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Okay, here's a fresh update for my list to write. I'm going to limit myself a bit with any future requests, because there's quite a lot to write for and I do want to spend some time writing my own stories as well. When the list is narrowed down I'll put in a limit so I can try to keep a steady flow for requests.
I am also hoping that in the long term I can provide at least 10 of some very big stories, or projects, as I like to call them. The Great Valley Wars is my first project so far, and once I get close to finishing it, I hope to start soon with the second.

The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

Mini-Stories (Limit: 5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Jungle Vore Book (Sneed)
:iconthe-white-spirit: Sequel to Aaryn's Over-Affectionate Pet
:iconeternaldragonstear: Toy of the Great Eagle 7
:iconsusenm74: The Mask part 2
(Request field open)

Chapter Stories (limit should be 3)
:iconkinghuffy2: Outback Jungle Boy
:iconraventhedoll: The Mr. Black Collection (4/5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Grand Duke’s Fairy Tales (4/7)
:icongloverboy23: Ken gets the royal treatment
:iconmaltian: Lapras vore story (2/4)
:iconslycooper0213: The Flying Tigers
:iconsusenm74: Initial-Dino

Project Stories
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74: Great Valley Wars (20/60)
2 (tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art): The Pangaea Trilogy


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Bianca is now 13 years old, and she was starting to travel about more often than usual. Raven often stayed with her and Longclaw would watch her from the shadows.
One day, Bianca was at the shopping mall buying some dresses. The first one she picked she had seen before. The second one was nice but cost $100. Well, I can change that, she thought. She used her powers on the tag…
A saleslady came walking up to her. “Can I help you, miss?”
“Yes, I’d like to buy this dress,” Bianca told her. “How much is it?”
“That dress is about $100.”
“$100? Then why does it say $10 on the tag?”
The saleslady blinked and looked at the tag. Sure enough, it said $10. “Oh, so it does…I’m sorry, my mistake.” Bianca paid her the $10 and walked out of the store with her new dress.
Then she went to the book store, and was just in the middle of choosing some books when she walked behind a book-case…
And at that very moment a robber chose to storm in and start shooting his gun at the ceiling. “Put your hands up…all of you! Give me whatever money you have…and don’t try anything foolish or else!”
But before he could get even close to his first hostage, Bianca, having heard the commotion, sneaked around him from behind the bookcase and kicked him from behind, flattening him to the ground. “Not while I’m around!” she pinned him down.
A moment later, the security guards arrived and took the unfortunate crook away. The book store owner came up to Bianca. “Thank you miss, for saving my store, but who are you?”
“I just want to shop in peace,” was all Bianca said, and bid farewell, walking out of the shop.

The next day, the newspaper boy was the first to deliver the news in the paper. “Extra! Extra! Read all about it…a girl at the book-shop caught a robber off guard! Read it and weep!”
People came to buy the papers and see for themselves. They began wondering who the mystery girl was that stopped the robber. When Bianca heard about it, she was glad she was able to help.
She was just walking down the street when suddenly, she saw a baby buggy sliding down the street. Bianca chased after it and managed to stop it before it capsized over a railing to go splash in the river below. “Poor baby,” she said, and pushed it back to where she had seen it rolling.
Eventually, she came to the baby’s frantic mother. “Anne! Oh, my baby! Thank you, miss.”
“It’s okay,” Bianca told her. “She’s so cute…goodbye and take care.”
She was just about to turn and leave when the mother asked, “Wait, what’s your name?”
“Well miss, I want to give you a dollar for helping me.”
“No, that’s not necessary. I like to do it for free…but if you wouldn’t mind, I’ll give you a gift instead.” She took out a doll from her bag and put it in the baby buggy. “I hope you enjoy it, little one. Bye.” She immediately ran out of sight.
“What a nice girl,” the woman thought.

Later that night, the reporter on the TV began talking about Bianca’s deed in saving the baby. Bianca, much to her surprise, discovered that the baby was in fact the child of the mayor. Now it seemed that everybody wanted to meet her…but they had no idea where she was.
But unknown to even Bianca, Mr. Black was watching through her window-sill. He had plans for her. “I’ll use her new fame to my advantage,” he said silently to himself.

When the morning finally came, a sleepy yawn came from Bianca from her hiding place in the park. She had slept there so that she wouldn’t be disturbed by anybody wanting to talk to her about her fame. She checked her watch. It was eight in the morning.
She got up and walked out onto the streets. Using her magic, she pinched a candy bar from the candy shop to eat later. Then she walked past the toy shop and looked in the window, wondering what there was to see.
By the time she came to a train station, a strange man with a grey suit strolled past her just as another strange event occurred. Somebody suddenly pulled out a gun and started shooting like mad. Bianca quickly pushed the grey-suited man down so he wouldn’t get hit, and then quickly teleported close to the man, standing just behind him. Before he could notice her, Bianca quickly head-butted him and knocked him down.
The cops immediately rushed onto the scene and handcuffed the man. Before Bianca could move, a reporter was on the scene and ran up to her. “Miss, who are you and why did you stop this man?”
“It was just a good deed. Now please let me be!” Bianca tried to walk away, but she was suddenly stopped by the man in the grey suit that she had saved a moment ago.
“Miss, I’d like to thank you for saving me. It was a real pleasure to be saved by you,” he said.
Bianca heard what he said and suddenly noticed the choice of words…she knew too well; it was Mr. Black in disguise again as a rich man. But she played along. “Well, sir, I just did it for a good deed.”
“Well here, take this,” the man held out some money.
“I’m sorry; I don’t take money. Bye,” Bianca ran off.
By the time Mr. Black walked out of the train station, Bianca was out of sight. He sighed and walked towards a nearby limo. “This is going to be trickier than I thought,” he muttered silently as he got in to try and find where Bianca had gone.

Bianca continued to walk around town, but when she finally had enough, she returned to the park, sat down on the bench and ate her candy. “I wish I could go home, but there are always villains after me and I can’t let them hurt my family.”
It suddenly started to rain and Bianca was forced to run out onto the streets, wet and cold.
It continued to rain until nightfall came, and Bianca stayed in a wide-open box in an alley. She was cold and thinking of stealing some money to buy something warm, but she couldn’t do something like that. “Taking money is wrong,” she reminded herself.
Just then, a limo rolled up to the alley. The grey-suited man from before appeared. “Miss Bianca, you can’t sit out here in a box all wet and cold like this. Why don’t you come with me?”
“Mom said never to trust strangers,” Bianca immediately pointed out.
“But then where is your Mom?” the man asked. “Come on…you should at least get out of the rain.”
Bianca gave in and got into the limo.

The limo drove over to a mansion. Upon entering, a maid inside began drying her off. “Thank you,” Bianca had to thank her.
The grey-suited man then came up, smiling. “I must say, Bianca, it’s good to see you again.”
Bianca turned to face him. “So, Mr. Black, why did you bring me here? How did you even know I was out there?”
“Let’s just say a little bird told me,” Mr. Black grinned through his disguise. “My maid will show you to your room.”
“Why are you doing this, Mr. Black? Aren’t we supposed to be enemies?” Bianca suspiciously asked.
“You did save me today, Bianca. That’s a good excuse,” Mr. Black bluntly said.
Bianca just sighed and let the maid escort her upstairs. She was shown to her room. “There is a fresh change of clothes on your bed. Dinner will be at 6pm, Miss Bianca.”
“Okay, thank you,” Bianca thanked her and the maid left the room. But as Bianca turned towards the bed, she noticed that there were cameras hanging down from the roof. Clearly, she was being watched. She frowned and began to block them so she wouldn’t be spied on.
What is Mr. Black up to, I wonder? Bianca thought to herself.

Bianca entered the dining room wearing a red dress. Dinner was served and Bianca just ate salad, but all the while she could see that Mr. Black refused to take his eyes off her. It really unnerved her to be watched like that.
“Now, since you’re here, Bianca, I would like to talk to you. Do your parents know where you are?”
Bianca heard what he said, but said nothing in return.
“Do you have a place to stay at, perhaps?”
Again, Bianca did not reply.
Mr. Black fingered his chin. “I see. Well, since you did save me, you can live here for the time being.”
Bianca was surprised, but not wanting to be rude by saying nothing for a third time, she replied, “Thank you, Mr. Black sir. I hope it won’t be any trouble.”
Mr. Black laughed. “Of course not…a child like you does need a home, and please forgive me on whatever I did to you in the past. I plan to change my ways.”
“I certainly hope so,” said Bianca, and she went back to eating her meal. But deep down she could tell that Mr. Black was up to something…there was no doubting the evil inside of him.
Finally finishing up her dinner, she thanked him again and went back up to her room. Looking for something to do, she came across the bookshelves. To her surprise, she found some of her most favourite books: Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, and the Jungle Book.
Smiling, she took out Moby Dick and read it.

By the time the clocks struck ten o’clock, she started to get ready for bed. She took her doll out of her pack and whispered, “Hello, Raven.”
Raven immediately smiled at her. “Hi, Bianca. What’s been happening?”
“Shh,” Bianca sent her a message through her mind. “We are at Mr. Black’s house, so act like a normal doll.”
“Okay,” Raven immediately lowered her tone so she could whisper. “Why is he letting you stay here? You know he’s a villain who wants your power.”
“I know. I saved him, so he’s returning the favour, but I know that he’s up to something. So until then, we’ll play along okay?” When Raven agreed Bianca hugged her and then started to climb into bed, placing Raven next to her.

But outside the door to the bedroom, Mr. Black watched through a little peep-hole. If I keep this up, she’ll soon be a villain in no time, he thought to himself.

* * *

The next morning, Bianca woke up. She went downstairs to have some waffles for breakfast, which were her favourite. The butler was kind enough and Bianca thanked him for making them for her. Then Bianca went outside to look out at the backyard. She inhaled deeply and took in the scent of the air around her. Then she started to play with Raven for a while.
Eventually, Mr. Black came walking out. “Morning, Bianca,” he replied quietly.
“Good morning, Mr. Black,” Bianca jumped the moment she heard his voice. “You startled me. I was just playing in the yard.”
“I see you brought Raven with you too,” Mr. Black simply smiled at her.
“Yes. Thank you for the books in my room too. They’re great.”
“It’s the least I can do,” Mr. Black nodded. “I’ll be busy today, so I hope you have a good day today.”
“I will, thanks,” said Bianca. Mr. Black left to do his business.
“Bianca,” Raven whispered to her. “He seems nice.”
“Maybe,” Bianca muttered. “But I know he is up to something. And I think I know what to do about it.” She put her hands on her head, focusing with her mind and calling out to Longclaw, to meet with him a bit later.

When she was ready to go out, Bianca went out to the limo and asked the driver to take her to the park. When they got there, Bianca had fun flying a kite about as it was a windy day.
But after a few minutes, she stopped playing as she noticed Longclaw hiding in the nearby bushes. Running over, she took a camera out of her pocket.
“Hi, Longclaw,” she greeted him. “It’s good to see you again. Can you do me a favour? I need you to take this camera and spy on Mr. Black.”
“I understand, Bianca,” Longclaw took the camera. “Be careful.” He ran off.
With that done, Bianca left too and decided to spend the rest of the day looking around the local museum. She was just walking up to a huge bone-sculpture made to look like a dinosaur. She liked the look of it, but then, as she got close she suddenly noticed a child reaching over to touch the bones.
Suddenly, the dinosaur began to fall. Bianca quickly ran up and pushed the child out of the way. There was a big clattering noise, and the dinosaur became no more.
“Whoa,” the child gasped. “You saved me, miss. Thank you.”
“Ohhh, my son,” the child’s mother suddenly came running up. “Thank you miss, for saving him.”
“No problem, miss,” Bianca stood up. “Be good from now on, little boy.” She began to walk away.

A little later, Bianca finally had to leave the museum and return back to Mr. Black’s mansion. When she returned, she went to her room to read Sherlock Holmes, until about 5 o’clock, when dinner was served.
Coming downstairs, she saw Mr. Black at the table. “How was your day, Bianca?” he asked.
“I had fun,” Bianca told him. “I did save a boy at the museum. How was your day?”
“Very good. I’ve been talking to people recently and they say they’ve heard you’ve been staying with me. They want us both to open up a new theme park…I’m going to make the official opening tomorrow.”
“What time shall we go then?” Bianca asked.
“We can go at 10 in the morning. So let’s have a nice night shall we?”
They ate their dinner and enjoyed their night. But deep down, Bianca couldn’t help wondering what Mr. Black had planned for this theme park. What is he up to?

When she finally went up to her room, Bianca waited until all the lights had gone out, then she quietly searched around the house for any evidence that there might ever be a secret lab or something hidden away. But unfortunately, she couldn’t find anything.
She then decided to spy on Mr. Black himself. She immediately detected him in the darkness of his own office, and she crept close to the door, listening to him snickering to himself. “This is terrific…I’m starting to gain her trust. The more I’m nice to her, the more I’m like a father…heh, heh!”
Well, well, Bianca thought. So that’s his plan, is it? She returned to her room. “Raven,” she whispered to her doll. “He’s only trying to gain my trust, but I don’t know why. He really must be up to something.”
“Do you think it has anything to do with this new theme park?” Raven asked.
“I’m not sure,” Bianca shook her head. “But I don’t like this…I don’t like it at all.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere, undetected by the security guards that patrolled the area, Longclaw carefully took flash-less pictures of everything he could find in the building. It was unbelievable that nobody knew this place existed; even the security guards themselves didn’t know it was a secret lab, they believed it was a bank.
But Longclaw wasn’t fooled. Sniffing out certain roots had led him straight here, and within no time, he had finally pinpointed Mr. Black’s secret lab and was astounded at just how many weapons were stored here. Not wanting to leave anything out, he snapped pictures of everything he could see.
“This is good,” he spoke to himself. “This is enough evidence to put him in jail.” Finally finished with the camera, he slipped silently into the shadows…

The very next morning, Mr. Black took Bianca and Raven with him in his limo to the new theme park. It was a nice day, and Bianca and Raven were eager to have fun.
When they arrived, they saw the theme park was called Wacky Land. It had at least 7 roller-coasters and a huge collection of other rides.
Mr. Black walked up to the front stage where the opening procedure would take place. “As we stand here today,” he announced, “we open to you all this new theme park.” He cut the ribbon and the doors opened, thus setting off a chain reaction of screams and cries of joy from kids all around the neighbourhood as they poured in.
“Okay Bianca, you go and have fun,” Mr. Black smiled at her.
Bianca ran in and went to play games, ride on the rides and eat snacks. This was probably one of the best days yet in her life, if only it didn’t involve Mr. Black. She still didn’t trust him.
Just then, she spotted Longclaw beckoning to her from behind the Ferris wheel. She ran up to him. “Did you bring the film?”
“Yes,” Longclaw nodded and showed it to her. The film was filled with all the evidence of Mr. Black’s lab and all the weapons stored in it. Bianca took one of the pictures with Mr. Black on it to keep with her as evidence. “Now take the film to the police,” Bianca told Longclaw. “But don’t tell them who you are, understand?”
“I do. See you later, Bianca,” Longclaw immediately ran off, while Bianca went back to having fun at the park.
A little later though, trouble arose as suddenly a roller-coaster broke down and one of the cars was stuck high up. The kids cried out for help, and Bianca immediately heard it. She knew she couldn’t use her powers here, but she had no choice. She quickly jumped onto the ride and ran up to collect the kids, and help them safely down.
But unfortunately, one kid tried to climb down himself and lost his footing. He fell crying in terror, but Bianca instantly teleported and saved him. Once the kids were finally safe on the ground, their parents thanked Bianca. As Mr. Black came up, they asked if Bianca was her child. He agreed, but with a slight grin on his face. Soon enough, it’ll be time, he thought as the parents again thanked Bianca for saving their children.

Fun continued to roll over the time until it was finally 7 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was setting. Mr. Black, Bianca and Raven returned to the lime and drove home.
“So, Bianca, how do you like being a hero?” Mr. Black asked.
“It was okay,” Bianca plainly said, “But I know that you still plan to use me for your own plans.”
“Now why would you say that, Bianca?” Mr. Black asked her with a suspicious tone. But then, Bianca held up the picture she had of him in his evil lab. “Well, well,” his demeanour changed into an evil grin. “You’re too smart for your own good, Bianca.”
“And just what are you going to do about it? Face it, Mr. Black, you’re not as tricky and powerful as you think you are. I hate to leave your home but you’re just too evil for me to put up with. Goodbye, Mr. Black,” she immediately took hold of Raven and teleported away.
And before Mr. Black could attempt anything, the limo suddenly stopped and the windows were illuminated with red and blue flashing lights as a police siren could be heard outside. Mr. Black’s eyes went wide as the limo door opened and the police reached in to pull him out.
“Mr. Black, you are arrested for using guns and for having a secret lab in your possession. We are fining you for all these offenses, sir.”
“But how!? HOW!?” Mr. Black gasped. How could they have known about it?
“We were given solid proof by an unknown person who gave us a roll of film from a camera,” they simply said. “Come this way, Mr. Black.”
The villain was shoved straight into the police car and driven to the nearest police station. From nearby in the shadows, Bianca, Raven and Longclaw watched as the apprehension had taken place.
“Let’s go home, guys,” Bianca suggested. Both Raven and Longclaw agreed.
“Rub a dub-dub…a mouse in a tub…and how do you think it got there? The witch in the house put a hex on that mouse and then turned it to gingerbread.”
“Ooooh la la la la it’s a wonderful house, made out of candies and treats, and when a young child arrives from the wild I’ll make him as plump as sweets.”
“Because I’m a witch, a crafty young witch, I’ll fatten him up to bake, without being hasty he’ll be nice and tasty to place on the top of my cake!”
Those were the sweet-sounding words and self-made lyrics of the Three Men in a Tub song, performed by the happy Tigress who sang as she scrubbed her dishes spotlessly clean. For a while now, she had been hoping that a nice young housemaid could help her out in the kitchen; not that she didn’t mind doing it herself, it was just that if she had more time to spare washing the dishes she had been using, she’d have more time to bake even more delicious treats.
Perhaps if she was lucky, she might even get a few lost little children to bake for her husband Tai Lung. She’d consider it a ‘welcome home!’ kind of present.
Tai Lung had gone out hunting for a week-long hunting trip…and Tigress was already missing him deeply. She couldn’t wait for the week to go by as it often got lonely in the house. She so wanted to be in his arms again; she missed having him around to enjoy her cooking with as well. Perhaps with any luck she would find some tasty children before he would arrive home and she could cook them up for their dinner.
She finally placed the last clean dish in the rack and left them to dry. She was just drying her paws up with the tea-towel when she thought she could hear the most peculiar sound. She stopped where she was and listened carefully. It sounded like there was something nibbling upon the outside wall made of gingerbread.
Tigress grinned. Nibble, nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house? She thought to herself. She had to cover her mouth to keep herself from drooling at the thought of finding a little lost child picking at the sweet-house she called her home. Creeping closer to where the sound was coming from, she heard it coming from the outside window close to the front door.
Her grin grew bigger as she knew this would be an easy catch.
She took hold of what appeared to be the cord for the curtains next to the window, but oddly, the cord was not attached to the curtain…
She pulled it. There was the sound of a swoop and then “Eek!” both the sound of a young boy and girl went off as the window opened, and the net they had been caught in outside tossed them into the house, landing in a heap right next to Tigress. WHUMP! Then the window shut behind them.
“Why, hello my dear little man-cubs,” Tigress smiled down at them. “Welcome to my house. Tell me, did you like the taste of my gingerbread walls?”
The man-cubs, both a boy and a girl, looked up in astonishment at her. The girl stuttered, “Uh, we’re sorry, madam. We didn’t know that this was your house.”
“Oh, it’s no trouble at all,” Tigress held her paws out to help them out. “What are your names, my dears?”
“My name is Shantel, ma’am,” the girl continued. “And this is my brother, Mowgsel.”
“Ah, what nice names,” Tigress let out a warm smile. “You must be hungry…coming all the way through these woods to my little house. Well, you two are in luck…I happen to be one of the best cooks in the woods here. Enjoy your time here, so try out anything you want to eat.”
“Um, that’s very nice of you, ma’am,” Mowgsel stammered, still a little nervous. “But we really should get going. We’ve heard that there is a wicked witch that lives out here in these woods, and we must find our way home.”
Tigress’s face fell. “My dear boy,” she said, “when I said enjoy your time here, I didn’t mean it as a choice. I’m afraid I can’t let you leave…it’s way too dangerous out there. You’d be much better staying here with me.”
Mowgsel and Shantel glanced at each other for a moment, lost in deep thought. But then, the moment they looked back at Tigress, they immediately bolted for the front door.
But the moment they reached for the door handle, it disappeared!
The man-cubs gasped, and tried to push and pull the door open, but to their astonishment, the door was bolted tight, almost like it was sealed in place.
“Trying to run won’t get you anywhere, my dears,” Tigress laughed. “My magic force field prevents anybody from leaving my house, especially young children like yourselves. Now that you know you can’t leave, don’t bother trying to find another way out.”
But the man-cubs tried not to listen and ran past Tigress again, attempting to jump through the window they had been scooped through. But the moment they dived…BANG! They bounced off the steel-like window and fell back onto the floor. The window did not even break or shatter.
Both Mowgsel and Shantel immediately began moving to try and run again, but Tigress was getting bored of it and she twiddled her finger, causing a cage to form up around them. They shook the bars, but they were firm and would not bend. They were trapped.
“You will stay there until you calm down, but I intend to keep you both taken care of, my children,” Tigress nodded. “I have plenty of snacks including pies and cakes and sweets which I’m sure you love. But during your stay I must ask that you help me out in the house with a few chores.”
The two man-cubs were too frightened to reply, and even if they could they would have no choice anyway. Not that it mattered to Tigress, because she had great plans for them, and now it seemed she had the ideal present for her husband when he would return.
All she had to do was fatten them up in about a week’s time…

So Tigress began treating the imprisoned Mowgsel and Shantel almost like her own two children, keeping them well-fed with all the delicious treats that she cooked and baked every day. At first it seemed okay, but soon the man-cubs began to fear that she was feeding them to death, because they were starting to put on quite a bit of weight as the week slowly progressed.
But as well as feeding them, Tigress often got them both to do chores around the house. At first the man-cubs were very reluctant to do chores, but they had no choice unless they would rather eat more from Tigress’s kitchen. Besides, doing chores at least gave them something else to do rather than sit around and eat all day. While Mowgsel was often forced to sweep and dust around the house, Tigress would send Shantel out to the outside well to fetch the water for her cookery. (*) When they were both done, they would be made to assist Tigress with her cooking.
The man-cubs obviously didn’t know what it was that Tigress would really want from them, but whatever it had to do with being overfed and plumped up, they feared they weren’t going to like it.

Then one day, a visitor came to the house.
Mowgsel and Shantel were dusting the front room when suddenly, a knock came on the door. They looked up to see it opening, and there, standing in the doorway, appeared to be a young anthro-feline, who regarded the man-cubs with a concerned look.
Was it another child? Was he going to fall into the same trap?
“Run! Run! Don’t enter this house!” they shouted. “Don’t fall into the witch’s trap…she’ll fatten you up and eat you! Stay away from here! Try and find help!”
But for some strange reason, the feline just looked at them with a curious look. “You overgrown cubs think you have the nerve to call my step-aunt a witch?” This gave Mowgsel and Shantel the shock of their lives – this kid was related to the witch?
“Peng…is that you, dear?” Tigress suddenly emerged into the room. “Hello, darling.” She walked over and wrapped the young leopard in a hug. “It’s nice to see you.”
“I’m happy to see you too,” Peng smiled at his step-aunt. “Those plump-looking man-cubs you have there accused you of being a scary witch, but I don’t believe that.”
“Oh, man-cubs these days,” Tigress sighed innocently. “If they ever knew what they were talking about, they’d have to be much plumper and fatter than ever to be understandable in this world.”
Peng licked his lips. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Is my uncle home?”
“Not yet, Peng dear,” Tigress patted his hair. “He’s on a hunting trip right now, but he is due back tomorrow, and I’m just preparing the house for his return.” She handed him a box of flavoured tarts. “Here, these are for your mother.”
“Thank you, Tigress,” Peng hugged her again. “I love you.”
“I love you too, honey,” Tigress kissed him and Peng went off, shutting the door behind him.
Mowgsel and Shantel simply stared, not knowing what to make of the situation.
Tigress turned back towards them and smirked. “The only people that ever come through my forest without fear of being eaten are my husband’s family,” she explained. “That was my husband’s nephew; as tasty as he may seem as a child, I would never eat him because he is family.”
She then slapped them gently on their shoulders. “Hop to it, you two…back to work. I must have this house spick-and-span for my husband’s return tomorrow, and I have yet to make my special gingerbread!”
Mowgsel and Shantel glanced at each other, fearing the worst was about to come. Staring at their own huge bellies, they feared what it was that Tigress had planned for them by the time her husband would come back.

And the very next day…

It was the last day of preparation. Tai Lung was due back in a few hours, and Tigress was now about to put her fattened-up man-cubs through the final phase of her cookbook.
Tigress had her special gingerbread prepared in her cauldron and was just stirring the full pot to mix it up nicely. Once it was done, she unlocked the cage and led a terrified Mowgsel out of it, towards the cauldron.
“Now, dear Mowgsel,” she cooed at him. “I want you to come up to my cauldron, and try to guess what flavour of food you can smell in it?”
Mowgsel nervously leaned forward to try and smell the scent coming from it, but he feared the whole time that the end was near, that his last moment was about to occur.
And it did.
All of a sudden, Tigress pushed Mowgsel straight into the cauldron, and a gasp came from Shantel as a sudden outburst of bubbling became evident in the huge pot as Tigress began stirring again, going for another few minutes before she finally stopped and reached in with a special pair of tongs…
And slowly took out a huge, obese, gingerbread-covered, motionless Mowgsel. He had been baked into the gingerbread! Tigress carefully held him out with the tongs and then placed him into the open oven.
“Now while he is nicely baking,” Tigress snapped her fingers, and the cage opened again. “Tell me Shantel, do you want to smell the gingerbread as well?”
Shantel nervously tried to stay away from Tigress by gripping the cage, but a sudden snap from the witch’s fingers caused it to vanish, and then Tigress held her up telekinetically, and levitated her across the kitchen towards the cauldron, where the petrified Shantel let out a very weak “Please, no!” before she was suddenly released, and her overweight form plunged into the awaiting mixture of a half-filled cauldron.
Again Tigress came forward with the tongs, and once again she carefully lifted out Shantel’s motionless form and placed it into the oven to bake alongside her already half-done brother. Once she was in, Tigress carefully closed the oven and latched it, turning away to let the baking take its place.

A few hours later…

The door opened to reveal a hard-working Tai Lung, who was immediately embraced by his loving wife upon seeing him return. He had hunted well, and had brought back a few souvenirs for her, as well as some for his family as well.
But Tai Lung was delighted to find that Tigress had prepared all her newest fancy treats to eat. Amongst them all, tea-time was served with a warmly-baked man-cub for each of them. Tai Lung’s smile never left his lips even as he had to open them to warmly consume the huge baked gingerbread cookie that had once been Mowgsel the man-cub, while Tigress snacked happily upon the sweet-tasting cookie that resembled Shantel.
Once tea was done, both of them rubbed their full bellies, and Tai Lung congratulated Tigress as it was his most favourite part of coming home to his beloved wife.
Then, most surprisingly, a knock came on the door, and Peng walked in, glad to finally see his uncle. But it seemed that Peng was not alone…he brought in something he had caught the other day. Trying to hunt like his uncle, young Peng had succeeded in capturing an even younger man-cub that went by the name of Ranjel, already a little stout but put up a bit of a fight to capture.
Proud of young Peng’s effort to be like his uncle, Tigress decided to take his catch and bake him up too as a reward. Besides, it seemed there was still a little bit of gingerbread mix left in her cauldron…
Ah, such was the life of the witch that lived peacefully in her little gingerbread house deep within the woods.
Mowgsel and Shantel
Story 04 of the Grand Duke's Fairy Tales

Basically, the names Mowgsel and Shantel are a mix between Mowgli/Hansel and Shanti/Gretel, because the man-cubs are the main victims here.

(*) = Sending Shantel out to fetch the water marks a resemblance to Shanti's first scene in the first Jungle Book. Tai Lung is hunting in the forest, Tigress is cooking in her home, and she sends Shantel out to fetch the water.
3rd October

As he trudged back onto the cool grass that covered the grounds of the Great Valley, Ken Blake looked back over his shoulder for a moment, a little suspicious at what the big deal had been about. In his hands he held a small little plant that had been given the name “Audrey III”. Clearly, he didn’t know why Victor Veloci had been so keen on him buying this particular plant.
Ken didn’t trust that raptor-brained criminal, but deep down he couldn’t say no to making a purchase and bringing a plant here to the Great Valley. Maybe they would like it when it would grow in the future, anyway. Who knew…maybe it could leave a print in the past and make something extraordinary happen in the far future!
Ken grinned at that. That thought in his mind made him feel more confident as he quickened his pace to a light jog. He knew someplace where he knew he could plant it, and maybe after some careful growing, he could show the others later on.
Perfect, the young lad thought. Maybe like this the other dinosaurs might come to respect me in a different way too, instead of just sitting on me and giving me wedgies all the time. If I learn to make a great plant grow here in the Great Valley, then I can’t wait to hear what they’ll say about tha-“OW!” He suddenly flinched the moment he felt something prick his finger.
Looking down, he noticed the head of the plant seemed to be sucking on his finger. Was it alive?
Ken stopped dead for a moment to take in what was happening. Yes, without a doubt it was actually sucking upon his finger. The plant was alive! How peculiar.
For some strange reason though, his finger seemed to be feeling really numb, almost as if it was falling asleep or something…
Suddenly, Ken jolted. He realized that it was his blood…the plant was sucking the blood out of his finger! “Ow…watch it!” he flicked the plant and pulled his finger free. He sucked on it for a moment, trying to let blood refill it and regain its movement. He didn’t like that numb feeling very much; it stung a little too where the plant had pricked him.
Ken frowned and looked down at the plant. It appeared to be shaking in a rather strange way, and making a whiny sound of some sort, almost like it didn’t approve of having something precious taken away from it.
Weird, Ken thought. But still, maybe it would make a great plant for Halloween. It is at the end of this month, and I can’t wait for it to come. Plants do feed off water and sunlight as well, anyway, so it should be okay…
Grinning again as he remembered his plan, Ken took off again, to the place where he knew he could keep his plant hidden safe…

4th October

“What’s this now, Ken?”
Ken nearly jumped out of his skin the moment he heard Trinity’s voice. Turning around, he saw the Adventurer appearing from behind a mango tree with a curious look on his face.
“Uh…w-what’s what, Trinity?” he asked nervously, afraid maybe his secret would be exposed too soon.
Trinity just looked at him suspiciously for a moment, and Ken feared the worst…
“What’s with hiding out here in Hidden Canyon, Ken? I thought you were meeting with Michael over near the Secret Caverns today.”
Ken blinked. “Uh…oh yeah, yeah, I am. I just wanted to look for some special fruit first.”
“Not Sweet Bubbles, I hope,” Trinity shook his finger tauntingly. “You and Ruby have already eaten a lot of them, buddy. But if you’re keeping something secret here that nobody should know about, then I won’t say a word, okay Kenny bud?”
Ken nearly breathed a sigh of relief, but held it in time to prevent suspicion. He knew that Trinity was good at keeping secrets, and it seemed the Adventurer hadn’t even noticed Audrey III inside the hollow Candy Berry tree trunk nearby. It was a good thing that Ken had covered it with a huge bunch of fruit as well.
“Uh, yeah thanks, Trinity,” Ken forced a keen smile. “I’ll be going pretty soon…I’ll meet you later so I can see you off tonight.”
“Yeah, thanks Ken,” Trinity grinned. “Tonight’s the time-flight out to the African Jungle…I can’t wait to see my friends again for my birthday. Bet they’ll be wondering where you might be too.”
Ken pulled a face. “Don’t even go that far, okay?”
Trinity just laughed. “I know, I know, just kidding. I’ll see you later, Kenny.” Then he was gone, running off to join the others for a game of ‘Swimmer ‘n’ Splasher’.
Ken finally let his sigh of relief out of his lips. “Whew,” he walked back around to the tree where he had hidden Audrey III, and carefully moved the fruits aside.
But when he reached into the tree, the first thing he immediately felt was something latch onto his finger…
“Hey, stop that!” he pulled his hand away. “Plants do not drink blood, do you understand? Even if you have got a little mouth which you obviously do, why can’t you use it to eat things like fruit?”
The little plant poked its head out from out of the tree, and it seemed to stare up at him, whining with a strange pleading sound.
“Come on now, why don’t you eat fruit instead?” Ken tried to ask it. “I’ve given you water, and sunlight, and all the fruit you can eat, but you’re still not happy. Can’t I find you anything else besides the blood from my fingers?”
But dismayingly, the plant seemed to shake its head.
Ken gave in. He wasn’t in the mood to try and find anything else now. He simply sat down and carefully took the plant from out of the tree. Putting it on his lap, he regrettably held out his fingers.
Audrey III immediately clamped onto one of them and Ken tried his best to endure the numb feeling through his fingers as his blood was slowly drained.

25th October

It had been three annoying weeks now, and Ken had had to put up with constant questioning from the others why he had been having sore hands since then. He clearly didn’t tell them anything about Audrey III and its enticing taste for blood; he felt he still wasn’t ready to tell them about it as he had an idea. The plant could make a surprise appearance when Halloween would come. It was only six days away now, and ever since last year, Ken had taken a great liking to it.
Thinking about it, he thought perhaps Halloween would be perfect to show off Audrey III. It was, after all, growing up to be quite an unusual plant. It seemed to have an oddly-shaped head, not much like a flower, but more of a head with jaws. Ken remembered seeing one of those types of plants before, but where had it been from? From a movie he had seen some time ago? He couldn’t remember, but if there was something he remembered about it, it involved a serious amount of blood.
Ken really hoped deep down that this really wasn’t the same case. He was only a young boy after all, and compared to an adult he hardly had barely the efficient amount of blood for a creature like that anyway.

The thought was still curdling through his mind when he made his way back to the Hidden Canyon where the plant he had been nurturing for the last three weeks stood perfectly still amongst the fruit trees, acting as if it was lifeless.
Ken snorted. “Very funny,” he said. “Don’t pretend like you’re just a tree…there’s nobody around, just me.”
Audrey III immediately began moving, opening its jaw-like head up to reveal a wide-open maw. Seeing the maw like this had at first scared Ken while the plant was growing, but looking at it now, he was too used to it that he didn’t even flinch. It made a deep growling sound, as if begging for food.
But Ken was very annoyed with the fact that while the plant had been growing, its appetite for blood had increased as well. “Come on, it’s too early,” he groaned. “And my fingers are sore beyond sore right now. I can’t make enough blood nowadays to keep your appetite satisfied, can I?” He hung his head moodily, not sure how to comprehend the situation…
“Feed me,” a sudden voice growled.
Ken’s head shot up. Who said that?
“Feed me,” the growl came again, this time from Audrey III.
Ken’s eyes went wide. Had he just seen the plant’s jaws…move?
“Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-what the…?” he gasped. “You can talk?”
“Feed me, boy,” the plant seemed to growl with its chlorophyll lips, and the jaws moved up and down as the plant hovered on its stalk, saying, “I can’t survive without blood, ya know!”
Ken was bewildered. He had seen talking dinosaurs before, and even some talking animals in some places, but now seeing a talking plant was something completely different. He couldn’t believe what was happening.
“But I can’t keep giving you blood!” Ken complained. “Surely you’ve got to have something else!”
“’Ay, listen kid,” Audrey III protested. “I has gotta ‘ave blood if ma point in living’s gotta make any sense around ‘ere! Yer see, ah was born ter have blood; it’s ma nature to be a ‘bloodcoholic’!”
“What in the world is a ‘bloodcoholic’?” Ken shrugged in confusion, not understanding the plant’s little joke. “You’re becoming a really weird creat…er…um………plant-thing, and there is no way that I am getting anything that has blood in it for you like this.”
“Come on, it ain’t that difficult, younging!” the plant sniggered. “Why doesn’t yer go and go it from somebody that does ‘ave blood, eh?”
“Because I’m not a killer,” Ken pointed out. “I’m not going to butcher somebody for their blood to keep you satisfied, not even if there’s anybody I hate in any world I’ve been in.” And before Audrey III could say another encouraging word to him, he immediately turned and stormed off in a temper.
Undoubtedly, Ken was feeling very unnerved. He was beginning to wonder if he hadn’t made the right decision after all, to get that plant from the shop in the first place. He never should have listened to Veloci, never trusted his opinion on what to choose for the Great Valley.
But what was he going to do now? He felt he had to get rid of Audrey III somehow, because if it wanted blood so much, it might become so ravenous for it that it might prey upon any unknowing passing person or dinosaur in the valley. He would have to destroy Audrey III…kill it, even………
No! What was he thinking? Ken Blake was not a killer. He was only a boy, for goodness sake! He was still so young, and the last thing he wanted was to have blood on his own hands this early in his life. What would his friends think of him? What would his family think of him? What would anybody think of him?
No matter how weird, Ken couldn’t bring it within himself to kill, not even if it was a blood-crazed psycho plant that he had hidden himself in the Hidden Canyon.
But what could he do?
Bringing his hands up to his hair, he tightly held it in frustration and grunted to himself as he tried to find, somehow, within the vault of his brain, a possible solution to this problem he had made.

30th October

The situation was only getting worse.
Audrey III’s constant complaining was now beginning to be quite a headache. Constantly demanding for blood, any possible sustenance whatsoever was now driving Ken up the wall. He had had enough…this was going to stop once and for all! He had finally decided not to put up with Audrey III not even for Halloween, because for all he knew, it would just demand blood from his friends if he would show it to them.
But this time he had a plan. He knew that if he couldn’t control Audrey III from going berserk, and if he couldn’t kill the plant, he just had to isolate it…at least trap it for a while, until he was ready to tell his friends about it and do something about it. At least he hoped it could happen quickly, because if Audrey III’s din was going to get any louder, somebody might eventually hear it and come to investigate, to walk unknowingly right into Audrey III’s hungry jaws…
He stepped into the canyon. The plant turned to face him. “Yer bring me any food yet, kid?” it demanded.
“That’s all you ever think about!” Ken stood his ground. “But I’ve had it with you, Audrey III! This is the last time I’m going to tolerate this from you, and now I’m putting my foot down because I’m sick of your mind and mouth always being on blood. So I’m going to leave you here until you perish, do you understand?”
Audrey III seemed to be silent for a moment, and then spoke, “Hey kid, ya don’t really think you can leave me here just like that, do ya?” Suddenly, its long tendrils that seemed to protrude out from the plant began to lift from the ground and hover slowly towards Ken.
“I do, and you’d better not try anything funny,” Ken took a step backwards, towards the entrance to the Hidden Canyon.
“Or what, kid? Ya think yer just gonna tap the wall and make the rocks tumble down to trap me in the canyon like that, eh?”
Then to Audrey III’s surprise, if it showed any, Ken seemed to smirk. “Well, actually…I was thinking of something along those lines, only…” Then his hand reached up to a nearby vine hanging from the rocks, and he pulled it hard.
There was a sudden rumbling sound, and Ken immediately turned and bolted from the entrance to the Hidden Canyon. He barely glimpsed one of Audrey III’s tendrils come swooshing up towards him, when suddenly…
CRUNCH! A huge rock tumbling down from above landed straight on the tentacle, and a painful shriek could be heard as more rocks came crashing down, completely blocking the entrance up and sealing the plant forever inside. The rumbling forced Ken to lose his footing and he fell down, laying still for a moment before finally rolling over and sitting up, seeing the thrashing tendril protruding out from the aftermath of the rock-slide. A moment later, the tendril finally lay still.
Ken breathed a sigh of relief. That had been a close call…but he had done it. With the blood-crazed plant trapped in the Hidden Canyon, one problem was over.
Now that he didn’t have to think about Audrey III anymore, he decided that perhaps he would get something safer for Halloween, and quickly too, because the day was tomorrow and he had to hurry.

When he finally met up with the others, he was immediately asked, “Hey Ken, did you hear something strange earlier? It sounded like an Earthshake.”
Ken knew; undoubtedly the cave-in had aroused suspicions. “The entrance to the Hidden Canyon caved in,” he told them. “I was just leaving the canyon when the entrance collapsed behind me. I don’t know what caused it.”
It wasn’t the full truth, but it wasn’t a total lie either.
And the others seemed to believe him, so Ken felt a little better. He immediately hurried over to his time buggy so he could shoot back through time and find something quick before the special day came.
He couldn’t help but feel though, that something horrifying was going to take place the very next night. He didn’t know how, but maybe he was still just feeling a little edgy after having done his business with Audrey III.

31st October, Halloween

Tonight, they had met together in a clearing of the Great Valley, Ken along with Shelly, Josiah, Jane, Michael, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, Spike, Ruby, Chomper, and even Guido had come for a visit.
It seemed that there was only one person missing…
“What’s taking him so long?” Jane curiously asked the others. “He’s never been this long to bring the treats.”
“Hmm,” Shelly thought for a moment. “Maybe we could ask Arty if something happened to him.” She flicked out a communicator and pushed a dial on it. There was a moment’s pause…
And then, “Hello, Shelly?”
“Hi, Arty,” Shelly replied into it. “Have you seen Trinity, by any chance?”
“Well er, actually…” the reply came through, and then…
The sound of footsteps nearby caught their attention. They turned to see Arty approaching!
“I was hoping you could tell me,” he asked. “I found his door open back in the future, and his crystal was just sitting on the coffee-table.”
Ken blinked. “That’s weird…Trinity’s usually never without his crystal.” He turned to Josiah. “Do you think we should look for him?”
“No, wait a minute. What about Slyder, Arty?” Josiah asked. “Was his car in the garage?”
“Actually, I didn’t think to check the garage for Slyder,” Arty thought for a moment. “But I did see some tyre tracks heading off into the northern forest, and I—” his voice suddenly dropped off the moment he heard a strange vibration. “Huh? What’s that?”
Everybody glanced around. It took them only a couple of seconds to feel the strange vibration underneath the ground. But it didn’t feel like an Earthshake or something…it sounded almost like something was burrowing its way through the ground.
Then the rumbling intensified…almost as if…
As if it was coming straight for them!
Then a tendril shot out of the ground, hovering in front of the gang in a mocking wave.
But amongst all the group, Ken was the only one to recognize it. “Oh no!”
Suddenly, another tendril shot out from the ground nearby and lassoed him. “Yeow!”
“KEN!” Shelly cried out. She tried to move but was stopped as another tendril shot out and slammed into her, bowling her back into the others and sending them falling back.
Then an even bigger rumbling sound came closer…
BLAMMM!!! A section of ground burst out, and a huge hungry plant emerged from the tunnel it had created. “AH HA!” the ravenous Audrey III cackled. “Got yer, my little morsel!”
Ken squirmed in the grip of the tendril that held him. “How in the world…I…I trapped you!”
“Did yer really me you could trap me?" Audrey III laughed its head off. "What a joke! When a plant like me becomes so determined ter eat one way or another, anything’s possible, ya little squirt. Now I’m gonna finally have mah belly filled no matter whoever ah eat!”
But despite the dangerous situation, Ken appeared to show more annoyance than fright.
“Hold on, Ken, I’m coming!” Michael attempted to lunge and throw his Dino Ranger rope to try and do something to improve the situation.
But Audrey suddenly lashed it with a free tendril and sent it twirling back around Michael, holding him tight and dangling him above the air, before the tendril lashed out and caught him too. Michael was petrified, but not as terrified upon seeing Ruby get caught next, who also attempted to help Ken by dodging another tendril and jumping over another, but getting caught by the third.
Chomper growled ferociously. “I’m a Sharptooth,” he boasted. “I can bite this plant to pieces.” And he immediately lunged…
And instantly became the fourth lassoed victim in the grip of Audrey III!
Ken grumbled in his tight grip. “Some rescue this is turning out to be,” he shouted. “And some Halloween too.”
Audrey then whipped out another tentacle to wave in front of the others as a warning. “Any more of you come any closer and I’ll make mincemeat outta yer friends, ya hear me grub snacks?” the plant snarled. “My feud is not with you lot – it’s with this ignorant little brat ‘ere!” He shook Ken heavily to prove his point.
“You horrible beast – I never should have bought you to begin with!” Ken shouted angrily at Audrey.
“Well, you’ll learn yer lesson well for this, snack!” Audrey salivated. “Nobody’s gonna save yer now!” And the plant began to hungrily open its mouth, slowly lowering Ken down towards its awaiting maw…
Then, Audrey stopped.
A new strange sound could be heard. Everybody turned to see a familiar vortex start to form nearby.
Arty blinked. “Trinity…?”
Sure enough, a second later the familiar blue Chrysler 300 came sliding out of the vortex and bolted straight for Audrey III. There was a squelch, and the plant was knocked backwards, its tendrils immediately losing their grips on Chomper, Ruby and Michael who fell to the ground and were pulled away by the others, but Audrey’s grip on Ken remained strong.
Slyder slid to a stop nearby, and the angry plant turned to face the new threat…
But the moment Ken saw Trinity in the driver seat, he noticed something different.
Trinity sat there staring up at Audrey III, looking paralysed…
Like a zombie.
And with a deep blood-red glow in his eyes.
Ken suddenly recognized that look. Hey…does that mean…
“RRRAAAAWWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!” Suddenly, a powerful demonic beast lunged out from hiding in the back seat of Slyder, and landed on the ground, snarling at Audrey III. It was a hound, its body covered in a thick, matted, coat of grey fur with a black mane, and its eyes a deep blood-red. A strange green spooky aura appeared to be emitting from the hound’s entire body, almost as if it was some kind of possessed creature sent out to attack and kill its victim.
And it looked like it meant business.
Even Audrey seemed to shudder upon seeing the hound. “No, not you!” it stuttered. “Don’t take me ter hell!”
But hell was clearly on the hound’s mind as it lunged towards Audrey III, then vanished into thin air and reappeared behind the plant, biting and clawing at its neck, causing the plant to shriek in pain. It began lashing out with its tendrils to try and catch the hound, but every time it came close the hound simply vanished and reappeared from another direction to attack again. Everybody simply watched as the battle continued until finally, the hound had done enough damage to the stem…
And Audrey fell to the ground, dropping Ken as it collapsed, dead on the ground.
The hound panted, and then turned to look over at Ken. “Young Ken…are you hurt?”
Ken looked up, and happily laughed as he ran over to the hound, not caring in the least that the others were watching in utter astonishment, hugging the dangerous beast while the hound in turn sat down and smiled at the young boy’s embrace.
Then Ken looked up. “But…why are you here? How did you know what was happening?”
“I sensed you were in danger this year, Ken,” the hound told him. “So I possessed your friend and used him and his transport to travel here, where I knew I would find you.”
Ken turned towards Slyder, where nearby, Ducky, Jane and Arty were trying to shake Trinity awake, who still appeared to be zombie-tranced.
The hound seemed to let out a nervous laugh. “Ahem…I forgot to wake him up,” he uttered sheepishly. He walked up to the car, causing Ducky, Jane and Arty to draw back nervously. “Unfortunately, my trance cannot be undone the way I used it to possess him. The only other way to break it…”
He bit straight into Trinity’s arm! “YEOW!” Trinity cried out and fell out of the car, his eyes immediately snapping back to their ordinary look. He lay there for a moment, before Jane and Arty finally helped him up to his feet, and he held his arm close to where the bite was. He looked up and saw the hound…
“Oh great,” he murmured. “Does this mean I’m cursed now or something?”
The hound turned back towards Ken and whispered into his ear. Ken laughed as he heard the hound’s words. “No, you’ll just have to eat a lot of candy tonight,” Ken told him. “And feel the spirit of Halloween for good this year. When the morning comes the curse will be lifted.”
Trinity just stared at Ken and the hound for a moment, and then at Arty and Jane. He drew a breath through his lips. “Whew, now I think I’m beginning to see where Ken got his love for Halloween,” he finally spoke.
Then Shelly and Josiah decided to step in, stern looks on their faces. “Alright, Ken,” Josiah demanded, “Explain to us exactly what you had to do with a killer plant like that almost eating you and the rest of us!”
“And how in the world did you befriend a monster like that?” Shelly frowned at her brother.
Suddenly, the hound growled at them, and both of them drew back, not wanting to face the wrath of Ken’s new bodyguard. Ken simply smiled at Shelly and Josiah. “He’s not a monster…he’s a friend.” He patted the hound’s back. “How’s about we enjoy Halloween first tonight, and then I’ll tell you everything that happened in the morning?”
Shelly and Josiah glanced at each other, but shrugged and decided to accept it for now. Tonight was supposed to be a happy occasion, even if all of them had almost faced certain death. Already it seemed the Great Valley kids were warming up to the hound, and though cautious at first, the other humans were beginning to as well.
And for a change, Ken Blake was the centre of attention. This time it was not attracting attention by being captured by something and being teased as a play-toy or seat cushion.


By the time the gang had finally collapsed with so much fun and partying, they settled to sleep while the hound lay protecting Ken from anything dangerous that night, whispering a “Happy Halloween,” into his ear. By the time morning came, the hound had faded into the night.
When the gang was all awake, Ken told the gang everything that had happened, and they immediately went to burn Audrey’s dead remains. Michael immediately drove off with Christine to hunt down Victor Veloci, to get vengeance on him for having tricked Ken into getting that plant in the first place.
Then the Time Kids and Dino Ranger went back through time to leave the Great Valley in peace for a while. The only casualty they had at the moment was a sick Adventurer, who had had to endure the Halloween treatment so that the curse would lift. The candy had made him feel a bit crook, so Arty took him home for a couple of days, until he would be feeling better.
But as they drove off, the last words Ken heard from Trinity were: “I had really been hoping to get back at Ken for that spook last year.”
The Great Valley of Horrors (Halloween Special)
For :icongloverboy23: who wanted this story for Halloween this year.

It's a mix between the Time Kids, the Land Before Time, the hound from last year's encounter, and a familiar carnivorous plant you may have heard about...that's right, the Little Shop of Horrors!!!

For those of you who haven't read the Halloween story for last year, here's the link to it:
If You Don't Believe in Halloween...

And this story also matches a couple of pictures provided by :icongloverboy23:
Ken's ghost hound friend

The Time Kids belong to :icongloverboy23:
Michael the Dino Ranger belongs to :iconsusenm74:
Trinity and Arty belong to :iconetaris333:
Land Before Time and its characters belong to Universal.
I suppose you've been wondering why I've been rather quiet these days...again. Well, I just recently got back to work and it's already been a hard week to get through. But it's not all bad though, because I just recently got a few new things...
First I got an iPhone 6 to replace my old 4 which was constantly draining its battery from doing absolutely nothing! I also got a FitBit to go with it, which is going to help a lot in maintaining my fitness. To top that off, I also got a new mountain bike because I haven't ridden one for a long time.
And finally, Smash Bros. on 3DS recently came out at EB Games, and I couldn't wait to start playing it. Nintendo never ceases to amaze me with their new games, and I particularly like the new 'Smash Run' challenge you can do.
That's pretty much what I've been up's Sunday morning right now so I'm taking this as a good chance to rest, so chances are I might get another spot of writing done, but I'm not 100% sure yet. But we'll see...
The car was a mess. Pieces of shattered glass and broken metal lay everywhere, while the bulk of what remained of the Chrysler sat emitting huge puffs of smoke. It had taken a bit of dousing to finally put the fire out, but the heap was still too hot to touch. It would take a long time at this rate for it to cool down all the way, especially since the surrounding mountains were very close to the volcano land, or the Mountains That Burn, as they were called.
A slight rumble came from the Fury. If one could understand car language, they might guess it as “Poor guy.” At least, that’s probably what Christine might have been rumbling through her motor as she moved a little closer to inspect Slyder’s remains. The gang supposed it was fortunate that there were no casualties at the present tense. Taking into account that Christine the Plymouth Fury, was unlike any other car known to be ‘alive’, the Chrysler was, in all its glory, still ‘just a car’.
But still, it didn’t hurt for a sentient car to feel a little sorry for one of its best competitors, even if Slyder wasn’t like her and didn’t ‘live’ like she did.
Michael the Dino Ranger came over and patted Christine’s bonnet, reassuring her. In the corner of his eye, he noticed Littlefoot, Cera, Spike and Petrie trying to keep an emotionally-discomforted Ducky from falling into tears. Clearly, she was distraught because she thought that Trinity was gone for good as well. Michael then saw Ruby coming up next to him, while Chomper stood in front of both of them, just staring at the wrecked car, both of them also quite saddened. Michael put his hand on Ruby, trying to make her feel better, and then turned to investigate the tracks nearby.
The towing ship slowly descended down from high above and touched down nearby. A hatch upon it slowly began to drop down and form a ramp in front of Slyder. Inside, Josiah Clover came forward inside a towing vehicle which fired a magnetic feed out to Slyder, and slowly towed it inside the ship. As it entered, automatic sensors triggered the sprinklers and they rained down upon the Chrysler, slowly but surely extinguishing even the smoke.
Then Jane Whitney came up with a few white-suited technicians and fastened the secure bolts to pin Slyder’s broken form in its position inside the ship. The technicians surrounded the car, and when one of them gave clearance, both Jane and Josiah walked out of the ship, and signalled to the pilot. The man waved in response, and then closed the ramp door, securing Slyder inside. Engines fired up, and the ship began to lift off the ground, pointing skywards before taking off at an increasing speed to shoot back through time, its destination set for the T.W.C. where maintenance would be at the ready.
Josiah sighed and glanced at Jane. “It’s a good thing our vehicles are marked with emergency beacons that activate when damaged,” he said.
“Yeah,” Jane agreed. “Handy for when one of us needs a pickup truck.”
They then turned to Michael, who was still looking at the tracks imprinted on the ground that led into the rocky depths of the canyons. His face looked firm; he seemed troubled.
They walked up. “What do you think, Mike?” Josiah asked.
Michael glanced at him. “I’ve seen these tracks before – one time in the Ice Age – and I think Trinity warned me about them when he fought against Rott-Wyler in the Dino Jungle there,” he pointed at the triangular-shaped footprints that vaguely resembled a very small dinosaur.
“What was it?”
Michael hesitated for a moment as he looked out towards where the tracks led into the canyon, practically mimicking the footprints of Trinity’s own shoes which they had followed in pursuit. “Comp-bots,” he replied. “Rott-Wyler’s earlier tracker mechs; they’re like robot duplications of Tiny Sharpteeth. But they’re pretty dumb for tracking, though…they weren’t equipped with identifying scents, or air density scanning. I’d bet a credit that Trinity could have easily thrown them off.”
“Well, we can only hope,” Josiah nodded. “At least we hope maybe Ken and Shelly will find something.” A few minutes earlier, when they had found Trinity’s footprints leading away from Slyder, Ken and Shelly Blake immediately followed the trail to see if they could find what happened to Trinity. They would communicate over the radio if they found anything suspicious…
And just then, the radio crackled. “Hello…hey guys, any of you there?” Ken’s voice asked.
Jane picked it up first. “Jane here…did you find him, Ken?”
“Uh, no…we haven’t found him, but I think you guys might want to take a look at this.”

A little while later, with the trail as guidance to lead them, the Great Valley kids stood alongside their human friends in a cleared spot in the canyon, curious as to why the footprints ended here. The prints from the comp-bots had continued on, but the prints resembling Trinity’s shoes had strangely stopped near the canyon wall, close to where a decent-sized boulder sat against.
It was this boulder that caught the most attention. Moving it carefully to one side, they soon discovered a gap big enough for somebody to fit through. Since Ducky and Petrie were the smallest of the group, they went in to see if they could see anything inside, but when they saw the open hole nearby, they immediately turned back.
“Trinity must have fallen down through that hole, yep, yep, yep!” Ducky claimed.
“Me think Trinity definitely down there,” Petrie agreed.
Josiah thought for a moment. “But not all of us can fit down there…there must be some other way inside. Maybe if one of us goes in with a tracking device, we can probably find another way round.”
“Okay, but who should go?” Ken asked.
Immediately, four pairs of human eyes were fixated upon him.
“Oh, come on!” Ken let out a groan. “Why am I always the bait?”
“It’ll be fun, Ken. An adventure,” Chomper came up to him. “I’ll come with you, because I can find Trinity easily with my sniffer…right, Littlefoot?”
“That’s a great idea, Chomper,” Littlefoot piped up. “What about you, Ducky? You wanna go with Ken and Chomper while the rest of us find a way round?”
Ducky leapt with joy. “Hooray…we will find Trinity. Yep, yep, yep!”
“Good. Then it’s settled,” Jane nodded, clipping a tracker device upon Ken’s shorts.
The Time Kid gulped with uncertainty. “Uuuuhhhhh…some adventure,” he muttered nervously as he started to crawl inside, holding a torch in front of him so he could see where he was going. “Can you guys see me alright?”
Shelly held up a receiver pad and turned it on. There was a moment’s pause, and then a blinking dot appeared on the screen. “Okay Ken, you’re coming in nice and clear,” she shouted to him. “Just don’t freak out, alright? You’ll do fine.”
“Yeah, easy for you to say,” Ken muttered under his breath as he then noticed the hole leading into the tunnel in front of him. “Okay, here goes…” he moved towards it while Chomper and Ducky crawled inside behind him.
“YYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Ken suddenly slipped and went sliding down the tunnel, tumbling down out of sight. He continued to tumble until the narrow tunnel ended and the room opened up around Ken.
He landed with an “OOF!” upon the rocky floor of the caverns. Gravel rained around him as he slowly turned onto his back, before suddenly, another tumbling sound could be heard above him…and then…
WHUMP! A small purple blur landed right on top of his head! Chomper groaned with the fall, and then held up his claws in time as Ducky came tumbling down after him. “Whoa…you okay, Ducky?” he grinned nervously with his teeth.
“Yep, yep, yep, I think so,” Ducky nodded. “Where is Ken?”
A muffled sound from under Chomper’s butt became evident, and both he and Ducky leapt off in astonishment the moment they found they were sitting on his head. Ken coughed, looking discomforted already. “Thanks a lot, you guys,” he grumbled as he spoke into his radio. “The first few minutes and I’m already getting into trouble.”
“Are you okay down there, Ken?” Shelly’s voice asked over the radio, ignoring Ken’s annoyed comment. “You’re not hurt, are you?”
“Not physically,” Ken continued to grumble. “But you never told me that tunnel went straight down.”
“You never asked,” came the reply. “And we never thought about it. What’s it look like down there?”
“I don’t know yet,” Ken tried to turn on his torch. “My torch got a little banged up from that fall…I’m just trying to get it to turn on.”
“Going the way you can see, will let you see the way you’re going, Ken,” a familiar Fast-Runner’s voice spoke over the radio.
“Uh yeah, thanks Ruby,” Ken nodded, and then finally succeeded in getting the bulb to shine again. “Okay, you guys ready?” he asked Ducky and Chomper. “Let’s go.”
They began to walk through the dark caverns, with Ken’s light illuminating the way forward, and Chomper’s sniffer constantly twitching, trying to pick up Trinity’s scent.

Back up at the top, the readout still showed a good signal.
“They’re a good distance down,” Shelly pointed at the screen. “But it looks like the caverns open up to something much roomier.” She pointed to an outline illuminated close to the cavern layout. “Whatever’s there, we might be able to find a way down…” she moved the wire-map up and left a little…
Then confusion filled her face. “Through a Mountain That Burns?”
The others stared at the screen. Sure enough, the overall layout of the geographic scan showed that the only other way through into the caverns was through the top of a volcano, very close to the lava-filled domain. It could very well be dangerous to go through there, but it seemed to be their only option.
“I’ve got an idea,” Michael adjusted the knob on his radio. “Michael to Arty…come in, Arty. You there?”
“Arty here,” the radio crackled. “What’s up, Mike?”
“I think we’ve found a clue to Trinity’s whereabouts,” Michael replied. “Meet us over at the Mountains That Burn, and bring some heat protection too…we don’t know what we’re up against, but we can’t take any chances.”
“Gotcha Mike, I’m on it. Be with you in ten minutes,” the radio confirmed. Thankfully, it had been a good idea to have Trinity’s younger brother, Arty, hang around at the DPF back in the Great Valley, just in case something happened while the search was on.

But it was not going to be just heat problems that the gang would deal with.
For while the gang went back to collect Christine and the time buggies so they could travel lighter and faster, it wasn’t obvious to any of them that they were being watched.
By a figure with one eye an evil red…
And another with a Fast-Biter glare but with a humanoid appearance…
Who quietly and slowly followed behind them, curious to see what they were looking for…
Discovery of the Butterfly Paradise (Part 2 of 3)
Okay, here's the deal...Slyder's destruction triggered an emergency and led the Time Kids and Dino Ranger onto the scene. They soon found where Trinity disappeared into, and so, Ken Blake is sent down the same path with Ducky and Chomper to try and find him, while the others find another way down into the mysterious world where the butterflies roam. But will their movements go unnoticed...
...or will it draw in trouble in the form of Redclaw or Veloci?

The intended scene with Ken getting entangled with the butterflies will be in the next part.

The Time Kids are owned by :icongloverboy23:.
Michael the Dino Ranger is owned by :iconsusenm74:.
Trinity, Arty and Rott-Wyler are owned by me.
All other characters belong to their respective owners.

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