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I suppose you've been wondering why I've been rather quiet these days...again. Well, I just recently got back to work and it's already been a hard week to get through. But it's not all bad though, because I just recently got a few new things...
First I got an iPhone 6 to replace my old 4 which was constantly draining its battery from doing absolutely nothing! I also got a FitBit to go with it, which is going to help a lot in maintaining my fitness. To top that off, I also got a new mountain bike because I haven't ridden one for a long time.
And finally, Smash Bros. on 3DS recently came out at EB Games, and I couldn't wait to start playing it. Nintendo never ceases to amaze me with their new games, and I particularly like the new 'Smash Run' challenge you can do.
That's pretty much what I've been up's Sunday morning right now so I'm taking this as a good chance to rest, so chances are I might get another spot of writing done, but I'm not 100% sure yet. But we'll see...
The car was a mess. Pieces of shattered glass and broken metal lay everywhere, while the bulk of what remained of the Chrysler sat emitting huge puffs of smoke. It had taken a bit of dousing to finally put the fire out, but the heap was still too hot to touch. It would take a long time at this rate for it to cool down all the way, especially since the surrounding mountains were very close to the volcano land, or the Mountains That Burn, as they were called.
A slight rumble came from the Fury. If one could understand car language, they might guess it as “Poor guy.” At least, that’s probably what Christine might have been rumbling through her motor as she moved a little closer to inspect Slyder’s remains. The gang supposed it was fortunate that there were no casualties at the present tense. Taking into account that Christine the Plymouth Fury, was unlike any other car known to be ‘alive’, the Chrysler was, in all its glory, still ‘just a car’.
But still, it didn’t hurt for a sentient car to feel a little sorry for one of its best competitors, even if Slyder wasn’t like her and didn’t ‘live’ like she did.
Michael the Dino Ranger came over and patted Christine’s bonnet, reassuring her. In the corner of his eye, he noticed Littlefoot, Cera, Spike and Petrie trying to keep an emotionally-discomforted Ducky from falling into tears. Clearly, she was distraught because she thought that Trinity was gone for good as well. Michael then saw Ruby coming up next to him, while Chomper stood in front of both of them, just staring at the wrecked car, both of them also quite saddened. Michael put his hand on Ruby, trying to make her feel better, and then turned to investigate the tracks nearby.
The towing ship slowly descended down from high above and touched down nearby. A hatch upon it slowly began to drop down and form a ramp in front of Slyder. Inside, Josiah Clover came forward inside a towing vehicle which fired a magnetic feed out to Slyder, and slowly towed it inside the ship. As it entered, automatic sensors triggered the sprinklers and they rained down upon the Chrysler, slowly but surely extinguishing even the smoke.
Then Jane Whitney came up with a few white-suited technicians and fastened the secure bolts to pin Slyder’s broken form in its position inside the ship. The technicians surrounded the car, and when one of them gave clearance, both Jane and Josiah walked out of the ship, and signalled to the pilot. The man waved in response, and then closed the ramp door, securing Slyder inside. Engines fired up, and the ship began to lift off the ground, pointing skywards before taking off at an increasing speed to shoot back through time, its destination set for the T.W.C. where maintenance would be at the ready.
Josiah sighed and glanced at Jane. “It’s a good thing our vehicles are marked with emergency beacons that activate when damaged,” he said.
“Yeah,” Jane agreed. “Handy for when one of us needs a pickup truck.”
They then turned to Michael, who was still looking at the tracks imprinted on the ground that led into the rocky depths of the canyons. His face looked firm; he seemed troubled.
They walked up. “What do you think, Mike?” Josiah asked.
Michael glanced at him. “I’ve seen these tracks before – one time in the Ice Age – and I think Trinity warned me about them when he fought against Rott-Wyler in the Dino Jungle there,” he pointed at the triangular-shaped footprints that vaguely resembled a very small dinosaur.
“What was it?”
Michael hesitated for a moment as he looked out towards where the tracks led into the canyon, practically mimicking the footprints of Trinity’s own shoes which they had followed in pursuit. “Comp-bots,” he replied. “Rott-Wyler’s earlier tracker mechs; they’re like robot duplications of Tiny Sharpteeth. But they’re pretty dumb for tracking, though…they weren’t equipped with identifying scents, or air density scanning. I’d bet a credit that Trinity could have easily thrown them off.”
“Well, we can only hope,” Josiah nodded. “At least we hope maybe Ken and Shelly will find something.” A few minutes earlier, when they had found Trinity’s footprints leading away from Slyder, Ken and Shelly Blake immediately followed the trail to see if they could find what happened to Trinity. They would communicate over the radio if they found anything suspicious…
And just then, the radio crackled. “Hello…hey guys, any of you there?” Ken’s voice asked.
Jane picked it up first. “Jane here…did you find him, Ken?”
“Uh, no…we haven’t found him, but I think you guys might want to take a look at this.”

A little while later, with the trail as guidance to lead them, the Great Valley kids stood alongside their human friends in a cleared spot in the canyon, curious as to why the footprints ended here. The prints from the comp-bots had continued on, but the prints resembling Trinity’s shoes had strangely stopped near the canyon wall, close to where a decent-sized boulder sat against.
It was this boulder that caught the most attention. Moving it carefully to one side, they soon discovered a gap big enough for somebody to fit through. Since Ducky and Petrie were the smallest of the group, they went in to see if they could see anything inside, but when they saw the open hole nearby, they immediately turned back.
“Trinity must have fallen down through that hole, yep, yep, yep!” Ducky claimed.
“Me think Trinity definitely down there,” Petrie agreed.
Josiah thought for a moment. “But not all of us can fit down there…there must be some other way inside. Maybe if one of us goes in with a tracking device, we can probably find another way round.”
“Okay, but who should go?” Ken asked.
Immediately, four pairs of human eyes were fixated upon him.
“Oh, come on!” Ken let out a groan. “Why am I always the bait?”
“It’ll be fun, Ken. An adventure,” Chomper came up to him. “I’ll come with you, because I can find Trinity easily with my sniffer…right, Littlefoot?”
“That’s a great idea, Chomper,” Littlefoot piped up. “What about you, Ducky? You wanna go with Ken and Chomper while the rest of us find a way round?”
Ducky leapt with joy. “Hooray…we will find Trinity. Yep, yep, yep!”
“Good. Then it’s settled,” Jane nodded, clipping a tracker device upon Ken’s shorts.
The Time Kid gulped with uncertainty. “Uuuuhhhhh…some adventure,” he muttered nervously as he started to crawl inside, holding a torch in front of him so he could see where he was going. “Can you guys see me alright?”
Shelly held up a receiver pad and turned it on. There was a moment’s pause, and then a blinking dot appeared on the screen. “Okay Ken, you’re coming in nice and clear,” she shouted to him. “Just don’t freak out, alright? You’ll do fine.”
“Yeah, easy for you to say,” Ken muttered under his breath as he then noticed the hole leading into the tunnel in front of him. “Okay, here goes…” he moved towards it while Chomper and Ducky crawled inside behind him.
“YYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Ken suddenly slipped and went sliding down the tunnel, tumbling down out of sight. He continued to tumble until the narrow tunnel ended and the room opened up around Ken.
He landed with an “OOF!” upon the rocky floor of the caverns. Gravel rained around him as he slowly turned onto his back, before suddenly, another tumbling sound could be heard above him…and then…
WHUMP! A small purple blur landed right on top of his head! Chomper groaned with the fall, and then held up his claws in time as Ducky came tumbling down after him. “Whoa…you okay, Ducky?” he grinned nervously with his teeth.
“Yep, yep, yep, I think so,” Ducky nodded. “Where is Ken?”
A muffled sound from under Chomper’s butt became evident, and both he and Ducky leapt off in astonishment the moment they found they were sitting on his head. Ken coughed, looking discomforted already. “Thanks a lot, you guys,” he grumbled as he spoke into his radio. “The first few minutes and I’m already getting into trouble.”
“Are you okay down there, Ken?” Shelly’s voice asked over the radio, ignoring Ken’s annoyed comment. “You’re not hurt, are you?”
“Not physically,” Ken continued to grumble. “But you never told me that tunnel went straight down.”
“You never asked,” came the reply. “And we never thought about it. What’s it look like down there?”
“I don’t know yet,” Ken tried to turn on his torch. “My torch got a little banged up from that fall…I’m just trying to get it to turn on.”
“Going the way you can see, will let you see the way you’re going, Ken,” a familiar Fast-Runner’s voice spoke over the radio.
“Uh yeah, thanks Ruby,” Ken nodded, and then finally succeeded in getting the bulb to shine again. “Okay, you guys ready?” he asked Ducky and Chomper. “Let’s go.”
They began to walk through the dark caverns, with Ken’s light illuminating the way forward, and Chomper’s sniffer constantly twitching, trying to pick up Trinity’s scent.

Back up at the top, the readout still showed a good signal.
“They’re a good distance down,” Shelly pointed at the screen. “But it looks like the caverns open up to something much roomier.” She pointed to an outline illuminated close to the cavern layout. “Whatever’s there, we might be able to find a way down…” she moved the wire-map up and left a little…
Then confusion filled her face. “Through a Mountain That Burns?”
The others stared at the screen. Sure enough, the overall layout of the geographic scan showed that the only other way through into the caverns was through the top of a volcano, very close to the lava-filled domain. It could very well be dangerous to go through there, but it seemed to be their only option.
“I’ve got an idea,” Michael adjusted the knob on his radio. “Michael to Arty…come in, Arty. You there?”
“Arty here,” the radio crackled. “What’s up, Mike?”
“I think we’ve found a clue to Trinity’s whereabouts,” Michael replied. “Meet us over at the Mountains That Burn, and bring some heat protection too…we don’t know what we’re up against, but we can’t take any chances.”
“Gotcha Mike, I’m on it. Be with you in ten minutes,” the radio confirmed. Thankfully, it had been a good idea to have Trinity’s younger brother, Arty, hang around at the DPF back in the Great Valley, just in case something happened while the search was on.

But it was not going to be just heat problems that the gang would deal with.
For while the gang went back to collect Christine and the time buggies so they could travel lighter and faster, it wasn’t obvious to any of them that they were being watched.
By a figure with one eye an evil red…
And another with a Fast-Biter glare but with a humanoid appearance…
Who quietly and slowly followed behind them, curious to see what they were looking for…
Discovery of the Butterfly Paradise (Part 2 of 3)
Okay, here's the deal...Slyder's destruction triggered an emergency and led the Time Kids and Dino Ranger onto the scene. They soon found where Trinity disappeared into, and so, Ken Blake is sent down the same path with Ducky and Chomper to try and find him, while the others find another way down into the mysterious world where the butterflies roam. But will their movements go unnoticed...
...or will it draw in trouble in the form of Redclaw or Veloci?

The intended scene with Ken getting entangled with the butterflies will be in the next part.

The Time Kids are owned by :icongloverboy23:.
Michael the Dino Ranger is owned by :iconsusenm74:.
Trinity, Arty and Rott-Wyler are owned by me.
All other characters belong to their respective owners.
It was a peaceful day in the man-village. The humans that lived there were going about their ways; the men going to hunt out in the forest, while the women were cooking in their homes. And their children were set to do their chores, including going to fetch the water from the outside river.
Except one kid; his name was Ranjan.
He didn’t want to do what he was told to do. He wanted to live his live more freely and carefree, like his ‘former’ brother did out in the jungle. Ever since he had met Mowgli, Ranjan had looked up to him as an idol, and wanted to live out in the jungle without a care in the world.
It was only a shame that most of the villagers hadn’t taken kindly to Mowgli after a while. The boy had only been lured into the village with the enduring charming looks of a girl named Shanti. She had taken a shine to Mowgli upon seeing him for the first time. Unlike all the other humans, she seemed to accept him for who he was, like Ranjan did. Mowgli was only a man-cub, but part of him was still part of the jungle. And she respected that.
So, it came as a surprise that one day, the villagers finally rallied together and had Mowgli thrown out of the village out of fear for his jungle-side, that it might attract wild animals to attacking their village one of these days. And they had Shanti thrown out too…just because she had brought him in! How cruel was that?
This Ranjan found very unfair, despite how young he was and seemingly unknowing of such matters. His biggest hope was that Mowgli and Shanti were surviving each day out there, and though there was no sign of either of them with each passing day, his hope kept him thinking about them.
But because of this, he found himself not wanting to help as much in the village any more. He refused to do his chores, and would rather sit on his own when dinner came that night. He was practically isolating himself from the rest of the village. The villagers began to worry about him, particularly because Ranjan was the chief’s only son, and what would his father think of him?
If they thought the matter could get any worse, they might think Ranjan would much rather live as a wild animal out in the jungle like Mowgli and Shanti probably were at this very moment.

Then one day…

“Hallelujah!” a villager could be heard calling from the gates. “Look what I’ve found!”
Everybody flocked to the entrance of the man-village to see what was going on. To their amazement, they saw a peculiar bird harnessed to the villager’s rope. It stood just above their height at six and a half feet, on two scrawny legs, and gazed at them with two huge eyes on a long neck down to the fluffy feathered body in the middle. It was an ostrich; a male by the look of it.
The chief, Ranjan’s father, came walking up to it. “By Shere Khan the tiger!” he gaped at it. “What an unusual creature! Where did you find it?”
“I have no idea,” the villager explained. “It was just wandering out in the open plains, and there was nothing to show where it had come from. But it must be some kind of magic animal – it can talk too.”
“TALK!?” the man-village erupted the moment it heard that one single word. They never believed that animals could ever talk, no matter how strange they looked.
“It’s true!” the villager insisted. “I heard it talking to a pack of elephants earlier. I couldn’t hear what it was saying at the time, but I swore I heard words coming from its beak.”
The chief laughed. “Really now? Okay then birdie, speak. Tell us something.”
The ostrich looked down at the chief and simply stared, as if not sure what to make of this situation.
The chief glared at the villager. “Well, he’s not saying anything.”
“He will!” the villager tried to slap the ostrich. “Come on, boy, talk. Say something!”
But the ostrich simply squawked and tried to pull away the moment he was slapped. Some other villagers immediately came up and lassoed him with more rope to keep him still.
“Well, you may have just been hearing things,” the chief finally replied. “Still, this is a rare specimen to come from the jungle…it may make our village famous. Put it in the cage and make sure to check on it regularly so it doesn’t starve. This will be our golden egg in the future.”
The villagers began pulling the scrawny bird towards the village’s official ‘cage’, which looked more like a jail cell than anything. Ranjan just stood and watched, not liking the sight of it as the ostrich was thrown inside and locked in. He refused to smile, even when the chief came up and put his hand on his shoulder. “Well, my boy, what do you think? This creature will make us famous, don’t you agree?”
“I don’t care!” Ranjan just frowned and pulled away. “You shouldn’t lock that poor bird in that cage like that.”
The chief stared at him. “Honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Ranjan. Why are you never happy anymore…?”
“You know why!” Ranjan snapped at him. “You know how much I enjoyed having Mowgli and Shanti around, yet you chose to throw them out. And besides, it’s not right to keep animals locked in cages. You want me to be happy – why don’t you just let that bird go and bring my friends back?”
The chief sighed, but didn’t say anything. He knew that Ranjan was very stubborn…and it was better off not trying to argue about it. But he couldn’t see how his own son, Ranjan, could enjoy the company of that insane wild-boy from the jungle, and that girl who lured him in in the first place. Of course, the greedy village couldn’t understand that it was wrong to keep a valuable animal behind bars in the village. So if anything, it wasn’t going to help Ranjan’s mood any. It seemed to alienate him from the rest of the village, like becoming a wild animal just like the other two kids.
So the chief simply walked away, not wanting to say any words of encouragement. “That bird is never to be released!” he ordered. “Do you understand!?”
The villagers immediately agreed. But this made it clear to Ranjan that his own father didn’t care for what he wanted, which made the boy felt very resentful to everyone, even his own father.
And the boy was determined to get his own back on the village…

For the next few weeks, life went along normally for the village, with the only exception that they had an ostrich in their village, which they hoped would give them their desired fame in the future. Never was it ever let out of its cage, and people would often come up to it to ask it things, to try and see if it would talk at all. But the ostrich continued to remain silent, simply minding its own business as it seemed to ignore the villagers a lot. The only exceptions were when it was feeding time.
Of course, the villagers didn’t know it, but the ostrich had been hoping deep down that someday it would find a way out of this dreadful village, and back to the jungle where it belonged. And it wasn’t about to say a word to any of them.
It did, however, confess a little curiosity to one small child…Ranjan. Whenever the boy would come by, he would simply sit by the cage and mind his own business, looking at the ostrich from time to time, with a forlorn expression at the hope that someday he could find an opportunity to set this magnificent creature free. Somehow, the ostrich could sense that this child seemed to be unlike the rest of the humans…a good man-cub, and the ostrich, who after accepting a few feeding offers from Ranjan, came to trust the young lad.
Their friendship was however noticed shortly after by the other villagers, seeing that Ranjan seemed to be the only one that the ostrich was interested in, and they wondered why. No matter they tried to make themselves noticed, the ostrich just seemed to ignore them and continue to share its friendship with Ranjan. This infuriated them, and began lying to the chief that Ranjan was behaving more animal-like with every day he spent with their ‘golden egg’, and that they were never allowed to try and become friends with it.
The chief was now bewildered as to why this was happening, that his own son was choosing to be more with animals than his own kind, just like those two other brats that he banished before. It angered him, but he could not find it within himself to banish his own son.
Not yet, anyway…

Then one night, Ranjan did the boldest thing he ever did.
He got out of his bed and looked around carefully, to make sure everybody was asleep. Then when all was clear, he tiptoed towards the caged ostrich, causing him to stir and wake up upon hearing the man-cub approach. The ostrich, seeing that it was his only friend, got up and walked up to him, leaning his head down so that Ranjan could pet him gently.
Then Ranjan began to whisper, “Why are you so sad?” The boy had hoped, in a way, that perhaps the rumours really were true and that this big flightless bird could in fact talk. Every day there had always been somebody watching the ostrich, but tonight, there wasn’t a soul besides the two of them around, and nobody was there to hear them.
The ostrich seemed to glance at him a little curiously, but remained unresponsive. Still, Ranjan continued to hold on to his belief and decided to see if it was at least listening to him. He asked, “Do you want to get out of this cage?”
Then, to his amazement, the ostrich seemed to nod at him, as if saying yes. Ranjan smiled, knowing that he would rather have this magnificent animal out of a cage than in one. “Okay, I’ll take you back to the jungle…if that’s what you want.” Another nod made it clear that the ostrich seemed to understand him and agreed with him.
Ranjan smiled…even if he couldn’t hear the bird talk, he was just happy to know they could communicate in a way. Making his way to a nearby hut, he sneaked in and stole the cage key up on a wall. Sneaking back, he put the key into the lock and twisted it, opening the door wide and letting the flightless bird take a careful step outside of his prison.
“Come on, this way,” Ranjan put his hand on the feathery body and tried to guide him towards the village gates. The ostrich, trusting the boy, let him be guided over to where he knew he was going to be set free. Needless to say, the ostrich was happy for the first time after a month or so of isolation from the outside world.
Opening the gates, Ranjan carefully let the huge bird out and watched as he stared around at the jungle beckoning to him. It was in fact, just about to step out into the bushes when it suddenly hesitated and turned back towards Ranjan, a smile evident on his beak.
Ranjan and the ostrich just stared at each other for a moment.
And then suddenly…
“Thanks for your help, little man-cub,” the ostrich’s beak suddenly moved.
Ranjan was stunned. It was talking! It was actually talking to him!
“Wow…you really can talk? Um…I’m just glad I could help,” Ranjan said nervously.
“Little man-cub, you are, out of all of these humans, a friend to me,” the ostrich continued. “Do you mind if I ask, which way is it to the jungle?”
Ranjan laughed. “Silly…everywhere out here is the jungle. It’s all the same pretty much out here.”
The ostrich glanced over his shoulder at the jungle behind him. “Oh, thanks. I’m just not used to this new territory yet…but I’m very grateful to you for your help. My name is Ali, the ostrich.” He gave Ranjan a gentle peck on the head.
“Mine’s Ranjan. Nice to meet you, Ali,” Ranjan smiled at him.
“Here,” Ali suddenly plucked off one of his fluffy white feathers and gave it to Ranjan in his beak. “I want you to have this, to remember me by. Even if you’re a man-cub, you are my only friend, and I’ll never forget you for your good deed tonight.”
Ranjan took the feather. “Thanks, Ali. Take care out there.”
Ali grinned at him, and then turned to run out into the jungle. Ranjan watched him go, and then turned to go back inside the village, shutting the gate and then running over to shut the cage back up, before finally heading back to his home to sleep.
Rolling back into his bed, he held the feather close to him as he drifted to sleep, feeling much more satisfied. He didn’t even seem to care what the whole village might think of the disappearance of their future fame.

The next morning, the village was in an uproar. Ranjan and his father, the chief, woke up to the sound of shouting outside. Ranjan rubbed his eyes to get the sleep out of them, and at that moment his father happened to notice the feather next to him.
“Say, son, where did you get that?” he asked curiously.
“Ali – er, I mean – the ostrich gave it to me yesterday,” Ranjan almost stumbled over his words, remembering in time that he couldn’t tell them what happened that night. He managed a smile to try and fool his father.
The chief glanced at him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had seen Ranjan this happy before, and was befuddled as to the reason for this sudden change. But when the shouts from outside became louder, he finally decided to drop the thought and find out what was going on.

He was shocked the moment he found out the reason for the uproar. The ostrich…their fame for the future…was gone! The lock that had been on the gate was now lying upon the ground, and the keys were still hanging in their place inside the hut. Nobody had any idea what could have happened to their ‘golden egg’, but once the chief came up with Ranjan, they asked him for a possible explanation.
There was of course, no explanation that the chief could give. He immediately jumped to the conclusion that somebody in the village had turned the ostrich loose, but there was no evidence as to who could have done it.
Aside from one suspicion…
He turned back towards his son. Now that the chief thought about it, he remembered about how Ranjan had wanted the ostrich to be free instead of being locked in the cage like a trapped beast. And he had refused to be happy until now…when it was found that the ostrich was gone this very day. And the boy had a feather with him…which struck as a piece of evidence…
Putting two and two together, the chief then realized the truth: Ranjan had freed the ostrich!
This time, the chief’s anger was so high that he did not care about his own son anymore. He angrily grabbed Ranjan and walked him towards the village gates, throwing him outside and slamming them so hard that the planks shuddered. “YOU ARE BANISHED FOR YOUR MISDEED, YOU HORRIBLE BRAT!” he shouted. “I HOPE THE WILD ANIMALS WILL BE SATISFIED TO EAT YOU UP, YOU DISGRACE OF A SON!”
But Ranjan simply turned away. “Well, thank you very much!” he shouted. “I’d much rather live out here than with you horrible people anymore!” And without another word, he ran out into the jungle, never looking back…

Ranjan didn’t stop running until he finally went out of breath and collapsed onto his hands and knees. He panted and gritted his teeth angrily, thinking of how horrid life really had been in that village. Well, they were no family of his anymore. He would never go back, and for all he cared about them, he would much rather be eaten by a hungry tiger or something than try to go back there.
RRRROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Speaking of hungry tigers…
Ranjan immediately got up upon hearing that loud feline sound in the distance. Was it Shere Khan, the mighty tiger, that he once remembered Mowgli telling him about ages back? Ranjan had always tried to act brave back in the village, but this time, actually being out in the jungle, on his own, felt a little frightening. He couldn’t help but shiver.
Deciding to move on, Ranjan began to run again through the jungle, but as he did, he suddenly felt something snag his loincloth. Looking back as he continued to run on the spot, he noticed a branch had caught him, but before he could try and reach behind him to pull it off…
TWANG! The branch suddenly sprung back and catapulted Ranjan backwards through the air. He squealed as he flew through the air…
BONK! And hit something through the trees as he flew!
“Oooooh…my ssssssssinusssssssesssssss!” a strange, hissing noise groaned as the rock python that had just developed a nasty headache from the flying man-cub tried to see wearily what had hit it.
But by then Ranjan was out of sight, still flying through the air, and then finally came to a landing upon the jungle grounds, where he slid along the cool jungle floor until…
BUMP! Ranjan bumped into something.
Looking down, he noticed it looked like a pair of claws!
“Yeow!” Ranjan thought it to be a tiger at first, and immediately found his feet, running like mad through the jungle, hoping to try and get away. But no sooner had he gotten about ten feet then suddenly, he felt his feet leave the ground and he started to move upwards, stopping completely still in the air.
“Huh?” Ranjan looked behind him…
“Hello, Ranjan,” the voice of Ali the ostrich murmured to him while the bird held him up with his beak, grinning at the man-cub who happily smiled at seeing who it was.
“Ali! It’s you!” Ranjan laughed as Ali bent his neck to place the man-cub on his feathery back, and the ostrich smiled as Ranjan gave his neck a big hug.
“Say Ranjan, what brings you out here into the jungle?” Ali asked his friend.
“The village banished me, because they found out I set you free,” Ranjan told him. “But I’m glad I was, because I don’t like it when they do things like that to animals…I’d much rather live as a wild man-cub than with them any longer.”
Ali seemed to beam at him. “Well, you can, friend. You’ll be my man-cub from now on, Ranjan…and I’ll be your pet. We can look after each other.”
Ranjan instantly cheered up upon hearing that. “Really? That’s great! Thanks, Ali.” Another hug was given in thanks.
“Say, Ranjan, now that I just remembered, there’s something else I need to show you,” Ali then continued. “Hold tight to my neck…I’ll take you for a quick run.” Ranjan did as he was told, and Ali began running really fast through the jungle. Ranjan was amazed; Ali was probably one of the greatest runners in the jungle, and for a flightless bird, too.

A short while later, Ali came across a clearing where a cave dwelled near a pool of water and a few coconut trees. He let Ranjan down and then called out, “Hello…anybody here?”
Then as Ranjan watched, he got a surprise the moment he saw two familiar figures emerging from the cave, alongside a huge grey bear and a black panther. “Mowgli! Shanti!”
“Ranjan!?” the two man-cubs couldn’t believe their eyes. They immediately broke into a three-way hug, glad to have each other back again. Behind them, Baloo, Bagheera and Ali all shared a warm smile.
Ali then told Ranjan on how he had found his new friends here after being set loose from the village, how he had befriended Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, and how they had come to live in peace in this very clearing. Now that Ranjan was with them, the group was complete.

From that day onwards, Ranjan lived peacefully in the jungle as a wild man-cub, with Ali the ostrich as his pet and best friend always beside him to help him collect food, ride about on his back and learn what the jungle life was like. Sometimes they’d even travel with Mowgli, Shanti, Baloo and Bagheera. Bagheera had also taken a shine to young Ranjan, often taking him on his back whenever Ali was busy elsewhere.
But the best part of life in the jungle was at night, for whenever Ali would roost in the cave, he would often cover Ranjan with one of his umbrella-like wings like a warm blanket, and they would sleep together dreaming sweet dreams.
And every time Ranjan reflected back on their first days together, he felt glad he had saved Ali from the village and the cage, and was happy to live the rest of his life out here in the jungle with his friends.
Ranjan's New Pet
This story was requested by :icontoelover16:.
After Mowgli and Shanti are thrown out of the village, Ranjan befriends a caught ostrich and makes friends with it, setting it free and thus getting himself banished. But it just comes to show that friendship with animals really does increase the chances of surviving out in the jungle.
Arty is a young lad about four years younger than his older Adventurer brother, Trinity. He has brighter-blonde hair with deep-blue eyes, a cute dimple on his chin and a constant nervous smile whenever he is excited about something. His usual outfit consists of a yellow shirt with brown hiking shorts, white jogging shoes and a brown utility belt, showing that he is part boy-scout. Though a little lanky, he shows a good strength when needed, and Trinity respects him for his help. Despite the slight edge the brothers might have against each other every now and then, their loyalty as brothers is second-to-none.

Though he is still only a young fella at twenty-one years of age, he is quite the adventurous type and often tries to provide assistance when they might need him. One usual trait he often is famous for is helping Trinity when he is tied up in problems, and he needs someone to slash the ropes. Arty carries a handy utility knife on his belt and a few other useful gadgets provided to him by Dr. Gene (ES) Macro, the genius inventor.
Arty shortly learned how to ‘space-jump’ after Trinity when he spied on his brother during the showdown against the Dark Master during Hub War II. This showdown resulted in Trinity getting frozen and cast into the space void (which eventually led to him being found by the T.W.C.), and Arty, despite being afraid of the Dark Master, stood his ground and took over his brother’s rank to dispel the darkness using Trinity’s crystal to aid him. While with this crystal, he temporarily gained all of his brother’s abilities, until they finally reunited at the T.W.C. and Arty gave the crystal back.
Arty often carries a backpack upon his back which he claims he uses to carry around extra food and water whenever people might need it, and that’s partly true, as the containments inside are pretty obvious. But the real reason for the backpack is to store his special means of transportation…a secret trigger in the pack releases a burst of helium-powered wings, giving Arty the gift of flight. With this he can fly a good distance for about twenty minutes before needing to refuel.

Arty shows more of a genius intellect during to his time hanging around with Dr. Macro since his youth. But because of this, he is often targeted by enemies who seek him for his talent. This considers Arty’s know-how a bit of a danger, most likely due to incidents that happened in the past.

Fighting skills
Though not as talented as his Adventurer brother, Arty does show a rank of skill in fighting, as targeting with guns and other weaponry makes Arty more of an ace than Trinity. His close melee combat skills started reasonably good, but he later learned a few new fighting strategies from Shelly Blake and improved somewhat. Also, in times of great need, he relies on his safely-kept gadgets to aid the fight, or at least distract an attack for a period of time. While most of the gadgets are currently unidentified by the outside world, there is evidence that he keeps a few throwing knives handy to pin enemies up to walls, and he keeps a couple of smoke grenades secure in his pockets.

Known history so far…

Family torn apart shortly after birth

In the beginning, baby Marty was the fourth-born child from his mother just after Trinity. But he was only a few weeks old when their home was attacked, and the family was torn apart. Marty’s mother fled with him, determined not to let the Shadow Demons claim him just as they had influenced her first two half-children (these two had been bred through her under the influence of a Dark Lord who wanted her for himself). Escaping from the jungle home where they had been living, Arty, though a baby he was, had enough of a sense to see a white tiger in the distance carrying a young boy away…

Only a young boy
The lad was soon discovered living a normal life at the age of nine with a family of artists, hence he earned the nickname ‘Arty’ which he grew fond of and officially stuck with it as his name. When an attack on the Homeworld resulted in Arty meeting Trinity (who at the time was only thirteen), the two didn’t recognize each other as Arty had no memory of him ever since his babyhood, and Trinity had suffered from memory loss over his youth. But after seeing Trinity’s acts to fight over the war-mongering simulant army which called themselves the Armageddon (Trinity’s original enemy from the Homeworld), Arty was inspired, and in an act to avenge his adopted family, he followed Trinity to learn how to fight like him. He soon met up with Dr. Macro who showed him some handy boy-scout abilities that he bears to this day.

Escaping to the stars
When Trinity and his friends rebuilt the destroyed space colony into the ZONER, Arty was one of the few that took off with it to escape from the Homeworld and explore the regions of Deep Space. Arty spent most of his time helping Dr. Macro out with his gadgets and inventions, and gained a rather nifty streak of intelligence from him during their time together, at least until the incident involving everybody getting separated occurred, which in turn led to the start of the seven segments of Trinity’s adventures.

Found…but, as an enemy
During Trinity’s adventures, he found each of his friends in a different segment of his travels. Arty was the one he found in the 5th Segment. When the Adventurer returned to Dinotopia, a shadowy figure who rallied under the name of ‘Moriarty’ faced off against him, forcing Trinity to fight back until the figure’s face was revealed. To Trinity’s astonishment, it was Arty.
Later on, Trinity soon discovered that the main threat of Dinotopia, Ogthar, was using the Ruby Sunstone’s influence to control Arty and cause chaos. Trinity faced off against them both and managed to get rid of the Ruby Sunstone, thus freeing Arty from Ogthar’s control and forcing the villain to retreat. During that time, the two finally recognized each other as brothers.

Further adventures
Arty continued to travel around with Trinity as the last part of the 5th Segment took place, until they were separated on the planet Sauria and Arty was left with Star Fox to help Prince Tricky in stopping the SharpClaws from dominating Krazoa Palace.
They met again at the end of the seven segments when Hub War II broke out over the Homeworld and Trinity was spotted fighting against a strange enemy called Keizer, who wielded an item called the Corruption Element. Its essence later caused Arty’s darker side of Moriarty to trigger and he went on another chaos spree, until Trinity later purified him with his crystal. Later, when Arty was captured by the Dark Master, Trinity came to save him and used all of his power to stop his nemesis, resulting in him getting lost and frozen in space. Arty took his crystal and bravely used it to finish off the Dark Master, and then help the survivors to finish off the war.

New friends and a new lifestyle
Sometime later, Arty and the rest of his friends discovered a strange signal emitting from a world existing parallel to theirs. Finding their way to Earth, Arty was relieved to find that Trinity had survived and was now working alongside the T.W.C.  After a short while, Arty joined the gang as a Dinotopia Operative, keeping a handy patrol upon that world while Trinity often did his part for the Land before Time.
Arty, Trinity's younger brother
Okay, here's another profile, this time about Arty, the younger brother of Trinity the Adventurer.
(This profile might not be quite complete yet, but so far the details are pretty basic.)
Birthday Boy by etaris333
Birthday Boy
Yee hah! It's been another fun birthday today. And now I return home to find my OC, Trinity the Adventurer, must be having a fun time too. He is currently with his friends of the African Jungle, and Lune and Lukio are wishing him a happy birthday.

This picture is a gift from :icongloverboy23:...thanks, mate! :thumbsup: It's been the best birthday ever!
Okay, here's a fresh update for my list to write. I'm going to limit myself a bit with any future requests, because there's quite a lot to write for and I do want to spend some time writing my own stories as well. When the list is narrowed down I'll put in a limit so I can try to keep a steady flow for requests.
I am also hoping that in the long term I can provide at least 10 of some very big stories, or projects, as I like to call them. The Great Valley Wars is my first project so far, and once I get close to finishing it, I hope to start soon with the second.

The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

Mini-Stories (Limit: 5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Jungle Vore Book (Sneed)
:iconthe-white-spirit: Sequel to Aaryn's Over-Affectionate Pet
:iconeternaldragonstear: Toy of the Great Eagle 7
(Request field open)
(Request field open)

Chapter Stories (limit should be 3)
:iconkinghuffy2: Outback Jungle Boy
:iconraventhedoll: The Mr. Black Collection (3/5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Grand Duke’s Fairy Tales (3/7)
:icongloverboy23: Ken gets the royal treatment
:iconmaltian: Lapras vore story (2/4)
:iconslycooper0213: The Flying Tigers
:iconsusenm74: Initial-Dino

Project Stories
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74: Great Valley Wars (20/60)
2 (tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art): The Pangaea Trilogy


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.

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