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copied from :iconjazzyandsega: and :iconcameronexo:

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying, and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, just not to rip it. Then she then had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, They may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message had hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying.

Let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own journal. Let's see who the real people are. Re-post this if you care about this kind of situation


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


etaris333: It had been a nice flight together, and Charizard felt extremely lucky to have his own trainer Laura, now a Charizard herself, flying next to him as they neared the area where Team Magma was known to keep their base.
And Charizard could hardly wait to see Tabitha’s face when he saw Laura in her new form.

CrimsonVampiress: Slowly descending into the base soon landing on the ground before looking around on slight confusion and worry. It was like a lifeless cavern…she walked to the next room to check.

etaris333: They hadn’t expected to see the base so empty. Where was everybody? Charizard let out a confused growl, deeply concerned. What if something had happened to everybody? He watched as Laura went off to check the main conference room.

CrimsonVampiress: She sniffed the air and snorted softly. Her eyes caught a glimpse of something unsettling and unnerving she let out a freaked growl alerting Charizard.

etaris333: “What is it, Laura?” Charizard asked her. “Did you find anybody?”

CrimsonVampiress: “No…but I found signs that people were here…they had left in a hurry,” she said before trying not to panic. The Red Orb around her neck started to glow and burn with intense heat.

etaris333: Charizard turned the moment he heard Laura groan from the burning Red Orb. As he did, his wing suddenly hit a button on a console, and a screen lit up, showing the layout of the main room, like a security recording. The screen flickered and then figures ran through the base very fast in reverse, almost like it was a recording of what had happened in the base.
“What’s this?” Charizard stared at the screen, and then at the buttons. “What did I do? Why are they all running backwards?” Obviously being a Pokémon, Charizard didn’t know a lot about machinery.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura panted lowly and walked to his side. “It’s ok; I’ll be ok…hmm…I know how to work this. You found us a clue!” she gasped as she put the recording to normal speed and from the very beginning.

etaris333: “Sir! Sir!” a grunt came running into the room where the majority of Magma was sitting. “Team Richez has infiltrated Sky Pillar. Courtney’s group is under attack!”
Somebody stood up. “Rayquaza!” Maxie’s voice yelled. “I should have known that was what Julien was after! Everybody to Sky Pillar immediately! Tabitha, round up the others, and try to find Laura…we’re going all-out against Richez! They MUST be stopped!”
“Y-Yes sir!”

The team immediately cleared out of the room, and a short while later, the sound died out.

CrimsonVampiress: An angry glare crossed Laura’s face; the flame at the end of her tail erupted in the form of a super-heated ball of white flames. Her pupils were hardly visible any more as she turned slowly to Charizard, making him slightly jump. “Where have we heard that name…before…??” she hissed the question with deep hatred and disgust.

etaris333: Charizard watched as Laura rewound the clip, and they listened to the recording again. It was then that Charizard heard the name of Team Richez’s leader, and he felt the anger rise too.
Flames licked from his mouth in fury, and his tail glowed a deadly blue. “Julien!” He snarled, remembering the same trainer that had injured him before Laura saved him. The bruise under his left wing ached with anger.

CrimsonVampiress: To Sky Pillar!! WE WILL SHOW HIM NOT ONLY THE FORCE OF TEAM MAGMA; BUT THE FORCE OF HIS FORGOTTEN PAST!!” She roared and snarled before; with one strong beat of her wings; rising from the floor and propelling herself outside into the night sky. The Red Orb that hung around her neck was burning like a fire ball; but it was not hurting her.

etaris333: Charizard flew in tandem with her, not needing to know just how furious Laura was, when he was feeling the exact same level of emotion. “I don’t know what this Rayquaza is, but it doesn’t matter,” he growled. “If that monster of a human is involved, WE’LL MAKE HIM WISH HE NEVER INTERFERED WITH US!” He let loose an angry Flamethrower to prove his point.

CrimsonVampiress: “BY ANY MEANS!!” She answered roaring before speeding up soon seeing the tower in the mid distance. She had known Julien while she was human from a reasonably young age and had seen more than enough of the way he treated not only Pokémon, but everyone else…

etaris333: Being dragons, they had no trouble reaching the summit of Sky Pillar easily. As they approached, they could see human figures already on the summit.
Two humans were battling Pokémon against each other, and Charizard recognized one of them as Selas Jarra, by his hat. Another figure was watching the battle, while a fourth was standing over a huge green Pokémon, fixing something dark upon its head.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura saw Maxie and let out a rock splitting roar, her eyes focused on Julien. She swiftly landed between Maxie and him; snarling loudly.

etaris333: Charizard was just behind her, landing on the summit and snarling at Julien.
Julien snickered as he finished placing the Shadow Crystal upon the unconscious Rayquaza’s head. “Reinforcements, eh?” he laughed. “And Charizards, nonetheless? Shame then that I came prepared…get them, Tennile!”
Maxie turned his head in time to see a grunt emerging from hiding with a Shadow Pelipper, and she yelled “Hydro Pump!”
“Look out!” Maxie shouted to warn Laura and Charizard.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura dodged it and used Dragon Pulse, her eyes were burning with intense heat. She roars and charged up a Dragon Breath attack.

etaris333: Charizard mirrored her with Flamethrower. The attacks connected but the Shadow Pelipper’s defense was too strong.
“Come on, you two!” Tennile laughed. “Just try and stop us!” She blasted back with Water Gun and then dove through an opening in the summit to distract them both.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura snarled and flew after her, grabbing her Pokémon in her claws before performing a Submission attack, she dove down and let go before finishing it with a Seismic Toss. She snorted and faced Tennile with narrowed eyes. The battlefield was molten…it was time…

etaris333: But Tennile simply leapt from her platform, diving down the open shaft of Sky Pillar where the majority of Magma and Richez were fighting each other.
Charizard flew alongside her trainer as she pursued her rival. Seeing a Dragon Pulse shoot out from somewhere halfway, he spat out a fireball to distract a Salamence which was targeting a young trainer with a Flygon, a Latias, and a Serperior.
Near the bottom, Tennile released a Drifblim and floated safely away towards the entrance of Sky Pillar, before seizing a Magma member and bursting outside, whereas she finally turned on the spot to face Laura and Charizard.
“One more attack, you two…and your friend takes the Aftermath!” she revealed it was Tabitha she was holding hostage.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura snorted and glared, her eyes focused on Tabitha with a soft glance. She needed to figure out a way around this…long ranged attacks would render it defeated. But she wouldn’t have the speed to reach Tabitha it time to shield him…suddenly her eyes gleamed; if she had taken hostages, what was to stop her from doing the same? She closed her eyes for a moment before revising her plan: Turn into Groudon; her size would withstand anything from her Pokémon…she wouldn’t bother attacking it…she would simply consume her right where she stood…

She roared lowly and the orb around her neck glowed brightly.

etaris333: Charizard noticed the glow and drew back a distance as Laura began transforming into her Groudon appearance.
But Tennile just laughed. “Hah, that looks cool. But you think you’re the only one?” She suddenly shoved Tabitha to the ground and recalled her Drifblim before taking out a familiar-looking blue item with an α symbol upon it.
Charizard made a surprised growl. Blue Orb…
“This time, Laura,” Tennile held the orb high. “I’ll battle you at your own power level!”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura glared and snarled. If it was a battle she wanted; fine…ending the world, so be it. Water may have had an advantage, but heat can evaporate water…and by this time Laura was fuming. She stomped her feet and roared before looking at Charizard signalling to get Tabitha.

etaris333: Charizard immediately lunged for Tabitha and pulled him away to safety. All the while he kept his eyes on Tennile as she began transforming as well…mutating into the Sea Basin legendary, Kyogre. She bellowed out loudly, mocking Laura to strike.
But suddenly, there was a scream from high up, and Charizard looked up to see both Maxie and Selas falling from the top of Sky Pillar!
“Laura!” he yelled in desperation, and pointed, too occupied with a bewildered Tabitha to help.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura caught Maxie in her claws and looked down at him with a determined expression on her face. She uttered a soft growl before nudging him with her snout, giving a soft lick across his face. She glared at Tennile, her eyes glowing.

etaris333: Tennile-Kyogre wasted no time in charging up a Hydro Pump to blast Laura-Groudon as the Continent heroine caught Selas next and put him and Maxie down.
Selas was stunned, but managed to look over and see the Hydro Pump coming at them! “LOOK OUT!”
But suddenly, in a desperate move to protect the girl he loved, Charizard dove directly in front of Laura-Groudon and took the full force of the Hydro Pump! “Gyyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura gasped and her eyes glazed over, time seemed to slow right down as she locked onto Charizard’s expression of pain. She saw the flame at the end of his tail…no…NO! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!! Laura roared and jumped above the water Pokémon before crushing her under her body…she was the heaviest Pokémon known…and she would make it be viable. She clamped her jaws around the Kyogre’s neck and held her down with all the pressure she could muster.

etaris333: Selas, Maxie and Tabitha watched in amazement as Tennile-Kyogre struggled under her foe’s weight, but Laura-Groudon had her in a really strong grip. Seeing these titans fighting again brought memories back to the Magma members.
“Laura must win,” Maxie groaned. “If only Rayquaza could help, but Julien has control of it!”
“N-Not for long,” Selas suddenly took a green-coloured Orb out of his pocket. “Help that Charizard, and leave Rayquaza to me!” he called out a Pokémon they didn’t recognise. “Altair, let’s go!”
Maxie and Tabitha watched as Selas flew back up towards the summit of Sky Pillar. Then, without another word, they turned to help Charizard.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura continued to apply ample weight. She suddenly unleashed a Hyper Beam aimed directly at her foe’s head. A cloud of smoke bellowed around them. Laura kept on with her assault steadily.

etaris333: Then finally, the strength of the Sea Basin began to melt away as Laura-Groudon’s punishment became too much to bear. Kyogre’s form began shrivelling up, smaller and smaller, and changing back, until Tennile was merely hanging weakly from Laura’s claws.
From below, Charizard looked up weakly at Laura, and then felt his strength slowly returning as Tabitha sprayed a Full Restore on him. “Mmmmmmmmm…”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura looked at Charizard with soft eyes walking to him. “Charizard…? W-why did you put yourself at risk…just for me…?” She still hung onto her opponent tightly. “You could have died if that Hydro Pump was just one inch closer to your tail…” she saw Maxie and bobbed her head at him.

etaris333: Charizard groaned as he started to get up. “Pokémon can sometimes do crazy things…” he stared up at her massive form, “…when they’re in love.” He let out a toothy smile.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura found herself blushing madly as he looked up at her, she purred lowly but soon herd Julien clapping…he was standing right behind Maxie. A dangerously hungry look crossed the Continental Pokémon as she looked down at the still groggy Tennile.

etaris333: Julien had barely managed to save his own neck using an Escape Rope after he had been knocked off the summit by Rayquaza. He chuckled upon seeing the sight.
“What a touching sight this is!” he sneered. “But this is not over yet…when I return, you’d better be ready to kiss this planet goodbye!” He turned, and began to run…
SMACK! He was suddenly met with a punch in the face that knocked him to the ground. Courtney stood over him, stretching her fist. “That’s for earlier!” She looked towards Maxie and Tabitha and nodded, satisfied.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura roared at Charizard and fired a Hyper Beam in front of Julien, blocking his escape. She motioned to the fire dragon to eat him; her eyes narrowed as she felt a squirming; Tennile had awoken, but she was barely able to raise her head up.

etaris333: Charizard let out a deadly growl and lunged at his prey. Julien, upon hearing the growl, couldn’t get up in time. The dragon Pokémon seized him in his claws and growled angrily at him.
Julien stammered in fright, but the moment Charizard showed him a familiar bruise underneath his left wing, he was stunned. “You! You’re that…that…”
But his sentence was left unfinished, as suddenly Charizard opened his mouth wide, and engulfed Julien’s head. The Richez leader struggled in Charizard’s grip, but it was no good. He was doomed.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura looked at Maxie before purring loudly she glanced at her rival and lifted her above her head; knowing very well she had recovered enough to talk. Her large mouth parted as she let out a low growl.

etaris333: Talking wasn’t an option for Julien though, because Charizard had already swallowed him down past his shoulders and his voice was muffled as the dragon turned to see at least what Laura was about to do to her rival.
Tennile groaned weakly as she stared with a doomed look at Laura’s open maw. “C-Curse you, Laura,” she struggled to speak. “Someday, I’ll return to haunt you.”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura growled deeply before simply dropping her into her mouth and swallowing her whole. She walked over to all of Team Magma and climbed up.

etaris333: Charizard growled with a more settled sound in his throat as he swallowed Julien up to his waist. At long last, he had gotten what he wanted: revenge on the one that had hurt him, and had given him that awful distrust of humans in the first place.
He looked up at Laura’s towering form, and all the nearby members of Team Magma, and felt content that he was with people he trusted.

CrimsonVampiress: Tabitha rubbed his head. “Well…uh…we were in very good hands…what a save!”
The grunts nod to each other.

etaris333: Maxie smiled as he watched Charizard sending Julien down his throat, up to the legs. Then he smiled at Laura. “Again, thank you and your Charizard for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.”
There was a sudden roar from up above, and all the Magma grunts turned to look up at Sky Pillar. They saw the mighty Rayquaza flying up into the air and disappearing like a twinkle into the distance.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura nodded and transformed back into her Charizard form. She hugged her leader softly, her eyes happy and proud.

etaris333: “Oh, Laura,” Maxie sighed. “Whatever will you become next?”
Charizard came over to Laura just as he slurped up the last part of Julien and swallowed him down completely. He let out a slight burp and rubbed his tummy, satisfied that revenge had been dealt this day.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura smiled and licked Charizard’s neck softly. She looked back to Maxie as he has two Mega Stones in his hand…A Charizardite X and the other a Y. She listened to him intensity as he holds up the X one to her.

etaris333: The Mega Stone shone brilliantly and everybody had to shield their eyes as Laura’s bond with Team Magma allowed her to transform. In the blink of an eye, she was in the X form of Mega-Charizard.
Charizard smiled at her, remembering when he himself had been in that form. Grinning, he tapped his muzzle on the Y stone.

CrimsonVampiress: Letting out a proud and regal roar, Laura watched as her partner transformed. Her tail burned brighter than any time beforehand.

etaris333: The sun seemed to intensify over their heads as Mega-Charizard’s new Y form caused the Drought effect to kick in.
{Well, Laura,} he growled softly in his draconic language which she could now understand. {Shall we fly to our next adventure? Wherever it may be, deep down we’ll always be here for our team.}

CrimsonVampiress: She smiled warmly and nodded. {I will go to the very ends of this vast world with you. Adventure is nothing without you.}

etaris333: Then, letting out a mighty roar together, they flapped their wings high and began soaring into the air. Widening their wings, they began flying off into the distance, sailing over the sights of Hoenn and off to their next adventure.
Pokemon-Delta (Laura's Story)
From the previous story involving Laura and her Charizard getting some special wishes granted, they now return to Team Magma's base to find they have all gone to Sky Pillar, fighting Team Richez who will stop at nothing to obtain Rayquaza! But Laura and Charizard will face more than they expected when they find that a recruit of Richez and the leader himself are no more than their own rivals!
This story will be told in a different number of views. Here is the RP version through the view of Laura Connel (owned by :iconcrimsonvampiress: ), which shows her experience of fighting Team Richez and using her Groudon power to squash her rivals for good!

Nick's Story :iconserperiormaster:…

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5: You're reading it!
copied from :iconjazzyandsega: and :iconcameronexo:

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying, and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, just not to rip it. Then she then had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, They may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message had hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying.

Let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own journal. Let's see who the real people are. Re-post this if you care about this kind of situation
The Perthalia League was pretty quiet that day. Not a lot of challengers had come today. The Elite Four and the Champion decided that it would be best to close early for today so they could get a chance to see their families.
And on this particular day, a certain young girl came walking up to a certain house not far from the League, looking a bit worried.
Knocking on the door, she was soon greeted by a smart-looking man. “Hello!” he smiled. “You must be Piper. I’m James, the Auswes League Champion.”
“A pleasure, James,” Piper shook his hand. “How’s Selas?”
James sighed. “The poor guy came down with a cold just the other day…straight out of the blue. He was finding it hard to sleep last night…forced into bed early at 8, and struggling to sleep further than 2 in the morning!”
“2?” Piper was stunned. “He must be exhausted.”
“I know,” James sighed again. “He’s upstairs right now with his Pokémon…best not to bother him or we might end up catching his cold. Wanna come in for a while?”
“Sure,” Piper walked into the house.

Inside, Piper sat down on the couch and petted Corga, Selas’s Straihound, who came up to her upon recognizing his master’s girlfriend, looking for attention. “Strai…strai,” he barked sadly.
“I know, buddy,” Piper stroked his back. “It can’t be easy having to worry about your master while he’s sick, but he’ll be okay.”
“Gite,” Trev, the triple-headed Trigite came slithering into the room, looking down as well. He coiled up by the nearby fire and left his heads lying on top, looking very glum.
“It’s all the same with Pokémon,” James spoke. “Their trainers care for them and look after their well-being. There’s no reason why the Pokémon can’t also care and look after their trainers’ well-being too.”
“True,” Piper nodded, just as something caught her eye. “What’s Sammy up to?”
James turned and saw the Shivaconda Pokémon making her way out of the kitchen and slithering up the stairs, holding a tray in her mouth. It was noticed she also a nurse bandanna around her head as well.
“Looking after her trainer, it looks like,” he grinned. “Sammy’s been the most worried about Selas ever since he came down with that cold. I caught her earlier trying to make him feel better by eating him, but it didn’t work.”
“How come?” Piper asked.
“Because Shivacondas have cold stomachs, unlike most other Pokémon,” James pointed out. “They’re not Ice-Types for nothing, you know. And Selas needs to be kept warm for him to get over his cold quicker. Sammy was only trying to help though, so he wasn’t angry.”
Piper smiled, knowing that Sammy was now trying to help in the next best way possible, and she watched as the long tail and crystal-beacon of the Shivaconda disappeared upstairs.
Just then, “Qanterra!” the familiar sound of Selas’s High Flight travelling Pokémon squawked from outside. James and Piper got up and opened the door to let Altair in. In his beak was a bunch of letters, most reading “Get Well Soon”.

Upstairs, Sammy slithered quietly into the room, nudging the door open with the tray and making her way inside. She made sure to shut the door behind her so that nobody else would come in right now.
Then she turned back towards the figure on the bed.
Selas Jarra lay on his back in the bed, his eyes shut but obviously awake, as he was still feeling really discomforted. He was probably still having that unnatural tingling feeling over him.
Beside him, his Bandiferno and Scaleon, Bandi and Sunny, were curled up next to him. Bandi was using his Fire-Type abilities to gently warm up the bed, and Sunny was using a gentle layer of Dragon Breath to warm up her trainer’s body itself. Together, they made the perfect heater.
Sammy quietly made her way next to the bed, and then put the tray down on the bedside table. She then opened her mouth, and began pouring water straight out of her mouth into a bowl sitting on the tray.
Selas opened his eyes upon hearing the water, and glanced over at Sammy. “Y-You bring the water?” he groaned.
“Yes,” Sammy nodded, smiling warmly at her sick trainer. “In fact, I brought it to you personally.”
Selas groaned at that. “Sammy, I know what happens when you do that. Couldn’t you have at least brought warm water?”
“I have,” Sammy smirked. “In case you didn’t notice, I used Scald to heat it up.”
It was then that Selas noticed the small puffs of steam emitting from the bowl. He sighed in relief. “Oh, good,” he relaxed. “Gotta hand it to James and those TMs of his.”
Sammy’s smile grew as she focused with her head-crystal, and telekinetically dunked a small cloth into the hot water a few times. She then brought it over to Selas, and placed it upon his head. Her trainer sighed. “Ohh, that’s nice.”
“Ferno…Bandi,” the bandicoot Pokémon peered up and watched as his team-mate treated their trainer. Sammy was now pouring a liquid from a small bottle into the bowl, and mixing it in with the water. Bandi took the bowl in his mouth and brought it over to Selas. Nearby, Sunny padded over to her trainer’s head and licked his cheek, concerned.
Selas nodded. “I’ll be okay, Sunny,” he croaked. “Just gotta get it down and I’ll be fine.” He sat up a bit in the bed, took the bowl, and then carefully drunk the mixture down. He gagged a bit, but managed to drink it all down. He groaned, and Sunny gently pawed his cheek with concern.
“Feeling any better now, miel?” Sammy hissed gently.
“A little,” Selas smiled. “Thanks, you guys. You’ve all really been a great help.”
“Scale!” “Ferno!” his Bandiferno and Scaleon rubbed their heads against him.
“They say you’re welcome,” Sammy translated for them. “Now you rest for a little while longer, Selas, and then when you’re better rested, we’ll let you out for a nice warm shower.”
Selas hummed a bit in appreciation, knowing that would do him good. He relaxed back on the bed, and rubbed the towel upon his head before closing his eyes and dropping back to sleep, with his two Pokémon curled up beside him. The Shivaconda grinned, and then gave him a gentle kiss, this time carefully enough so that she didn’t unintentionally freeze his cheek.
Then Sammy crept out of the room, her work done.

But as Selas tried to relax in his sleep, he couldn’t help but think on just how suddenly this cold had come out of the blue. He knew it wasn’t nice to have a cold, but oddly he didn’t seem to be the only one affected by it.
The last time he had heard from outside of the Pokémon dimension, it seemed the other five, the beings just like him, had been suffering as well. Trinity the Adventurer had been forced into taking a rest from his adventures, Ryder Karni had been put on hold from making his latest amusement park, Aaryn Webster had been isolated in his log cabin, and Eugene Kalypti’s environmental project had to be stopped. Even Agent I was suffering, suspecting the cold was a curse from the warlocks that were trying to kill him.
It was strange that they all appeared to be suffering together. But perhaps the answer would be out there, somewhere, behind this sudden ailment. After all, it wasn’t as if the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space could get sick, could it?
When a cold strikes...
Unfortunately, yes. I just came down with a cold out of the blue, and I'm feeling really out of sorts at the moment. So I decided to write this small piece, in the hope that maybe this cold won't last too long. Because technically, if I suffer, then so do my OCs, as you can probably tell.

It doesn't mean though that I'll stop writing or communicate through messages or notes for a while...I might just be a bit delayed until this blasted cold goes away.
etaris333: The view of the blue-sparkling sea below was beautiful to look at, as from high above, the Pokémon trainer Nick sped through the sky perched on the back of his Latias, Las, in the direction of Sky Pillar.

Serperiormaster: I see Sky Pillar in the distance. “So that’s Sky Pillar, huh?” I wonder, preparing to fight.

etaris333: As they approached the tower, they saw it was swarming with people with their Pokémon battling each other for the dominance of Sky Pillar. The grunts that were from Team Richez were wearing their fancy-schmancy suits just to show off, while the rest were wearing red-coloured suits to show they were Team Magma. They fought ferociously, and if help didn’t come soon, it looked as if nothing would stop Team Richez now…

Serperiormaster: We landed at the bottom of Sky Pillar and got into a fight with the first Richez grunt we saw.

etaris333: Nick’s Pokémon launched into battle. Flygon and Meadow were well-trained, and Las’s bond made her strong as well, so they were easily able to take down the first grunt.
Then after taking a second grunt down, they turned to where a Magma Admin was being unfairly overwhelmed by three Richez grunts.

Serperiormaster: “Las, Mist Ball! Meadow, Bullet Seed! Flygon, Dragon Pulse!” I command my three Pokémon, pointing towards the Richez Pokémon.

etaris333: “Latias!” “Flygon!” “Serperior!”
The three attacks were dead on target and the grunts and their Pokémon were forced away.
“Thanks, kid,” the Magma Admin wiped her brow. “I don’t know where you came from, but I’m grateful. Can you help our leader too? He’s up near the top of the tower.” She pointed Nick to a ladder leading upwards.

Serperiormaster: I quickly climb up the ladder, helping Meadow up.

etaris333: Suddenly, a Richez grunt attempted to attack Nick from behind. Las swooped down to distract the grunt and Flygon came to her aid with Sand Tomb, allowing Nick and Meadow enough time to climb up and help them.

Serperiormaster: “Meadow, Bullet Seed!” I command Meadow, pointing at the grunt and his Pokémon.

etaris333: “Gyahhhh! I can’t see! Ouch!” the grunt cried out from the attacks, and dropped to the ground, allowing Nick to dodge past him towards another ladder.
As they climbed up, they heard the roar of a dragon from high up…

Serperiormaster: I got up to the 3rd floor and helped Meadow up as well.

etaris333: A Dragon Pulse soared over Nick’s head and smashed into a wall. There was a Richez grunt acting like a sniper with his Salamence.
Then suddenly, a fireball shot down at them and distracted the grunt, as two fiery-orange dragons suddenly swooped down past Nick and began attacking other grunts down below. This gave Nick a chance to target the sniper.

Serperiormaster: “Flygon, use your Dragon Claw! Las, Dragon Breath!” I say.

etaris333: Flygon made her move and slashed at Salamence, while Las’s attack took out the platform, causing the enemy dragon to fly confusedly away with its trainer.
The team looked up the tower…they were about halfway now, with two floors to go before they reached the summit of Sky Pillar.

Serperiormaster: I quickly run to the next ladder to go to the next floor.

etaris333: Up ahead, there were a bunch of Magma grunts sparring against Richez’s own bunch, but from the look of their positions, it looked like they could easily be scattered if they were hit straight in the middle.

Serperiormaster: “Meadow, Solar Beam, let’s go!” I say, knowing she’ll only attack the Richez Pokémon.

etaris333: Meadow charged up the beam in her mouth, and managed to release it in time before the grunts’ Pokémon could retaliate.
The group scattered and the Magma grunts started to close in, allowing Nick and his team to dash for the ladder leading to the 5th floor.

Serperiormaster: We run to the next ladder and instantly start climbing.

etaris333: The summit is vaguely is sight, but there appears to be a rather tough-looking Richez grunt blocking the way. He growls angrily at Nick as he sends out his Pokémon, a Weezing, an Electrode, and a Samurott. But the grunt is unprepared for the fact that each of his Pokémon are practically weak to Nick’s.

Serperiormaster: “Las, Mist Ball on Weezing! Meadow, Bullet Seed on Samurott! Flygon, Sand Tomb on Electrode!” I command my Pokémon.

etaris333: The attacks hit the Pokémon, and the Weezing and Electrode went down, but Samurott managed to stay on its feet. “Razor Shell!” the grunt yelled, pointing at Flygon.

Serperiormaster: “Meadow, protect Flygon with Leaf Blade!” I say to Meadow.

etaris333: The Leaf Blade managed to deflect the Razor Shell, but Meadow was forced back a bit. It was then that Nick saw the aura…the Samurott was a Shadow Pokémon, which explained why it hadn’t gone down easily.
But the defense had left an opening for Las and Flygon.

Serperiormaster: “Las, Dragon Breath! Flygon, Sand Storm!” I say, pointing at Samurott.

etaris333: This time the attacks managed to knock Samurott out and force the grunt away. One final ladder made clear the path to the summit. But from up above, the sound of an actual fight could be heard…

Serperiormaster: Before going up the ladder, I pull a Shadow Crystal out of the Samurott, hoping it would change it back.

etaris333: The Samurott slowly began to fade back into its former look as the team started to climb the ladder.
Suddenly, they heard a voice shout, “Sorry, but I have to cheat! Hydreigon, Dragon Pulse!”

Serperiormaster: I quickly climb up the ladder.

etaris333: Nick and his team looked up in time to see a Shadow Hydreigon firing straight at two figures at the edge of the summit. One of them appeared to be the leader of Team Magma, and the other Nick recognized as the trainer with the wide-brimmed hat.
The pulse came so close that they both stumbled…and fell off the edge of the tower!
It was then that the owner of the Hydreigon turned and saw Nick and his team emerging. “Ah, so we have another valiant hero coming to the rescue?”

Serperiormaster: “Las, Dragon Breath, then pull the crystal out of Hydreigon while it’s dazed!” I say to Las.

etaris333: Las fired her attack, but Hydreigon fired back at her with its other two heads. It would take more than one Pokémon to wear it out.

Serperiormaster: “Alright then…attack together! Bullet Seed, Dragon Breath and Sandstorm!” I say.

etaris333: The attacks launched, and that made all the difference. Occupying all three of its heads, the attack finally brought Hydreigon down.
The man smirked. “I must admit I’m impressed,” he grinned. “But you’ve come way too late to stop me, Julien, the head of Team Richez! Let me show you something.” He indicated with his finger calmly, even though he was facing Nick and his three Pokémon, before turning towards what appeared to be something huge and green coiled up on the summit behind him.

Serperiormaster: I look at it and gulp a bit. “And that is…?”

etaris333: “It’s not just what it is that’s so intimidating,” Julien snickered. “It’s so much more…” he cast his arms out. “Rise!”
The giant green Pokémon arose with glowing red eyes, and a large Shadow Crystal embodied upon its head. “RAYQUAZA!!!”

Serperiormaster: I stared at it for a few seconds before snapping back into my senses. “Las, Dragon Breath!”

etaris333: Having only just arisen, Rayquaza easily took the blow and was a bit startled. Then without a word, it launched Dragon Breath straight back at Las, bowling her backwards. She lay on the ground, whining painfully.
“You haven’t got a chance, kid,” Julien laughed. “Rayquaza is way too powerful for your puny Pokémon.”

Serperiormaster: I grit my teeth a bit. My Pokémon combined couldn’t defeat Rayquaza in their condition. I then remembered the Master Ball I had gotten for my birthday. Rayquaza should still be wild. I can catch it, but I have to distract it so it doesn’t knock the Master Ball back. I looked at my Key Stone in my Mega Bracelet. Hopefully I had bonded with Las enough. I pressed down on the Key Stone.

etaris333: “Fly!” “Serp!”
Flygon and Meadow tried to encourage Las. She glanced at them, then at Nick, and she smiled before turning to face Rayquaza, a determined expression on her face.
Then all at once, a pink glow started to shine around her…
FLASH! Las emerged as a Mega-Latias!

Serperiormaster: “It worked! Alright Las, use your Mist Ball!” I command so she can distract Rayquaza.

etaris333: “Whoa…what the…” Julien gasped. “That’s…that Latias!”
Las immediately charged up her attack, this time much faster than before. She fired it, and Rayquaza was stunned, giving Nick the chance to make his move.

Serperiormaster: “Go, Master Ball!” I say, throwing the Master Ball at Rayquaza, hitting its forehead.

etaris333: The ball instantly sucked the legendary inside, and the ball rocked about dangerously, but then lay still. Las shrills out in delight, and comes down to nuzzle Nick’s head, happy that their bond is fully in place.
“What?” Julien gasped. “You captured it? Huh…even if you have, it still listens to me! You can’t purify Rayquaza…not without…”
“Hey, hot-shot!” a voice suddenly shouts out.

Serperiormaster: “Huh?” I look to where the voice came from as I pick up the Master Ball.

etaris333: Julien turned too, and got a surprise when he saw the trainer with the hat, Selas, sailing by on top of a Pokémon Nick didn’t recognize.
Just then, Rayquaza burst out of the Master Ball on its own, and let out a deafening ROAR, turning towards Nick angrily.
Upon seeing Nick, the trainer swooped his Pokémon down towards him. “Here…catch!” he tossed Nick a green-coloured orb, with a δ symbol glowing on it.
“No! Not the Jade Orb!” Julien panicked. “Don’t use it…”

Serperiormaster: I walk towards Rayquaza, holding the Jade Orb up towards it.

etaris333: Rayquaza opened its mouth wide, to show its intimidation…
Then suddenly, the Jade Orb began glowing. Rayquaza’s red eyes widened, and returned to their normal yellow with black slits. The legendary shook its head, and the Shadow Crystal on its head shattered and crumbled to the ground.
{Mmmph…} A deep, male voice suddenly spoke through the orb. {Wha…what’s going on?}

Serperiormaster: I look at the orb, a bit surprised. Was this Rayquaza talking?

etaris333: “You pest!” Julien shrieked, advancing on Nick. “You spoiled everything! Rayquaza is mine! Everything should be mine! MINE! Give me that orb!”
BASH! But suddenly, the trainer above them suddenly jumped down and kicked him, forcing him away from Nick. Rayquaza glanced over at them, and pulling its neck back, it swung its head. Selas ducked in time, and Rayquaza’s head slammed Julien right off his feet, sending him straight off the top of Sky Pillar! Julien cried out in alarm as he was sent falling out of sight.
Then Rayquaza looked over at Nick, looking down at his small form compared to how big the Pokémon itself was. It leaned its head down, looking Nick deep in the eyes…
And then nudged him gently.
Rayquaza’s voice came through the orb once again. {I am grateful to you, young master,} the voice spoke softly. {You freed me from the shadows. What is your name?}

Serperiormaster: “My name is Nick, Rayquaza,” I say, gently placing my hand atop his head.

etaris333: Rayquaza accepted his hand and leaned into it, seeing that this was a caring trainer that had gone through all those bad guys just to save him.
Then Rayquaza nudged Nick towards his back. {Climb on my back, master,} he spoke through the orb. {I have something to show you.} He watched as Nick recalled both Flygon and Meadow, but Las didn’t want to go back in her ball just yet.

Serperiormaster: I nod and carefully get on his back.

etaris333: Rayquaza made sure Nick was positioned near the end of his neck, so he was close enough to his head. He smiled warmly at his new master, and then glanced over at Selas, who looked rather amused.
“Well, I can’t say I was expecting this,” Selas smiled. “If we ever meet again, you fancy a battle? My name’s Selas, by the way.”

Serperiormaster: “I’m Nick, and sure Selas,” I say, smiling at him.

etaris333: Selas gave a thumbs-up, and then turned to walk over towards somebody sprawled upon the floor.
Rayquaza let out a mighty roar, although this time it was much less violent than before, more full of cheer than anything else. Then with Nick holding on tight, he took off into the sky.

Serperiormaster: I hang onto his back tightly as he soars higher and higher.

etaris333: Then Las comes soaring next to them in her Mega form as Rayquaza inhales, and then forms a shield around them, bursting through the ozone and they emerged into space. The shield kept Nick from losing air.

Serperiormaster: I look around space, amazed.

etaris333: Then Rayquaza speaks again. {Master, you are an amazing trainer. Your bonds with your Pokémon are pulsing with tremendous energy. I feel honoured to be on your team.}

Serperiormaster: “Thank you, Rayquaza. It’s great to have you as a teammate,” I say.

etaris333: {May I ask you one small favour though, young one?} Rayquaza asked. {Because of Team Richez, I have not eaten for weeks. I am so hungry that I could eat a hundred Snorlax. Do you know a ranch or somewhere I can eat at…or will you allow me to eat you?}

Serperiormaster: “Eat me? Well…if you’ll keep me safe, then I guess you can,” I say, rubbing his head a bit.

etaris333: {Thank you, master,} Rayquaza let out a nod, and then gently tossed Nick up off his neck to catch him in his mouth. He balanced the boy on his tongue before swallowing him down his huge long throat.
Las let out a whistle and dove towards Rayquaza’s mouth too, wanting to stay close to her trainer.

Serperiormaster: I slid down his throat before entering his spacious belly.

etaris333: {Comfortable?} Rayquaza asked him as Las slid down next to Nick, cooing and licking his cheek fondly while her deep honey-golden eyes stared lovingly into his.

Serperiormaster: “Yes, Rayquaza. Thank you,” I say, rubbing the walls a bit.

etaris333: Rayquaza smiled. {And thank you, my master,} he spoke through the Jade Orb, before diving down to return to the planet below.

The next day…

They were back at Nick’s house. The boy woke up to find himself, Flygon, Meadow, and Las, all curled up together surrounded by the huge warm green coils of Rayquaza.

Serperiormaster: I smiled a bit and carefully got out of Rayquaza’s coils. I lowered the volume on the TV and turned it on.

etaris333: “…report brought in from Gabby of Hoenn PokéNews,” the TV spoke. “The Pokémon population at the Luncheon Ranch was found to be raided last night. We are showing about a hundred Snorlax missing with no evidence as to the Pokénapping. The ranch owner suggests that perhaps a certain legendary must have gotten hungry.”
Rayquaza lifted his head and let out a guilty grin. {Well, I was still hungry.}

Serperiormaster: I laughed a bit. “So that’s why you seem a little bigger.”

etaris333: Rayquaza chuckled. {Well, master, let’s go to Meteor Falls today. I hear there is a tutor there that can teach me Dragon Ascent. If I learn it, I’ll be able to Mega evolve as well.}

Serperiormaster: “Dragon Ascent?” I ask, never having heard of that move.

etaris333: {Trust me, you’ll like it,} Rayquaza nudged him. Flygon, Meadow and Las all cried out in excitement…Meteor Falls sounded interesting.

Serperiormaster: “Alright then. Where is Meteor Falls anyway?” I ask Rayquaza.

etaris333: {I’ll show you,} Rayquaza smiled as he led Nick outside the house while the trainer recalled his other Pokémon. {Hop on my back.}

Serperiormaster: I climb onto his back and hold on as Rayquaza takes to the air, heading to Meteor Falls.
Pokemon-Delta (Nick's Story)
From the previous story involving a nasty team called Team Richez that has struck Hoenn recently, trouble will arise with Rayquaza being the pinnacle of Richez's evil plot to dominate the world, unless something is done about it.
This story will be told in a different number of views. Here is the RP version through the view of Pokemon Trainer Nick (owned by :iconserperiormaster: ), which shows how he and his Pokemon make their way through Sky Pillar and fight off Team Richez to save Rayquaza itself!

Laura's Story :iconcrimsonvampiress:…
The young sharptooth slashed the machinery with his sabres like mad, enjoying the moment to hear the circuitry crackling and metal melting as his blades easily sliced through it. The more damage he did, the more the outpost’s defenses began to suffer. Power leaked out and the lights began to flicker.
Chomper grinned, and his eyes flickered slightly with a yellow glow. While he had not completely recovered from the darkness, he at least maintained enough of it to feel anger and hatred to what he despised right now. Besides, machinery and futuristic stuff shouldn’t belong here in his valley in the first place.
That was what he believed right now.
Spinning his sabres in his hands until they pointed downwards, he stabbed down one last time and trashed another part of the outpost’s circuitry. There was a static hissing, and finally, everything went out on the outpost. Instead of pulling the sabres out, Chomper instantly powered them down so it looked like they weren’t stabbing into anything at all.
He smirked, feeling the spines on his back rise slightly. Although they hadn’t risen up all the way like they had when he had been at full power with the dark side, it was enough to still make him look intimidating.
Perhaps because he had found this stunt of carnage quite enjoyable, to say the least…
He heard footsteps emerging from behind him, and Chomper turned to see Count Starr emerging behind him, his expression hidden within his helmet, but he looked satisfied. “Well done,” he said. “Now that their eyes around the valley have been disabled, it’s time for Tenma to unload his little cargo out into the valley. It’s war time!”
Chomper grinned. “Yes…yes it is.”
Then Starr seemed to freeze…it was almost like he had spoken too soon. He slowly turned upon hearing a sound…
And he had to duck in time to avoid a huge incoming fireball!
Chomper did too, and growled up at Q-Zone who suddenly came hovering in on his jetpack. “Well, well, what have we here?” the hunter took off his helmet. “Count Starr, I presume?”
Starr glanced over at Q-Zone, his features hidden well behind his own helmet.
But he did not take it off. “You presume well,” he muttered darkly. “I apologize if I can’t stay right now…but I have matters elsewhere.”
“That’s what they all say,” Q-Zone snorted.
But without another word, Starr suddenly sprang away and began scaling down the mountain. Q-Zone was about to turn and follow him, but suddenly Chomper fired up his lightsabers again and jumped at him from behind. Q-Zone fell forward to avoid getting sliced horizontally through the middle. Chomper missed and slashed his jetpack instead, slicing it in half and disabling it. Q-Zone stumbled, but kept his balance, spinning on the spot and cartwheeling his foot over to kick Chomper away.
Then once he was clear, Q-Zone started to slide down the mountain after Starr. It seemed now with his jetpack out of commission, he was going to have to chase this guy on foot.
I’m glad all that training paid off though, he thought to himself. It’s a pretty good day for a run…

* * *

The heavy loader machine clanked and whirred as the young orange dinosaur swiped its claws again and again at Veloci, tempting him to make a move and drive him away from his friends, as they stood clear at the confrontation. While the Great Valley kids were surprised at seeing a completely different Sharptooth having come to save them, and the Time Kids, Michael and Arty watching in awe at Yoko’s gunning the machine, only Shelly Blake watched on with keen interest. Her hands were clenched in front of her, and she practically had heart symbols in her eyes upon seeing Yoko coming to the rescue.
Veloci snarled and attempted to lunge at Yoko in the machine, but his jump only caught the frontal bars of the loader, and Yoko took that opportunity to move the side clamps across to bar the maddened Fast-Biter in at the sides. Veloci snapped inches from his face, but Yoko managed to fire the flamethrower nearby, and Veloci hissed and almost drew back. Yoko saw his opening and clamped down the bars, holding Veloci tightly.
“Go!” he shouted to his friends. “I’ll take care of him! Get out of here!”
“Come on!” Egbert and Shelly called out from near the open door. Everybody bolted for it, watching as Yoko hoisted Veloci up above his head, and turned towards the open storage room. Positioning himself, he tossed the clamps down, and sent Victor Veloci hitting the floor and skidding right across it to the end of the room, where upon hitting the wall, it brought some heavy metal barrels stacked on top of each other down.
As there was a thundering crash from inside, Yoko quickly pressed the door mechanism to shut the storage room door, and it sealed shut. Yoko quickly jumped out of the machine and hurried to catch up with his friends, though he could already hear the banging on the other side of the door, and he didn’t want to stay around to know just how angry Veloci was now.

When Yoko finally found the door leading outside the DPF, he was barely a foot or two outside when he was suddenly assaulted by Shelly Blake, tackling him to the ground and smothering him in kisses for his brave efforts in coming to the rescue. Yoko just blushed his face off while his siblings, Egbert and Shelly, just rolled their eyes.
Ken was the first to speak up, eyeing Egbert and Shelly. “Uh…is Momma is here too, by any chance?”
The two young Sharpteeth just shook their heads. “No, we’re on our own,” Shelly replied.
“Yoko persuaded us to come here just because he didn’t want to be alone while coming here to see Shelly, apparently,” Egbert indicated to Yoko, who was just returning the affection to Shelly.
“Well, this isn’t exactly the best time for getting together,” Josiah sighed. “The Great Valley is in trouble, and we should really get you guys back before Momma starts panicking and going after the Ice Age gang again.”
He looked towards Ken. “Why don’t you and Shelly take them home, Ken?”
“G-Go back there? To their era?” Ken stammered. “Are you crazy?”
“Or would you rather face training with us every single day for the war to come?” Littlefoot insisted.
That caused Ken to freeze in thought. “Um…well, I suppose it would be okay.” From all the times he had tried to avoid training, it had just gotten him into trouble all the same. Even if he got into trouble while taking Egbert, Shelly and Yoko home, it wouldn’t be quite as bad as it could get out here. Especially not when there was the risk of a war breaking out…
He certainly did not want to be a part of it.
“Okay, deal. I’ll help Shelly take them home,” Ken shook Josiah’s hand. “Come on, Shelly.” He rushed over to his sister and tried to start dragging her away. But this resulted in Yoko getting enraged at the thought that Ken was trying to interfere again, and ironically, Shelly was thinking the same thing.
The others all just watched as Ken ran for his life, getting throttled by his own sister and Yoko as they chased him away, while Egbert and Shelly just ran after them, trying to break it up.
Everybody else sighed. “Ken sure gets a lot of trouble,” Ruby shook her head.
“Speaking of trouble,” Michael snapped his fingers. “What about the outpost?” he quickly pulled out his radio. “Hey Q-Zone…you there?”
Just then, a gunshot echoed over the radio could be heard, making everybody flinch.
Michael transmitted again. “Q-Zone…can you hear me? Are you okay?”

Q-Zone was hiding behind a large boulder, avoiding the shots as Starr fired at him with a handgun surprisingly armed with rapid fire, firing with the hope of distracting the hunter so he could get a good distance away.
“Er, I’m fine Mike,” Q-Zone shouted. “But I’m kinda chasing the Count at the moment…I just saw him and Chomper attacking the outpost.”
“Okay, guide us to your position. We’ll get there soon,” Michael replied.
“Yeah, hurry!” the hunter grumbled, and then shut the radio off before clicking his GPS button so they could locate his position. He then pulled out a hand grenade and tossed it over the boulder.
Seeing the grenade flying through the air, Starr turned and ran again. Q-Zone dodged from around the boulder, keeping to the side so that the explosion from the grenade didn’t get in his way or obscure his vision of the Count. He continued to run after him.
Whoever this guy is, he’s good, Q-Zone thought. He’s good with weapons, good with stealth sliding down mountains, and his footwork’s satisfactory too. In fact, the way he moves, he reminds me of Trinity the time I chased him for a bounty.
That thought suddenly caught Q-Zone’s attention…the way Starr was running to escape him, yes…he did seem very familiar to Trinity in that perspective. The Adventurer had said that perhaps the Count knew him…if that was the case, then where could they have met before?
Did Trinity and the Count possibly share something in common?
Whatever it was, the Count would give Trinity a run for his money – and Q-Zone a run for his bounty – with the way he was escaping right now.
This needs investigation for sure, Q-Zone clicked a button on his hunter suit, and a small camera clicked into action, recording Starr’s movements as the chase continued on towards the Roaring Falls.
Starr leapt off the edge of the waterfall, only to jump upon a lower rock platform nearby. He then jumped to another, and another, slowly making his way down while Q-Zone jumped after him, following the pattern. At the very bottom, Starr jumped for the nearby edge of the pond below, and rolled just as he hit the ground, and sprang to his feet, while Q-Zone simply landed behind him.
Just then, the GPS on Q-Zone’s radio beeped, and he saw Michael gunning Christine towards them from the left side with Arty, Josiah and Jane on board as well. Starr seemed to notice but simply veered away to the right, not slowing his running pace down.
Then they came to the Great Wall. Starr went for it, aiming for the Secret Caverns. He was about to jump for the ledge leading into the caverns, when Michael slid Christine close by to a halt, and jumping out of the seat, he tossed out a rope to catch Starr on his foot as he jumped.
The loop caught around Starr’s ankle, and Michael started to pull the rope tight, but to their surprise, Starr suddenly twisted in mid-leap, brandishing a knife in his hand, and sliced the loop straight off! It fell away as Starr landed firmly on the ledge, and he ran into the Secret Caverns.
Whoa, Q-Zone thought as he leapt for the ledge. This guy’s VERY good! He saw Arty running up beside him as he ran for the cavern entrance, and Josiah, Jane and Michael were just behind them.
They could hear Starr’s footsteps up ahead, but they weren’t taking chances. “Split up!” Arty yelled, and while multiple paths appeared in the caverns, they each took different paths, hoping that at least one of them would keep on Starr’s trail.
But Q-Zone was certain he was picking up the right track as he kept hearing footsteps in front of him, and eventually, he emerged outside where he could see the Mysterious Beyond out in the distance.
But Starr was nowhere to be seen.
Arty emerged out from behind him. “Did we lose him? Oh!” Suddenly, he stopped and looked down. Something was lying by their feet.
It was one of the Elements, just sitting there among the rocks. It was the orange one, the Spirit Element.
Arty bent down to pick it up. “That was lucky,” he muttered. But then, a strange beeping sound could be heard, and both he and Q-Zone turned to see something that looked like a detonation device stuck to the rocky wall.
“LOOK OUT!” Q-Zone shouted, and he pulled Arty out of the way just in time!
BOOM!!! The device detonated and showered the area with debris. Inside the caverns, Michael, Jane and Josiah were just nearing the area when the explosion caused them to stop and shield themselves as dust came blowing straight at them.

From back in the Great Valley, Littlefoot and his friends came to the Secret Caverns in time to hear the explosion, and see smoke rising up over the Great Wall. Both the explosion and the smoke could be heard and seen from anywhere in the Great Valley, causing all the dinosaurs to look up, wondering what was going on.

When the smoke finally cleared outside the caverns, the two Homeworld members lay still for a moment, their breath knocked out momentarily from the sudden explosion. Arty groaned and then managed to stand up. Q-Zone tried to move as well, but suddenly, he felt a searing pain in his leg and he cringed. “Ughhhh!”
Then, there was the sound of something falling down from above. The explosion had also caused a few large boulders from above to come rolling down as well. While Arty strained to pull Q-Zone and himself away from the danger zone, he glanced up towards the Mysterious Beyond…
And saw Starr standing there, staring back at him, with utmost calm.
Arty nearly froze, as if the Count was staring right into his soul.
Then the Count shouted.
“Better luck next time, s–”
Then the boulders came smashing down into the ground between them, and Arty flinched and looked away, shielding Q-Zone from the danger as well. There was a moment’s pause, and then, the boulders stopped coming altogether.
Arty slowly got up, and peeked around the boulders.
But Starr was already gone.
The chase had come to an end.
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (26)
As Chomper has been destroying the Great Valley's outpost on the Looking Rock, Q-Zone finds him along with Count Starr, the very person they've been looking for. This leads to a chase in hoping to catch the Count and unmask him, but he proves to be quite a challenge. Even after the others - who got away from Veloci after Yoko deals with him - join in the chase, the Count proves to be quite challenging.
The part where Ken and Shelly start to take Yoko along with Egbert and Shelly back hints to an upcoming story which results in another 'Ken-in-trouble' situation, which will come after this part of the story is over.

All Land before Time characters belong to Universal Pictures.
Victor Veloci belongs to Dinosquad.
Dr. Tenma belongs to Osamu Tezuka.
Time Kid characters belong to :icongloverboy23:.
Michael the Dino Ranger belongs to :iconsusenm74:.
Arty, Q-Zone, Starr, and Trinity belong to me.

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