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Taking one last sleep in my own bed right now...gotta wake up early in the morning before I have to get to the airport. I'll be logged off momentarily, but once I'm at my destination I'll return to maintain at least some contact with things here.

Arrived at Destination
Whew...finally made it to the Sea World Resort! Just me and my sister for six days! It's been great fun taking in all the view of the Gold Coast so far...gonna take it easy today and wander around a bit before we hit the big stuff tomorrow.
It's also left me thinking about writing another Pokemon story based on the Gold Coast when I return home...but what's a good region name for the Gold Coast?


etaris333's Profile Picture
(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Taking one last sleep in my own bed right now...gotta wake up early in the morning before I have to get to the airport. I'll be logged off momentarily, but once I'm at my destination I'll return to maintain at least some contact with things here.

Arrived at Destination
Whew...finally made it to the Sea World Resort! Just me and my sister for six days! It's been great fun taking in all the view of the Gold Coast so far...gonna take it easy today and wander around a bit before we hit the big stuff tomorrow.
It's also left me thinking about writing another Pokemon story based on the Gold Coast when I return home...but what's a good region name for the Gold Coast?
Three young Wookiees burst out of the bushes messing about with each other as they continued to play their innocent little game.
“I am the Vegan! ROARRR!!!” Stumbler laughed as he pretended to chase Rockie and Muncher.
The three kids all laughed as they pelted through the lush jungle, eventually passing close to where Tarful was sitting. The mother Wookiee was still deeply saddened about having lost Hayden, and she hadn’t wanted to speak to anyone since. She knew they couldn’t help her, because losing Hayden had been even worse than losing her original baby before him. First the Nexu, now the meteorite…
Tarful groaned. Was she cursed to live alone and sad? Maximus had tried to comfort her otherwise, saying he would never leave her, but Tarful was not content. She wanted her little boy back…she wanted Hayden. He was the pinnacle of her life, and now that he was gone, she didn’t know how to move on.
What could she do now?
Just then, Rockie, Muncher and Stumbler stumbled onto the scene and stopped the moment they saw her and how sad she was.
“Aw, Auntie Tarful’s sad,” Rockie muttered.
“How come?” Muncher wondered.
“She misses Hayden,” Stumbler replied, knowing the answer too well.
Tarful sighed, and got up, walking towards the three young ones. “That’s right, young one. Hayden meant so much to me.”
“Oh, don’t cry,” Rockie brightened. “Hayden isn’t de-” But he was suddenly cut off by Muncher and Stumbler who went, “Shhh! Wookiee berries, remember?”
“I know,” Rockie pushed them away. “I wasn’t going to tell her.”
Tarful lifted a suspicious eye. “Tell me what?”
“That Hayden’s alive,” Muncher instantly spoke.
“And Gungi and Brutus went to look for him,” Stumbler spoke too.
Tarful gasped in surprise. Both Muncher and Stumbler put their hands over their mouths upon realizing they had just blown the cover. “In Dark Canyon,” Rockie concluded.
Tarful turned and stared out towards the far-off jungles of Kashyyyk. “H-Hayden’s alive?” A surge of hope welled up inside her…her adopted son couldn’t be dead after all. When they all believed that Hayden had died when that meteorite had crashed into their homeland, Tarful had refused to really believe it.
And now it seemed, her belief had been rewarded…
But where was he? She had to see for herself.
“I’m going to go find him,” Tarful began to walk off. “I want you three children to stay here.” And without another word, she began dashing off into the dense Kashyyyk jungle, leaving the three children simply staring in the direction she had gone, unsure of what to do…

* * *

“Me think you do very well now, Hayden,” Vegan grinned as he measured Hayden once again. Both the alien and Hayden couldn’t believe how much the workout had really done. The boy’s pudgy tummy was now at least half the size it used to be.
“I’m still full of energy,” Hayden playfully jumped up and down when he was allowed to move again. “I could keep going for a long time yet.”
“Perhaps,” Vegan smirked. “But Hayden not want to go overboard…overworking the body make it very sore in future. You rest now…we work out more to finish belly shrinking, still slightly big.” He poked Hayden in the still slightly-pudgy tummy.
“Aw, but I don’t wanna rest now,” Hayden moodily replied. “I just wanna-”
“Have bath now,” Vegan interrupted. “Me show you.” He escorted Hayden to a hidden cave underneath his tree-home. Within the cave it was nice and warm…and in the middle of the cave appeared to be a heated pool of water.
“Nice warm spring for Hayden,” Vegan insisted. “You relax and relieve of body odour.”
“Body what?” Hayden stared at him. “I don’t smell that bad, do I?” Clearly the boy didn’t know that working out a lot did in fact cause body odour to grow.
“I say this is what is good for you,” Vegan began to push Hayden towards it. “In Hayden go.”
“No, wait a minute. I, er…” Hayden tried to back off, a little nervous. But Vegan held him tightly and suddenly began to pull his loincloth down. “WAIT, NO! UHHHH…” Hayden almost fainted from embarrassment when the loincloth slipped off. He covered himself, his whole face red.
But Vegan didn’t hold back and instantly pushed Hayden into the spring, listening to the splash that followed. There was a pause, and then Hayden resurfaced, floundering for a moment, and then finding that his feet were touching the bottom. The pool was almost about as deep as he was tall.
Hayden glanced around and looked confused. “Hey! Where am I? Where’d you go?”
Vegan stared at him for a moment, and then noticed that the goggles had slipped off Hayden’s eyes. “Oops,” the alien grinned, and then took a bomb-dive into the pool splashing the water all over Hayden, who gasped with the sudden spray. “Hey, that’s not funny!”
Vegan came back above the surface, holding the goggles and putting them to one side for the moment. “Hayden relax now,” he assured the boy. “Me clean you down.”
And Hayden suddenly started laughing like mad when Vegan began to scrub him down, washing him clean from all the workout sweat and any dirt that he was covered in too. The water bubbled all around them as Hayden giggled and squirmed about. “That tickles! Stop! N-no…hahahahahaha!”
But Hayden had to admit; the water really was warm, compared to all the other times he had been given a bath by his mother Tarful, bathing in the cool rivers of Kashyyyk. Perhaps this wasn’t too bad after all…he had never felt so warm before. It was wonderful.
Then suddenly, he felt a tickling sensation on his tummy. “Hey, NOOOOO-AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Vegan had finished scrubbing up Hayden’s body, and had taken an interest in tickling Hayden’s tummy. The boy squirmed even more and tried to retaliate, but Vegan chuckled as he leapt backwards and began splashing Hayden with the water, starting a water fight between the two of them.
Hayden tried to blunder about and find his goggles so he could see properly, but because he didn’t know that Vegan had put them on the edge of the spring, he thought they were still underwater, so he didn’t have any luck in finding them. Every time he attempted to find them, his defense was left open for Vegan to move forward and start tickling his tummy again.

The playful bathing lasted for a good while, until eventually, both Hayden and Vegan tuckered themselves out and simply sat relaxing in the warm liquid for a few minutes longer.
“That great fun,” Vegan laughed. “Me never know Hayden so ticklish.”
“Where did you put the goggles anyway?” Hayden asked.
“They right next to you,” Vegan simply answered, and Hayden reached about on the side of the spring, until he finally found them and slipped them over his eyes. “Ah, much better. If I had been wearing these I would have won that water fight with you.”
Vegan just laughed. “Me always get better of Hayden…take many cycles before Hayden surpass me in water fight or anything.” Vegan pumped his muscles to show off.
Hayden just laughed as they finally climbed out of the spring to dry off.
As they were making their way out of the cave, Hayden took a glance outside and then noticed something far off in the distance. “Hey Vegan, what’s that?” he pointed.
Vegan came over and stared towards whatever Hayden was looking at. “Oh, large cloud in sky?”
“Yes,” Hayden nodded.
“That very special rain cloud,” Vegan explained. “It come in three days from now…when rain come from cloud it official hunting time for Acklay. They come out from underground caverns to eat and feed.”
“Wow,” Hayden stared at the cloud.
“We best not sleep on tree tonight,” Vegan suggested. “We better sleeping in tree base when night come, though me first there better way to sleep here. Me wish me knew how to make leaf-nest.”
“Leaf-nest?” Hayden stared at him.
“Yes, Hayden,” Vegan nodded. “Very special leaf-nest. Me remember mother making one for me when young. Special nest like sleeping on air…comfortable and nice. Mmmmmmm…would be nice for Vegan’s bones…”
Hayden was intrigued by this idea. It reminded him of sleeping at night with his Wookiee family. In fact, their nest was almost somewhat like this ‘leaf-nest’ that the Vegan was talking about. Perhaps he could help in a way…
“Me must go for moment,” Vegan suddenly spoke. “Must keep an eye out for predators before sleeping tonight.”
“Want me to help?” Hayden asked.
“No,” Vegan shook his head. “Predators out hunting for prey and Hayden. Hayden still here…me be back soon.”
And without another word, Vegan left the tree. Hayden sighed, wishing he could at least go out and see beyond the tree for a while. As much as he enjoyed the bargain he and Vegan had made together, it did get a little boring without exploring a bit. Maybe he could do something else in the meantime while he was waiting for Vegan to return.
Not more of a workout, that was for certain. If Vegan caught him working off his belly again, he’d be thrown back in the warm spring for another bath before even dinner. As much as it had been fun, Hayden didn’t want to get on Vegan’s bad side. Especially since how Hayden had managed to see a rather soft side of Vegan, when they had been playing in the spring.
Maybe he could do a little something special for Vegan when he returned…
Perhaps that leaf-nest idea…
The Chronicles of Hayden (Chapter 7)
Requested by :icondark-divergent:
When the three young Wookiee kids unintentionally tell Tarful that Hayden is still alive, she goes out to search for him as well.
In the meantime, Hayden is recovering from his workout session with Vegan, and is treated to a warm spring bath under the Vegan's tree-home. While they mess about, an unusual rain cloud appears in the distance, indicating something unusual about to happen in the following three days...
A very long time ago, in a valley far, far away...


War is coming! With the dangers threatening the Great Valley and its citizens, the dinosaurs are met with a mandatory decision to leave their beloved paradise and stay away from danger as they flee from the incoming army that advances upon them. But even in the Mysterious Beyond, danger is always a foot away.

While the Time Kids and the Dino Ranger team up with recruited forces from the Galaxy Railways and the DPF, hope is held strongly that all they stand and fight for will not be for nothing. Even with Tenma's army, led by a grievous robot called Lazerclaw, they stand to defend the Great Valley from destruction.

And while the forces of evil begin to ensue the inevitable war, a ray of hope begins to shine, as to unseen eyes, a lone master and apprentice make their move, to unite allied forces and make a total stand against the greatest evil ever known to the Land before Time...

“The Great Valley…a place of great beauty and peace to protect all the dinosaurs from the dangers of the outside. A sanctuary where no Sharptooth has ever managed to penetrate its walls. The Great Valley is a place that, by all circumstances, should be a place to live out the rest of your life in peace.”
“It’s a real pity then that this place, this very valley, now faces grave danger, for it is the major stepping stone for those that have declared war upon us.”
–Jane Whitney

The sun began to rise above the horizon of the Land before Time. Its vague glow began to illuminate the surrounding terrains of the Great Valley. Crags and hills came into view at the crack of dawn.
And from far off, a major army of drones that had been marching through the darkness came into view as well, the sunlight glinting off their metallic bodies as they walked or flew in the direction of their target terrain.
The Great Valley would not stay peaceful for long.

Within the Great Valley, dinosaurs were gathering together to prepare for the worst. They knew that the home they knew for so long was not going to last. They had finally come to a successful conclusion after the long hours of arguing over the day before.
They had to leave.
They had to find someplace where they would be safe until the fighting would be over.
Fortunately, the kids had an answer. Over all their travels, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike remembered that one such place to stay safe was the Mysterious Island, which was where they had also reunited with Chomper ever since he had been a hatchling. The idea would have been perfect to go along with, although they mentioned there had been a few scary encounters with another Sharptooth that chased them around the island, and also a Swimming Sharptooth that attacked them in the Big Water when they attempted to leave.
Just when they were thinking about abandoning the idea, Arty suddenly remembered something that gave them new hope. When his brother Trinity had been to the Mysterious Island, he had built a small base within the island and installed a radar-blocking system within it, to keep outside forces from detecting any presence on the island. Arty didn’t know whether Trinity had fortified the island as well, but he knew one way or another, the island would be safe.
The decision was final. The Mysterious Island was the place to go.
While the adults would make their way up the big slope which would secretly lead them over the Great Wall, the kids would take the Secret Caverns since they were small enough to go through them, and block any entrances along the way to prevent any leakage into the valley. The five kids knew the caverns so well that by now they knew all the secret entrances and exits. The only drawback was that it reminded them of Ruby and Chomper.
Although the kids believed that Ruby would be okay out there in the Mysterious Beyond they couldn’t help but feel a little worried about her; she was like a member of the family to them.
Just like Chomper had been…
And as the kids glanced back towards the Dinosaur Protection Force where the recruitments of the Platoon were preparing for war, it saddened them to think that their former friend Chomper, who had become the pinnacle of evil, would end up in the middle of this.
Still, the kids held a great hope inside of them that their human friends would find a way to solve all of this. Would they ever be able to save Chomper? After everything that had now happened?
It didn’t seem very likely.

Meanwhile, in the lobby of the DPF…
“It’s out of the question, Michael,” Josiah firmly spoke. “Ken isn’t ready for this…as you probably remember, he hasn’t done any official training. I’m not risking Ken in this war…he has to go with the dinosaurs.”
"Josiah, I understand your concern,” Michael the Dino Ranger nodded, “but we need all the help we can get."
“I know that, but I’m not risking it okay?” Josiah sighed. “Ken makes enough problems with dinosaurs and animals taking him hostage, and getting every excuse to get into trouble. The last thing we really need is Ken getting in the way or being targeted. If he can’t defend himself, he needs to get to safety with the others.”
“But who’s going to keep an eye on him?” Jane asked. “He might just get into trouble with the herds anyway…if you remember how he gets along with Littlefoot these days.”
“I’ll go,” Arty suggested. “I’ll take Slyder with me and keep an eye on Ken and the herds from getting into trouble. While we’re travelling I might be able to locate Trinity’s whereabouts.”
“Trinity…you mean he’s out there?” Shelly stared at him. “How do you know that? We thought he was still at the Temporal Asylum.”
“Not since the official news report,” Arty shook his head, putting his hand on his watch and turning the dial on it a few degrees clockwise. A holographic image appeared above him.
“-break-in is very limited at the present time, but the Intern-FZZZZ-urrently investigating. Chief Kardon Blue was found to be drugged in his office-KRRRRRR-there has been no clue to the Adventurer’s disappearance.”
“But there’s more,” Arty continued. “A package came through from the Grand Judge of the Homeworld. He was present at Trinity’s court case with Gredey, and handed down the sentence. But now the Judge has put in a special pardon for Trinity to release him from the Asylum, but since he hasn’t been found…” His voice trailed off.
“Veloci must have something to do with this,” Michael shook his head. “If Trinity really is out there, he’ll be attempting to find his way back here. And if he does, he’ll be running straight into danger. It’s best that while we defend the valley as best as we can, we keep an eye out for him in case he does return.”
“Do we have enough though?” Jane asked. “To defend the valley, I mean?”
“Believe me, Jane,” Michael grinned. “With the Dinosaur Protection Force at full pelt, and the Sirius Platoon here to help as well, we may stand a good chance of fighting off any army that comes our way. We had better hope though that Tenma and Veloci don’t decide to attack at the same time. But I’m afraid there’s a good chance he will.”
Just then, Captain Schwanhelt Bulge entered the room. “Michael!” he announced. “The Platoon is on standby, ready to act on duty. Manabu on the Big One has seen a massive army of drones approaching from the north. They’re a mere few hours away.”
“Tenma’s army,” Michael nodded. “Tell Manabu and the others to take their positions. Well guys, it’s almost time. The dinosaurs have to evacuate soon!”
The gang immediately began to clear the DPF, to send out orders to the Platoon and the DPF forces, including Shelly and Arty to tell Ken the news that he would be going with the dinosaurs to the Mysterious Island.
But while this was happening, Michael watched them go, and then sneaked back over to Christine without saying anything else. He jumped into her front seat, started her up and drove off, wanting to spend a bit of time alone for a moment.

A few minutes later, Michael and Christine arrived at Clear River Gorge, where it seemed to be nice and peaceful. Michael sighed as he climbed out of Christine, and stood staring out across the gorge, looking a little more gloomy than usual.
“Why, Christine?” he spoke. “Why is this happening? I just don't get it…if this crisis had never happened to Chomper in the first place, this wouldn't be happening! If we lose this war, everything I love and worked for will be obliterated and there’ll be no chance to get it back. What am I going to do?”
He then went quiet, as if expecting his own car to give him an answer. For a moment, all was silent.
Then, the radio began to play in Christine. Michael recognized the music as ‘Robert & Johnny – We Belong Together’. A small smile caught his lips as he listened to it, knowing that Christine was trying to build his confidence, telling him that they would pull through together somehow, and even if everything ended for nothing, Christine would still be his car until the very end.
Michael patted her bonnet. “Thanks, Christine. I really needed that.” Feeling a bit more content despite the future events coming their way, he took one last look over the gorge, before he turned away and climbed back into Christine to drive back.

Hour after hour passed…
Soon, the dinosaurs of the Great Valley began to evacuate. In the way of essentials, they had all drunk a good share of water, so they wouldn’t go thirsty for a while. Some of the adults had green food tied to their bodies as provisions for the journey, including fresh tree-stars. Needless to say, they were ready to go.
Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike immediately made their way in the direction of the Secret Caverns, joined shortly by Ali, Hyp, Nod and Mutt who decided to go along too. The grown-ups, led by the sleek blue Chrysler driven by Arty and Ken began to follow the pathway leading past the Great Wall.

Time slowly ticked down…
It was incredible, to think that mere moments ago the Great Valley had been populated with plenty of dinosaur residents. Now the place was almost deserted. It could make a single person believe it to be a return of ‘The Shining’, only with an entire valley instead of just a hotel.
Not that anything truly bad had ever happened in the Great Valley, though.

Then, when the army standing by in the valley saw the blinking lights of the Platoon, they knew the time had come.
There was a pause…
Before they began to see movement over the edges of the Great Wall.
Tenma’s drone army had arrived.
“So it begins,” Michael the Dino Ranger muttered darkly.

Dr. Umataro Tenma stood staring out over the peaceful Great Valley, taking in all of the view as he was flanked by his army of drones. “So, Michael and his friends evacuated the dinosaurs, have they?” he grinned. “What a shame they couldn’t see the performance my army can do. But I’ll be sure to give them a nice welcome home once this is over and done with.”
He snapped his fingers, and a strange robotic figure shaped like a Fast-Biter with a cloak covering most of his body stepped up next to him. “What is your wish, Master Tenma?” it spoke in a harsh tone.
“The time has come, General Lazerclaw,” Tenma told him. “Prove your might as a general of the army to take down the DPF and the Sirius Platoon. Your lord, Darth Chomp, and myself…we’re both counting on you.”
“It will be done, master,” Lazerclaw snickered. He stood up to his full height, and then let out a harsh metallic Fast-Biter cry that would have been practically unbearable to the normal human ear. Luckily for Tenma, he had earplugs in his ears.
General Lazerclaw immediately began scaling down the Great Wall, with the drones immediately following in suit, charging as the time to fight had now begun. They became like a swarm of machinery, entering the walls of the valley and sweeping to fight against the brave and proud soldiers that stood to defend the valley.

“CHARGE!!!” Both Michael and Captain Bulge yelled out at the same time. The army immediately charged forward to meet the drone army in combat, weapons at the ready.

“So, the army comes to play,” Count Starr smirked. “It won’t be long before Veloci finds out about Redclaw’s new army of Fast-Biters. Soon he will be forced into the fray as well…”
“And that is when we make our move?” Darth Chomp inquired.
“Yes,” Starr nodded. “It will only be a matter of spinning Veloci into a whole new game of dinosaur and mouse. And he’ll see for once who the mouse really is.”
Darth Chomp grinned. “What about the dinosaurs in the Great Valley? They’re escaping.”
“Let them run,” Starr told him. “They are not important to us…even if Tenma’s drones don’t catch them, Redclaw’s army will, and they will not stand much of a chance.”
“I don’t know,” Darth Chomp showed a sign of uncertainty. “Littlefoot and all the others have been known to get the herds out of lots of trouble, including Sharpteeth and Fast-Biters. Besides, I have a score to settle with-” He put his claw over the gruesome scar on his eye.
“If it troubles you, put it to rest,” Starr insisted. “Hunt them down; that is the point of your existence! Live your meaning as a Sharptooth; it’s what you were born for! Your former master understood that, and if Mangle were here at this moment he would rally by you as Tenma’s army does as well!”
“Yes, sir!” Darth Chomp growled, and turned to immediately spring into action, his mind set on exacting his revenge upon his former friends including the one that wasn’t with them.
Starr watched him go, and then turned back to view the scene that was taking place.

The master and the apprentice both watched as the war erupted out over the Great Valley.
“Is it time to act?” the apprentice asked.
“Yes,” the master nodded. “Follow the Great Valley dinosaurs and see that no harm comes to them. The time will come when you will fight, but it is not here and it is not now.”
“I understand,” the apprentice bowed, and disappeared down the hill. The master watched him go, and then turned back towards the war, watching for a moment, before turning to let loose the Varactyl.
Great Valley Wars: Attack of the Drones (31)
At last...the beginning of the war has begun! While the citizens of the Great Valley begin to depart to avoid the incoming war involving Tenma's drone army, the Time Kids and Michael the Dino Ranger stand their ground with allied forces from the DPF and the Galaxy Railways to fight and defend the valley.
But who will win? More importantly, what is the major goal for the mysterious Count Starr and his comrade Darth Chomp? How will it involve Veloci?

Included pictures with illustrations provided as below. Art provided by :icongloverboy23:

Ken is not going to be involved in the war…

Why is this happening, Christine?…

Characters owned by:
:icongloverboy23: (The Time Kids)
:iconsusenm74: (The Dino Ranger)
:iconetaris333: (The Adventurer)
Universal Studios (The Land before Time)
Funimation (The Galaxy Railways)
Astro Boy (Osamu Tezuka)
DIC Entertainment (Dino Squad)
The surgery had been very tight in operation. But now it looked like the light was green for the patient. It had taken almost three solid hours to perform and persevere, but the danger was now over. Everybody was so relieved that they had finally managed to purge the last of the Primordial Ooze from the Dino Ranger’s body, and drain clear the Raptor DNA that Veloci had infected him with, thus finally returning him to his normal standard human male look.

“Right,” said the doctor. “We’ve finished. Let’s leave him to rest.”
The nurses wheeled Michael over to a resting room, and placed him on a comfortable bed. Once they were done, they left the room and went back to clean up in Operations.
There, the doctor eyed the ooze as it was placed into contamination and sent through to the incinerator. “Veloci’s ooze is getting even worse by the day,” he remarked. “And to think he used cells of his own DNA to hurt Michael in that manner.”
“Speaking of the raptor DNA, we managed to salvage it into a physical substance,” another nurse spoke, holding up a packet of liquid. “Maybe we could make use of it to help Michael get back at Veloci. We freeze it up, and make it into a piece of jewellery, then we give it to Michael so he can use it to turn into a Fast-Biter at will. That way Veloci won’t expect to see Michael as a Fast-Biter and the Dino Ranger can easily infiltrate his dirty future deeds.”
“Good idea,” the doctor nodded. “Do it. But make sure not to tell Michael about it…we should make it a surprise for him.”

A few hours later, Michael woke up feeling completely normal and refreshed. Looking around, he found was in a patient’s bed. He guessed he was in the hospital.
The door then opened and the doctors walked in to examine him. They explained to him about what had happened, when he had been under the influence of Veloci’s Primordial Ooze, and that after he had been knocked out, how they had done their best to remove it successfully. Now that Michael was back on the verge of human again, he was free to leave. However, they recommended that he take a vacation before returning to work, to help him mentally get over the influence of the Ooze.
As Michael was packing up his things which they had saved for him in a nearby room, he noticed something sitting on a nearby desk. It appeared to be a thin necklace with a strange-looking gemstone in it. Apparently, this happened to be the same gemstone made of the same substance that the doctors had frozen and made into its solid form.
Curious, Michael picked the necklace up, suspecting that maybe a former patient had left it behind. He decided to take it with him.

Millions of years back through time…

It was peaceful once again throughout the Great Valley. And the young Fast-Runner called Ruby was just making her way out of a pond after feeding on a few shellfish. She was excited to meet up with her friends later on, because they had developed a new game of Hide ’n’ Ken. It involved finding their human traveller friend, Ken Blake of the Time Kids. Whenever he came here and got into trouble, which normally involved getting caught by a dinosaur (usually female), the kids would split up and try to find where he was hidden in the Great Valley. Whoever found him first would get to decide who would be ‘It’ in the next game of Tag that they would play.
Ruby was excited as she had never gotten to choose the rules of Tag before. She couldn’t wait to hunt Ken down, although she knew she would have a bit of competition since Chomper had a very good sniffer, and had passed that trait on to Spike who was now just as good. What Ruby needed, she believed, was a bit of speed.
And as she approached the familiar road of the Great Valley Interstate 74, her thoughts turned to her human friend Michael…maybe she could ask him for his help. If he could drive her around in Christine, maybe she would have a better chance to find Ken before the others did.
It was then that she heard a strange sound, and looking down the road, she suddenly saw a familiar shape literally ‘sling-shot’ through time and stop right in front of her on the road. Her heart leapt the moment she recognized the red tinted object that she had been told was a ‘car’. It was Christine.
And whenever Christine was here, it meant Michael was here.
Ruby happily jumped up and down and ran over towards the driver’s door. “Michael!” she cried out as the door opened and Michael himself stepped out. “Hello, my friend, my friend, hello.”
“Hi, Ruby!” Michael let Ruby embrace him in a warm hug, and put his own arms around her to return the greeting. “I’ve missed you.”
“So have I,” Ruby looked him over as she pulled back. “Do you feel all better now after what Veloci did to you? After what Veloci did to you, do you feel all better now?”
“Yeah, I feel better,” Michael nodded. “But I’ll settle the score with him later. He’s really asking for it this time, having gone as far as infecting me with that Primordial Ooze. What are you up to now, Ruby?”
“We’re seeking out Ken,” Ruby grinned. “If I find him first, I’ll get to choose who’s It when we next play Tag.”
Michael smirked. “Yeah, knowing Ken, he’s always getting into trouble. Sure, I’ll give you a hand. Jump in.” He climbed into Christine and let Ruby jump inside too. They took off down the road, keeping their eyes peeled along the way for any signs of Ken.

A little later, Ruby pointed out a spot where she had seen Shelly and Josiah recently camping out last night. Pulling over, they went to check it out. Footprints in the ground indicated that Ken had to have been in the area as well, but when Ruby noticed Chomper’s footprints as well, she pouted. “Chomper’s ahead of me…how am I going to track Ken down before he does? Even if my sniffer was as good as Chomper’s, it’d take a miracle to catch up to him.”
“Maybe we can drive after him,” Michael suggested. “Back to the car.” But as they ran back to Christine, something slipped out of Michael’s pocket and fell to the ground. Ruby instantly noticed it. “Wait, Michael, you dropped something,” she picked up the necklace with the odd gemstone. “What is it?”
Michael turned around. “Oh, that? I don’t really know…I think it belongs to somebody else. I found it when I was recovering from the Ooze earlier on. I don’t know why it was just left there, but I thought it might look good on you if you wear it, Ruby.”
“How do you wear it, Michael?” Ruby asked. “I don’t know how it works.”
Michael chuckled. “Here, let me show you.” He took the necklace from Ruby, and carefully hung the necklace around his neck. “This is how you wear it, Ruby…it’s pretty eas-…huh?” Suddenly, he froze, as he felt a strange feeling well up inside of him. Suddenly, a light began to shimmer from the gemstone upon the necklace, and it began to shine around Michael, covering him in its glow. “Hey! What’s going on?”
“Michael!” Ruby gasped, and took a step away, shielding her eyes from the bright light. But after a moment, it faded away, and Ruby held down her hands, looking back at Michael.
But the moment she did, she got the surprise of her life! Instead of the Michael she knew, there stood a firm, medium-sized Fast-Biter, covered in blue scales with tan stripes over his back. But the Fast-Biter seemed to also maintain Michael’s hairdo, if not also his eyes, and a stripe of yellow scales upon the tip of his tail. The necklace hung around his neck just above his body.
“M-Michael!?” Ruby stared, as the Fast-Biter glanced down to look down at himself.
“W-Whoa! No way!” the Fast-Biter was stunned at his new appearance. “How did that happen?” He looked at his arms, now smaller than before with claws upon where his hands were. Then his feet, which now had killing claws upon them. His posture had changed into a firm Fast-Biter pose, leaning slightly, but when Michael attempted to stand up straight like a human, he found he had no trouble staying in that position.
“Ruby, this is-it’s incredible!” Michael laughed, showing his long, sharp teeth. “I’m a Fast-Biter!”
An excited smile grew upon Ruby’s lips…she didn’t know how it happened either, but for her friend to become a dinosaur was something totally amazing to her. Perhaps if he had turned into a Fast-Runner instead…
She felt a slight blush at the thought of it.
Michael looked behind at his new tail. “I feel powerful…wiry, nimble, and fast! I can see incredibly well, and I can hear a great distance. I’m an actual Fast-Biter…maybe I could spy on Redclaw and Veloci in this form without even being recognized!”
He then sniffed the air, and then thought of something. “And I can smell pretty good too…hey, maybe I can find Ken before Chomper this way!”
“There’s an idea,” Ruby grinned. “Lead the way, Michael!”
Michael began sniffing around carefully, checking out all the nearby scents around the campsite, and after a moment, he pinpointed the tracks of where Ken could have possibly gone. “That way! Come on!” He began leading Ruby down the trail, keeping his nose down carefully as he ran, so he could follow the scent quickly.
Then he stopped. “Oh no…wait! I can’t leave Christine on her own…she wouldn’t like staying in one place too long without me. I’d better drive her.”
“But how can you drive, Michael, I mean, with your new look?” Ruby asked. “With your new look, Michael, how can you drive?”
“Hmm, I didn’t think about that. Let’s see…” Michael approached Christine. He paused when a slight rumble from the car’s engine occurred. “It’s okay, Christine. It’s me, Michael.”
Christine remained still. Michael carefully sat in the driver’s seat, being mindful of his tail, but soon managed to sit properly. “Seems to be okay…” He then turned the key and started Christine up. She purred with assurance. “Yeah, I think I can do it. Jump in, Ruby.”
Ruby immediately climbed into Christine and Michael began to carefully push his new Fast-Biter feet onto Christine’s pedals. The car began to drive, and Michael went carefully on the accelerator to make sure his new form could get used to it. “Yes, I think I can drive Christine in this form too! This is awesome, Ruby! Bet I could drive a train like this too!”
Pretty soon, Michael was moving Christine like lightning across the terrain as he followed the trail, and amazingly, by leaning his head out the window, he was able to keep track of the scent at the same time, which was technically something near to impossible to do. But whatever the reason, it seemed to be incredibly easy for the Fast-Biter-turned Dino Ranger.
“We’ll catch Ken yet,” Ruby eagerly rubbed her hands.

A little while later, they were driving past the Roaring Falls when Ruby suddenly told Michael to stop. Michael brought Christine to a halt, and carefully made his way out of the car.
There at the Roaring Falls was Chomper, talking with Littlefoot who was apparently sitting in the cool water looking a little discomforted. Cera, Petrie, Ducky and Spike were there too.
But as Ruby approached them with Michael, the kids turned to look at them, and they gasped upon seeing Michael in his Fast-Biter form. “Ruby, look out!” Cera shouted. “It’s a Fast-Biter!”
“It will eat you up, yep, yep, yep!” Ducky gasped, while Petrie fainted instantly.
“No, no, you guys, it’s me!” Michael tried to tell them.
“Don’t panic, you guys, you guys, don’t panic!” Ruby assured them. “It’s our friend Michael…it really is.”
“Really?” Littlefoot stared. Spike let out a confused grunt. Chomper came over to check out the Fast-Biter, and his sniffer twitched for a moment before he let out a happy smile. “Yeah, it is Michael! You’re right, Ruby!”
“What happened to you, Mike?” Littlefoot asked, climbing out of the water.
Michael immediately noticed that Littlefoot seemed to have a bite-mark on his tail, but from the look of the mark, it looked like a human bite. But he decided to answer Littlefoot first, so he said, “I don’t know, Littlefoot. I was talking with Ruby earlier, showing her my necklace and then I got turned into thi-”
Suddenly he froze as he realized something. “The-the necklace…” He looked at it hanging around his neck. “Wait a minute…I did turn into this the moment I put the necklace on, and the light that came out of it…” He paused, and then picked it up carefully in his claws, before taking it off from around his neck.
There was a pause, then suddenly, Michael began to shimmer and shine with a burst of light. All the kids turned away to shield their eyes.
Then, when the light faded, they looked back at Michael, and to their amazement, the Dino Ranger was back to his original human form! He held the necklace in his hand, staring at it in amazement. “Wow! So this necklace is what turned me into that Fast-Biter form! I am definitely going to keep this…it’ll definitely be handy for fighting against Veloci and Redclaw!”
Ruby agreed. “Using that necklace to fight against Veloci will be helpful, because it’ll be helpful if you fight against Veloci by using that necklace!”
All the other kids agreed. “Uh, but you won’t think about eating us while you’re like that, will you?” Cera nervously asked.
Michael pulled a face at her. “No way, Cera. You know I’d never do something like that. I couldn’t even come close to biting you.” But the moment he said that, he remembered. “Hey, Littlefoot…where did you get that bite on your tail, by the way?”
“Huh?” Littlefoot looked back at his tail, and then sighed. “Oh yeah…Ken bit me earlier.”
“Ken? He was here?” Michael asked. “Why would he do that?”
“He thought I purposefully jumped on him the other day when I stepped on that thorn, so he bit me for revenge,” Littlefoot explained. “I told my Grandma about it a moment ago…she said she was going to teach Ken a lesson.”
Littlefoot then began to run off. “I’d better go see how it’s going anyway…I’ll see you guys later.”
“Okay, come back soon, Littlefoot,” Ruby called. She sighed with a smirk as she turned back to the others. “I guess it was Littlefoot that found Ken first then…he gets to choose who’s It in Tag.”
“Just as long as it isn’t me,” Cera grumbled as usual, and everyone laughed.
“Hey Mike, let’s see that Fast-Biter form again,” Chomper suggested. “I want to see how good you are with your sniffer, and see if you’re better than me.”
“Okay Chomper,” Michael grinned. “You’re on.” He carefully hung the necklace back around his neck, and now familiar with the bright light that followed as it enveloped him, he let the transformation take place as his human form was instantly swapped with his new Fast-Biter look. “This is going to be fun…” he grinned his famous Fast-Biter grin as he began to follow Chomper into the game.
Through the Eyes of a Fast-Biter
Finally, here's the story to match :iconsusenm74:'s Michael the Dino Ranger in his Fast-Biter form. Here's the link to his picture:…
Picture made by :icongloverboy23:

After Michael is saved from Victor Veloci's Primordial Ooze, the Raptor DNA extracted from it is made into a special gemstone and placed into a necklace for Michael to have, in a way of finding a method to get back at Veloci in the future. Whenever Michael puts on the necklace, he transforms into his new Fast-Biter form and gains all the abilities of a Fast-Biter...with a few extra bonuses of not being recognized as the Dino Ranger in this form, and being able to drive Christine as well in this form!

All characters belong to their respective owners: :iconsusenm74: :icongloverboy23: Universal Studios
etaris333: They entered the castle and took a look around. There were lots of things to look at, and things seemed peaceful.
But just then, Angel put her nose to the ground and followed an odd scent towards a white stone wall. She paused. “There’s something behind here,” she said.

starfighter101: I follow her and tilt my head at the stone wall curiously, “Oh? A secret passage then or something?”

etaris333: “I’m sure there’s something behind here,” Angel investigated the wall. “But shouldn’t there be something to open this?”

starfighter101: “Hmmm, let’s take a look around” I say as I start patting the wall curiously, looking for any hidden pressure plates.

etaris333: Then Angel noticed the scent appeared to be close to a suit of armour standing erect close to the wall. It was holding a glaive that appeared to be movable. “How about this?” she suggested. “I can’t reach it from here.”

starfighter101: I walk over and gently move the glaive around to see what happens. “Worth a shot I guess.”

etaris333: The glaive moved slightly to the side. Click! The wall began to move, revealing a secret passage.

starfighter101: “Whoa. Great find Angel!” I say as the wall moves away from the passageways entrance.

etaris333: Angel stares down the passage. I wonder what’s down here?” she murmured.

starfighter101: “Hmmm, only one way to find out” I say as I start to slowly walk down it.

etaris333: Angel crept in behind as they made their way inside. The passageway led down a set of stairs, and at the bottom was a door. Opening it led to a room where machines were buzzing and humming, and a strange canister sat in the middle containing something inside, but the specimen could hardly be seen.

starfighter101: Curiosity gets the better of my good judgement and I approach the canister slowly, “what is it?”

etaris333: “I have no idea,” Angel shook her head, but she noticed that there were a few buttons on a nearby console. A green, a blue, and a big red.

starfighter101: “Let’s not touch anything until we know what we’re dealing with.” I say as I notice the buttons on the console.

etaris333: “I’ll tell you what the deal is,” a voice suddenly spoke from behind. Angel snarled as they turned to see several members of Team Flare blocking the way out. “The deal is an annoying kid who has discovered our secret hideout.”

starfighter101: “OH COME ON!!” I shout angrily and slam my fist into the front of the console, and my fist starts to turn red and swell a little comically as I take a few deep breathes to keep myself from swearing in pain and grumble. “Even Murphy’s Law ain’t this bad.”

etaris333: Suddenly, the console began to flash red. The canister shook and then burst apart, throwing pieces of glass everywhere.
A creature began to emerge from the remnants of the canister, glancing at you and Angel for a moment, and then turning towards Team Flare, malice burning in its eyes. Away from them, you monsters! It summoned a Shadow Ball and blasted it at them. The Flare members immediately turned and scattered.

starfighter101: I move and put myself between Angel and the creature and do my best to hide my fear of whatever it is, and I manage to keep my body from shaking to visibly but my voice failed me as I ask in a quiet and shaky voice, “Wh-what are y-you?” since I’m unable to clearly see what it is due to the smoke from the destroyed console from the shattered canister.

etaris333: The figure moves, and then reveals itself to be a familiar creature. It is a light purple Pokémon with several pink markings. There is a V-shaped marking on its chest and bands around its wrists, pink markings around its head and a growth on top resembling hair tied into a ponytail. There is a yellow ring mark in the center of its forehead, and it has green eyes with yellow sclera. On either side of its head is a dark grey horn that curves slightly upward. It has a large ring around its lower body, and another hanging freely on each of its horns. Its arms don’t seem to be attached to its body and instead float next to it. Each arm has a small golden spike on one end and a hand similar to a mitten on the other. There is a golden spike on each shoulder, which is similar to those on its arms. Its lower body consists only of a wispy structure similar to its ponytail.
There was no doubt…it was the mischievous Pokémon Hoopa, in its Confined form.

starfighter101: My eyes go wide in recognition of the Legendary Pokémon and whistle under my breath in sheer excitement and amazement. “The legendary Hoopa…how lucky can we get Angel?” I whisper to her.

etaris333: Hoopa excitedly hovered in front of them. “Hey, do you guys know where I can find some mischief around here?” it asked. “I like mischief, but I certainly don’t like the mischief that Team Flare is up to.”

starfighter101: I smile and tell it, “Well, I’m not sure where you can find some mischief, but it seems like I’ve got a magnet for trouble or something. Hehe.”

etaris333: “Well, I think I can pull some mischief on them for sure now,” Hoopa grinned. “Those Flare guys don’t deserve to steal everybody’s fun…if I was in my Unbound form I’d give them what for!”
“So would I,” Angel agreed. “Especially since they have Yveltal on their side.”

starfighter101: I nod in agreement and say, “Seems like we all wanna cause some havoc for Team Flare. Maybe we could team up for a little bit and cause some mischief for them.”

etaris333: “Sure, that’d be great!” Hoopa grinned. “But if you wouldn’t mind though…I don’t really like those ball objects you guys use. Would you mind if I stayed out?”

starfighter101: I laugh and shake my head, “I don’t mind. Besides, I wasn’t really planning on catching you. I’m still getting used to this world.”

etaris333: Hoopa grinned and sat on your shoulder. “Great, then let’s get going.”

starfighter101: I nod and motion for Angel to follow us as we leave the secret chamber and head back into the mansion to look for other hidden secrets of Team Flare. “By the way, my name’s JP, and this is Angel.” I say and gently rub her head affectionately.

etaris333: Angel purred under your touch and nuzzled back into your hand.
“She acts like an angel too, heh heh,” Hoopa grinned. “She’s no disaster Pokémon for sure…I’m the one that makes them, especially with the mischief I make.”
As they left the mansion, they suddenly noticed the town seemed to be empty.

starfighter101: I stop just outside the doorway of the mansion and shiver involuntarily as I say warily, “I know this is gonna jinx it, but I got a bad feeling about this…”

etaris333: Angel put her nose to the ground. “Wait a minute…the people aren’t gone. They’ve only gone inside. Most of them have gone into the center.”
They entered the local Pokémon Center and saw a large group of people gathered around the televisions.

starfighter101: I try to see what’s on the televisions and ask someone nearby, “Excuse me, but what’s going on right now?”

etaris333: “Sorry kid, come and take a look,” the person gave room to let you take a look. Angel peeked in as well from under the crowd’s legs.
“As of right now, we have little information, but it appears a bomb has gone off in Lumiose City. It’s suspected that Team Flare is involved, as sights of Yveltal have been seen around the area.”

starfighter101: “Thanks.” I say and watch the television as my eyes go wide and I cover my mouth in horror as I whisper one word that only Angel and Hoopa hear, “Selas.”

etaris333: “We’d better get over there,” Angel whispered. She immediately led you and Hoopa out of the center.

starfighter101: I nod and follow her quickly and soon we’re out of sight from the Pokémon Center, “Hoopa, do you think you could get us to Lumiose City where Selas is? Something tells me he’s in the thick of it over there.”

etaris333: “I have an idea. Stand still,” Hoopa held up one of his rings, and tossed it over you and Angel. As it hung in the air, it grew to a colossal size with a wormhole opening inside of it. Hoopa floated over to you and Angel, and the ring dropped down surrounding everyone in the wormhole. All around, there was nothing but distortion. Then a second later, the ring flew back up and they were standing on the familiar cobblestone paths of Lumiose City.

starfighter101: “Whoa, that was weird and amazing at the same time.” I say as I look around at Lumiose City.

etaris333: Most of Lumiose City’s people appeared to be gathered around the main part of the city, near the tower. There appeared to be some sort of fight going on.

starfighter101: “Something tells me that’s where Selas is right now.” I say as I point towards the tower when an explosion goes off. “Ohh boy…I hope he doesn’t need our help…” I say nervously.

etaris333: They emerged through the crowd to find that Yveltal was indeed involved, but Xerneas appeared to be its opponent, fighting its counterpart to keep the people safe and drive away Team Flare.
But the battle had ended in a stalemate. Xerneas had succeeded in wearing Yveltal down enough, but the Life Pokémon was also struggling to stay focused. All it had to take was one small slip, and either side would come crumbling down.

starfighter101: I look to Angel and whisper so only she can hear, “Think we can help out somehow?”

etaris333: “I’m not sure,” Angel stared. “Looks like there are a lot of Team Flare members involved.”
“It’s over!” a voice coming from Team Flare thundered as somebody, obviously a new boss, took a step forward onto the terrain. “We’ve had enough of people resisting our desires…it is futile for all of you to oppose us! You will not live a second longer of your stupid lives…”
Then he held up his hand. “Yveltal…kill them all!”
For a moment, Yveltal glanced over at him, still rather worn out. If one could read the Pokémon’s mind, they could probably tell that Yveltal wasn’t sure how much longer it could battle Xerneas or if it was even worth it…

starfighter101: I clench my fists in rage and stare daggers at the new boss and debate on whether I should just walk up to him and knock his face in with a sucker punch (but not before I ask him a smart-ass question) or try and find Selas to make sure he’s alright. The look on my face was obvious that I was torn between the two and was leaning more towards asking the question and then punching him.

etaris333: “DO IT NOW! KILL THEM ALL!!!” the boss screamed at Yveltal, and everyone, even Team Flare’s members, suddenly began wondering if he had just lost his mind…
But before another word could be said, the terrain suddenly became deadly silent as everybody began to hear a strange trilling sound coming from underneath the ground. The ground began to shake slowly. Everybody stumbled over their feet as the shaking slowly began to grow stronger.

starfighter101: I stumble a little as the ground starts shaking, but start making my way towards the psychotic boss nonetheless, “W-w-What’s going on?!”

etaris333: BLAMMMMMMMM!!!
Something from underneath the ground suddenly burst out and swooped around the battlefield, causing the Team Flare boss to draw away from it as if he was being repulsed. Everybody watched as the figure then shot into the ground, tunnelling through it and marking some lines through the pathway.
Then, when the figure blasted back out again, the people’s eyes widened the moment they saw the outline of a “Z” marked into the ground. The figure twisted in the air and then landed upon the ground, standing firmly upon both his feet and staring between both the people and Xerneas on one side, and Team Flare along with Yveltal on the other side.
In his right hand, the familiar Auswes trainer appeared to be holding something that was shining with a slight light-blue glow, and upon his arm, a strange, green ring appeared to be glowing with a strange aura.
“Wh-what is this?” the leader of Team Flare gasped. “You…you can’t be alive!”
From behind him, his second muttered, “He won’t get in the way…?”

starfighter101: I rub my eyes in total shock and do a double take at what I’m seeing and do a perfect imitation of Tim Allen’s grunt from Home Improvement as my eyes pop out of their sockets. “S-SELAS?!?! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOU!?!?!”

etaris333: Angel gasped the moment she saw the change in Selas, including his eyes: green, and hexagonal.
Then the voice came out of his mouth.
“Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life.”
The moment those words came out of Selas’s mouth in a tone of the dead, everybody shivered and drew away. Even Xerneas and Yveltal edged away. There was something awfully sinister about this guy, and whatever it was, it made them uneasy.
“Judgment shall be dealt upon those who attempt to control the matter of life and death. The order shall arise…as long as my name…is Zelas Jarra!”

starfighter101: I back away quickly and accidentally trip myself and fall onto my back and stay where I am, wondering what happened to you, but feel too terrified to say anything.

etaris333: At that moment, the Auswes trainer held up his arms, and a strange green glow seemed to emit from him. Yveltal’s Dark Aura suddenly seemed to dissipate, disappearing from around the Destruction Pokémon, while at the same time, Xerneas’s Fairy Aura slowly vanished as well.
Was it…an Aura Break? There was only one Pokémon known to exist that had that ability… Selas then tipped his head back and howled in a death-defying voice: “ZYGARDE!!!” Everybody covered their ears as the scream was so ear-piercing it was almost deafening. Xerneas took another cautious step back, and even Yveltal nervously backed away further.
Then a PokéBall arose from the trainer’s belt and opened in his left hand, releasing Sammy the Shivaconda.
Selas then held up the shining light-blue stone in his hand. “Now, Mega Stone,” he sinisterly hissed, “Order shall be restored. Time for the final curtain call!”
As everyone watched, a sphere of energy encased Sammy, and she began to transform into a different Mega Pokémon…certainly not the kind of form they expected to see.

starfighter101: I watch in shock and awe as it seemed that Zygarde was somehow using Selas as a puppet to take command of the situation. When he howled out, the sound nearly made me black out. In my dazed state, I thought that I was seeing things when Sammy started to Mega Evolve into something totally different from what I saw last time.

etaris333: Sammy’s darker blue scales turned a fiery red, and a pair of crimson wings emerged. Sharp fangs grew in her mouth, and her eyes went fiery orange. Her head and tail crystals began glowing a deep blood-red.
Sammy had become a Mega-Shivaconda Z! She roared and spewed a river of molten lava at Team Flare, causing them to scream and run.
The boss was knocked over and he dropped something that shattered…and all at once, Yveltal came to its senses, like it had just woken up from something.

starfighter101: “Who…is this guy…?” I say as I watch the events happen with darkness swimming on the edges of my vision as I slowly stand up and teeter on the balls of my feet as the darkness nearly encompasses my vision and nearly fall over.

etaris333: Yveltal immediately took off into the distance, and wasn’t seen again. Xerneas went in the other direction, and while several people retreated from the scene as well, others seemed to hold their ground and hardly moved at all. In fact, they seemed to be cheering, having seen that Team Flare had been driven off.
Sammy-Z let out a snarl in her new draconic form, but then seemed to de-volve and revert back to normal. She glanced over at Selas, who stared at her for a moment, and then…
His eyes went back to their normal deep-brown look. He instantly came to, and fainted. Sammy instantly lashed out her coils and caught him.

starfighter101: My vision clears up and I steady myself and wave for Angel and Hoopa to follow me as I rush over to Sammy and ask, “Is he alright Sammy?!”

etaris333: “I don’t know,” Sammy looked panicked. “I’ve never seen my trainer like this before. Perhaps he needs to cool down a bit.” She cuddled her coils closer to Selas, being an Ice-Type. Then they made their way to the Pokémon Center to rest off for a while.
Eventually, after a few minutes, Selas came to. “Huh? W-what was I doing?”

starfighter101: “Well, you basically singlehandedly defeated Team Flare and freed Yveltal or something. That, and apparently you were possessed by Zygarde somehow. Other than that, not much.” I say offhandedly as I was leaning against the wall nearby and rub Angel’s head affectionately as Hoopa hovers around the room levitating an object or two, having a little fun.

etaris333: “I was?” Selas shook his head, a little confused. “I hardly remember anything other than my Mega Ring shining for some strange reason, and then…I found myself with you guys.”
“You mean…you don’t remember anything?” Sammy asked. When Selas shook his head again, she said, “I guess Zygarde’s influence must have kept your memory from seeing what happened. I remember Zygarde fuelling me with energy and I turned into a dragon. Maybe it works for Pokémon, but not for humans.”

starfighter101: “Huh, that’s weird. But the two of you are feeling a little better, right?” I ask as I look from him to Sammy.

etaris333: “I think so,” Selas nodded. “You okay, Sammy?”
“I feel okay,” Sammy agreed. “But you look really hot, Selas. Maybe you should cool down for a little while.”
“What? But I-” Selas began, but suddenly Sammy seized him with her long body, and he sighed as his head was left poking out of the thick, strong coils. “Oh, here we go again…”

starfighter101: I chuckle and shake my head at the two of you, “Hey, she just wants to make sure her trainer’s alright. What’s wrong with that?”

etaris333: “Uh…” but before Selas could reply, Sammy began swallowing him down head-first, sending him down into the cool recesses of her long stomach.

starfighter101: I watch with rapt attention, mostly due to the shock and fear of the current situation and when she finishes swallowing him, I only utter a few words before falling backwards and passing out, “Oh. That happened…”

etaris333: Angel looked at you passed out on the ground. “Oh dear…poor young guy,” she lapped your face softly before getting an idea and opening her mouth widely, beginning to swallow your head and shoulders.

starfighter101: I remained knocked out; unaware of what was happening to me as Angel slowly and gently began swallowing me whole. Thankfully I didn’t put up any struggle, so once she got past my shoulders; it was rather easy for her to do.

etaris333: Angel savoured the taste of her trainer as much as Sammy had, who simply smiled at her Pokémon friend.
“How delicious,” Angel drooled. “I never knew human masters could be so tasty.”

starfighter101: I groan a little inside her stomach, curled up in the fetal position as her stomach gently coats me with saliva as she smacks her lips, wanting to savour every bit of my flavour.

etaris333: Sammy laughed as Angel slurped up her trainer completely. “I hope the rest of your adventures give you plenty of excuse to nom him in the future, Angel,” she commented.
“So do I, Sammy,” Angel licked her lips.

starfighter101: I occasionally shift around inside her as I get comfortable and sigh happily, thinking that I’m on a soft and warm cloud with the sun’s warmth gently shining down on me instead of being in the stomach of my Absol.
JP in the Pokemon World (Part 3)
Shared a rather lengthy RP with :iconstarfighter101:...bringing his OC to the Pokemon world for real, and sending him out on a journey with my OC, Selas Jarra, and his Pokemon including Sammy the Shivaconda.
Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3: You're reading it! (Sammy's Z Form included)

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