. “I can’t wait to get home and eat it.”
“Well done, you two,” Ken smiled. “Now let’s go home.”
Suddenly, a ghost came out of nowhere! But this wasn’t any of the kids playing pranks…it was a real ghost! “Ah, run!” Ken shouted. The twins ran to get away. “Leave my kids alone!” Ken shouted at the ghost, reaching out to pull the sheet down, but his hand went straight through! It was definitely a real ghost…Ken began trembling in his shoes.
But Raven wasn’t scared…she happened to be the leader of all ghosts. She lunged forward and smacked the ghost over its head.
“Ouch…how can you do that?” the ghost cried out.
“Because I’m Raven,” Raven immediately transformed into her ghost form.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” the ghost gasped. “Forgive me…Mr. Black forced me to do it!”
“Oh!” Raven twigged. “Not him again!” she quickly turned to catch up with the twins.
But it was too late…by the time Raven and Ken saw them, they saw one of Mr. Black’s slaves, a witch, grabbing Talia! Sanji tried to stop the witch but was kicked to the ground. Raven and Ken caught up to him and stared up at the witch escaping with Talia.
“Raven, what are we going to do?” Ken asked.
Raven thought for a moment, and then used a spell to make them fly after the witch. Eventually, they followed the trail to Mr. Black’s castle. Don’t worry, little sis. We’re coming, Raven thought to herself.
They carefully made their way through the castle. Raven led the way, using her powers to open the big door entrance and navigate their way through the castle. “Let’s hurry, Dad. They’ve got to be here somewhere,” she told Ken as she ran up a flight of stairs.
Meanwhile, Mr. Black was torturing Talia. “You’d better scream for your Mom or you are as good as dead!” Mr. Black laughed.
“You won’t ever get my Mom. Never!” Talia insisted. Mr. Black just sighed and turned on a tickling machine. “No…ha, ha, ha!” Please, stop! Heheehehehe! That tickles!” Talia cried out as she was being tickled. But she still wouldn’t relent in calling for her mother.
And just at that moment, Ken, Raven and Sanji appeared in the doorway to the torture room, having heard Talia’s tortured cries. Ken sneaked through the room without being seen, and lunged at Mr. Black, taking him unawares as he coiled him up. Sanji and Raven ran over to free their sister, and smashed the tickling machine to pieces. Raven immediately took them back out of the castle.
As for Ken, he began putting Mr. Black to sleep. “Look into my eyes and listen to my voice,” Ken’s eyes began to spiral different colours as he sung his hypnotizing enchantment. “I put you to sleep, and you’ll fall into a dream of water falling into a lake, you can hear me and you seem to know, and you know what is there, but what can you see you can use yourself, your mind is ever dancing, your eyes can they see at all, dream now dream!”
As the song finally ended, Mr. Black was uncoiled and he lay upon the ground of his own torture chamber, motionless. Ken teleported back home to find Raven and the twins were back already.
They were all glad that it was over. The twins had become really sleepy, and they started to settle down for bed, but before they went, Talia, Sanji, Raven and Ken all promised each other that they would never tell Bianca about this.
It seemed as if nobody really needed heat protection for a cavern like this, because though as similar as it was to a Mountain That Burns, it wasn’t.
Not the way it looked to Ducky, Chomper, and Ken Blake anyway.
They stood gawking at the sight of the luscious jungle below them, slowly making their way down the pathway which led down to it.
“Wow! Ruby would love to see this place,” Chomper remarked, which he often liked to say because since he almost looked up to Ruby like a big sister, he always wondered what she might like to see.
“Yep, yep, yep, she would, she would,” Ducky nodded. She took a big sniff at the sweet scent wafting up from the jungle. “It smells so nice too.”
Ken had to admit…he was impressed too. Who would have thought that this amazing sight could be hidden all the way down here under a Mountain That Burns? He had to let the others know.
Taking the radio out again, he pushed the button. “Shelly…are you there? This is Ken…can you hear me?” There was a moment’s pause, and he called again. “Shelly…this is Ken. Josiah…Mike? Anybody?”
Then finally, “Ken…it’s Shelly. What’s up?”
“You’re not going to believe this, Shell,” Ken muttered. “But there’s a jungle down here.”

“A jungle?” Shelly was astonished. “In a volcano? Are you serious, Ken?” She glanced over at Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Spike, Ruby, Michael, Jane and Josiah, a little worried at first, because if she knew her younger brother, he was probably talking about something ‘mysterious’ again, like that time he had spoken about getting pulled into a Winnie-the-Pooh book and getting mothered by Kanga the mother roo. Nobody really believed him…they suspected he was having a paranoid illusion or something.
“Come on, Shelly, it’s not like I’m having another paranoid illusion,” Ken’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “This is not a volcano…I’m seeing a tropical jungle in this cave. It’s right in front of my eyes, and Ducky and Chomper are seeing it as well. Go on you two…tell them.”
“We’re definitely seeing it, you guys,” Chomper’s voice spoke up.
“We are, we are!” Ducky piped in.
Josiah replied back. “Then…is there a peak at the top of the cave, with smoke coming out?”
“It’s not smoke,” Ken replied. “It’s steam. It’s very moist around here…must be emanating from something down in the jungle. Where are you guys?”
“We’re coming around near your location now,” Josiah continued, looking up at the supposed Mountain That Burns, noticing that the stuff coming out of it definitely didn’t quite look like smoke. Could it be true? “It might take us a while to reach the top, but we hope you’re right, Ken. You still haven’t seen Trinity yet?”
“Not yet, but he can’t be too far,” Ken replied. “You guys had better hurry and see for yourself…Chomper thinks Ruby might like this. It is quite beautiful down here.”
“Really?” Ruby piped up.
“Yeah, I reckon we…” Ken began speaking again, but then, suddenly… “Whoa! Wait…WHA-” and then, there was a sudden seizure of sound, and suddenly, the radio went dead.
“Ken? Ken!” Shelly shook the radio, but it was no good. Contact had just been lost.
“We’d better hurry and get up there,” Littlefoot suggested. “I hope there’s no Sharpteeth in there.”
“Me hope not either,” Petrie shivered, clinging onto Littlefoot’s neck. “No Fast-Biters either.”
“Then let’s go,” Michael was already jogging up the slope, and the others followed him to scale the supposed Mountain That Burns.
Little did they know that they were being followed…

“Please…don’t hurt me,” Ken stammered, as the gigantic crimson-red, deep-blue and daisy-yellow patterned butterfly hovered a little closer to investigate his small form. Nearby, Ducky and Chomper just stared in awe at the giant insect.
But amazingly, the butterfly didn’t seem to be hostile…it was just curious, and as it nudged Ken softly with its nose, the Time Kid seemed to flinch, but calmed down a little when he saw it wasn’t doing anything.
Then the strangest thing yet happened…it spoke.
“Wow…you’re a cute thing,” the butterfly squealed in a cute, feminine voice. “Small and young and with colours almost like mine! Maybe the Lord Nectar will allow me to keep you for a pet.”
The word ‘pet’ rang in Ken’s mind like klaxons going off…No! Not again!
But he made the first wrong move by turning to run, as suddenly the butterfly leaned forward and hooked the end of its nose right under his shirt, hooking him up off the ground.
“Hey! Let me go! Let me go! I don’t want to be a butterfly’s pet!” Ken shouted and thrashed about, struggling to get free, but with his shirt caught over the butterfly’s nose, he couldn’t get loose.
“A ‘butterfly’…is that what I am?” the giant flying insect grinned. “I always thought I was a Tint-Floater. We have thrived here in our mountain home for many years, but alone. We Tint-Floaters long to see new species amongst us. I am certain the Lord Nectar will approve…you are so adorable I could just adopt you!”
Ken desperately began ranting and raving while struggling in his helpless position, but the Tint-Floater just eagerly began flapping its wings and floated off to the jungle home below.
“Ducky…we’ve gotta help him!” Chomper said as he watched Ken disappear into the trees.
“Yes we do, yep, yep, yep!” Ducky agreed.
They began making their way down the down-slope towards the Tint-Floater’s jungle home. But as they did, they didn’t notice a rope dropping down behind them. From way up above, Michael the Dino Ranger and the rest of the Time Kids were slowly climbing down.
The rope was attached to something on the lip of the fake Mountain That Burned, and it ran through to a cage attached just close by. Once the kids were all down, Michael began feeding the rope back, letting the cage down containing the rest of the Great Valley Kids. When they stepped out, they all turned to stare at the jungle paradise that lay out before them…
Before they noticed the giant butterfly making off with Ken, and Chomper and Ducky racing to catch it.

“Release me! Heel! Turn me loose!” Ken hollered as he thrashed about, but it was to no avail. The Tint-Floater just ignored his complaining, and began to settle down below the trees of the jungle, dropping Ken down onto what appeared to be a giant flower.
And before Ken could even move to scramble off, he felt a huge weight push him down, pancaking him down into the pollen-enriched bed of flora. He let out a grumble, before his nose began to twitch, and suddenly Ken found himself sneezing his head off. This high-enticing pollen appeared to be very strong, and even somebody with the lowest symptoms of allergy would have trouble avoiding to sneeze from sniffing up this kind of pollen.
“STOP! Achoo! Stop it-achoo! D-Don’t…ACHOO…sit on me like-CHOO-this! ACHOO!!!” Ken struggled to speak while sneezing, but all the Tint-Floater did was hum gently, rubbing her soft body over him and wondering how it was that this little human pet made such a nice seat cushion.
Then the Tint-Floater smiled down at Ken as he finally managed to peek out from under her body, his nose incredibly red. She chuckled and leaned an antenna down to hold his nose. “You cute little larvae of mine,” she purred gently. “You’ll look even cuter when you’re in your chrysalis, and you’ll grow up to be a Tint-Floater like us!”
Ken put a hand to his own nose so he could push the antenna away. “No thanks,” he muttered. “Humans can’t make cocoons like you can…besides, I’m not your larvae and don’t forget that.”
“But you’re just too adorable for me to give up,” the Tint-Floater cooed, stroking his head fondly with her antennae. “And I can make your cocoon for you…us females are very good at that. Believe me…you’ll look so gorgeous and handsome when you grow your wings and be as colourful as all of us. Won’t that be a treat? After all, you’re only the second of your kind to join us among our kind as a whole new stage of evolution.”
Ken was about to retort again when…he hesitated. Did the Tint-Floater say the word…second? He was going to be the second human to be mutated into their kind? Then…did that mean…
“Trinity?” Ken gasped. “You turned Trinity into a butterfly?”
“Tint-Floater, my dear,” his captor smiled warmly. “But if you are referring to the blessed messenger whom brought back to us our sacred Nectar Amulet, then yes, he is probably being reborn now as we speak!”
Something snapped in Ken at the horror of it. “LET ME OUTTA HERRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!” he wailed, and with his desire to escape suddenly building to a climax, he burst out from under the Tint-Floater’s flower, and jumped down to the ground, covered in pollen dust. He bailed in the direction he found himself facing, though even as he ran, he couldn’t stop sneezing as the pollen was constantly getting into his nose. The sound of sneezing disappeared into the distance.
The Tint-Floater just grinned. “Run all you like, my little one,” she grinned. “But in the end, you’ll be in a larvae-staged chrysalis before you know it!”

By then, Chomper and Ducky had finally managed to get into the jungle, with the others not very far behind them. As they looked around, they could tell that this kind of jungle was very different to the type of jungle you’d expect to see in the Great Valley. It reeked of pollen and flowers, which was very intoxicating to Chomper, and he had to hold his nose before going in too far.
They pushed their way through the bushes, trying to see if they could find anything of either Ken or Trinity, until suddenly, they found themselves walking into a clearing. A small group of giant butterflies appeared to be gathered around something.
“Wat do you tink is going on, Ducky?” Chomper asked, while still holding his nose.
“I do not know, Chomper,” Ducky shook her head. “No, no, no.”
But just then, one of the butterflies, with mostly green and yellow upon its wings, turned its head and saw them. “Ah, we have visitors,” it spoke with an excited tone in its voice. “Move aside, Tint-Floaters. Let our guests see the rebirth of our Lord Nectar!”
The two young dinosaurs were confused as the Tint-Floaters moved away, and now they could see what appeared to be a large cocoon sitting there, moving slightly as there appeared to be something moving inside. There was a moment’s pause as everyone watched the cocoon struggle. Ducky and Chomper continued to watch, and they were then joined by Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Petrie, Ruby, Michael, Shelly, Josiah and Jane who emerged from the bushes behind them.
All eyes were on the cocoon as it shook, and then…finally…
CRACK! It opened! The top part of the cocoon started to slide off and fall to the ground, crackling like the broken shell that it was.
And inside…
Everybody’s eyes widened.
There, stepping out of the remains of the cocoon, stood a creature that had antennae and wings just like a Tint-Floater, but also maintained the head, body, arms and legs of a human being. The wings stretched out with a brilliant golden-hue, no colour patterns upon it; just pure honey gold. The antennae stood high up on the being’s head, waving slightly to take in senses like any kind of insect might. Coverings of nectar appeared to be a substitution for clothes, formed like a gleaming coat of nectar to cover the whole body. While the arms and legs seemed hardly any different, the being’s eyes were tinted with red spherical compounds, providing sight in the way of the butterfly. Around its neck, a familiar object which looked like the sacred Nectar Amulet hung around its neck like a pendant.
The creature was, in all its might and glory as a mutation, quite a sight to take in. But somehow, undeniably, it bore a very scary resemblance to Trinity the Adventurer.
“No…” Littlefoot shook his head in disbelief. It couldn’t be.
The Tint-Floaters all bowed down to the creature as it proudly stretched out its arms and wings together. “Oh Lord Nectar,” the Tint-Floater from before spoke up, “You do look splendidly wonderful!”
The hybrid Trinity turned to the Tint-Floater and bowed his head. “Thank you, Spring-Lime,” it spoke with a strange mighty tone. “Prepare the feast of pollen and nectar…we must not be ungallant in welcoming our newest guests here.” He indicated with his hand to the group, who came walking up to him.
“Trinity?” Cera stared at him, her mind swimming as she didn’t want to believe this had really happened to him. “What have they done to you?”
The hybrid stared down at the Threehorn, a slight hint of disapproval in his face. “My dear, you must learn to show respect,” he spoke softly, spreading his arms and wings gloriously. “I am the Lord Nectar, king of these lands, and I deserve to be looked upon in my new glorious way, for it is not easy for me to nearly lose my own kingdom…to die before I am given the chance to be reborn.”
“But why as our friend?” Shelly yelled at him. “Trinity didn’t deserve to be mutated into the likes of you…why have you done this to him?”
“Hey, guys!” a familiar voice suddenly called from nearby, making them jump. They turned, and relief suddenly washed over them as they saw Trinity – the real human Trinity – emerging into the clearing. “Thank goodness…I thought you were never going to find me!”
But he had hardly gotten any closer before he was suddenly tackled by Ducky and Chomper, both equally glad that he was okay. When he finally managed to get up, the Time Kids looked him over just to be sure, but there was no hint of abnormality – Trinity was completely normal.
“Trinity, what’s going on here?” Josiah asked him. “Who is that?” he pointed to the Lord Nectar, indicating the similarity that the lord Tint-Floater now carried in comparison to the Adventurer.
Trinity shook his head. “I know. I have some explaining to do…as usual. When I found my way here, the messenger Spring-Lime found me with the Nectar Amulet,” he pointed to the amulet around the Lord’s neck. “But when Spring-Lime brought me to the kingdom, we found the Lord Nectar was dying…he was weak with blood, and his body was frail, so he wouldn’t last long. I had to give him some of my blood,” he showed he had pricked himself on his shoulder. “I spliced a blood-sample into his body, and he managed to cocoon himself in time so he could reform. But because my blood is different from his, we all knew there was going to be a major difference when he emerged. But the Tint-Floaters here are apparently eager to see new kinds amongst them. That is to say, they look upon our kind as equal now.” He glanced at the Lord Nectar, indicating that this saying was partially true due to him being partly human now.
“Whew,” Littlefoot let out a breath of air. “For a moment we thought they actually turned you into one of them, Trinity.”
“Oh no, Littlefoot,” Trinity laughed. “They’d never do anything like that – well, not unless you asked them to. They’re a very nice race of creatures…despite their size, they’re still, soft-hearted gentle creatures here in this world.” He smiled, but then remembered something. “Oh, by the way, where’s Ken?”
All the group did was roll their eyes. Trinity didn’t have to notice it though to guess what the answer was.

But meanwhile, high above…

The humanoid figure, all the while unnoticed, slipped quietly down the rope and crept towards the edge of the precipice, to overlook the Tint-Floater’s jungle home. He was intrigued at finding something that even he had never seen before, but despite this, he knew it was perfect for his ultimate plan to take place.
It’s a shame that Rott-Wyler could never find this place, Victor Veloci thought to himself, because I’ll finally do what he never could, when I slay his Adventurer foe along with my own, Michael the Dino Ranger. And I do wonder what these winged-creatures taste like. Maybe Redclaw will like them too.
Grinning, the humanoid Fast-Biter began to tread quietly down, following the path that the heroes had taken to enter the jungle home of the Tint-Floaters.
Discovery of the Butterfly Paradise (Part 3 of 3)
Okay, here's what came out of my mind to finish part 3 of the Butterfly story. The gang finds the strange jungle home within the cavern of what appears to be a Mountain That Burns. But as usual, Ken gets abducted by the said creatures, and while trying to find him, the gang comes upon what appears to be a mutated-Adventurer with butterfly features...but is it really him?
I tried thinking of a name to give the butterflies, so I tried 'Tint-Floaters'. But if anyone else has a better name, I'll be glad to change it.
There is plenty of opportunity in this story for continuation, but I'm going to leave it as it is for now, because I have other stories to attend to. Some ideas to continue with could include finding and chasing Ken and his captor, learning of the 'Butterfly Effect' (perhaps it could provide inspiration for the Time Kids as well), and let's not forget Victor Veloci sneaking into the area as well.

The Time Kids belong to :icongloverboy23:
Michael the Dino Ranger belongs to :iconsusenm74:
Trinity the Adventurer belongs to :iconetaris333:
All Land Before Time characters belong to Universal.
It was about four o’clock in the afternoon that day. The sun was just starting to lower past the houses in the neighbourhood, and the usually blue sky began to dim a purple colour before it would later give way to a dusky orange.
But the neighbourhood was pretty quiet that day. And one particular house stood out amongst them, because there appeared to be a guest approaching it from down the street. Checking his map, the young boy was certain he was on the right street. Then he noticed the number upon the house’s letterbox, and he knew this had to be it.
This must be the place, the Time Kid thought to himself, wondering what would await him beyond that door on No. 156 Albuquerque St, in Toontown. Ken Blake had been hired to babysit some young kids at this particular house, and since he was quite good at it in a certain way, he immediately accepted the offer over the phone.
Walking out to the front door, he tapped on it and waited for an answer. Footsteps came to the door, and then it opened, revealing an old woman with tied-back white hair and wearing glasses, dressed in a white and purple dress.
“Ah,” Granny smiled warmly at him, letting him come in. (1) “You must be Ken Blake.”
“Nice to meet you, Granny,” Ken smiled at her. “So how long will I need to babysit the kids for?”
“Oh, I will be out for a couple of hours,” Granny giggled. “Then I will be back with the monthly food for the babies. I will pay you your fee when I return. All I ask is that you keep them company, play with them, feed them and change their nappies if they get into trouble.”
“That sounds okay,” Ken nodded. “Leave it to me.”
“Thank you, young man,” Granny patted him on the head, and then went to get her purse. “Remember though,” she warned, “Don’t let them get the best of you!”
Ken watched her go, and began thinking. What does she mean by that? he wondered.

A short while later, Ken had taken a look around the house and had gotten acquainted with it. When he saw the crib that housed the babies, he soon found there were more kids than he had originally thought. There were a lot of them. Amongst the babies there was Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Lola, Sylvester, Porky, and a few others that he recognized.
But since Ken was quite familiar with baby-caring, he believed he could handle it well enough. I mean, what was the harm in taking care of kids? It wasn’t like the Pickles household, at least, not with Tommy and himself getting shrunk and sat on.
Ken grinned. To think that these cute babies would eventually grow up to become the main sponsors of the Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies’ cartoons. And he would imprint himself upon their history by taking care of them in their youth. In a way, it was exciting to think about.
Ken leaned against the crib where the babies were playing about and watched them for a while. Just as long as they didn’t get up to any mischief or anything like that, everything would be fine. For a moment, Ken lost himself and began daydreaming of whether he should return to them in the future, and see if they would remember him.
Granny was bound to tell them anyway, that was for sure.
“Daddy? Daddy Doc?” suddenly a cute pair of gloves caught hold of Ken’s arm and began yanking him slightly into the crib. Ken almost fell in, but caught his balance. He looked down and saw Baby Bugs, obviously wanting his attention.
“Hey, little buddy,” Ken picked him up. “Something the matter?” But when all that Bugs did was grin at him, Ken laughed. “Eh, what’s up, doc?” he asked teasingly, remembering the famous line that this baby bunny would carry with him for all his grown days.
“Eh, the roof, that’s all I know,” Baby Bugs muttered, obviously being only a baby and saying what he knew was up. How innocent could a kid be?
“Come on, I’ll take you outside for a bit,” Ken held him close, and went out to the back door. It was a sliding door with a metal mesh covering, not the glass kind, so it was obvious no robbers could get in here.
It was a bit darker outside than before, as the sun was now sinking out of sight, but it was still bright enough to see. Ken stepped outside, walked out next to a nearby tree, and put Baby Bugs down. The young bunny looked around, seemingly eager about something, but whatever it was Ken didn’t know.
“What is it, Bugs?” Ken kneeled down, curious (2). “Whatcha thinking?”
“I think it a good moment for stealin’ carrots!” Bugs muttered in his cute baby voice, and then, to Ken’s surprise, the bunny suddenly turned and bounced right over the nearby fence!
“Hey Bugs, come back here!” Ken cried out in surprise, beginning to panic for the young kid. But the moment he looked over the fence, he got a shock. Baby Bugs was pulling out some carrots out from the next-door carrot patch! “Bugs, put them back! You might get cau-” Ken’s sentence froze the moment a shot rang out from the next-door house, and Bugs barely ducked to avoid it.
Just then, a young lad wearing a small hunting outfit, a shotgun in his hands, and ‘very little hair’ appeared from around the house. “Now I gotcha, you wascally wabbit!” he shouted, blasting another round of firepower, to which Bugs immediately bounced out of the patch, and straight into Ken’s head, knocking him off his feet and falling down with a BUMP!
Ken tried to say something, but his voice was muffled by the young rabbit sitting on him, so he picked up Bugs and rushed him quickly back into the house before the kid next-door could fire at them again.
Phew, I hope Mr. Fudd is out today, Ken thought to himself. If he caught his son Elmer with his shotgun again, he’ll be in big trouble.
Ken looked down at the young bunny in his hands. “Now that was naughty, Bugs,” he said lightly. “You be more careful next time.”
“I no wanna be careful, Doc,” Bugs then said, and bounced out of his hands, disappearing into the house. Ken began to chase him around, having a bit of trouble at first trying to find where Baby Bugs had gone, until he heard something open in a nearby bedroom, and he finally spotted Bugs trying to crawl into a drawer to hide. Ken reached over and pulled him out by his nappy (3), dangling the young bunny over his shoes for a moment.
Then finally, Ken walked Bugs back to the crib and dropped him back in, letting him settle back with the other babies. Whew, that bunny sure is a handful! Ken thought to himself. Even when he’s a baby! I wonder if that was what Granny meant when she said I shouldn’t let them get the best of me. Well, maybe the others will be okay.
Stepping into the crib, he checked out the other babies. A young piglet wandered up to him, and Ken recognized him as Baby Porky. He picked him up and held him up. “Hello, young Porky,” he grinned. “How’s your stutter? Daffy not giving you trouble again, is he?”
“Eh-a-m-ma-m-maybe,” the young baby glanced nervously over his shoulder. Ken looked over, and to his shock, Baby Daffy was sharpening a kitchen knife on a baby roller! The young duck was grinning at the thought of teasing his piggy friend that day, but with the knife, it might very well be overdoing it.
Ken quickly put Baby Porky down and stepped over to the roller. “Oh no you don’t, you naughty thing,” Ken immediately took the knife from Baby Daffy and held it away. “Babies never play with sharp knives…they’re dangerous.”
Baby Daffy pulled a face. “What a revolting development this is!” he spat grumpily.
Ken stepped out of the crib and put the knife safely back in the kitchen, and then came back to deal with Daffy. “You’re a really naughty duck so I should punish you!” he picked up the grumbling duckling and sat him down on his lap, holding him down with one arm and slapping Daffy’s feathery bottom with the other. It effectively made Baby Daffy’s head spring out time and again with every slap.
Ken continued to spank Baby Daffy for a few more minutes, and by then most of the babies had taken up interest in the spectacle. Baby Lola had in fact managed to find a tennis racket and began knocking Daffy’s head back as it sprang towards the racket.
Then finally, Ken put Daffy down and said, “Now you behave yourself.” Baby Daffy slouched off, not very pleased at all. Even as a baby, when things didn’t go wrong for him, he was grumpy.
Ken just sighed. Whew, that baby duck was a handful too! Maybe I should be more careful… He then looked around at all the other babies. But maybe the rest aren’t like that yet…they’ll probably pick up their nonsensical senses when they’re a little older.
Ken then noticed Baby Sylvester the cat. He smiled and picked him up (4). “What about you, little buddy?” he asked. “You find anything good to chase around here?” This question was particularly asked because he knew how much effort the cat would eventually put in to chase a certain Mexican mouse, or eat a certain tweety-bird that he knew Granny would buy.
“Sufferin’ succotash!” the young kitten spat accidentally in his face. “Nothin’s ever worth chasing around here. It’s all boring here in this boring crib.”
“Well, just wait until you’re older, Sylvester,” Ken grinned. “Just wait. You’ll get something challenging. Speaking of which, who wants some dinner?”
“Me! Me!”
“Me too!”
“I say me boy!” a blabbering rooster baby shouted out even louder.
“Hungry!” Taz the Baby Devil began zooming around and around on the spot.
Suddenly, the whole house was filled with excited babies wanting dinner. Ken had to put his hands over his ears to keep the sound out. “Okay, okay, hold on, I’ll be right back,” he turned to climb out of the crib…
“Uh oh!” a baby suddenly muttered. “Little Lola did a bad thing!”
Ken turned halfway through his movement, and he turned to the young girl bunny. She had a very guilty look on her face. There was only one possible reason for this…
And it became evident the moment Ken picked Baby Lola up (5). Her nappy was hanging down low, held down by something…
“Ooooooh dear,” Ken muttered. “You need a good change.”

A little while later, Ken had managed to clean up Lola’s mess, put on a fresh nappy, and placed her back in the crib. Then he scrounged up dinner for all the kids, and they ate without hesitation. Baby Bugs wouldn’t stop going on about carrots, and Baby Daffy complained about wanting to have pizza instead, but he was young to eat it.
Serving dinner for every single baby had been time-consuming for Ken, and he felt a bit worn out by the time he had finished. He plopped down on the couch to catch his breath for a moment, thinking about whether he should have asked a friend for a bit of help. Sure, doing it on his own was okay, but perhaps not when there were this many babies. Perhaps he should have been more cautious of the job details when taking Granny’s offer over the phone.
In fact, Ken was just about thinking of calling up his friends…
When suddenly, “Food fight!” Those two words struck Ken like a demon ready to strike. “OH NO!”
For a baby-sitter, there was nothing worse than a food fight, especially when the babies were in a fighting mood. Food suddenly splattered everywhere, as dishes and plates bounced all around the crib, and one was lucky enough to fly across the room and splat right into Ken’s face.
“Alright, break it up!” he yelled, wiping the food from his face and stumbling over to the crib. He tried his best to stop the attack, but all it did was make the babies turn on him. Food plastered all over him, and he struggled to maintain the situation.
“Remember though,” Granny’s voice echoed in his head, “Don’t let them get the best of you!”
Oh dear,
Ken thought to himself. Is this what they’re really like every night?
Suddenly, a cute ‘beep, beep’ sound hit his ears, and he was suddenly flung off his feet as a baby Road-Runner (Cribius Perimetus) suddenly raced under his legs and bowled him off balance. “Oof!” Ken Blake (Squashius by Buttockus) landed flat on his stomach. He tried to get back up, but he was suddenly flattened back down as a baby Coyote (Hungrii Diaperus) ran right over him to chase the baby Road-Runner around the crib.
Then Baby Taz decided to stir up some mischief, and spun right at the crib mesh, smashing it down and thus releasing all the babies. They eagerly began scattering in all different directions, leaving a dirty, dizzy, and very disorientated Ken Blake lying there in a mess.
Getting up slowly, Ken began to wonder, How am I ever going to get all of this fixed up before Granny gets back?

* * *

A few hours later…

The night was pretty bright, as the moon was not quite full yet but still enough to illuminate the entire neighbourhood, if you didn’t take into account there were all the streets lights shining too.
Granny finally came walking up to the front door of the house, and unlocked it, eager to see how the babysitting job had been going.
To her amazement, she found the place totally clean. Not only that, but all the babies appeared to be playing peacefully once again in the crib, which looked a bit banged up but otherwise in a suitable condition. She couldn’t tell though how much it had really been fixed up.
Then she looked near the window, and found Ken Blake sitting there, utterly tired and worn-out, looking very sorry for himself (6). He seemed to be the only one not smiling for some reason, but despite this, Granny believed that it must have taken a lot of endurance for a kid like them to be able to handle these toddlers, and keep the place in good shape.
Ken, on the other hand, was at least grateful to finally see Granny return. He hadn’t liked having to shower himself clean, wash his clothes, then chase the babies, fix up their play-pen, clean up every single mess they had made around the house, which partly included more of their nappy changing, and finally settle them down into a peaceful state. It had been exhausting for the young Time Kid, and he had no energy left.
“Well, I must say you’ve done a wonderful job, my boy,” Granny kindly petted Ken on the head. She then handed him some money. “That’s my fee to you, as we organized.”
Ken slowly got up to his feet, and then looked at the money he had been paid. Just then his eyes widened. “Uh, Granny…you must have miscounted. This is double the amount we agreed on.”
“Oh no, not at all,” Granny giggled. “To see that you did such a nice job here, I think it would be nice if I kept you as my official baby-sitter from now on.”
“F-F-From now on?” Ken stammered, with a hint of fright in his voice.
“Oh yes. All the others never stayed very long,” Granny explained. “And they never did a good job in cleaning up either. But you have potential…I think you’ll do great in babysitting them until they’re old enough to look after themselves.”
Until then? Oh, no!!!

The neighbourhood never expected to hear it, as suddenly, a scream of “YAHHHHHH!!!” almost blew the roof off No. 156 Albuquerque St, and the figure of a Time Kid suddenly smashed through the front door and bolted down the street, running for his life at the fear of having to babysit those babies beyond tonight!
Granny opened up the door, still smiling as she looked at the Ken Blake imprinted hole in her door. “Hmmm…one of these days I’ll have to reinforce this door with steel,” she smiled. “Such a nice kid he is too…I’m sure he’ll be wonderful in minding these babies.”
Babysitting the Baby Looney Tunes
Here's a story about :icongloverboy23:'s OC character Ken Blake, coming to mind the Looney Tunes when they were just babies. Hired by Granny, he thinks that there's no harm in babysitting them in their youth...but boy he is wrong!

Here's the link to the picture provided by :icongloverboy23:…

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) = representing the six parts of the picture the story is based on

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