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The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

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:iconalexandro22: The Jungle Werewolf 2
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: Honour of the White Lion/Ken gets the royal treatment
(Request field open)

Chapter Stories (limit should be 3)
:iconkinghuffy2: Outback Jungle Boy
:iconraventhedoll: The Mr. Black Collection (4/5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Grand Duke’s Fairy Tales (6/7)
:iconmaltian: Lapras vore story (3/4)
:iconslycooper0213: The Flying Tigers
:iconsusenm74: Initial-Dino
:icondark-divergent: Hayden of the Wookiees (0/10)

Story RPs (Limit: 2)
:iconcrimsonvampiress: Charizard vore story (part 3)
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Project Stories
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74: Great Valley Wars (22/60)
2 (tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art): Pangaea series (1/52)


etaris333's Profile Picture
(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


It was about four o’clock in the afternoon that day. The sun was just starting to lower past the houses in the neighbourhood, and the usually blue sky began to dim a purple colour before it would later give way to a dusky orange.
But the neighbourhood was pretty quiet that day. And one particular house stood out amongst them, because there appeared to be a guest approaching it from down the street. Checking his map, the young boy was certain he was on the right street. Then he noticed the number upon the house’s letterbox, and he knew this had to be it.
This must be the place, the Time Kid thought to himself, wondering what would await him beyond that door on No. 156 Albuquerque St, in Toontown. Ken Blake had been hired to babysit some young kids at this particular house, and since he was quite good at it in a certain way, he immediately accepted the offer over the phone.
Walking out to the front door, he tapped on it and waited for an answer. Footsteps came to the door, and then it opened, revealing an old woman with tied-back white hair and wearing glasses, dressed in a white and purple dress.
“Ah,” Granny smiled warmly at him, letting him come in. (1) “You must be Ken Blake.”
“Nice to meet you, Granny,” Ken smiled at her. “So how long will I need to babysit the kids for?”
“Oh, I will be out for a couple of hours,” Granny giggled. “Then I will be back with the monthly food for the babies. I will pay you your fee when I return. All I ask is that you keep them company, play with them, feed them and change their nappies if they get into trouble.”
“That sounds okay,” Ken nodded. “Leave it to me.”
“Thank you, young man,” Granny patted him on the head, and then went to get her purse. “Remember though,” she warned, “Don’t let them get the best of you!”
Ken watched her go, and began thinking. What does she mean by that? he wondered.

A short while later, Ken had taken a look around the house and had gotten acquainted with it. When he saw the crib that housed the babies, he soon found there were more kids than he had originally thought. There were a lot of them. Amongst the babies there was Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Lola, Sylvester, Porky, and a few others that he recognized.
But since Ken was quite familiar with baby-caring, he believed he could handle it well enough. I mean, what was the harm in taking care of kids? It wasn’t like the Pickles household, at least, not with Tommy and himself getting shrunk and sat on.
Ken grinned. To think that these cute babies would eventually grow up to become the main sponsors of the Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies’ cartoons. And he would imprint himself upon their history by taking care of them in their youth. In a way, it was exciting to think about.
Ken leaned against the crib where the babies were playing about and watched them for a while. Just as long as they didn’t get up to any mischief or anything like that, everything would be fine. For a moment, Ken lost himself and began daydreaming of whether he should return to them in the future, and see if they would remember him.
Granny was bound to tell them anyway, that was for sure.
“Daddy? Daddy Doc?” suddenly a cute pair of gloves caught hold of Ken’s arm and began yanking him slightly into the crib. Ken almost fell in, but caught his balance. He looked down and saw Baby Bugs, obviously wanting his attention.
“Hey, little buddy,” Ken picked him up. “Something the matter?” But when all that Bugs did was grin at him, Ken laughed. “Eh, what’s up, doc?” he asked teasingly, remembering the famous line that this baby bunny would carry with him for all his grown days.
“Eh, the roof, that’s all I know,” Baby Bugs muttered, obviously being only a baby and saying what he knew was up. How innocent could a kid be?
“Come on, I’ll take you outside for a bit,” Ken held him close, and went out to the back door. It was a sliding door with a metal mesh covering, not the glass kind, so it was obvious no robbers could get in here.
It was a bit darker outside than before, as the sun was now sinking out of sight, but it was still bright enough to see. Ken stepped outside, walked out next to a nearby tree, and put Baby Bugs down. The young bunny looked around, seemingly eager about something, but whatever it was Ken didn’t know.
“What is it, Bugs?” Ken kneeled down, curious (2). “Whatcha thinking?”
“I think it a good moment for stealin’ carrots!” Bugs muttered in his cute baby voice, and then, to Ken’s surprise, the bunny suddenly turned and bounced right over the nearby fence!
“Hey Bugs, come back here!” Ken cried out in surprise, beginning to panic for the young kid. But the moment he looked over the fence, he got a shock. Baby Bugs was pulling out some carrots out from the next-door carrot patch! “Bugs, put them back! You might get cau-” Ken’s sentence froze the moment a shot rang out from the next-door house, and Bugs barely ducked to avoid it.
Just then, a young lad wearing a small hunting outfit, a shotgun in his hands, and ‘very little hair’ appeared from around the house. “Now I gotcha, you wascally wabbit!” he shouted, blasting another round of firepower, to which Bugs immediately bounced out of the patch, and straight into Ken’s head, knocking him off his feet and falling down with a BUMP!
Ken tried to say something, but his voice was muffled by the young rabbit sitting on him, so he picked up Bugs and rushed him quickly back into the house before the kid next-door could fire at them again.
Phew, I hope Mr. Fudd is out today, Ken thought to himself. If he caught his son Elmer with his shotgun again, he’ll be in big trouble.
Ken looked down at the young bunny in his hands. “Now that was naughty, Bugs,” he said lightly. “You be more careful next time.”
“I no wanna be careful, Doc,” Bugs then said, and bounced out of his hands, disappearing into the house. Ken began to chase him around, having a bit of trouble at first trying to find where Baby Bugs had gone, until he heard something open in a nearby bedroom, and he finally spotted Bugs trying to crawl into a drawer to hide. Ken reached over and pulled him out by his nappy (3), dangling the young bunny over his shoes for a moment.
Then finally, Ken walked Bugs back to the crib and dropped him back in, letting him settle back with the other babies. Whew, that bunny sure is a handful! Ken thought to himself. Even when he’s a baby! I wonder if that was what Granny meant when she said I shouldn’t let them get the best of me. Well, maybe the others will be okay.
Stepping into the crib, he checked out the other babies. A young piglet wandered up to him, and Ken recognized him as Baby Porky. He picked him up and held him up. “Hello, young Porky,” he grinned. “How’s your stutter? Daffy not giving you trouble again, is he?”
“Eh-a-m-ma-m-maybe,” the young baby glanced nervously over his shoulder. Ken looked over, and to his shock, Baby Daffy was sharpening a kitchen knife on a baby roller! The young duck was grinning at the thought of teasing his piggy friend that day, but with the knife, it might very well be overdoing it.
Ken quickly put Baby Porky down and stepped over to the roller. “Oh no you don’t, you naughty thing,” Ken immediately took the knife from Baby Daffy and held it away. “Babies never play with sharp knives…they’re dangerous.”
Baby Daffy pulled a face. “What a revolting development this is!” he spat grumpily.
Ken stepped out of the crib and put the knife safely back in the kitchen, and then came back to deal with Daffy. “You’re a really naughty duck so I should punish you!” he picked up the grumbling duckling and sat him down on his lap, holding him down with one arm and slapping Daffy’s feathery bottom with the other. It effectively made Baby Daffy’s head spring out time and again with every slap.
Ken continued to spank Baby Daffy for a few more minutes, and by then most of the babies had taken up interest in the spectacle. Baby Lola had in fact managed to find a tennis racket and began knocking Daffy’s head back as it sprang towards the racket.
Then finally, Ken put Daffy down and said, “Now you behave yourself.” Baby Daffy slouched off, not very pleased at all. Even as a baby, when things didn’t go wrong for him, he was grumpy.
Ken just sighed. Whew, that baby duck was a handful too! Maybe I should be more careful… He then looked around at all the other babies. But maybe the rest aren’t like that yet…they’ll probably pick up their nonsensical senses when they’re a little older.
Ken then noticed Baby Sylvester the cat. He smiled and picked him up (4). “What about you, little buddy?” he asked. “You find anything good to chase around here?” This question was particularly asked because he knew how much effort the cat would eventually put in to chase a certain Mexican mouse, or eat a certain tweety-bird that he knew Granny would buy.
“Sufferin’ succotash!” the young kitten spat accidentally in his face. “Nothin’s ever worth chasing around here. It’s all boring here in this boring crib.”
“Well, just wait until you’re older, Sylvester,” Ken grinned. “Just wait. You’ll get something challenging. Speaking of which, who wants some dinner?”
“Me! Me!”
“Me too!”
“I say me boy!” a blabbering rooster baby shouted out even louder.
“Hungry!” Taz the Baby Devil began zooming around and around on the spot.
Suddenly, the whole house was filled with excited babies wanting dinner. Ken had to put his hands over his ears to keep the sound out. “Okay, okay, hold on, I’ll be right back,” he turned to climb out of the crib…
“Uh oh!” a baby suddenly muttered. “Little Lola did a bad thing!”
Ken turned halfway through his movement, and he turned to the young girl bunny. She had a very guilty look on her face. There was only one possible reason for this…
And it became evident the moment Ken picked Baby Lola up (5). Her nappy was hanging down low, held down by something…
“Ooooooh dear,” Ken muttered. “You need a good change.”

A little while later, Ken had managed to clean up Lola’s mess, put on a fresh nappy, and placed her back in the crib. Then he scrounged up dinner for all the kids, and they ate without hesitation. Baby Bugs wouldn’t stop going on about carrots, and Baby Daffy complained about wanting to have pizza instead, but he was young to eat it.
Serving dinner for every single baby had been time-consuming for Ken, and he felt a bit worn out by the time he had finished. He plopped down on the couch to catch his breath for a moment, thinking about whether he should have asked a friend for a bit of help. Sure, doing it on his own was okay, but perhaps not when there were this many babies. Perhaps he should have been more cautious of the job details when taking Granny’s offer over the phone.
In fact, Ken was just about thinking of calling up his friends…
When suddenly, “Food fight!” Those two words struck Ken like a demon ready to strike. “OH NO!”
For a baby-sitter, there was nothing worse than a food fight, especially when the babies were in a fighting mood. Food suddenly splattered everywhere, as dishes and plates bounced all around the crib, and one was lucky enough to fly across the room and splat right into Ken’s face.
“Alright, break it up!” he yelled, wiping the food from his face and stumbling over to the crib. He tried his best to stop the attack, but all it did was make the babies turn on him. Food plastered all over him, and he struggled to maintain the situation.
“Remember though,” Granny’s voice echoed in his head, “Don’t let them get the best of you!”
Oh dear,
Ken thought to himself. Is this what they’re really like every night?
Suddenly, a cute ‘beep, beep’ sound hit his ears, and he was suddenly flung off his feet as a baby Road-Runner (Cribius Perimetus) suddenly raced under his legs and bowled him off balance. “Oof!” Ken Blake (Squashius by Buttockus) landed flat on his stomach. He tried to get back up, but he was suddenly flattened back down as a baby Coyote (Hungrii Diaperus) ran right over him to chase the baby Road-Runner around the crib.
Then Baby Taz decided to stir up some mischief, and spun right at the crib mesh, smashing it down and thus releasing all the babies. They eagerly began scattering in all different directions, leaving a dirty, dizzy, and very disorientated Ken Blake lying there in a mess.
Getting up slowly, Ken began to wonder, How am I ever going to get all of this fixed up before Granny gets back?

* * *

A few hours later…

The night was pretty bright, as the moon was not quite full yet but still enough to illuminate the entire neighbourhood, if you didn’t take into account there were all the streets lights shining too.
Granny finally came walking up to the front door of the house, and unlocked it, eager to see how the babysitting job had been going.
To her amazement, she found the place totally clean. Not only that, but all the babies appeared to be playing peacefully once again in the crib, which looked a bit banged up but otherwise in a suitable condition. She couldn’t tell though how much it had really been fixed up.
Then she looked near the window, and found Ken Blake sitting there, utterly tired and worn-out, looking very sorry for himself (6). He seemed to be the only one not smiling for some reason, but despite this, Granny believed that it must have taken a lot of endurance for a kid like them to be able to handle these toddlers, and keep the place in good shape.
Ken, on the other hand, was at least grateful to finally see Granny return. He hadn’t liked having to shower himself clean, wash his clothes, then chase the babies, fix up their play-pen, clean up every single mess they had made around the house, which partly included more of their nappy changing, and finally settle them down into a peaceful state. It had been exhausting for the young Time Kid, and he had no energy left.
“Well, I must say you’ve done a wonderful job, my boy,” Granny kindly petted Ken on the head. She then handed him some money. “That’s my fee to you, as we organized.”
Ken slowly got up to his feet, and then looked at the money he had been paid. Just then his eyes widened. “Uh, Granny…you must have miscounted. This is double the amount we agreed on.”
“Oh no, not at all,” Granny giggled. “To see that you did such a nice job here, I think it would be nice if I kept you as my official baby-sitter from now on.”
“F-F-From now on?” Ken stammered, with a hint of fright in his voice.
“Oh yes. All the others never stayed very long,” Granny explained. “And they never did a good job in cleaning up either. But you have potential…I think you’ll do great in babysitting them until they’re old enough to look after themselves.”
Until then? Oh, no!!!

The neighbourhood never expected to hear it, as suddenly, a scream of “YAHHHHHH!!!” almost blew the roof off No. 156 Albuquerque St, and the figure of a Time Kid suddenly smashed through the front door and bolted down the street, running for his life at the fear of having to babysit those babies beyond tonight!
Granny opened up the door, still smiling as she looked at the Ken Blake imprinted hole in her door. “Hmmm…one of these days I’ll have to reinforce this door with steel,” she smiled. “Such a nice kid he is too…I’m sure he’ll be wonderful in minding these babies.”
Babysitting the Baby Looney Tunes
Here's a story about :icongloverboy23:'s OC character Ken Blake, coming to mind the Looney Tunes when they were just babies. Hired by Granny, he thinks that there's no harm in babysitting them in their youth...but boy he is wrong!

Here's the link to the picture provided by :icongloverboy23:…

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) = representing the six parts of the picture the story is based on
The man-village was in a bit of disarray when the morning finally came. Nobody could find anything of Mowgli, of where he had gone or been. Their search had been fruitless. His strange disappearance was a complete mystery, because even if he had been eaten by a wild animal, they would have found remains of some sort, but not even that had been found.
They all returned home very distraught. What could have happened to Mowgli?
But then, as they were gathering back at the village, they were suddenly approached by a young kid that they didn’t recognize. He was dressed completely different to them, and wore a pendant around his neck. He introduced himself as Meseth. He told them he had gotten lost out in the jungle, and couldn’t find his way home.
The man-village, feeling sorry for the kid, allowed him to stay for a while. He seemed to like hanging around the villagers, as if checking them out one by one. Not that anybody noticed, but from the way he was looking at them up and down, it made them a bit uncomfortable. What they didn’t know, was that Meseth was merely observing them, seeing if they made nice meals for him to eat.
Shanti and Ranjan, however, were too busy worrying about their friend Mowgli to bother with Meseth at the time. They had crept out of the village, hoping to find either Baloo or Bagheera, wanting to ask if they had seen anything of Mowgli.
But as they sneaked out of the village, they didn’t notice that Meseth appeared to be watching them.

Pushing their way through the bushes, Shanti and Ranjan made their way through the jungle. They were determined to get answers, one way or another. Mowgli’s disappearance was downright weird…things like that didn’t just happen. Maybe he was actually hiding somewhere in the jungle, where he believed he actually belonged.
They made their way across the river and began following a pathway through the trees. They were just coming up to a clearing when suddenly…
“Yikes!” Shanti was suddenly caught off her feet by something wrapped around her ankle. It turned out to be a noose made out of coils.  The moment she stepped into it, it yanked her right off her feet and up into the trees.
“Shanti!” Ranjan gasped, and immediately turned to climb up into the trees, to see what had captured her. Unknown to both of them, however, a certain somebody that had followed them was watching them…

“At lasssssssssst, my pretty,” Kaa the snake licked his lips at the sight of Shanti tied up in her coils. “Now that you are within my grasssssssssp, there issssssssss no way you can essssssssscape from me!”
Shanti tried to protest, but Kaa’s coils around her were so great that even her mouth was muffled. She couldn’t even speak, let alone move.
“I’m ssssssssssorry, my dear,” Kaa chuckled. “There’sssssssss no point in ssssssssspeaking, becausssssssse it will jusssssssst be a pointlessssssss exssssscussssse for me to wasssssste my time and get disssssstracted.” His eyes immediately started spiralling colours, and Shanti, too late to look away, was hypnotized and rendered motionless.
Just then, Ranjan appeared from up in the trees. “What? You again, you bad snake? Let go of Shanti!” And he immediately lunged with a stick in his hand to bonk Kaa over the head.
Unfortunately, this time Kaa was ready for him and quickly manoeuvred his neck around so that he easily caught Ranjan around his waist, causing him to drop the stick. “Well, I’m came you could join the feassssssst with ussssssss,” he grinned, and began his hypnotic stare once again. Ranjan, not knowing any better, was caught too and left immobile.
“Sssssssssince you are a very naughty boy to beat me over the head with a ssssssstick,” Kaa licked his lips, “you’ll do nicsssssssely for an appetizssssssser.” Then he began to open his mouth, really wide…
Then before he knew it, the branch he was on started to bend downwards! “Whoopssssssss,” he muttered as his coils immediately began sliding, and he lost his grip upon both Shanti and Ranjan…
Before suddenly, the branch bounced back up and Kaa was shot high up out of the trees and high into the sky. “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!” he wailed as he flew out of sight.

Shanti and Ranjan dropped from the trees down to the ground, snapping out of their hypnotic influence the moment they did. They leaned up, rubbing their eyes, wondering “What happened?”
“Are you okay?” a familiar voice suddenly spoke. They looked up to see the kid Meseth standing next to them. “I saw you getting attacked by that snake, so I gave him a bit of a catapult.”
“Whew,” Shanti wiped her brow as she got up. “I’m glad, because we probably would have been a snake’s meal. Thanks, Meseth.”
“Yeah, thanks buddy,” Ranjan bounded up and shook his head eagerly. “How can we repay you?”
“Well,” Meseth grinned. “There is one thing I had in mind…” then he reached up to take the pendant off his neck.
What happened next was so shocking to both Shanti and Ranjan that they immediately forgot all sense in their mind and couldn’t remember to run, as the kid they knew as Meseth suddenly transformed into a dragon!
“Perhaps you could treat me to dinner!” And he immediately reached out to grab them with both his claws.
Shanti and Ranjan struggled under his grip, but again they were at the mercy of a predator, and this time there was no escape, no hero to save them. Just this…this final moment of their lives…
And it would come with a surprising turn of knowledge.
“Wouldn’t you know…” Meseth the dragon snickered as he held them close to his mouth. “Where you’re about to go is exactly the same place where a certain man-cub friend of yours disappeared down last night.”
The fright in both Ranjan’s and Shanti’s faces was immediately replaced with astonishment. “You!” You ate Mowgli?” It was starting to make sense, why there had been nothing of Mowgli found after the other night…he had been swallowed whole by this dragon who had the ability to pose as a human…
And now, by the end of today, there would be nothing left of Shanti and Ranjan either!
“Oh, don’t fret,” Meseth chuckled. “You’ll be meeting up with him soon enough.” And with that said and done, he opened his mouth really wide…
Whereas Shanti was frightened, Ranjan was struggling to punch the dragon on the nose, but to no avail as Meseth brought him closer to his mouth first, and tossed him straight inside. Ranjan simply slid straight down, and Meseth didn’t even have to gulp down.
Shanti was then put in Meseth’s mouth next, and the dragon took a moment to sample the girl-cub’s flavour as he rolled her out on her tongue, before finally, slurping her down and licking his lips at the divine taste of man-cubs for lunch. “Ahhh, what a nice filling meal that made,” he grinned.
Lying down upon the warm, jungle ground, he decided to rest for a while and let digestion take its place before he would revert back to his human form and return to the village. There were many other man-cubs there…followed with human adults, and eventually, the wild and tame beasts of the jungle.
This was the ideal life to live…he would not go hungry for a time. Meseth happily rested his head, and soon drifted off to sleep.
Meseth of the Jungle Vore Book (Sequel)'s the sequel to Meseth of the Jungle Vore Book, which :iconaoefreak9: wanted to see.
Basically, the dragon is sneaking into the man-village under his human guise after eating Mowgli the other night. Shanti and Ranjan leave the village to find out what happened to Mowgli. But Meseth follows them into the jungle, and when the two man-cubs get ambushed by Kaa, Meseth has to act quickly if he wants them for his own belly...
I'm a bit annoyed on how there's some stupid people on this website that feel they need to kick off other deviants. They're just bullies...thinking that they can get their own way, and all they do is rant and rave about things that aren't even true. Everybody's got a right to be here.

Why am I saying this? Because a friend of mine, Gloverboy23, is being targeted AGAIN for having pictures on his gallery that people think is terrible to even look at. Terrible? These people have to learn to grow up! Nothing he does on his artwork has anything to do with explicit natures like pedophilia or schizophrenia. That's all balderdash...he doesn't even come close to that.
But these people fail completely to understand that. Even if he is being careful with what he does, and he is...repeat, showing the fun side to his art, but they still fail to take a hint.

Especially playing the innocent bystander game through 'not expecting him to be thrown off the site', as he clearly stated in his journal. He's a cowardly crybaby...and if he thinks there's anybody around here that acts like a 'kid', it's himself.

I know that putting this journal up probably won't inspire the right attention, but at least I'm one to actually stand up and speak out for my friend. They can target and kick me off too, but I couldn't care less about that. Because the only person they'll really hurt is themselves, having one question to ask themselves: Are you happy, now that you've gotten your way?

Oh, by the way, David31...if you find yourself reading this then that's good. You may have blocked me so I can't comment, but you can't stop me from speaking my mind right here on my own journal. I have nothing personal against you, but I will stand up for Gloverboy23 if I must.
And what you've said on your journal is wrong...there are no flaws on deviantART and nobody insane is running it. There are no flaws on Gloverboy23 either...the only flaw is your need to complain and that's what's making him angry, so perhaps if you just leave him alone, maybe you wouldn't have to go through all this. You haven't won anything and it's doubtful you'll ever win anything out of this, because nobody ever wins a war. About time you understood that.
“It’s really nice of you girls to take me out shopping, but what are we shopping for?”
It was an obvious question that was lingering upon Bianca’s mind. She didn’t mind going out shopping time and again, but this time her daughters seemed to be in an eager mind to get her out of the house. She thought she could guess why, but she didn’t want to read their minds, just in case it was a surprise, and it wouldn’t be a surprise then if she knew it.
April, Raven and Crystal had been wondering what to tell her when she would ask a question like this, so they had put it into deep thought. April had been thinking of asking Bianca’s opinion on a new charm bracelet to present the Grand Duke of Owls with on their anniversary, while Raven was looking out for the new cherry flavour of ‘Cotton-O’s’, her favourite breakfast cereal, and Crystal was…well, looking for fancy crystals.
Obviously, Bianca liked to see people happy, including her own family, so she was happy to go along with it. Together, they disappeared into the shopping mall to meet their desired objectives.

But an even bigger objective was being staged back at Bianca’s house.
The rest of the family happened to be planning a surprise birthday party for when Bianca would return home. They had already decorated the entire house with lots of party lights and decorations, both inside and outside. It hadn’t taken them very long to do it, because they were very good at it.
Then came something a little harder…their choices for presents. First off, the most important thing was to get a birthday cake. Ravennie and Rose decided to go and fetch it, while the others would meet up with them later to help them with their presents for Bianca.
Eventually, Ravennie and Rose came to a bakery in the town. They stepped in through the open door, and they were greeted instantly by the assistant baker. “Hello, girls. I’m Wanda. How may I be of service today?” she asked.
“Please, miss Wanda ma’am,” Ravennie asked. “May we please have a carrot cake for someone’s special birthday?”
“Certainly,” Wanda nodded, and called out to the back. “Carrot cake for a special birthday!”
“Comin’ up, Wanda,” a male voice called back.
“It will be ready soon, girls. Take a seat and wait a while,” Wanda told them, and while Ravennie and Rose went to sit down on the nearby chairs, Wanda went into the back to help the baker prepare the cake.
But unbeknownst to Ravennie and Rose, Wanda Torn could easily guess who the cake was for, especially since she knew Ravennie looked similar to Raven, Bianca’s doll, and she also knew Bianca had a liking for carrot cake.
Wanda had unfortunately been Bianca’s rival at witch school, and she had developed a pure hatred for Bianca, clearly because during the big exams, Wanda had been outsmarted, and she was jealous because Bianca was better than her.
Wanda had someday hoped for revenge against her, and now it seemed, this was the perfect opportunity. She had heard recently about the Nightmare Snake incident involving a net that caught him in Bianca’s dreams, so she had secretly whisked him out of prison and had blanked the video tape showing the evidence of what he had done.
Now that the Nightmare Snake was free again, Wanda just had to get Bianca to fall into his clutches again so that Wanda could personally crush Bianca when she was at her weakest. Now it seemed, she had the perfect remedy: to slip a sleeping potion into Bianca’s birthday cake.

A short while later, when the baker had finally finished making the cake, he brought it out so that Wanda could do the finishing touches. Wanda prepared a layer of icing to put on the cake. But before she put it on, she carefully sprayed the sleeping potion over the cake, and then placed the icing over it so nobody could smell it and guess something was wrong.
She grinned evilly as she placed the cake in a box and wrapped it up, and then resuming her normal face, she walked back to the counter. “Here you are,” she presented it to them. As Rose took the cake, Ravennie happily paid for it and they quickly hurried back to the house.
Wanda simply snickered to herself. Now it was just a matter of time…

Bianca’s husband, Ken, was waiting for Ravennie and Rose when they finally arrived with the cake. “Good girls,” he patted their heads fondly as he took the cake. “Now hurry out and get those presents. She’ll be back fairly soon.”
Ravennie and Rose bolted to join up with the others. In no time they had caught up, and the others were happy to help them out with their lost time to buy presents. They scattered in all directions, each one getting different ideas on what to get for Bianca.
Eventually, they all joined back up together and showed what they had bought.
Kiki had bought a book involving a time machine.
Nag had bought a red jacket.
Timmy had bought some new red shoes.
The twins had bought a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ book.
Ravennie had bought a book of poems.
Rose had bought a ‘Pocahontas’ book.
Raveo had bought an orange heart necklace.
Sarah had bought a ‘Treasure Island’ book.
Sally had bought a ‘Wind in the Willows’ book.
Nick Jr. had bought a lovely red hat.
And M1 had bought a ‘Sleepy Hollow’ book.
Racing back to the house, they immediately wrapped up their presents and prepared for when Bianca would finally arrive home. A short while later, the phone rang and Ken answered it. It was Raven. She was whispering over the phone that they would be back soon with Bianca, and that Raven, April and Crystal had put their money together to buy a three-wheeled bike. They had teleported it to the house without Bianca seeing it, and asked for the others to wrap that up too.
Soon, everything was ready. While they were waiting for them to return, they played together and kept themselves occupied.

Soon enough, Bianca finally returned with the three girls.
All of a sudden, “SURPRISE!!!” a great echo shot throughout the house, and Bianca put her hands to her cheeks in great excitement. “Happy Birthday!” Then from behind her, her parents Rob and Liz came out of hiding and embraced Bianca in a great hug.
“Oh, thank you all so much!” Bianca thanked them all, her face full of happy tears. Everybody took turns in giving her a special birthday hug.
Then they were greeted at the door by Bianca’s sister, Alex, along with Ben, who was Alex’s husband and Ken’s brother, and their son Jimmy. They apologized for being late as their plane had been delayed due to a snowstorm.
Nevertheless, Bianca was happy to see them, and she hugged them too.

Night soon fell upon the house as they all played games together, and watched Bianca opening up her presents, one by one, amazed at what everybody had gotten her. They had put so much thought into it that it made her feel very special.
Then Ken finally went to the fridge to get the box containing her favourite carrot cake. Once it was placed on the table, they lit the candles and sung the Happy Birthday song to Bianca. Bianca secretly made a wish and then blew out the candles.
“Go on, Bianca,” Ken handed her the carving knife. “You should have the first piece.”
“Thanks,” Bianca smiled as she carved out a slice and placed it on her plate. Then she passed the knife back to Ken, who started to carve out more slices for everybody. But as he did, Bianca bit into her portion and licked her lips at its taste. “Mmmmm,” she muttered as she ate the rest of it up. “It’s lovely, just the way…I…eh………oooohhhh…”
But suddenly, Bianca felt her mind beginning to falter, and the room started to spin around her.
“Bianca, are you alright?” her mom, Liz, asked.
But Bianca couldn’t answer her. She was getting dizzier, and dizzier, and…
Suddenly, Rob jumped up and caught her daughter as she suddenly lost consciousness and nearly fell. He carefully lay her down on the nearby couch.
Ken looked up from carving the cake, dropped the knife and rushed over, worried. “Bianca! Bianca!” he tried to wake her up, but she seemed to be sleeping very heavily.
He stood back up, and then glanced over at the cake. He carefully sniffed it, and then jolted. “Nobody touch the cake!” he warned the others. “Somebody’s drugged it with a sleeping potion!”
“But who would dare do this to Bianca?” everybody began asking, aside from two of them, Ravennie and Rose.
Their thoughts had immediately turned to the bakery. “Wanda,” they nodded. Who else could they think of that had been involved with making the cake?
But as they began thinking of what they could do to wake Bianca up, a sudden shadow flickered through the living room. The lights dimmed badly, and a ghastly noise echoed through the room.
Ken and Ben immediately recognized it. “Oh no…not him again!”

* * *

Bianca found herself standing on a small island surrounded by a huge, deep lake. Trees stretched out from the waters and towered over her, blotting out any signs of the sun, although the deep, dark clouds were already doing that.
She was trapped. And her magic had become useless. She couldn’t teleport to safety. It looked like all she could do was swim...well, it might have seemed like the only option, if only she could at least see the edge of the lake. It seemed to stretch out for miles beyond the trees.
But just as she was about to try and dive in, she suddenly saw a creepy form slinking under the water and she recoiled, frightened. That form…it couldn’t be! It just couldn’t!
The water burst and the horrible serpent known as the Nightmare Snake rose up and towered over her, glaring evilly. “Greetings once again, Bianca,” he cackled.
“It can’t be!” Bianca trembled. “I had you put in prison.”
“You did, my dear, but dear Wanda Torn bailed me out!” the Nightmare Snake grinned, seeing the look of horror in Bianca’s face the moment Wanda’s name was mentioned. Her old rival had gone as far as using him to get revenge on her, just because she had been jealous of Bianca’s witch power being better than hers.
“If I ever get out of this, Wanda’s going to be sorry!” Bianca growled in her throat.
“But you won’t get out of it now, dear Bianca,” the Nightmare Snake snickered. “The sleeping potion in that cake is going to keep you unconscious long enough for me to do my work. Now, at long last, Bianca, you are MINE!”
Bianca knew she couldn’t let this happen, but with her power all drained, and with nowhere to run, she was trapped for sure this time. All she could do was stand there, frightened, as the Nightmare Snake approached with his fangs bared evilly…
Then suddenly, FLASH!
The world suddenly dramatically changed in a flash of light…!

Bianca suddenly found herself sitting at a table, in a warm, lush jungle. It had suddenly become a very bright day. In front of her, lots of familiar faces around the table were staring right at her with happy expressions on their faces.
“Happy Birthday to you, Bianca,” Mowgli the man-cub cheered with his banana squash in his hand.
“Happy Birthday!” all the animals in the jungle cheered for her. There was Bagheera, Baloo, King Louie, the vultures, Colonel Hathi and his troops…even Shere Khan, grinning a fine grin with his family and relatives beside him!
Then Kaa the snake dropped down beside her. “Sssssssssso nicssssssse to sssssscelebrate your birthday again, my ssssssssssweet,” he hissed gently and kissed her on the cheek. Bianca blushed at the compliment, but she couldn’t understand what had just happened.
What about the Nightmare Snake…?
Then just at that moment, the said serpent suddenly appeared from under the table, confused as to what was going on, but the moment he saw Bianca, he immediately lunged at her, his fangs bared…

Then Bianca found herself in a different jungle, but this time it looked more like the open plains. The only thing was, there were other animals gathered around her, but she remembered them from somewhere else…
“Go on, Bianca,” Kimba the White Lion smiled at the birthday girl. “Open your presents.”
Bianca hesitated, but then picked up a present wrapped in tree-leaves and opened it. She was amazed when she saw it was a beautiful necklace decorated with a bright crystal on it.
She put it on. “It’s…so beautiful,” she said.
“I helped Kimba to choose it,” Kitty told her. “Since we have a friend who has a particular crystal of his own…”
But before Bianca could guess who their friend was, another present suddenly burst open and the Nightmare Snake emerged, shaken but now annoyed at not being able to get at Bianca straightaway. “Stay still, you little worm!” he snarled.
But then, once again…FLASH!

“Here’s to Bianca!” a familiar voice spoke up in front of the large table she was now sitting at. She saw Trinity the Adventurer raising a goblet towards her. Beside him, his feline counterpart double, Flarina Bengali, raised her goblet as well.
“CHEERS!” a mighty roar erupted around the table, and a clash of goblets echoed all around as they made contact with each other. Bianca could now recognize the other Flying Tigers gathered around, as well as the Grand Duke of Owls, and all the other peace-making slave-masters that had helped to reunite the world.
“What’s going on?” she began wondering. “Is this really some crazy dream?”
Then suddenly, the Nightmare Snake emerged once again from under the table, now getting very impatient. “I’m getting angry, Bianca! Stop what you’re doing and stay still!”
“What are you talking about?” Bianca yelled at him. “I’m not doing anything!”
The Nightmare Snake just hissed, and then moved to get at her…

And suddenly, Bianca was outside her house, and the Nightmare Snake was right in front of her, wrapped up in chains. Four blue-uniformed police officers were standing around him. He struggled under the chains, but he couldn’t get free.
“What monstrosity is this?” he shrieked at nothing in particular. “What are you?”
Bianca just stared for a moment, and then…
“Bianca! Come back! We’re here for you, Bianca…come back to us!”
The call, sounding familiar, made Bianca realize the real world was calling her back. She looked up into the sky, and while the Nightmare Snake screamed at her not to do it, she ignored him and stared at the world going white above her, as consciousness slowly drew her back to reality…

* * *

“Bianca! Bianca!”
Bianca’s eyes snapped open. She gasped and saw all of her family gathered around her, looking very worried. But the moment she woke, a wave of relief washed over them and they sighed with a heap of “Thank goodness,” and “Whew!” and stuff like that.
Bianca carefully sat up, Ken helping her up on one side, and on the other…
She suddenly gasped. “Trinity!”
The Adventurer helped her up on the other side. “Hi, Bianca. You okay now?” he asked.
“I-I think so,” Bianca checked herself out. “But what happened? Where did you come from?”
Trinity let out a sigh of his own. “I knew there was going to be trouble ever since the bakery,” he told her, getting a gasp of surprise from both Ravennie and Rose. “But let me explain.”

A day or so ago, Trinity had been passing by the bakery near the town, and had bought a couple of buns to eat for lunch. But as he stepped outside, he overheard voices near the back of the shop. Deciding to find out what was going on, he hid round the corner and listened.
He overheard Wanda Torn talking to somebody about her rival Bianca’s birthday coming up, and she was determined to get her revenge. When he saw that it was the Nightmare Snake that Wanda had freed from prison, Trinity knew it was going to be bad for Bianca on her birthday, unless he could do something about it.
So after the Nightmare Snake had left, Trinity disguised himself as a baker, and slipped in so that Wanda wouldn’t recognize him. Then he played along until he could see what Wanda was going to do. He eventually saw her preparing a sleeping potion in the back-room, and he knew then how she was going to trick Bianca into falling into the Nightmare Snake’s clutches.
Then the next day, the order came through. “Carrot cake for a special birthday!” Wanda called from over at the counter.
“Comin’ up, Wanda,” Trinity shouted back, and prepared to make the cake.
But as he was making it, he made sure that Wanda wasn’t looking, and then slipped in something of his own into the cake as well. It was a special cake mix that was known to stir a bit of restlessness in whoever ate it, and it would affect their dreams somewhat. While it wouldn’t stop the Nightmare Snake totally, it would at least disrupt him long enough for Bianca to eventually wake up from the sleeping potion’s effects.

“Trinity arrived in time to help us wake you up, Bianca,” Ken finished the story off. But then he glanced at the Adventurer. “But why didn’t you come earlier and warn us about the cake?”
“Because I was busy putting Wanda in prison,” Trinity replied. “While she was making her sleeping potion, I turned the surveillance camera on her while her back was turned. It caught every move she made, every word she said, including her involvement in breaking the Nightmare Snake out. After she sent out the cake, I called the police, and we caught her just as she was leaving the bakery. I had to help in stopping her witchcraft, and we escorted her to the cells together. I showed them the camera footage, and they sent out a dream escort to chain up the Nightmare Snake. I tried to get over here as fast as I could…I only hoped that the cake mix would really help Bianca to stay safe.”
“But thank goodness it did work,” Ken smiled at his wife. “We feared we lost you, Bianca.”
Bianca smiled and hugged him tightly. Then she turned to Trinity and hugged him too. “Thank you,” she whispered. Then she pulled back. “Why don’t you stay around for a while, Trinity? Have a rest…I think you deserve it.”
“Thanks, Bianca,” Trinity nodded, and as the kids all crowded around him, wanting him to tell them some of his amazing adventures, he grinned as he was taken over to the lounge, and he sat down upon the couch, ready to start with a story.
Bianca smiled, and then, looking over at Ken, she nodded. She turned to her parents, Rob and Liz, and her sister Alex with Ben. “We’ll be back in a minute,” she said. Then she and Ken teleported to the prison.

Sure enough, there in the cells, was Wanda Torn, scowling behind the bars, helpless as her powers had been restrained. Bianca frowned as she walked up to her. “I can’t believe you tried to do that to me, Wanda,” she said. “Just because you thought you were better than me in witch-craft…but you’ve been too careless to even deserve being a witch. And for you to use the Nightmare Snake to get at me…” she stopped speaking, as they both knew anyway just how terrible it was to do something like that.
“But thanks to a friend of mine, you got what was coming to you,” Bianca didn’t say Trinity’s name because she didn’t want him to become a target for the future. “And if you think your current state is enough of a nightmare, think again.”
Wanda turned as suddenly, she saw the Nightmare Snake being brought into the same cell with her. She gasped in fright as this could only mean one thing.
“Good luck in staying awake tonight, Wanda,” Bianca turned her back on her. “Because if you close your eyes even for a second, you’ll find that the nightmares made by him are much worse.”
Then she and Ken left, teleporting out of prison and back safely to their home, leaving Wanda to get ‘acquainted’ with her new cell-mate.
The next morning…

etaris333: Now the sun beamed down from above, and Charizard let out a big yawn as he woke up. Then seeing the bulge in his tummy, he gave it a gentle lick before opening his mouth, and started to release his trainer from inside. Feet first, he slowly let Laura out and she soon lay upon the ground, drenched in his saliva.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura was still sleeping slightly, her hair wet. She stirred awake when she felt a head on her stomach, “hhmmmm.”

etaris333: Charizard growled softly and rubbed his head against her soft skin. He had amazingly become quite fond of his trainer; her scent was like sweet perfume to his nostrils.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura awoke and smiled. “Good morning big guy,” she said patting his neck and rubbing his head softly. “How did you sleep??” She sat up and chuckled. I’m still slightly sticky and wet from your stomach…there is a Pokémon center not too far from here.. I’m gonna need a fresh pair of clothes and such.” She stretched. Also, I’ve been thinking…if there is someone I grow to hate, would you eat them for me??” She giggled as the orange dragon licked her face and neck out of sheer affection. “Haha!! That tickles!”

etaris333: Charizard was determined to do anything for her, so he nodded to show he agreed, and rested his head on her shoulder.

CrimsonVampiress: She smiled and soon had packed up her things. Let’s go.” She walked ahead down the road. She was still slimy but she continued on. Her eyes warm. They both soon reached the Pokémon center

etaris333: There was nobody in the center besides the Nurse Joy, because of the regulations regarding Mt. Silver, so not many people came here. It was a rare thing to see a trainer come in, so the Nurse Joy was very pleased to see Laura walk in with a Charizard by her side. “Good morning,” she greeted them. “How may I be of service today?”

CrimsonVampiress: “Hello there, Nurse Joy, Could you perhaps check my Pokémon please?? I want to be informed of their conditions so that I can get ready for more battles.” She let her Pokémon out. Magmar Gengar and Raichu appeared following Vaporeon and Scyther. They greeted the nurse and smiled.

Raichu squeaked highly when it saw Charizard, It shook slightly and was unsure of what to do.
Laura bent down and picked it up. “It’s ok…this is an old friend of mine. He didn’t know it was me at first.”

etaris333: Charizard looked at Raichu and nervously growled, feeling a little edgy for having knocked it out earlier with the Earthquake.
“Okay, let’s take a look,” Nurse Joy called them back into their PokéBalls, placing them upon the machine and scanning them. There was a moment’s pause…
Then Nurse Joy nodded. “There we are, all healthy again,” she said as she handed them back to Laura. “Your Pokémon don’t appear to have any serious conditions, although Raichu was a little shaken after fainting but it’s not…Oh…wait a minute! Your Charizard seems to have come down with the Pokérus!”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blinked. “Pokérus?? Is it serious??? What effects does it have?? She looked at her Charizard. “You have been feeling ok recently haven’t you??” She placed her PokéBalls back in her backpack and turned to nurse Joy. “Is anything known about it and how a Pokémon becomes infected??” She says as she rubbed the large dragon’s stomach and neck.  

etaris333: “Oh, it’s very rare to come upon a Pokémon infected with the Pokérus,” Nurse Joy told her, while smiling. “But the Pokérus is actually quite beneficial. Any infected Pokémon gain much more power in their stats than usual. Spread it to your team and they can all benefit extra power while gaining experience. It goes away after a day or two though, so make good use of it.”
Charizard let out a happy growl, showing that he felt just fine, and nuzzled Laura’s hair.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura smiled* “Thanks Nurse Joy, You’ve been a big help! Ok Charizard, it’s time for us to climb Mt. Silver.”

etaris333: “Be careful over there,” Nurse Joy warned her. “There will be a lot of dangerous Pokémon there on that mountain.”
But the moment she said that, Charizard glared at her, and let out a proud growl. He had lived on that dangerous mountain for such a long time that he wasn’t afraid of any such threat it had to offer. He would protect Laura with his life too.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura: “Thanks for the warning. I’m sure whatever is up there; we all can handle,” she waved to her and walked out. Taking out her map, Laura blinked for a moment before stating. “You know what? I don’t need to look at this…I’m gonna try it out just by looking…” she walked slightly ahead of her Pokémon and pointed. “Let’s take this route up there.” She placed her PokéBalls around her waist and smirked. “I know that look Charizard; if anyone or anything gives us trouble, you know what to do.”

etaris333: Charizard grunted. He knew. Not even Tyranitars or Aggrons could stop him and his determination on Mt. Silver. He had practically made it his home terrain and knew just how to handle it. In fact, he was going to show just how well he knew Mt. Silver. He nudged Laura and turned his back to her, indicating for her to climb on his back.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura nodded and got on carefully; she smiled. “You are such a big Charizard…”

etaris333: Charizard let out a proud roar at that. He had to admit…being praised by a trainer was something that made a Pokémon feel very useful.
Then beating his wings, he floated up off the ground, and began flying towards the dangerous mountain, towards an open cave nearby.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura smiled and looked down. “It’s such a nice sight; but scary at the same time…it’s amazing the scale of it as well!”

etaris333: They flew into the cave, and Charizard let out a burst of flame to illuminate the surrounding terrain. He glanced over at Laura, growling softly, telling her not to worry. He made his way through the cave, seeing boulders that were actually Pokémon in disguise. Spitting out bombs of fire, he sent them spinning away. Yes…he was the kingpin of this mountain; he could take out every single Pokémon here without any signs of tiring. Flapping higher through the cave, Charizard aimed for a way out, and emerged out into the higher terrain of Mt. Silver, where it was snowing down.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura shivers and looks. “It’s very pretty…a tad cold but still very captivating.” She kissed his neck softly and closed her eyes for a moment. Her heart was beating softly.

etaris333: Then as Charizard was beginning to scale further up, to reach the summit, he suddenly caught a strange scent in the air, and he growled. Landing close upon the summit, he made sure Laura was okay before letting her down, staying close so she could keep warm. He licked her cheek fondly.
Then he sniffed carefully…there was a vague scent of another human somewhere upon the summit, up ahead.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blinked. “What’s wrong??” She walked ahead, determined to know. She indeed see a human like figure within the snowflakes. She approached slowly and blinked. “H-hello??” She waited for a response.

etaris333: There in the distance, standing on the summit, appeared to be somebody dressed in a black-and-white shirt, navy jeans, brown boots, and an all-around black hat. He was simply standing there, staring out into the distance, as if nothing seemed to bother him.
But when Laura called, trying to see who it was, the figure finally turned and saw them. His deep-brown eyes locked onto them, and the stare was enough to make Charizard growl menacingly. Whoever this was, the dragon Pokémon didn’t like it. Living here up on this mountain almost all its life, it couldn’t imagine how this human had suddenly just appeared here without even being seen.
“.................” the human exclaimed.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blinked and walked up to him. “Hi… Are you ok? What are you doing all the way up here?” She was slightly confused.. but she always tried to be nice.

etaris333: The boy blinked, and then seemed to snap out of something. “Oh, hi,” he smiled. “I was just travelling by when I spotted this mountain. My name’s Jarra…Selas Jarra.”

CrimsonVampiress: My name is Laura Connel…I was just exploring Mt. Silver also. I’m a Pokémon trainer,” she smiled and called Charizard over. “This is my Charizard…he and I just recently found each other again after a long time apart…he has lived here for almost all his life.” She walked back to the dragon and hugs his front; her eyes soft.

etaris333: “Oh, so that was you sleeping in Charizard’s belly?” Selas grinned, and the dragon Pokémon stared at him suspiciously.
Selas smirked. “I saw you sleeping last night. My mom and I came to Johto for some field work, and she went to see Samuel Oak while I got to explore a while. And so, here I am.”

CrimsonVampiress: “That’s cool; yea, that was me sleeping in him, hehe. I haven’t met up with Professor Oak for a long time, the last time I did was to rescue you,” she looked up at Charizard with soft eyes.

etaris333: Charizard just rolled his eyes and snorted a puff of smoke out of his nostrils.
Selas nodded. “Well, Laura,” he spoke, “I happen to be a trainer too. And I too…um…happen to have a certain Pokémon with a…er, picky appetite.” He took a ball off his belt and tossed it. A quick flash later, a brilliantly diamond-patterned blue Anaconda Pokémon stood by his side.

CrimsonVampiress: “Such a pretty Pokémon,” Laura giggled.

etaris333: The Shivaconda seemed to blush. “Merci, mademoiselle,” it suddenly spoke. “I’m Sammy.” Then she looked over at Charizard. “And who’s your fiery-hot boyfriend?”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blushed. “uh… Umm…I wouldn’t go as far as boyfriend, but this is Charizard.” She patted his side. “It’s ok,” she reassured him by rubbing his belly. “Hungry again??”

etaris333: Charizard’s belly suddenly rumbled, and he groaned, but managed to look at Laura and grin. He knew what she had in mind, and it was pretty cold.
“Sammy,” Selas smirked. He turned back to Laura. “Don’t mind her; she likes to tease. Any minute now she’s gonna ask me if -” but he was suddenly cut off by Sammy’s own belly rumbling.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura smiled and giggled. “Guess she already did,” she laughed. “Charizard…that tickles! Hahaa!”

etaris333: But Charizard was already making his move, licking over Laura’s head and sampling her taste. Selas just sighed and glanced at Sammy, who just leaned closer and teased his nose with her forked tongue.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blushed. “Good boy, I love you too.” She looked to Selas. “Looks like you have a fan too.”

etaris333: But before Selas could answer, a pair of light-blue jaws came closing down over his head as Sammy immediately started gobbling him up. Selas’s words were muffled.
Charizard grinned and opened his jaws wide too.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura giggled and felt herself being covered in saliva and slime. “Ooohh!!”

etaris333: Sammy’s jaws widened and took in her trainer’s shoulders while she watched Charizard making a meal of his own trainer, picking her up as he slurped up her head and neck, tasting her backside.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura groaned and panted kicking a bit, she felt a claw between her legs.

etaris333: As Charizard played with his food, Sammy took in Selas up to his chest, her throat stretching to accommodate him slowly inside. He twitched slightly, as it wasn’t exactly warm in a Shivaconda’s gullet.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura giggled and relaxed lowly, her body warm.

etaris333: Then as Charizard took Laura up to her tummy, Sammy lifted Selas up, having enough of him inside to keep him from slipping out. She hung him upside down so he could slip down into her throat easier.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura smiled and felt the walls fold on her. “Mmuhmmaha!” She shivered.

etaris333: Sammy slipped her trainer down further until his lower legs were hanging out. Then she slithered towards Charizard, who was just starting to take Laura’s legs in. As Selas’s legs disappeared down the throat, Sammy let out a gentle hiss, and then leaned towards Charizard. She gently licked at the bulge in his throat, and Charizard let out a warm growl as he took Laura down further.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura felt it. “Charizard?? You ok?” She says muffled. Her body was being moved along.

etaris333: “All is well, sweet Laura,” Sammy cooed. Charizard gave a reassuring growl as he finally slurped up her feet.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blushes and lands in the stomach of the dragon Pokémon.

etaris333: Within Sammy’s stomach, Selas moved about, happy at least that he had made another friend who owned a Pokémon with a vorish fetish. He sighed and tried to get comfortable…
When suddenly, he felt that feeling again. The strange, lime-green coloured Mega Ring upon his arm began glowing again…
And suddenly, before Charizard’s eyes, Sammy the Shivaconda began glowing in the process of a Mega Evolution. It caused the fiery dragon Pokémon to jump back in shock, rearing back just in case he had to fight.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura yelped and blinked. “?! W-what’s going on?!”

etaris333: When the light finally cleared, Sammy had Mega-evolved. Her darker blue scales had turned a fiery red, and she had sprouted a pair of crimson wings. She had also grown sharp fangs in her mouth, and her eyes had turned fiery orange. Her head and tail crystals were glowing and vibrating blood-red as well. In a word, her Mega Evolution had made her part Dragon-Type.
{Oooooh…uh…} Sammy muttered in her new form. {Whew…sorry about that. I didn’t mean to scare you, Charizard.} Then she realized she was talking in draconic language, which Charizard could understand, but her trainer and Laura could not.
{You didn’t scare me, Sammy. You just…um…startled me is all!} Charizard tried to shake off the fact that he’d really been scared. It was rare for him to be shocked like that, but it was obvious that even he had a lot more to learn about meeting new Pokémon that he’d never seen before.
He rubbed his tummy. {It’s okay, Laura. You’re safe.} He knew that his trainer couldn’t understand his Pokémon language, but his gentle rubs were all she would need to be assured everything was alright.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura nodded and smiled. “I’m ok; I trust you…” she also had a Mega Ring. It had hers in it…but her Charizard’s two were in her backpack outside…she had both Mega Stones for it. The black and blue one was showing out of her backpack; it caught Charizard’s eye. Laura smiled and rubbed back. She giggled as she felt a hand on her head from the outside.

etaris333: Charizard grinned, and walked over to Laura’s backpack to get the Mega Stone. He had always wanted to see how he looked in a Mega form; it was the one thing he had always wanted to go through, but sadly to do that, he would need a strong bond with a trainer. Most of his life spent alone on Mt. Silver had prevented that. But now…now that he had Laura, and her stones and ring, the golden moment had come.
Sammy watched as the Charizard took hold of the stone, and then patted his tummy. {Sammy…will you tell her, please?} he asked.
{A pleasure, monsieur,} she replied. “Laura my dear, use your Mega Ring. Charizard is ready to perform.”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura blinked. “Ok…I’ll give it a try. Charizard…this is my gift to you…please accept it!” her stone began to glow with a soft rainbow light.

etaris333: When the light had cleared again, Charizard had become part Dragon-Type as well, his fiery-orange appearance having turned darkly black and deep-blue, and his orange flames now having turned a scalding hot blue. He breathed deeply and let out a whoosh of blue fire. {What a pleasure this is,} he commented.
{You make quite a charming dragon too, sweetie,} Sammy grinned as she sidled up to him. {But we should descend the mountain now…if we go somewhere safer, we’ll show our trainers our new forms.}
{Agreed,} Mega-Charizard X nodded.
Then they both flapped their wings, and began flying downwards, heading to the foot of Mt. Silver, where Laura’s earlier camp was.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura felt him descend; this was a whole new feeling of flying. It was as if she was in a big balloon. The insides of his stomach were lit up in multi colours; the acid reflecting the colours within it. Laura smiled and was captivated by how pretty it was; it was like another world.

She felt him land on the ground and shifted slightly to steady herself. “That was some drop…but I’m ok.” She smiled.

etaris333: Then Mega-Charizard X opened his mouth wide, and began to carefully let Laura out. It wasn’t long before she finally slipped back out of his throat, and she sat in a pool of saliva, drenched but okay. Sammy was doing the same, letting Selas out carefully, but as he slipped out, it was noticed that the trainer seemed to look a bit different around the eyes. His irises had formed a hexagonal shape, and had turned lime-green like the glowing Mega Ring around his arm.
{Zygarde,} the Mega-Shivaconda Z spoke to him. {I know you wanted to show this to us, but you almost scared our new friends. Can’t you bother us some other time?}
Selas seemed to sigh as he got up. {If you wish,} he replied. {It was only a natural order that one should meet another with close proportions to a Dragon. You two looked suitable for one another.}
Sammy watched Laura get up, and had to admit that she was a very nice girl. But they had only just met and gotten acquainted with vore, and besides, Selas already had a girlfriend in Kalos.
It was then that Sammy twigged; did Zygarde mean her and Charizard? Yes, they had similarities to Dragon-Types when they Mega-evolved. But they had only just met themselves. Relationships didn’t get that big straightaway on their first meeting.
The Z-Ring upon Selas’s arm seemed to soften with its glow, and Selas’s eyes reverted to their normal, circled, deep-brown. He shook his head. “Huh…what? What happened?”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura stood up. “Hehe. Not bad. I’m heading to the Hoenn region now…I just remembered; I had got a letter from someone called Maxie.” She petted Charizard’s head. She looked down before collapsing on the ground.

etaris333: Selas looked down at her as he saw Mega-Charizard X bending down to pick her up carefully. “Oh…okay,” he nodded. “Well, I hope it goes well…maybe next time we meet we could have a battle. I’ve always wanted to see a Charizard in battle…especially you, mate.”
Mega-Charizard X looked up and grinned a toothy grin.
“Okay, Sammy, let’s go,” Selas turned to his Mega-Shivaconda Z and climbed onto her back. She spread her wings and flew way up high, and within moments, both Pokémon and trainer had vanished off into the distance.
The Charizard Meets an Auswes Trainer (Vore)
Here's the second part of the vore story done through the RP with :iconcrimsonvampiress:.
Now Laura and Charizard scale Mt. Silver together, and find themselves face-to-face with a certain Auswes trainer with a Shivaconda by his side. Upon the summit of the mountain, a double vore scene takes place...
And then, a surprising event causes Mega evolution to take place!

Still more to come...

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