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A fellow gaming friend came by recently, and when he heard that I have still kept my old Gen III Pokemon games, he decided to give me a challenge. Here's what he wanted:

- To collect the original list of 380 Pokemon from Gen III and send them back through time to the present day in Gen VI.
- Each Pokemon has to come from Gen III because he will monitor each one. Each must have come straight from 'travelling a long way to reach you from the Hoenn region'.
- Except for the legendaries and the genderless types, each Pokemon must have its male and female counterpart.
- If a Pokemon can have two Abilities, send through a Pokemon with an Ability each.
- Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys are exceptional since the GBA games are way out of date and you can't get them as events anymore.

After checking over my old Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald cartridges, I finally decided to take him up on this challenge.
One slight problem though is that since it's the year 2015, the internal batteries of the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald cartridges have gone dry, and clock-based events no longer occur, which means it may be hard to get Espeon and Umbreon on them. Thankfully I've kept one of each safely in my box, just in case such a problem might occur. I'm not sure though if FireRed and LeafGreen might still allow it, since I haven't seen any dry battery messages on them, so I'm going to try it.
As much as I wanted to try and get the aforementioned six mythical Pokemon in Gen III, I never first got my GBA back then so I kind of missed out. I never ended up getting Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD either, so I can't get Ho-Oh or Lugia that way. But I do have Pokemon Channel, so just for a finish, I'll replay it on my GameCube once the collection is finished and obtain an extra Jirachi.

While I'll be taking up this challenge, I'll make sure to spare time here as well, since I still have some requests to do. My friend's a patient guy, and he can wait, so I'll be doing both together. Hopefully I can still keep everybody happy.

Update: Ruby Version completed
I managed to find my old Pokemon Box for GameCube, which works as a storage device for any of the old GBA games, and it's a real lifesaver to preserve all those precious Pokemon that you collect. Shame it's not worth filling it up to the total 1,500 Pokemon, not even for the egg contained the Pichu that knows Surf as a reward, because you can't trade that Pokemon to Pal Park on DS without deleting the move.
Anyway, next is Sapphire, and it's time to fight Team Aqua next, as well as collecting the exclusive Pokemon like Sableye, Seviper and Kyogre.


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


etaris333: It had been two months now since the XD003 incident. After the damage had been done, the tournament had been suspended until the repairs to the stadium were complete.
After a deep investigation, the authorities arrested Lucien Greevil and his cronies, but Dakim was never found. New management was given to the stadium, one that could be trusted, and once the stadium was finished, they immediately re-opened the awaiting final battle to finally finish the tournament.
A whole group of people were gathered at the tournament to which the epic finale between both brothers, both Nick and Noah, as they walked out to face each other on the battlefield. Their family was cheering the hardest, including their cousins with Racer who had come to watch the battle as well.
Noah grinned at Nick. “Well, bro,” he said, “the time has come. You ready?”

Serperiormaster: “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I smirked as I took a PokéBall from my belt and threw it. “Let’s go, Swampert!” I say as the PokéBall opened.

etaris333: “Go for it, Absol!” Noah tossed out her ball and released her.
The referee stood in the middle, ready to commence the battle. “And…Battle!”
“Abby, Psycho Cut!” Noah shouted.

Serperiormaster: Absol released a pink blade of psychic power at Swampert. “Swampert, dodge and use Hammer Arm!” I commanded.

etaris333: Swampert immediately dodged and brought its arm up to strike.
“Quick! Ice Beam!” Noah shouted.

Serperiormaster: Absol was too late to fire as Hammer Arm was brought down on her head, knocking her out in one hit. “Great, Swampert!” I say.

etaris333: Noah grinned as he recalled Absol. “Not bad, Nick.” He then tossed out Chesnaught.

Serperiormaster: “Thanks, Noah. Swampert, return,” I say, returning Swampert to his PokéBall then sending out Charizard.

etaris333: “Chesnaught, Rollout!” Noah ordered.

Serperiormaster: “Use Air Slash, Charizard!” I say as Chesnaught curled into a ball and rolled at Charizard.

etaris333: Charizard slashed, but it didn’t stop Chesnaught from rolling at him and knocking him to the ground. Charizard felt unsteady, but managed to stand firmly on his feet.

Serperiormaster: “Charizard, use your Flare Blitz!” I commanded.

etaris333: Charizard lunged at Chesnaught, launching his fiery attack with an explosion of strength. It finally caused Chesnaught to faint.
Noah sent out Houndoom next. “Fight fire with fire, I dare say,” his smug grin still showed.

Serperiormaster: “Nope,” I say, returning Charizard then sending out Armaldo.

etaris333: “Smog up the battlefield, then use Flamethrower!” Noah commanded.

Serperiormaster: “Quick, use Ancient Power!” I commanded Armaldo as Houndoom used Smog.

etaris333: Armaldo launched its attack but the Smog came too quickly, making it hard to see. Then suddenly, Houndoom throttled out of the Smog and fired Flamethrower at Armaldo.

Serperiormaster: “Dodge it and use Cross Poison!” I yelled to Armaldo.

etaris333: Armaldo immediately dodged, and barely managed to avoid Houndoom’s Flamethrower. Then attacking with Cross Poison, he managed to retaliate and knock Houndoom down. The dog lay still for a second, but then sprung back up, not done yet.
“Payback!” Noah ordered.

Serperiormaster: “Armaldo, intercept with X-Scissor!” I told Armaldo as Houndoom charged at him.

etaris333: Armaldo immediately crossed his arms and slashed just as Houndoom reached him. Both fell backwards and lay still for a moment, but then Armaldo twitched and managed to stand, weak but still conscious.
Noah’s smirk still remained. “Okay Salamence, let’s keep in the fray!” He released the ball as he recalled Houndoom.

Serperiormaster: I returned Armaldo and sent out Avalugg. “You’re up next!” I say.

etaris333: “Flamethrower, fast!” Noah commanded.

Serperiormaster: “Intercept it with Water Pulse!” I say as Salamence fires Flamethrower.

etaris333: The pulse of water made contact with Salamence’s Flamethrower and none of the Pokémon were hit.
“Hit with Dragon Tail!” Noah shouted.

Serperiormaster: Avalugg was hit and switched out with Girafarig.

etaris333: “Now use Twister to toss Girafarig into the air,” Noah commanded. “Then Fly high and hit it hard!”

Serperiormaster: “Girafarig, dodge and use your Beat Up attack, let’s go!” I yelled.

etaris333: The Twister caused Girafarig to spin into the air, but Girafarig managed to focus on where Salamence was, waited for it to strike, and then dodged in time, striking back with Beat Up. Both crashed to the ground, but they were both still conscious.

Serperiormaster: “Girafarig, get up and use your Psybeam!” I say.

etaris333: Girafarig managed to stand, and fired at Salamence before it could recover. The dragon was bowled over, and it fell unconscious.
Noah sent out Haxorus next. He continued to smile even though he had lost four Pokémon and Nick was winning. It seemed he was enjoying the match.

Serperiormaster: I returned Girafarig and sent Avalugg back out. “Avalugg, use Ice Ball!” I say.

etaris333: “Dodge and use Dual Chop!” Noah shouted as Avalugg fired at Haxorus.

Serperiormaster: Haxorus managed to dodge and use Dual Chop on Avalugg, though it barely did anything. “Use Skull Bash!” I say.

etaris333: Avalugg immediately bashed into Haxorus and flipped it backwards, leaving it to roll onto its back and lay unconscious.
Noah grinned. “Last one,” he held up the ball. “Now let’s see you take on the final obstacle!” He released it, and out came Darkrai.

Serperiormaster: I returned Avalugg and sent out Dusknoir, even though it has a disadvantage.

etaris333: “Ominous Wind!” Noah ordered Darkrai.

Serperiormaster: Darkrai released Ominous Wind at Dusknoir. “Dodge with Shadow Sneak!” I commanded.

etaris333: Dusknoir vanished as the Ominous Wind approached. Darkrai hesitated before it felt the attack and was pushed back, but remained focused as Dusknoir returned to its position.
“Dark Void, Darkrai!” Noah pointed at Dusknoir. “We’re not done yet!”

Serperiormaster: “Dodge with Shadow Sneak again! Then use Hex!” I say to Dusknoir.

etaris333: “Not this time…counter with Dark Pulse!” Noah grinned. Darkrai slipped away from Dusknoir’s incoming attack and immediately blasted its Dark Pulse.

Serperiormaster: “Dusknoir, try your Shadow Punch!” I say.

etaris333: Dusknoir barely managed to avoid the Dark Pulse, and flew at Darkrai aiming its Shadow Punch. POW! Darkrai was knocked back, but it didn’t fall yet.
“One more Dark Pulse, Darkrai!” Noah shouted.

Serperiormaster: “Use Hex, let’s go!” I say just before Darkrai fires Dark Pulse.

etaris333: Dusknoir fired as hard as he could, and then managed to duck under Darkrai’s Dark Pulse. The Hex hit Darkrai, and after the attack landed, Darkrai hesitated in the air for a moment…
Then it suddenly toppled backwards and dropped down onto the ground!
“VICTORY! VICTORY!” the loudspeaker roared. “Nick is the tournament Champion!”
Cheers ran out all over the battlefield, and his family cheered the loudest of all, and Francine pumped her fists in the air while her Pokémon did the same.
Noah smiled as he recalled Darkrai and strolled over. “Not bad, Nick. I may have to train more if I’m ever gonna get to your level,” he commended his brother as they shook hands.

Serperiormaster: “Thank you, Noah,” I say with a smile before I started healing up Dusknoir and my other Pokémon.

etaris333: The new representative in charge of the stadium immediately came up and congratulated both the boys. He presented Nick with a shining prize: the Tournament Champion Trophy, and then gave to all of his participating Pokémon a Champion Ribbon each. Then a photographer came up to take pictures of Nick and his Pokémon.
Noah and Francine watched with content faces. After everything that had happened, evil had been crushed again and this day deserved to be an exciting one. They watched as Mew floated over and perched on Nick’s shoulder, wanting to be part of the pictures as well.

Serperiormaster: I chuckle a bit and pet Mew’s head, then walked over to my family when the photographer was done taking pictures.

etaris333: “So, how does it feel, Mr. Champion?” Zoroark asked Nick as she ran her paw over her ribbon.

Serperiormaster: I smiled. “Pretty good,” I said, petting her head too.

etaris333: Nick’s mom came over to crush Nick in a tight hug. She did the same with Noah as he came up with a runner-up trophy.

Serperiormaster: Our cousins Harry and Jack hugged us as well.

etaris333: “So uh, what now?” Noah inquired.

Serperiormaster: “Shall we head home?” I ask.

etaris333: So they headed home. It was getting late, and it would be dinner time soon. They had a great time partying at the house, humans and Pokémon together.

Serperiormaster: When the party was over and it was past 10 P.M. I headed back into my room, exhausted.

etaris333: Charizard, Swampert and Serperior came along with Nick, just as tired. But they were all thinking of something incredible.
“To think that all of this, humans and Pokémon living together here, in this world, because of us three wanting to study them in the beginning,” Serperior grinned.
“Yeah, and look how far we got,” Swampert nodded. “I knew we made the right choice in choosing Nick.”
“Absolutely,” Charizard held up his Champion Ribbon. “And I’m really glad he chose us too, to be his Pokémon.”

Serperiormaster: I placed the trophy on top of my bookshelf and got ready for bed.

etaris333: When they came into the room, Charizard and Swampert made themselves comfortable next to the bed. Serperior grinned and decided to join Nick on the bed.

Serperiormaster: I pet Serperior’s head and smiled. “Goodnight, guys,” I said to him, Swampert, and Charizard.

etaris333: “Good night, Nick,” Charizard and Swampert settled down and closed their eyes.
Serperior coiled his long body upon the bed, and settled his head down next to Nick’s. “Sleep well, Nick,” he hissed as he shut his eyes.

Serperiormaster: I smiled and shut my eyes as well. “You too, my friends,” I say.
The Story of Real-Life Pokemon (Part 10)
The final part of the RP between me and :iconserperiormaster: results in a final battle between the brothers...hope you enjoyed reading the story!
Personality Check by etaris333
Personality Check
Just tried this little personality test to see what my category was:…
I have :iconcrimsonvampiress: to thank for this after reading her latest journal entry.
A fellow gaming friend came by recently, and when he heard that I have still kept my old Gen III Pokemon games, he decided to give me a challenge. Here's what he wanted:

- To collect the original list of 380 Pokemon from Gen III and send them back through time to the present day in Gen VI.
- Each Pokemon has to come from Gen III because he will monitor each one. Each must have come straight from 'travelling a long way to reach you from the Hoenn region'.
- Except for the legendaries and the genderless types, each Pokemon must have its male and female counterpart.
- If a Pokemon can have two Abilities, send through a Pokemon with an Ability each.
- Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys are exceptional since the GBA games are way out of date and you can't get them as events anymore.

After checking over my old Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald cartridges, I finally decided to take him up on this challenge.
One slight problem though is that since it's the year 2015, the internal batteries of the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald cartridges have gone dry, and clock-based events no longer occur, which means it may be hard to get Espeon and Umbreon on them. Thankfully I've kept one of each safely in my box, just in case such a problem might occur. I'm not sure though if FireRed and LeafGreen might still allow it, since I haven't seen any dry battery messages on them, so I'm going to try it.
As much as I wanted to try and get the aforementioned six mythical Pokemon in Gen III, I never first got my GBA back then so I kind of missed out. I never ended up getting Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD either, so I can't get Ho-Oh or Lugia that way. But I do have Pokemon Channel, so just for a finish, I'll replay it on my GameCube once the collection is finished and obtain an extra Jirachi.

While I'll be taking up this challenge, I'll make sure to spare time here as well, since I still have some requests to do. My friend's a patient guy, and he can wait, so I'll be doing both together. Hopefully I can still keep everybody happy.

Update: Ruby Version completed
I managed to find my old Pokemon Box for GameCube, which works as a storage device for any of the old GBA games, and it's a real lifesaver to preserve all those precious Pokemon that you collect. Shame it's not worth filling it up to the total 1,500 Pokemon, not even for the egg contained the Pichu that knows Surf as a reward, because you can't trade that Pokemon to Pal Park on DS without deleting the move.
Anyway, next is Sapphire, and it's time to fight Team Aqua next, as well as collecting the exclusive Pokemon like Sableye, Seviper and Kyogre.
etaris333: With the semi-finals over, the two brothers made their way home, both excited since they were both now the final competitors. Either one of them would win the tournament tomorrow, and the best part was…there would be no Shadow Pokémon or trainers to fight against.
But as they made their way out of the stadium, the shady guy from before passed by again and slipped them yet another PokéBall each.
Noah stared at them. “I wonder which Pokémon they are this time.”

Serperiormaster: “Let’s find out.” I say. When we got home we went to the backyard and I let all my Pokémon out.

etaris333: The balls were released and Nick’s ball revealed a Dusknoir, while Noah’s contained a Haxorus. Their eyes glowed with anger as they prepared to attack.
“Quick!” Noah yelled. “Use White Hole, Absol!”

Serperiormaster: “Zoroark, you too!” I yelled to Zoroark.

etaris333: The White Holes hit the Dusknoir and Haxorus dead-center and enveloped them in pure light, dissipating their shadowy auras and making them faint. As they slowly reverted to normal, Noah stood over them and sighed. “If purifying them is this easy using these LITE Crystals, I just hope they might work on this unpurifiable Pokémon they plan to give to the winner.”

Serperiormaster: I healed the Dusknoir and Haxorus. “Me too. But if they can’t, we’ll have to take care of it a different way,” I say.

etaris333: “Yeah, maybe James will have a solution-WAAGH!” Noah suddenly cried out as a shadowy Pokémon suddenly landed in the backyard, and the landing caused everybody to fall down.
The person riding the Pokémon fired a strange beam at the Pokémon which caused them to disappear back into their balls. More figures emerged from hiding and began tying up and gagging both Noah and Nick, collecting up their balls as they dragged them away towards a nearby truck. They were thrown inside, and the door slammed shut, plunging them into darkness.

Serperiormaster: Damn it, can’t I go one year without someone trying to kidnap me!? I thought, trying to get the gag and ropes off.

etaris333: “Mmmph!” Noah tried to say something, but he was just as bound as Nick was. The truck bounced them about as it drove towards a destination they couldn’t guess.

Serperiormaster: I tried to kick the door open with my legs tied together.

etaris333: Suddenly, the truck came to a stop, and the door was opened by two gruff people. They pulled the brothers out and shoved them along to a building. To their surprise, they had been brought back to the stadium where the tournament was being held.

Serperiormaster: I kept trying to get the gag and ropes off of me as I was hoping we’d be alright.

etaris333: The grunts shoved them over to a part of the building they hadn’t been in before. Upon entering, they were joined by a familiar red-haired guy.
“Nice work, boys,” Dakim nodded. “Bring them over here…Master Greevil is waiting for them.” He led the way. Noah strained upon seeing Dakim was in charge of their capture.

Serperiormaster: Damn Shadow trainers…I thought to myself.

etaris333: Dakim led them towards a secured door. Upon stepping through, they saw two other familiar faces, Rodney and Gary, talking with somebody they hadn’t seen before dressed in a purple cloak.
“Hey Dad, that’s them! Those brats that humiliated us and hurt our precious Pokémon!” Rodney whined.
“And they took my Darkrai away too!” Gary growled.
“Quiet boys,” the cloaked figure spoke. “Let me speak with them first…then you shall have your payback.” He clicked his fingers, and the grunts took the gags off Nick’s and Noah’s mouths.

Serperiormaster: “Where the hell do you freaks get off?” I asked them with a growl.

etaris333: “So,” the cloaked figure approached with a smug grin. “You must be Nick. From what I’ve heard you and your brother have been purifying our Shadow Pokémon. I might have guessed you were involved with that mad scientist James and his box of tricks…especially after you both did away with my old colleague, Izzy Badd.”

Serperiormaster: “How about you cut the small talk and tell us what it is you want!” I say, just wanting to know.

etaris333: “Impatient, dear me,” the man shook his head. “Well, if you must know, what we want is the world at our feet! I am Lucien Greevil, and my bloodline has long wanted to rule the world with our almighty Shadow Pokémon dominating the weak and useless! Our business of Shadow distribution has been in operation ever since the early Cipher years, when my grandfather and his partner-in-crime Evice were in charge. Sadly, his XD001 Pokémon was a failure, as was my father’s XD002.”
Then he grinned. “But I will fulfil what they could not! With our XD003 Pokémon fused and ready to go, our domination of the world will be absolute…or it would be, if not for the interference of you two talented brats.”

Serperiormaster: “You started a tournament and didn’t expect people like us to enter and kick your asses? You’re clearly underestimating the normal trainers around here,” I say.

etaris333: “Normal trainers are weak and unknowledgeable,” Greevil just grinned. “They have no idea just how powerful Shadow Pokémon can be. Those who can wield Shadows are the most strongest people in the world, and that is the way we have always fantasized it. If only you could understand it the way we have…”
Then he led them over to a nearby lab. “Now I am going to give you a chance,” he grinned. “You are going to join me with your Pokémon as they become faithful Shadows like all the others have…”

Serperiormaster: “And what do you think you will achieve from doing that? They’re still our Pokémon and they’ll remain loyal to us! You can’t even release them from us! So what makes you think we won’t change them back?” I ask.

etaris333: “This makes me think you won’t!” Greevil clicked his fingers again, and they were shoved towards a glass panel, where in another room, a platform attached to the ceiling showed their own Pokémon tied up to it, and below them was a pit with grinding blades.
“If you refuse to join us we shall have all your Pokémon killed in front of your eyes!” Greevil cackled.

Serperiormaster: I looked at the Pokémon for a good ten seconds before looking at Greevil. “You really think we’re foolish enough to fall for that? Those Pokémon aren’t ours,” I say to him.

etaris333: “Very well,” Greevil sneered. “Then I’ll just have to have these innocent young Pokémon sentenced to -”
But suddenly, his voice was cut short as there was a sudden FIZZ in the electrical lights, and the whole room was plunged into darkness. In the other room, a SNAP could be heard and the Pokémon suddenly broke free. Shouting started up everywhere.
“Hey, what’s going on?” Noah cried out, but suddenly, he felt one of the guards pull him and Nick straight out of the room by their ropes.

Serperiormaster: I looked around as we were pulled out of the room and then looked at the guard.

etaris333: The guard quickly pulled them into a nearby closet and shut the door. “Are you two okay?” he asked, pulling out a knife and cutting their ropes.
“Who are you?” Noah asked, confused.
“It’s me,” the guard smiled, before suddenly, his body flickered and distorted, changing back into a familiar Dark-Type Pokémon…

Serperiormaster: “Zoroark? How long have you been disguised as one of those guards?” I asked, petting her head.

etaris333: Zoroark giggled and kissed Nick on the nose. “When those guys took us in our PokéBalls, one of them curiously opened mine to see what was inside. Big mistake! I booted him out of the truck and took his place.”
“What about the rest of our Pokémon?” Noah asked.
“Here,” Zoroark held up a leather pouch. Unzipping it, they saw all their PokéBalls intact.

Serperiormaster: “Nice work, Zoroark,” I say, taking my PokéBalls out of the bag.

etaris333: Noah peeked outside the door, and they immediately heard sounds of shouting from nearby.
“Where are those rotten kids?” Greevil thundered. “They must be stopped!”
“Never mind that!” Gary snapped. “We’ve gotta catch that lightning-fast rodent! It’s cut off our power, and we must get it back on!”
Noah glanced back at the others. “I think now’s a good time to release all our Pokémon and go all out against them.”

Serperiormaster: “Even with 23 Pokémon with LITE crystals, we are outmatched. I have a better idea. Zoroark, use your Illusion ability to make some of those grunts appear as us and our Pokémon, and make us appear as the grunts, like you did with Charizard back when you were working with Badd. Once most of them are taken care of, then we will go all out,” I say to Zoroark.

etaris333: “I’ll try,” Zoroark nodded. She sneaked out of the doorway, reforming herself as a guard. A moment later, two other guards came running by, stopping to ask Zoroark what was going on.
A moment later, the door opened all the way, and the Zoroark guard revealing two unconscious guards, before casting her Illusion ability to make it look like they were Nick and Noah, and Nick and Noah themselves were guards.
“Let’s go,” Zoroark whispered as she helped them to pick up the fake Nick and Noah, and then drag them along to where they were being held earlier.

Serperiormaster: We made it back to the room where Greevil threatened to kill our Pokémon.

etaris333: Greevil was standing in the dark with Gary, but Rodney was nowhere to be seen.
“Ah, good,” Greevil smirked, putting a strange cap on his head. “This unusual event surprised us, but we’ll see to that pesky high-speed rodent later! For attempting to escape you shall face the wrath of Serum XD003! Bring it in, Gary!”
Gary pushed a button that still seemed to work, and a capsule containing something dark and sinister slowly slid into the room.

Serperiormaster: Here it comes…I thought to myself as I watched.

etaris333: The capsule slowly opened, and steam hissed out of it, and a silhouette appeared inside…
Noah nearly gasped upon seeing it, but caught his breath in time so he wouldn’t be suspected.
There in the capsule, a small purple-coloured feline-like Pokémon slowly levitated into view, before a dark orb of power surrounded it, and its blood red eyes opened to stare around at everybody.
“M…e…w…” it muttered very darkly.

Serperiormaster: So that’s what it is…A Mew…I thought, looking at it.

etaris333: “Not what you’d expect, was it?” Greevil laughed. “Transform Code #484!” His cap began emitting a strange sound.
The Shadow Mew suddenly flickered and began to Transform, changing into a gigantic Shadow Palkia!
“My father would have been proud to see this legend again in our power!” Greevil laughed. “Transform Code #249!”
Again Shadow Mew transformed, this time into a Shadow Lugia.
“And my grandfather would have been pleased to see this again!” Greevil continued. “Mew has the genetic code of every single Pokémon in the universe…with its ability to become anything, we will truly be unstoppable!”
Then he grimaced. “And now it is time for you two to meet your end! Transform Code #646 Normal!” The Shadow Mew once again altered its shape, becoming a very dangerous and hungry Shadow Kyurem!

Serperiormaster: So the cap controls Mew, and whatever Pokédex number he says will be the Pokémon Mew transforms into. Alright, first we should get a hold of that cap, I said in my mind as I dropped the fake me on the ground in front of Shadow Kyurem Mew changed into.

etaris333: Noah did the same with his fake copy, and they stepped back as the Shadow Kyurem advanced on them. Its jaws salivated, ready to consume them.
Gary suddenly glanced over his shoulder. “What in the blazes is taking Rodney and Dakim so long to get the power back on? They should have done it by now.”

Serperiormaster: While Mew was occupied with the fake me and Noah, I walked over the Greevil, and then suddenly, snatched the hat off his head and quickly jumped back releasing my Pokémon. “Everybody, go!” I say.

etaris333: Noah immediately pulled out his Pokémon and released them. “Time for you to say goodbye, Greevil.”
“What in the blazes?” Gary stared at them. “These guys are betraying us! What’s Dakim up to…rebelling?”
“Never mind that!” Greevil snapped. “Give back that cap! Mew is mine!”
“NO, IT’S NOT!” another voice yelled from behind Nick and the others.

Serperiormaster: I was about to put the cap on and turn Mew into a Magikarp or something, but then I heard that voice. I took a glance behind me.

etaris333: “It’s mine!” There stood Rodney, and beside him was Francine, who had amazingly managed to follow them here. “My poor Mew…you promised you wouldn’t turn HER into a shadow!”
“Times change, son,” Greevil sneered. “Mew has the ultimate power of the universe…and I cannot master it if somebody keeps stealing it from me!”
Gary held up a Taser at Nick. “You…drop that cap or I’ll fry you!”

Serperiormaster: I didn’t drop it and kicked him in the balls before punching his face, making him drop the Taser. I put the cap on “Transform Code #129!” I say, saying the National Pokédex number of Magikarp, hoping Mew would turn into one so we wouldn’t have trouble battling it. “Everybody, use your Light moves and try to purify Mew!” I commanded my Pokémon.

etaris333: All the Pokémon immediately launched their Light-based moves at the Shadow Mew as it changed into a Shadow Magikarp. But as the attacks came at it, they hit the shadow barrier, and suddenly…
Everyone ducked as the attacks were suddenly repulsed back in their direction!
“You see?” Greevil laughed. “You cannot purify it…it is an unpurifiable Pokémon! Only a miracle will save you now!”
“You…YOU MONSTER!” Rodney suddenly bellowed, and he lunged at Greevil, tackling him to the ground. “You had no right to do this to my Mew!”
Zoroark quickly dispelled the Illusion, and she, Nick and Noah changed back.

Serperiormaster: I looked at the cap, hoping it could do other things too “Um, shadow barrier deactivate.” I try.

etaris333: The Shadow Magikarp seemed to shudder, but then…
It suddenly changed back into Shadow Mew by itself! Using its telekinetic powers, it pulled the cap off Nick’s head and sent it smashing into a wall, shattering it into pieces!
“You brat!” Greevil shrieked. “That cap was the only thing keeping Shadow Mew under control! Now it will destroy us all!”
Francine came running up and grabbed Nick to pull him away. “Come on…we’ve gotta get out of here!”

Serperiormaster: Damn…that didn’t work the way I was hoping it would, I thought before grabbing my PokéBalls. “Alright guys, return!” I say, returning all my Pokémon before running out of the building.

etaris333: Noah hurried to catch up, but was suddenly tackled by Gary down to the ground. They wrestled around for a moment before suddenly, a familiar Pokémon came floating up to them.
“Darkrai!” Gary gasped. “Kill this little weed!”
But instead, Darkrai hit Gary with a Dark Void, knocking him out. “Noah better human than you!” it snarled. “Noah Darkrai’s friend!”
As Noah got up, Darkrai then turned to face him. “Noah leave! Darkrai take on Shadow Mew!” it spoke, before lunging at the Shadow Pokémon as it changed into a Shadow Cobalion and charged.
Noah blinked, and then found his legs, running straight out of the building to join Nick and Francine.

Serperiormaster: Noah’s other Pokémon followed right behind.

etaris333: Noah caught up with Nick and Francine outside the stadium building. He turned back round to see what was going on.
There was a moment’s pause, and then…ZIP! Something came zooming out of the building as well, leaving a long streak before it tackled Nick to the ground.
“Nick! Nick!” a young voice squeaked happily. It was Racer, the high-speed Pikachu.

Serperiormaster: I gently picked him up off my chest “Racer! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be over in Iowa?” I ask.

etaris333: “I came for a visit. I missed you so much,” Racer replied. “When I heard what happened after Francine came to visit too, I tracked you down here, and so did she. I simply gave the electrical system an overload, and tried to make a diversion so that we could free you.”

Serperiormaster: I pet his head. “Well, you did a good job. Thanks, Racer,” I say.

etaris333: Suddenly, BOOM! The roof of the stadium building burst open, and both Darkrai and Shadow Mew (now as a Shadow Ho-Oh) came out, fighting each other like mad. Noah began panicking…they had to do something, or Darkrai would probably fall at the power of Shadow Mew.
But how could they deal with an unpurifiable Pokémon? A Light attack from a Pokémon hardly did anything to penetrate Mew’s shadow barrier.
Just then, “Hey, guys!” A huge shadow nearby gave way to a familiar Lugia swooping in next to the gang. James was on his back, and behind Lugia, three legendary birds came swooping in. All four of them were seeping with white auras, indicating they had LITE Crystals.

Serperiormaster: “James! Lugia!” I say, smiling as they landed.

etaris333: James laughed from upon Lugia. “Ha ha! I did it! I finally figured out how to cure an unpurifiable Pokémon!”
“How?” Noah asked.
“Legends!” He gestured to Lugia and the bird trio. “When legends use Light power, they gain a force that even the most dreadful evil can’t stop! I bought Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres along to make the odds more even!”
The bird trio roosted down in front of them. “Grab a bird, you guys,” James directed Nick, Noah and Francine. “I’ll command Lugia.”

Serperiormaster: I nodded and climbed up onto Moltres’s back.

etaris333: Noah took Zapdos and Francine took Articuno. They all zoomed up into the air, and Noah immediately called for Darkrai to return. The Pitch Black Pokémon immediately did, for he had been about to falter.
As Shadow Mew turned to face them and assimilated a Shadow Thundurus, James shouted, “You guys cut it off from the sides and behind. I’ll take the front! Lugia, Aeroblast!” Lugia immediately fired at Shadow Mew.

Serperiormaster: I flew on Moltres behind Mew. “Use Ancient Power!” I commanded Moltres.

etaris333: “Drill Peck!” Noah ordered.
“Sheer Cold!” Francine shouted.
As Shadow Mew was about to attack Lugia, all three attacks distracted it and it prepared to strike back, but since it was outnumbered and surrounded, it couldn’t attack all of them at once. The attacks forced it back into its former appearance.
“Now! Everybody!” James yelled as Lugia’s white aura burned like mad. “Titan’s Light!”
Lugia glowed bright white with energy and fired a swirling whirlwind of light at Shadow Mew!

Serperiormaster: “You use Titan’s Light too!” I told Moltres.

etaris333: Noah and Francine commanded their birds too, and four major blasts hit Shadow Mew from all around. They pierced the shadow barrier, and after a while…
The barrier exploded! It shattered into thousands of pieces, and Shadow Mew fell, stunned, to the ground.
“Quick, Nick!” James tossed him a LITE Crystal. “Now’s your chance! Use it to purify Mew!”

Serperiormaster: I quickly jumped off Moltres’ back and ran up to Mew. I touched it with the LITE Crystal while letting out Dusknoir. “Use Shadow Punch on Mew,” I told him.

etaris333: Dusknoir let loose a powerful punch at Mew…and the moment it connected, something unseen around Mew seemed to shatter, and the shadowy aura finally leaked away.
Mew lay still on the ground as its dark purple look slowly faded to its original pink colour, and its deep, dark sound of “Mew”, returned to its squeaky high pitch as it woke up, wondering where it was. It opened its bright blue eyes and gazed excitedly at Nick.

Serperiormaster: I sighed with relief that Mew was back to normal. I gently pet the little legendary’s head.

etaris333: Mew squealed at being petted and started floating around Nick. “Play wiv me?” it asked excitedly.
“How intriguing,” James spoke as he dropped down from Lugia. “To think despite all the carnage it caused, all it wants is to play. It’s horrible to think a Mew would be forced into becoming a Shadow.”

Serperiormaster: I kept petting Mew’s head. “How about we play a little bit later, okay?” I asked Mew.

etaris333: “It’s so cute!” Francine smiled as she and Noah dropped down as well, but they turned the moment they heard part of the stadium building caving in.
“I think we should get you guys home before anything else happens,” James suggested. “I don’t think Greevil can harm anybody anymore. One of you should take that Mew for safe-keeping.”

Serperiormaster: “I guess it could come to our place,” I say, gently grabbing the Mew.

etaris333: Mew immediately snuggled into Nick, safe within his arms.
“Okay, kids,” James grinned. “The bird trio will take you back…they know now where you live, and the same for you, Francine.” He climbed back on Lugia and took on.
The bird trio allowed their friends to climb back on. Francine waved goodbye as she took off with Articuno.

Serperiormaster: I returned Dusknoir before me and Noah flew home on Moltres and Zapdos, with Mew in my arms.
The Story of Real-Life Pokemon (Part 9)
The RP between :iconserperiormaster: and I continues on to an event that occurs right after the semi-finals of the tournament...
When the brothers Nick and Noah are captured by the distributors of the Shadow Pokemon, will they be able to stop the grandson of the 'late' Master Greevil and somehow purify the XD003 Pokemon?

New Light-based move discovered for Legendary Pokemon: Titan's Light.
The rangers’ Jeep came driving across the plains, making sure that everything was all right. And so far, there had been no trace of poachers for a good six months now. Things were bound to be fruitful out there in the animal kingdom. Unless the Purpura (or the Plague as some liked to call it) were to spring up again out of nowhere, and nobody really wanted the animals to die one by one again. There had been a great loss of animals the last time it had happened.
One of the rangers peered outside his Jeep and observed the view of the wide-open plains, watching the yellow-tarnished straw swaying slightly in the warm African winds. It was rather peaceful to look at…
Until an odd shade of bright-blue appeared in his vision.
He asked the driver to halt the Jeep for a moment, and pointed in the direction of the blue. Whatever it was, it was coming their way…
And it seemed to be emitting music too.
The bright-blue happened to be the tinted colour of a 1965 model Chrysler 300 that was making its way through the fields towards the rather lush jungle over in the distance. In the car, a young man with rather bushy hair, wearing a white shirt, tan shorts and sunglasses with green lenses, was driving the car and singing to ‘Great Heart’ from Johnny Clegg & Savuka, an African favourite.
I'm searching for the spirit of the great heart to hold and stand me by
I'm searching for the spirit of the great heart under African skies
Sometimes I feel that you really know me
Sometimes there's so much you can show me

It turned out to be Trinity the Adventurer, enjoying a calm drive in Africa, heading towards the jungle for an apparent reason. But as he neared it, he glanced in the mirror and noticed the Jeep rolling towards him.
He stopped Slyder and turned off the ignition, climbing out of the driver seat and standing to face the rangers as they climbed out of the Jeep. While one ranger approached him, the others held guns at the ready in case there would be a possible threat.
“Excuse me, senor,” the ranger asked him. “But what are you doing all the way out here on this preserve? This area is restricted for the animals.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t recognize me, Tanner,” Trinity lifted his sunglasses up, revealing his deep-brown eyes underneath. “Even with only these shades on?”
The ranger jolted. “Trinity…! I didn’t realize, man!” Both he and Trinity laughed as they shared a sideways hug and patted each other’s shoulders. “That a new car you drive?”
“Yeah, for quite some time now,” Trinity nodded. “How’s things out here? Jungle still at peace?”
“So far, yes. Hasn’t been a poacher incident for a few months now,” Tanner indicated to his fellow rangers that this was just a friend and he had every right to be here. The other rangers’ drew back their guns and put them away.
“So why are you here, Trinity?” Tanner asked.
“I have a certain ‘meeting’ out here with an old friend,” Trinity told him. “Some friends will be coming as well, but you probably won’t see them coming this way. Code word is ‘silence’. Can you handle that?”
Tanner nodded. While he never minded doing a favour for his Adventurer friend, he had often wanted to know what Trinity got up to out there in the jungle. And since the jungle was often full of wild animals, it was a miracle to him that Trinity came out each time alive. Did the animals see him as friends or something? Tanner wondered if the powerful white lion that lived like the king over all the animals there had something to do with it.
“It’ll be like you weren’t even here, Trinity,” Tanner promised. “When you’re done, give us the signal as usual.”
“Cheers, Tanner,” Trinity slapped him a high-five. Then he gave a thumbs-up to the other rangers who returned it with grins to match, and he climbed back into the Chrysler and started it up.
As it made its way towards the jungle, the Jeep turned and rolled back across the plains, to issue their code for ‘silence’ so that Trinity could do his so-called ‘business’ in the jungle.

After he had passed a group of trees, Trinity stopped Slyder again, took his crystal out of the glove box, and climbed out. Then turning towards a nearby tree, he saw a rope that was hanging down from the tree above where he had parked Slyder. Taking hold of the rope, he pulled it downwards.
Where the rope disappeared into the treetop, the bushel of green that it led up to started to slowly lower down, since at first glance it looked like a treetop, but was actually a bush suspended in the air, and as Trinity lowered it down over Slyder, it seemed to camouflage the car entirely.
Once the car was secure, Trinity locked the rope with a safety catch, and then began walking further into the jungle, keeping his eyes out for the pathway that would lead him to where he was going.
The pathway that he knew not many people could often see…
Much less know that it led to the old ancient castle that dwelled deep in the jungle.
And it was there…
That his old ‘friend’ happened to live.
Eventually, Trinity spotted the old pathway and began following it, inhaling the fresh scent of the jungle as he casually strolled through it. Even if there were any eyes peering out at him from anywhere nearby, he felt no fear. He knew that nothing here would attack him when they saw him.
Because whoever saw him out here, knew who he was.
They had known him for a long time, in fact…

Eventually, the jungle seemed to open up in front of him, and a huge clearing revealed the old ancient castle ruins that still stood to this present day. Trinity stopped for a moment to admire its tranquil beauty, the way it blended in with the jungle…
And even as ruins, it still provided very useful for some.
Before he took another step, he cupped his hands out over his mouth and called out: “LEO!!!”
He listened to the echo of his voice, lowering his hands as he waited for a possible answer…
And then…
From within the ruins of the castle, a white figure leapt out of the darkness and stood out plainly against the grey stone, looking right in his direction. Trinity smiled and waved.
The adult white lion answered with a proud ROAR, and then bounded off the castle ruins towards him. Trinity immediately began running towards the white lion as well, happy to see his friend again.
The moment they reached each other, the lion leapt up and pounced on Trinity, easily pinning him to the ground. Trinity felt his breath get knocked out, but he didn’t mind…he was just too happy to see the lion as it smiled down at him and rubbed its whiskers against his head.
“Good to see you again, Leo,” Trinity spoke up at the lion.
Leo the White Lion nodded, and then spoke as well, “And you as well, Trinity.”

Trinity the Adventurer had known the Leo the White Lion and his kingdom ever since his adventures out in the vast universe had only just begun, basically, in the 1st Segment of his adventures. It had begun right when he and his Homeworld friends had gotten separated, and Trinity had found himself in Africa, whereupon meeting Leo and his jungle for the first time, he was surprised to find how much they already knew about him.
But there was a logic reason for this. They told Trinity that he had met them before when they had been younger, and Trinity realized that this destiny to meet friends in different periods of time was like a paradox-crossing; one would know about the other without the other realizing it. In this time period they knew who he was but he didn’t know them, but at some point in their past he had met and known them but they didn’t know him. It couldn’t have been that much simpler…a crossing of time-threads.
Eventually, Trinity did meet Leo in his younger years (he had been known as Kimba the White Lion at the time), and that was how their friendship had become solid and concrete. And because of all their adventures together, and helping others out in times of need, Trinity was known as a human friend that the African Jungle could turn to whenever they needed help that they couldn’t find.

And now it seemed, that the Jungle Emperor Leo, as he was known as now, had something to show his human friend here in this time period.
“Is it something special, Leo?” Trinity had to ask.
“Yes, very special,” Leo nodded as he guided the Adventurer around the castle ruins. “Ever since we have united all the animals here under our peaceful rule, we have kept a special honour of the white lion over the kingdom, ever since my cubs, Lune and Lukio were first born. Our cubs would walk together with me and Lyra beside them, under an archway of animals, to be granted the white lion’s honour, of a peaceful and prosperous life.”
“That sounds very nice,” Trinity nodded, impressed that Leo had united the animals here under such an instalment.
Then, as they made their way around a corner, Trinity stopped dead-still the moment he saw it. His mouth dropped open at what he was seeing.
There were all the animals, gathered together, all herbivore and carnivore related, amongst a group of stairs leading down the ruins. They were all spread out evenly on both sides of the stairs. Elephants had positioned themselves to arch their trunks out and arrange an archway above the stairs, just like Leo had told him about…
And then Trinity realized something. “Wait…you mean…”
“Yes,” Leo smiled at him. “We’d like to give you the honour of the white lion, Trinity the Adventurer, to walk under the arch and become a true friend to our jungle.”
Trinity felt as if he had just been set free from everything else in the universe. “My God…” he muttered. “It’s…it’s such an honour!” He collapsed to his knees and glanced at Leo. “Do you really think I deserve this?”
“Who else could we trust, Trinity?” a female voice made him look over. It was Lyra, Leo’s mate, walking over to greet him. She gave him a gentle lick on his cheek as she approached, and Trinity returned it with a kiss on hers. “Nice to see you again…Lyra, is it now?” He remembered in the past her younger name had been Kitty, and even while growing up she had changed it to Liya.
“Yes,” Lyra nodded, then she looked over at two young cubs standing nearby, wondering who this human was with their parents. “This is young Lune, and Lukio. Children, meet Trinity.”
“Hello,” the two young cubs, that looked almost just like their parents, took a step closer to meet the human friend that their parents had told them about.
“Nice to meet you both,” Trinity hesitated with his hands at first, letting them get used to him, before he finally petted their heads, and soon they were rubbing up against him, wanting him to play with them.
Then once they were done, Trinity got back up onto his feet, and looked at the animals gathered near the arch. Leo led him over to it, and waved his paw, indicating for Trinity to walk through it.
Trinity held back his emotion as hard as he could. “Will you walk with me?” he asked.
Leo nodded and came alongside him while Lyra mirrored him on the other side. As the cubs darted in front, Trinity began the walk of honour under the archway. Just as before, the elephants trumpeted and the hundreds of animals joined in making whatever noise corresponded to each one.
At the end of the arch stood Haguura, the prime elephant, and he bowed his head low to all three of them as he continued to trumpet. Then the noise slowly came to an end as all of the animals one by one stopped whatever noise they were making.
Trinity climbed half way up the stairs and turned around to face all of his animal friends.
And it was then that he finally spotted them…hiding in the nearby bushes, watching.
He grinned. I knew the Time Kids would come to watch, he thought.

* * *

“What an honour,” Shelly Blake grinned as she watched Trinity walking back down the stairs, under the arch of elephants.
“Yeah. He’s real fortunate to have Leo and the jungle as friends here,” Josiah nodded.
Ken Blake just stared. “Do you think we should walk out and say hi?”
“Not yet,” Shelly shook her head. “Maybe Trinity will introduce us later on.”
But suddenly, the bushes in front of them moved, and Trinity stood in front of them. “No better time for introductions than now, you guys,” he grinned. “Come on.”
He ushered the Time Kids out towards the crowd of animals. “Everybody, these are the Time Kids, a few close friends of mine,” Trinity spoke out loud. “Here is Josiah Clover, and Ken and Shelly Blake.”
Leo came walking up to them, and while the Time Kids felt a little uneasy at first having a grown white lion approach them, they calmed down when they saw he was smiling.
“You may already know,” Trinity told the Time Kids, “but this is Leo, king of this jungle. In my earlier adventures, he and I shared quite a few of them together.”
“Greetings to you all,” Leo nodded his head. “Any friend of Trinity is a friend of ours here.”
“Uh…thank you,” Josiah nodded out of respect for Leo.
Shelly reached out to pet Leo on his head, and she marvelled at running her fingers through the top of his mane. Leo allowed her to do so. “I can tell just by looking at you that you’re a steadfast human. Nobody would ever mess with you.” Shelly smirked at Leo’s comment; it was like he had sensed how tomboyish she could be at times.
Then Leo turned towards Ken, who still looked a bit nervous at being this close to an animal that might eat him. “No need to be afraid, young one,” Leo chuckled. “No animal ever eats any other animal here…not even humans.” He leaned forward and gave Ken a gentle lick on his cheek. (*1)
Ken nearly flinched, as the simple touch of the tongue on his cheek reminded him too much of the times that he had been teased by certain animals and dinosaurs before…
When Leo drew back and licked his lips, he thought for a moment. Hmm, this young one tastes quite nice too. I wonder…
But before the thoughts could go on any further, Trinity decided to intervene, seeing the intent in Leo’s eyes. “Uh…why don’t we get acquainted with the others?” He ushered the Time Kids over to where Lyra, Lune and Lukio were waiting with the other animals.
Trinity went along and introduced everybody to his friends. While the animals all gave their respects to all three of the Time Kids, Ken couldn’t help but notice that certain animals were also looking at him in that keen way, particularly Lyra, who seemed to sniff at him curiously, and her smile tweaked a bit, while a glint appeared in her eyes.
I have a very, very bad feeling about this…Ken thought to himself.

Eventually, when all was said and done, the gang went inside the castle ruins to rest and share some lunch together. All the while Ken hung around Shelly, Josiah and Trinity, keeping his eyes fixed on both Leo and Lyra, who appeared to be in the corner of the room for the time being, quietly gossiping to each other…
And when he noticed them glanced at him in the corner of their eyes, he knew they were plotting something to do with him. This could only mean trouble.
“Hey, uh…” he stared to say. “This has been fun and all, but I think we should probably get going.”
“Already?” Josiah blinked. “It’s a bit early still, don’t you think Ken? We’ve got all day before we need to return to the T.W.C.”
“But…uh, I don’t,” Ken stammered, trying to think of an excuse. “I’ve got to get back to the Ice Age…I think I forgot something there…”
“Ken!” Shelly slapped him over his head. “It’s not nice to leave just like this. Trinity’s been given a great honour and we should show our appreciation hanging around like the friends we are.”
Ken rubbed his head. “But I don’t like what they’re doing over there,” he pointed at Leo and Lyra. “I think they’re planning to do something to me.”
Trinity just laughed. “That’ll be the day,” he smirked. “After all the times that you’ve had to put up with dinosaurs from both the Ice Age and the Land before Time, what’s a mere white lion going to compare to them, Kenny?”
“That’s not funny, Trinity,” Ken frowned at him. “You don’t know the half of it.”
“Relax, I was only joking,” Trinity put his hands up in a defensive posture. He turned towards the others. “You know, maybe we should just let Ken go about his business. If he doesn’t like it, why try to make him stay? I wouldn’t mind, but he might let the animals down.”
Ken snorted. “Yeah, before they get a chance to give me a wedgie or pull down my pants!” He immediately got up and began walking off in a huff. Shelly and Josiah just sighed, deciding to let him be on his own this time.

Ken walked out of the castle grounds, and began to head back to where he knew the time buggies had been parked. He glanced back momentarily at the castle, half expecting either Leo or Lyra or any other animal to come after him, but when nothing seemed to be in sight, he dismissed it and went along his way.
But then, as he walked along the path, he suddenly noticed a pond nearby. With curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to check it out. Putting his finger in it, he found the water was warm. The jungle, after all, was a warm place.
Maybe I’ll just have a small dip, Ken thought. It’ll help me get over the worry of whatever Leo and Lyra might be planning to do with me.
So, he started to take off his pants, and was about to hang them upon a thin tree nearby…
When suddenly, “Eek!” he suddenly felt something grab at his under-shorts! Grabbing the tree instantly, he hung on for dear life as he felt whatever had hold of him tugging like mad.
“Ouch…ouch!” Ken gritted his teeth as he felt that familiar feeling once again…somebody was giving him a wedgie at a sideways angle! Looking backwards, he immediately saw that huge white form pulling at him, and knew it was Leo giving him a tight wedgie. (*2)
And I thought Momma was bad, Ken thought to himself.
“Leo, stop! Let me go!” he shouted. “That’s annoying!”
For a moment, Leo hesitated with his wedging Ken, then his eyes narrowed before…
He let go.
Ken, not expecting him to do it straight away, slipped from his grip on the tree and went “Oof!” on the ground. He groaned, and was just about to get up when…
“Oomph!” He felt two strong white paws hold him down, and a feline face grin above him.
“Going somewhere, young Ken?” Leo’s familiar voice asked innocently.
“Uh…would you mind letting me go, Leo?” Ken groaned. “You’re so heavy.”
“Heavy, am I?” Leo cocked an eyebrow. “I’m hardly even holding my paws down on you. Perhaps you should see how heavy I really am.”
Uh-oh, Ken thought, realizing he had just said something that would get him into more trouble…
But before he knew it, he suddenly felt the paws release him and suddenly…
WHUMP! A mountain of white lion fur flattened him even further into the ground. “Now this is me using my full weight,” Leo chuckled.
“Mmmmmmmmmph!” Ken’s muffled voice cried out, and Leo grinned as he got up from Ken, and the young Time Kid spluttered with his mouth full of dirt.
“Oh look,” Leo grinned as he pointed with his paw. Where Ken had been laying, there was a perfect Ken Blake-shaped print in the ground, with enough features in the ground to look like Ken was actually pulling a disgruntled face.
Not that Ken noticed, since he was rubbing the dirt off his face.
“Come on now, young one,” Leo shouldered him. “Perhaps you should go back to the rest of our friends now…it can be dangerous when there are all kinds of animals about. Staying with me will be the safest thing for you out here.”
Leo was actually saying this because he knew that any other animal in his jungle would very much want to have their own fun with the young Time Kid, but no animal ever disobeyed their king of the jungle for not letting him have his fun first.
But Ken didn’t believe what Leo said. “Not on your life, big tabby,” he coughed. “I have somewhere to go…would you mind letting me go?”
“But why leave in such a hurry?” Leo asked. “Surely it can wait…or shall I have to prove to my jungle that you should really have time for your friends?” He put up a playful stalking position, but to Ken it just looked too intimidating.
“YAHHHHHH!!!” Ken immediately turned tail and ran! He bolted away from Leo, despite knowing how fast a lion could be compared to his speed at full pelt. But he didn’t care…all he wanted was to get away. He glanced back at the huge male lion, noticing that Leo didn’t even seem to be making much effort to keep up.
Ken was in fact just turning his head back and about to call out for help when suddenly…
BUMP! Ken suddenly ran straight into another figure in front of him that he hadn’t noticed was standing there! He found himself staring at another feline face, this time a female. At first, all he saw was the big brown eyes mirroring his own, and then the face lifted before a big pink tongue swiped over his own.
“Urgh!” Ken grimaced as he realized it was Lyra. “Cut that out, lady,” he started to back off before he felt his back bump into Leo, having narrowed the gap quickly. Now Ken was caught between the two of them, with no escape route.
“Hello, young one,” Lyra grinned as she playfully nudged him under his legs, knocking him down. “You taste nice for a human…I wonder if you feel nice too. After ages of sleeping in the castle grounds with only a bedding made of straw, I’ve often wanted to sleep on something…softer.”
“Oh no…don’t you dare…” Ken tried to crawl away, but only found himself nose-to-nose with Leo, who kneeled down and blocked the way.
“You’re not going to let down my wife now, are you, naughty boy?” Leo teased. If there was one person he didn’t mind having a share of Ken first before him, it was his beloved Lyra. And he was not about to let Ken pass up the chance to be a nice human mattress for her.
He nudged Ken over and rolled him over back towards Lyra. “Whoa…” Ken felt dizzy as he was being rolled over the ground, before he found himself in front of the female’s huge paws.
He scrabbled to move away in time, but he was a second too slow…
A heap of lion fur came crashing down upon him and flattened him once again to the ground!
Ken struggled to get up, but Lyra’s weight easily held him down. He looked up towards her, annoyed.
But Lyra seemed to be enjoying it immensely, smiling warmly as she looked upon her human cushion. (*3) “I like you, young Ken. You’re much softer than anything I’ve ever felt before,” she playfully moved her body around a bit to adjust and annoy him a bit further.
“Well, it looks like you will fit in with us very well, young Ken,” Leo smiled. “We should perhaps give you the royal treatment, which is almost like our ceremony with Trinity earlier. If only our children were here to see you, they’d probably want you to stay around too.”
Ken was about to complain, but suddenly, he felt something strange upon his feet, and suddenly, “WOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” He suddenly burst out in ticklish laughter, wriggling underneath Lyra’s weight but unable to get away. “No! STOP! STOP! WHOOOOAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” He squealed but unable to stop laughing.
Curious, Leo walked up a bit closer, and then, for the first time, he noticed the two cubs, Lune and Lukio, having snuck up from behind earlier. They were curiously licking Ken’s feet from where they were sticking out from their mother’s fur, and providing Ken with constant tickling torture.
Leo grinned. It reminds me of that time when we met that yellow-haired boy from Down Under, when we were friends with Sabre. It was a shame that golden eagle had to take him away, though. (*4)
Then glancing back at Ken, he dropped the thought. What does it matter now…now that we have a kid of our own to play with? This will be fun while Trinity and his friends hang around for the rest of the day.

* * *

Some time later, Trinity was walking through the jungle with Shelly and Josiah, just enjoying a little walk. This jungle scenery that surrounded them never ceased to make the Adventurer feel at peace, almost like nothing else mattered anymore in his life. He held his crystal tightly in his hand, feeling its energy pulse through him and he stared up at the sun, feeling its warmth wash over him.
Ah peace, he thought quietly. Trees here and there, flowers blooming in the sun, water flowing peacefully from a nearby river, Ken Blake running straight at us with Leo and his family chasing him, ah lovely!
He stretched his arms out above his head before he twigged…Huh?
“Hey…is that Ken?” Shelly noticed as well.
“HELP ME!!!” Ken Blake bolted at them, hoping that his fellow friends would save him from this obsessed lion family. Unfortunately, he was so determined to be saved that he forgot to slow down in time…
“Whoa! Stop!” Trinity cried out as Ken ran straight into him and bowled both of them off their feet! They flipped over and landed on the ground. Trinity’s crystal came loose from his hand and sailed through the air. Trinity strained to catch it before it hit the ground.
But the moment he caught it, he felt a sudden pull of energy pulse from it…
And “WHOA!” A sudden FLASH from the crystal suddenly caused him to disappear from where he was! The sudden crash of Ken Blake into him had accidentally made him use its power to jump through space and possibly even time!
To both the Time Kids and Leo’s family’s astonishment, Trinity the Adventurer vanished right where he was, but to where he had gone, nobody could tell.
“Oh great!” Josiah sighed. “Now we’ve gotta go and find him!”
Leo glanced sternly at Ken. “Well now, if you hadn’t been running from us like that, this wouldn’t have happened. You ought to be punished for that, young Ken.”
Ken went pale, now frightened of what they were going to do with him.
Shelly just shook her head, not amused. “Okay, you guys keep an eye on him while Josiah and I go look for Trinity. Hopefully he won’t have gone far.”
Josiah agreed. “And maybe when we get back you’ll have learned your lesson by then, Ken.”
Leo, Lyra and the cubs all grinned at each other, as they all watched Shelly and Josiah head in the direction of the time buggies, before Leo picked Ken up by his undies once again and carried him away, towards the castle grounds where there would be no escape for him until the others came back.

(*5) FLASH!
“Oof!” he fell down hard, bruising his shoulder upon landing. Trinity shook his head, and blinked a couple of times before he started to get up. He looked around to see where he was. Wherever he was, he hoped it was somewhere familiar, where the Time Kids might think to look for him.
I swear when I get my hands on Ken, he’s gonna get it this time, he thought. Not content with having a bothering day, he had to bother mine!
Just then, a cry for help caught his attention. “Help!” the voice sounded young, and female.
Honour of the White Lion/Ken's royal treatment
This story is divided into two sections...first, Trinity is given the honour of walking under the archway of animals in Leo the White Lion's kingdom.
Secondly, Ken Blake of the Time Kids, who came to watch, unfortunately becomes a play-toy not just for Leo, but for his mate Lyra as well.

(*1) =…
(*2) =…
(*3) =…
(*4) =…
(*5) =…

Ken Blake and the Time Kids are owned by :icongloverboy23:.
Trinity the Adventurer is owned by :iconetaris333:.
Leo the White Lion and all characters included are owned by Osamu Tezuka.

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