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Okay, here's a fresh update for my list to write. I'm going to limit myself a bit with any future requests, because there's quite a lot to write for and I do want to spend some time writing my own stories as well. When the list is narrowed down I'll put in a limit so I can try to keep a steady flow for requests.
I am also hoping that in the long term I can provide at least 10 of some very big stories, or projects, as I like to call them. The Great Valley Wars is my first project so far, and once I get close to finishing it, I hope to start soon with the second.

The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

Mini-Stories (Limit: 5)
:iconthe-white-spirit: Sequel to Aaryn's Over-Affectionate Pet
:iconeternaldragonstear: Toy of the Great Eagle 7
:iconsusenm74: The Mask part 2
:iconaoefreak9: Sequel to Meseth of the Jungle Vore Book
(Request field open)

Chapter Stories (limit should be 3)
:iconkinghuffy2: Outback Jungle Boy
:iconraventhedoll: The Mr. Black Collection (4/5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Grand Duke’s Fairy Tales (4/7)
:icongloverboy23: Ken gets the royal treatment
:iconmaltian: Lapras vore story (3/4)
:iconslycooper0213: The Flying Tigers
:iconsusenm74: Initial-Dino

Project Stories
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74: Great Valley Wars (21/60)
2 (tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art): The Pangaea Trilogy


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Okay, here's a fresh update for my list to write. I'm going to limit myself a bit with any future requests, because there's quite a lot to write for and I do want to spend some time writing my own stories as well. When the list is narrowed down I'll put in a limit so I can try to keep a steady flow for requests.
I am also hoping that in the long term I can provide at least 10 of some very big stories, or projects, as I like to call them. The Great Valley Wars is my first project so far, and once I get close to finishing it, I hope to start soon with the second.

The order of which these stories will be done is random as I want to keep everyone satisfied. Here's what I have so far:

Mini-Stories (Limit: 5)
:iconthe-white-spirit: Sequel to Aaryn's Over-Affectionate Pet
:iconeternaldragonstear: Toy of the Great Eagle 7
:iconsusenm74: The Mask part 2
:iconaoefreak9: Sequel to Meseth of the Jungle Vore Book
(Request field open)

Chapter Stories (limit should be 3)
:iconkinghuffy2: Outback Jungle Boy
:iconraventhedoll: The Mr. Black Collection (4/5)
:iconslycooper0213: The Grand Duke’s Fairy Tales (4/7)
:icongloverboy23: Ken gets the royal treatment
:iconmaltian: Lapras vore story (3/4)
:iconslycooper0213: The Flying Tigers
:iconsusenm74: Initial-Dino

Project Stories
:iconetaris333: :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74: Great Valley Wars (21/60)
2 (tribute to :iconprofessornature:'s art): The Pangaea Trilogy
It was a lovely night. Together they were within the dream world again, both mother, child, guardian, and family pet. Mona snoozed happily upon her bed, with Lapras sleeping close to her. Nearby, the cot made the perfect bed for Mona’s young boy Peter to sleep the night away, and so did the companionship of their pet Vaporeon cuddled up with Peter.

Again, Mona was in her dream state with Lorraine taking care of her while they talked the night away. The former midwife was talking about priceless crystals that she had seen one time upon a far off island, a very tall island that overshadowed two other islands in height. She had seen a huge icy nest upon the peak of the island, and it was then that Mona guessed it to be Ice Island, home of the legendary Articuno, off the coast of Shamouti, one of the Orange Islands. She had been to Shamouti before, when very little, and had learned that Ice, Fire and Lightning Islands were the homes of the three legendary birds of Kanto. Many humans had learned to stay away from the proximity of the islands, mostly in fear because of the three legendary birds’ great powers.
It made Lorraine laugh kindly when Mona told her that when very little, she had told her mother that she’d love to go to Ice Island and try to befriend the great Articuno, perhaps even pet its beak with her hand. Of course her parents wouldn’t allow it at her age, but did encourage Mona that someday, when she would be older, perhaps she could go to the island and try to make friends with the titan bird of ice. Lorraine commended Mona for her young innocence of believing that even great legendary Pokémon could be made friends with.
But then…
Their peaceful moment was suddenly shaken.
Something was wrong.
Lorraine immediately felt it. A strange ripple of uneasiness flickered throughout the dream land that they were together in. The scary thing was, she knew what it was…
Somebody was in trouble.
Somebody was being hunted.
Then the dream world immediately collapsed, and became nothing…

Mona woke up just in time to hear a voice scream for help from close by outside. She flung the covers off and bounced out of the bed as Lapras sprung awake beside her.
Pushing the front door open, she recognized the screaming as Kate…her neighbour. The young woman was slightly younger than her at about 22 years old, and she was soon due to have a baby herself.
But if Kate was in trouble, then there would be a horrible chance that there would be no baby…
Mona immediately turned towards Kate’s house, and gasped the moment she saw a sleek, huge shape slithering towards the open waters, holding something within its mouth, where it seemed the sound of the screaming was coming from.
It was Kate…her helpless form caught within the mouth of a huge Milotic! It was far bigger than the average pristine Pokémon, somewhere around a height of 30 feet, and as long as four buses put together. Perhaps it might even have been the queen of all Milotics…that is, if its mind wasn’t on food!
Terror struck through Mona’s brain as she saw the helpless Kate flail about, before suddenly, the Milotic tilted its head back and swallowed her plump form straight down into her long belly, licking its lips and letting out a wicked content sound as it began slithering towards the awaiting waves stretching in towards the Pokémon to welcome it back to the ocean.
Mona felt a tap on her shoulder, and noticed Lapras beside her, having seen what had happened as well. Mona’s eyes narrowed, and she immediately bolted from her house, determined to save Kate. She couldn’t let her neighbour die as food for this Pokémon, much less let the baby’s chance of surviving come to nothing. She ran for the beach, but already she could see that the Milotic was already halfway into the water, and even before she could attempt to tackle its tail, its frontal half finally made contact with deep water and it sped its pace up, disappearing like a flash away from the beach, and Mona was left standing completely shocked. It had gone so quickly!
But then, Lapras sprung past her and turned its head towards the girl, making a beckoning sound as if wanting her to follow it. Mona immediately moved to jump upon her friend’s back, and Lapras sprung onto the water, its flippers immediately causing a flurry of motion in order to make up for lost time.
Within a matter of seconds, the water deepened, and Lapras sped up her pace, but it knew too well that even if they could catch the Milotic, it could easily submerge and swim into deeper water. Lapras could too, but with a passenger on its back…
Lapras immediately turned to Mona on its back, and opened its mouth wide and looked at her with a determined look. Mona knew that look too well…it was her way of knowing that they would have to dive, so she immediately put her hands into Lapras’s mouth and pushed herself into her friend’s throat, knowing that the belly would be the place to keep herself from drowning.
Lapras quickly swallowed her down without much effort, and then once it had finished licking the taste of her human friend off its lips, it immediately dived under the water, keeping its eyes open for any traces of its target anywhere. A moment later, she caught the scent of recently-disturbed ripples; the movement of water made it clear which why the Milotic had gone. Lapras followed the trail like a sniffer-dog, moving its flippers about in the water like propellers, determined not to lose the trail and let her human friend’s neighbour perish for nothing.
Mona, in the meantime, tried to keep the horrible thoughts of what would happen to Kate from invading her mind, as she tried to relax inside Lapras’s belly, hoping that they would find the Milotic and save Kate.

* * *

About half an hour later, the waters off the coast of a dark island began to ripple, and just underneath the water’s surface, the large form of a serpentine Pokémon disturbed their naturally calm-flowing waves that night. The Milotic slowly snaked its way underneath the island’s boundaries and entered what appeared to be the entrance to an underwater cave.
Upon swimming through this entrance, it burst above the water and made its way out onto the dry part of the cave, glittering with tremendous amounts of shining crystals, where it could settle down and let its recent meal digest within its belly. It smiled softly as it stretched out its incredibly-long form in a spiral formation like a shell, with its tail on the boundary and its head in the middle. The Milotic seemed to like sleeping amongst the crystal-laden cavern; it would often stare at its own reflection and admire itself like the vain Pokémon that it was.
After absorbing a lot of self-love, the Milotic finally rested its head upon its coils, and began to close its eyes to drift into the dream world, while the sound of sobbing continued to emit from its belly.
But then, suddenly…
SPLASH!!! The entrance to its cave erupted with a sudden burst of water, and the Milotic was shocked back into reality with the shower. It immediately lifted its head to face the intruder…
And went completely expressionless the moment it saw the Lapras with a very angry look on its face. Their eyes connected, and it was only then and then that the Milotic understood and realized, and its face went angry itself with malice…

The trip had made Mona doze off even though the determination to save Kate had been strong. She had hoped that perhaps Lorraine would be able to help her get a better understanding of what was happening in their dream world.
But the moment the confrontation between Lapras and the Milotic came into motion, it was then that Lorraine was able to confirm what she had feared; this was not just any Milotic, it was an old enemy, one that she never thought would have come back as this, a rival that had troubled her ever since her midwife years.
Mona couldn’t believe it the moment Lorraine spoke about Sedusa; she too had been a midwife and had shown promising skill, matching that of Lorraine’s own talent. The big difference though was that Sedusa was boastful; too proud and vain, and often made a mockery out of Lorraine, bullying her as if to prove just how much better she was.
But that eventually led to her downfall. When the midwives were chosen to be ranked in their own school, the head nurse immediately appointed Lorraine as the best of that year. Sedusa was outraged, and in that blind anger had attempted to kill Lorraine, but was stopped and cast out for her tyranny. She was too dangerous and careless to be anything of a midwife.
But still, fearing that she would not be fully rid of Sedusa, Lorraine had decided to travel away to another region with her family, but it was upon that boat that her worst rival struck again, once again attempting to kill Lorraine and send her overboard. Thankfully, somebody had been watching and sounded the alarm, but it was then that a huge tidal storm struck the ship, and both Lorraine and Sedusa were sent falling into the sea as it capsized and was torn apart by the storm. Lorraine struggled to hold onto any nearby debris in the hope of surviving, but she knew for certain then that her family was gone, and she was now all alone. She couldn’t see Sedusa anywhere either, and to some extent felt relief, believing that perhaps now her worst rival was gone for good as well.

But no.

The Milotic that had once been a tyrannous midwife let out an intimidating hiss at Lapras, and the Transport Pokémon wasted no time in springing forward to attack, in the hopes of at least distracting the serpent momentarily.
But a sudden swirl of coils immediately slashed out and bashed Lapras, sending it falling to the side. The sudden motion caused a violent reaction inside its belly and Lapras choked, causing Mona to slip out through its throat and land on the cave floor, the impact immediately waking the young mother up.
Mona looked up and immediately saw a mountain of coils striking straight at them, slamming Lapras against the wall before seizing Mona and lifting her high up in front of the Milotic’s face, which in turn let out an evil grin at her. Mona frowned and tried to pull herself loose, but the coils were way too thick and heavy…and tight. She couldn’t even budge.
Lapras looked up in time to see its foe immediately opening its mouth to consume its prey, and in that blind panic, fearing for Mona’s life, Lapras blasted out an Ice Beam.
The attack connected with the Milotic’s mouth, and it froze up, causing the serpent to gag and choke, unable to shut its mouth with the ice holding it open. Its tail flicked madly out of control, and at that moment, Mona felt her prison release slightly, allowing herself to pull free…
And then, standing upon the Milotic’s coils…
She dove into its mouth!
She slid straight down the cavernous tunnel, hoping that it wasn’t too late…
Lapras didn’t quite understand why Mona had just decided to enter the Milotic’s throat, but trusted her as it knew she was only trying to help her trapped neighbour, and fired another Ice Beam to keep the Milotic’s mouth from shutting as it strained to, while trying to flick its tail angrily at Lapras. But at least now the former-midwife Pokémon could anticipate the incoming attacks, and managed to avoid them a lot easier now.

Inside the fleshy prison, Mona slipped further down until she suddenly felt herself collide with something. A sudden gasp inside confirmed what it was…it was Kate!
“Kate! Are you alright?” she asked, reaching out to grab her neighbour-friend.
“Mona! Is that you!?” Kate gasped in disbelief, looking up to see that it was indeed Mona.
“It’s alright, Kate. We’re here to rescue you.”
“We? You mean…you and your Lapras friend?”
“Yes. We’re here together. I’m going to get you out of here.”
“But HOW? You’ve become food just like me now!”
“Don’t give up, Kate. We’ll make it…somehow. We’ve just got to try and make it.” She tried to help pull Kate back up the throat. “Come on, Kate. Let’s try and get out of here.”
“I can’t, Mona. It’s too hard for me,” Kate groaned for some strange reason, and then Mona suddenly realized why…Kate was pregnant; it was hard for her to move.
Mona tried to think of a way out of this; how could she save Kate and get her out of the Milotic’s belly before digestion started? It would probably happen any minute now…
Then, at that moment, something flickered in her mind…
The crystals she had momentarily seen in the Milotic’s cavern…
An idea came to her.
She held onto the charm of the Lapras she had around her neck, and closed her eyes. Lorraine! she called spiritually. Get to the outside…you must call for help!

The ice in the Milotic’s mouth finally shattered, but by then Lapras had heard the call from Mona, and realizing that it could mean a ray of hope, it leapt forward and avoided a slash from the Milotic’s tail, to Body Slam into the serpent Pokémon. Then, faster than a wave, it turned and dove straight towards the watery entrance to the cave.
The Milotic let out an angry growl, and dove straight into the water to pursue its most hated rival.

Outside of the underwater cave, Lapras emerged first, keeping its movement and evasion high as the Milotic came up after it, snapping at its flippers and determined to catch and kill the Transport Pokémon.
But then, upon hearing another spiritual call from Mona, Lapras immediately turned its head up to the sky, and let loose an Ice Beam, watching as it shot up into the night-sky and disappeared out of sight…
Before suddenly, a swoop of a tail blocked its view and bashed it over, a very nasty blow.
The Milotic wasted no time in wrapping its coils around Lapras, and once it was very secure and tight, the Milotic let out an angry hissing right in its face. Lapras flinched; obviously not amused with the spittle coming from its mouth, but feared more for the evident bulge that it could see in the Milotic’s belly…its precious human friend was in there, with its own friend that they had come to save…
But it now seemed hopeless.
The Milotic then leaned forward, its eyes locked tight with Lapras, and its eyes began to turn a strange colour, which was what most Pokémon knew as Hypnosis
A shadow flickered over both Pokémon, almost unseen to either one of them as something huge flew down towards them, having seen the signal from the Ice Beam
The Milotic suddenly felt a pain in its tail, causing it to flinch and lose the Hypnosis attack. It turned its head, and then its expression went deadly fearful the moment it saw something large pulling its tail hungrily. It was a powerful legendary bird!
An Articuno!!!
Lapras immediately pulled free from the Milotic’s grip, and with its beak, it bit the serpent straight on its nose, causing it to cry out in pain! The effort caused the bulge within its throat to begin slowly sliding back up towards its head, slowly but steadily at first…
And then, as the Articuno began to pull the Milotic’s writhing body out of the water, the pace of the bulge quickened until it looked like it was just about to reach the head.
The Milotic cried out in a mixture of both pain and fear as the last of it was hauled out of the water, and it choked as the bulge finally came up to its head, and it coughed both Mona and Kate straight out of its mouth. They fell out of the sky…
And straight into Lapras’s awaiting mouth, determined to catch them and make it safe for them. Mona was startled at first, and Kate feared the worst at being eaten again, but when Mona realized where they were, she managed to calm Kate down, telling her they were in Lapras’s belly now and the danger was over. They were safe again.
Lapras smiled down at its belly, glad that the mission to save Kate had been a success, and looking up at the Milotic helpless struggling against the avian legendary taking it back to its nest for a midnight snack, it smiled, hoping that this time, its old rival was now finally finished for good.
Feeling a heavy weight lift, Lapras began to happily hum a soft melody as it began swimming back in the direction it knew to be where home would be…

Again, the dream world proved to be fruitful, this time for both girls. This time Kate was in Mona’s place, being treated by the caring Lorraine, and Mona was standing on the other side of the table, comforting her neighbour.
Both Mona and Lorraine wasted no time in explaining everything to Kate, telling her how they had first met, during Mona’s own pregnancy, and that Lorraine had saved her from hurting herself. The last thing that they ever wanted after all of that was for anybody else to suffer with their own pregnancy, especially with the dramatic experience they had just been through.
Kate had felt a little guilty about becoming the Milotic’s prey; all she had wanted was to go down to the beach and wade her feet in the water for a while, because she was so excited for her own unborn baby. Mona knew though how she felt, and she knew that both Kate and herself were hardly any different from each other. This only strengthened the bond between them not just as neighbours, but as friends.
And with Lorraine or Lapras there to help them both, they had nothing to fear.
Lorraine, however, was amazed on how Mona had worked out so quickly that the Milotic’s cave had been straight underneath Ice Island, the home of Articuno. Thinking about this, perhaps now it made things a little better; now that the wicked Medusa was on the menu for the Titan of Ice, perhaps her diabolical ways would never bother anybody anymore. Lorraine had felt a heavy burden lift off her shoulders, and she had Mona to thank for that.
With that done and said, the rest of their dreams were of happy chatter.

* * *

When they finally arrived at the beach where they lived, the sun was finally just starting to rise in the distance. Lapras finally let both Mona and Kate out, and they both helped to escort Kate safely back to her house. Once she was safe, both Mona and Lapras left to go back to their own home, hoping that at least they could have a lie in that morning, to catch up on the sleep they had lost that night.
But the moment they entered their bedroom, Mona immediately noticed something was different…
Her baby was gone!
Where was Peter?
There in the cot, only the Vaporeon could be seen snoozing peacefully, looking a little rounder in his tummy than Mona remembered him being…
Then she knew.
Lapras came over, and put its ear gently upon the Vaporeon’s belly, listening carefully. Mona watched for a moment, and then she saw Lapras lean back up and smile warmly at her.
Mona knew then she didn’t have to worry…young Peter was safe. She felt uneasy at having forgotten to think of who should watch Peter while she and Lapras were trying to save Kate.
But it seemed now that their Vaporeon pet was more than just a pet now…he seemed more of a guard dog, to keep Peter safe both outside…and inside.
Mona smiled as she saw the Vaporeon let out a gentle purr in its sleep, while her own baby slept comfortably in its tummy. Feeling better, she climbed back into her own bed to sleep again, while Lapras dozed off alongside her bed once again.
The Abduction by a Milotic (Part 3)
Part 3 for :iconmaltian:'s story evil Pokemon has attacked a house close to where Mona and her Lapras friend are living, and steals a young pregnant woman named Kate. It's up to Mona and Lapras to save the day...or night...and with help from a winged-legendary bird, justice may very well prevail!

Part 1: The Tenderness of a Lapras
Part 2: The Family with a Vaporeon
Part 3: You're reading it!
A very long time ago, in a valley far, far away...


With the demise of Darth Mangle, the evil corruption that had possessed the young Sharptooth Chomper, it seems the Great Valley is at peace again, and finally, the Time of the Great Giving can now commence. Happiness is once again reigning supreme upon the least, for now...

Because even if they are allowed to join their dinosaur friends in the festival, the Time Kids are not complete. The conviction has left Trinity the Adventurer a prisoner in the hands of the Temporal Asylum, and with Chomper not fully back to normal, his friends fear that things might actually get worse.

With Michael and Q-Zone searching desperately for answers, friends both human and dinosaur hope to find a solution in identifying the mysterious Count Starr. More hopefully, they hope to clear Trinity's name and save him and Chomper from a horrible fate...

For a friendship to be broken is one thing.
To be asked for forgiveness is another.
Why were these two aspects so differently approached? It was only natural for things like this to happen; friends get into fights, they forgive each other. Surely even a strong friendship between the most unlikely of two creatures can’t ever be broken.
But apparently this one had been.
So why couldn’t it be fixed? Why couldn’t he be forgiven? What would it take to ask the young Sharptooth for forgiveness?
But the answer was blunt.
“No. Take him away.”
And without another word, the young Sharptooth turns his back and crosses his arms and shuts his eyes, adamant to his choice. And a once friend is taken firmly by the arms and frisked of his items in his pockets, unable to fight back as he is now helpless to do anything against this decision, and at that moment, he doesn’t even want to.
Because he knows when it is pointless to argue.
There is a time and place for everything.
So now he must face his punishment, what he must endure to make up for his sin.
The evidence is all against him; all events leading up to this led him into the trap.
He is convicted.
He has broken regulations.
And even worse…he did it back through time.
That means he is also condemned…probably the number one scum in the universe now.
And there is only one place for him to be taken to…
The asylum.
The Temporal Asylum.

* * *

Two days later in the Great Valley…

The dinosaurs were gathered together, sharing their green food amongst each other, almost as if nothing had happened at all over the past couple of days.
The Time of the Great Giving had come after all.
There was no belief now that there ever was such a thing as a war to come…perhaps it had been stopped altogether, prevented from ever occurring and stopping the peace of the land that they lived in. Everybody seemed happy together again…
Aside from one slight problem.
The kids.
Both dinosaur…and human.

In a clearing not far from where the adult dinosaurs were all gathered, the Great Valley kids sat around trying to enjoy their treats. Amongst all the green food, flowers, berries and other natural treats, they were also trying to enjoy the Apple Blossoms, Flower Tingles, Quench Delights, Candy Berries and Pineberry Crushes that they had taken from the picnic basket.
But somehow, the mood just couldn’t seem to lighten up.
Clearly, things were wrong…and everybody knew it.
Every now and then, the kids would look around to where they could see Chomper minding his own business, clearly not in the mood to talk to anybody. His sudden change of attitude was very disturbing…it was putting them off. Even Littlefoot and Ruby felt very nervous about his sudden change.
There was no doubt…Darth Mangle’s involvement had changed the young Sharptooth. He didn’t care as much anymore for anything. Would it be a matter of time before he decided they would be things to be eaten?
Of course, both Littlefoot and Ruby didn’t believe Chomper would ever go that far, but the others had always been concerned. A Sharptooth was a Sharptooth; what else did they need to prove? Did it mean Chomper was finally going to be what he was destined to be, just like all other Sharpteeth? If this was the case, then what would the solution be to remedy this?
Would they have to get him out of the Great Valley?
But then, what guarantee did they have that Chomper wouldn’t just come back? He knew how to get into the Great Valley, because he knew the Secret Caverns almost by heart. Just asking him to leave would be risky; he might very well get angry and distrustful of them too. Whatever the kids could think of, there seemed to be no solution to this.
What could they do…just turn their backs on their friend? They couldn’t just do that…but they didn’t know what they could do. Hopefully, their human friends might be able to provide a solution.
Turning their heads the other way, they looked towards where the Time Kids were sitting elsewhere, engaged in a conversation together with Arty, Trinity’s younger brother, who had come on behalf of the Adventurer himself during his absence.

“No way!” Shelly gasped. “That place?”
“I’m afraid it’s true,” Arty spoke. “They decided there was no better place to send him than there. I’m still surprised myself that Trinity just went along with it.” He was referring to the case that his brother had been convicted of previously, that he had broken the regulation of time-travel, never to harm another living soul.
But even if Trinity had accepted his fate and punishment, it was still sheer madness to be put into a place like that…the Temporal Asylum. What bizarre idea drove the court to sentence him there?
“You say it was Lucien that demanded it?” Josiah questioned.
Arty nodded. “Typically, yes. For a lawyer of his kind, Lucien Gredey has never liked Trinity and would do anything to make his life hell. Considering the choice of asylum, he thinks he’s succeeded, but I highly doubt it.”
“How come?” Jane asked.
“Because Trinity’s got a strong willpower,” Arty smirked. “Considering what he’s endured over all his past travels, he’ll most likely endure this with a smile. I just hope though…” his voice trailed off as he glanced over to the Great Valley kids looking at them, before staring at Chomper turned away from them. “I just hope maybe Chomper will change his mind.”
The Time Kids sighed. “So do we,” Shelly nodded. “We know Trinity didn’t mean to hurt Chomper like that…but why has he made it into such a big deal?”
Arty didn’t reply, but he didn’t need to. Everybody knew the answer to that…Mangle’s influence had affected Chomper way too strongly. In a way, even though it seemed he had recovered from the dark side, Chomper still seemed…changed, still somehow evil in a way they couldn’t believe to be true. And for him to believe that Trinity was a bad person…
There was no doubt…something had to be done.
“But what can we do?” Ken asked, obviously not very assured. “Sooner or later, Chomper’s probably going to turn against us again, and we’ll be the first course on the menu-OW!” he flinched as Shelly slapped him over the head, annoyed with his choice of words.
“Well, we can’t just sit around here and do nothing,” she took over in talking. “What about the guy that Q-Zone mentioned earlier? That Count Starr person? And the guy that killed Mangle?”
“I don’t know,” Arty shrugged. “But the others are trying to find answers. Michael said maybe the Galaxy Railways could find a clue to the Count’s whereabouts, and Q-Zone is searching our dimension for any evidence as to the origin of the dart that was found. We can only wait…and hope.”
“Well, we’d better at least make our time worthwhile and try to find where the Elements disappeared to,” Jane suggested. “I’m pretty sure that they can’t have gone too far…they probably scattered around the valley after Trinity sent them away. If we divide our efforts we should be able to at least find some of them before anybody else does.”
Josiah nodded in agreement. “Good point…the valley kids have the Dinosaur Emeralds in the meantime, so we should be okay with Chomper for a while. If anything happens, we can still defend ourselves, and we’ll keep our radios on if any one of us needs help.”
“Great,” Arty smiled, and held his hand out. “Then let’s do this.”
Their hands all came together…the Time Kids stood united.
Then they turned towards the Great Valley kids, to tell them what they were going to do.

But elsewhere…

“Hmm…a scavenger hunt, huh?”
Dr. Tenma stood staring at the screen, watching as the Time Kids talked with the leaf-eating kids about their plan, and then making their way to the time buggies and Trinity’s car. They were oblivious as to the secret camera patch that Tenma had placed on Chomper’s shoulder before he had left the lab.
“Looks fun to me,” he spoke out loud. “Guess those Elements must be more valuable than we thought. Do you think they’ll work with our plan?”
“No,” another voice spoke from behind him. “That’s far from important. What is important is keeping our eyes on them, so they don’t make things any harder than they already are.”
“What is so hard about making Chomper the king of the Great Valley?” Tenma turned to look at Starr. “You hardly made it any easier on Mangle, anyway.”
“Mangle’s death was unnecessary for that part,” the Count admitted. “But it was necessary to put the Adventurer behind bars as well…for now.”
Tenma’s eyebrow lowered. “For now?”
Starr didn’t answer the inquiry. “What about Veloci?”
“Victor?” Tenma smirked, turning back to the screen. “He’s currently with Redclaw and Thud, but whatever they’re talking about, it doesn’t sound pleasant. Can’t say I blame the Fast-Biter anyway…not with his cowardly nature.”
“I wouldn’t either, but what are Veloci’s plans?”
“If I know him well enough, he’ll attempt to assault me, being the founder of young Chomper’s weapons. Revenge is strong on that lizard-brain’s mind, but even he doesn’t know what he’s up against, so I will go myself.”
“To fight him?”
“No…to taunt him, at the very least…if he tries to assault me, I can always warp back with my molecular-transit device I keep safe on my belt.”
“How cunning,” Starr laughed. “Making a mockery of Veloci…I admire that. It’s much like spitting in the faces of evil and corruption…which is what I’ve been looking for in a man like you, Tenma.”
Tenma cocked his head at that remark, but didn’t say anything.
“What better justice is there in the world than to keep evil ones in order, by dominating it with your own evil? One might say evil does have its good side,” Starr turned away. “After all, if this plan works then my hopes for the future will be absolute.”
Tenma’s eyes narrowed. “But you never told me about your plan…I appreciate your desire to help me achieve my quest, but what is it that you want, Starr? Why be so secretive about it?”
Starr hesitated for a moment. “It’s personal,” he replied. “I too desire revenge, but not in the same way. What I want is something that even the greatest of minds couldn’t give me. If I told you, you wouldn’t understand, Tenma. Only me…and Chomper…would ever know the reason behind it.”
Then, without another word, he walked out, not wanting to talk anymore. Tenma watched him go, and then, frowning to himself, he prepared for his little meeting with Victor Veloci…
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (21)
I was wondering how to set up the next part of the saga, so here's what we have so far...
The conviction has resulted in Trinity being sent to the Temporal Asylum, a place where the most infamous prisoners are kept, out of reach between space and time. And his younger brother, Arty, has come to take his place alongside the Time Kids until they can find a solution to get him out.
But in the meantime, while Michael and Q-Zone are searching for answers, the gang must try to find where the Elements of Power were scattered to, unaware that both Tenma and the Count are secretly watching them, their plans ready to be put into action...
It was still dark and black by the time Mowgli came to his senses.
A strange snorting sound came to his ears as he carefully picked himself up from the ground, and for a moment he thought he was seeing things as a huge mountain of fur seemed to be moving softly in front of him.
Looking around, he noticed that Shanti and Ranjan appeared to be laying next to him, still unconscious from whatever had happened. They were inside a cave, a cave which seemed to belong to whatever the strange thing was moving as a mountain of fur.
But he seemed to recognize it. Bear fur.
“Baloo?” Mowgli put his hand upon the mound of fur. “Is that you?”
Suddenly, a louder snort came from the fur, and an angry growl made Mowgli reel back, noticing that the sound did not sound at all like Baloo. A chill went up his spine as he fell back against Shanti and Ranjan, who woke up the moment he made contact with them.
The mass bulk began to move, and shifted around as a deep voice grumbled, “Who dares wake Sneed from his needed slumber?” A face came into view, and a very gruff, moody, grumpy face indeed!
“Annoying man-cubs wake Sneed from hibernation!” he grumbled as he got up to his feet, towering over them. “Sneed not like being awoken from hibernation…man-cubs now become midnight meal for Sneed!”
Both Mowgli and Shanti gasped the moment they heard those words. Combined with seeing the huge size of the bear – and also his huge, fat belly – they knew that they were in trouble and they had to get out of there.
But Ranjan, however, had a different idea about it.
“C’mon, fight me you bully!” Ranjan put up a play-bear fight stance, slowly approaching Sneed. “I’ll smash you and trash you and pummel you into a triple-decker bear-sandwich!”
But suddenly, he was slapped in the face by the huge bear’s paw, and picked up by his clothes. Sneed dangled him by his claw right in front of his face. “Man-cub WILL become midnight meal for Sneed!” he insisted even more loudly than ever, and then…
In less time than it took to blink an eye, Sneed opened his mouth straight up, and chomped down upon poor Ranjan, swallowing him straight down his gullet without even needing to chew.
Mowgli and Shanti gasped again. Ranjan had just disappeared down into the bear’s stomach so quickly! It had happened so fast!
“Come on, Mowgli! We’ve gotta get out of here!” Shanti squeaked in terror. She immediately grabbed his arm and began pulling him to his feet. Mowgli immediately found his senses as well, and scrambled for the cave exit.
“Man-cubs will not escape Sneed! Sneed eat man-cubs for midnight snack!” an angry growl escaped the bear’s lips as he pounced after them, hardly needing to make much effort in keeping up with them.
Mowgli and Shanti ran for their lives, through the snow-covered trees, keeping huddled together as it was quite cold out in this forest, a strange wintry day that they were not used to seeing in their lives. If anything, it confused them incredibly…what was this white stuff they were treading through?
Then suddenly, Mowgli’s foot went down deeper into the snow than expected, and he tripped and fell flat on his face, losing his grip on Shanti. The girl-cub immediately turned back…
But then Shanti screamed as Sneed was suddenly upon Mowgli and grabbing him to roughly pull him up and stuff the man-cub into his mouth! “Mowgli!” she cried out.
“Run, Shanti! Just run!” Mowgli cried out with a hint of doom in his voice, his midsection caught between Sneed’s jaws as the bear greedily tried to stuff him in the wrong way, not thinking to take either Mowgli’s head or feet in first. “Get out of here!”
Shanti hesitated for a moment, but finally turned and ran for her life. She didn’t look back as she disappeared into the distance. Mowgli watched her go before finally, a huge paw pushed his head down into a hungry, greedy gullet, and his view of the world ceased altogether…

Shanti ran and ran and ran, hoping that she would find somebody to help save her friends from that gruesome, humungous bear. She couldn’t bear to look back, as what was happening to Mowgli at that moment was bad enough to even think of. She just had to find help…she had to!
She ploughed through the snow…using every last muscle of energy she had to move at high speed, but it wasn’t easy since she was running with her dress on and it kept getting in the way of her feet.
Then finally, after a good twenty minutes of running, she just couldn’t take it anymore…
She finally collapsed upon the snow, her impact making a Shanti-shaped imprint.
She lay there for a moment, feeling the cold against her clothes and skin, and she shivered, knowing that she couldn’t just give up like this…
She slowly moved her arms and pushed them into the snowy ground to lift her front up, and she weakly looked up…
And then, much to her surprise, amongst all the winter-covered trees, she saw a little cottage in front of her, with smoke coming from the chimney!
Feeling a sudden urge of hope within her, Shanti tried to pick herself up, and she weakly called out, “Help.” She got up to her knees, and held her arm out as if to call to the cottage… “Help.”
A shadow slightly overtook her as she stared with intent, the hope building up inside her as she started to call for help a third time…
Then suddenly, CHOMP! A huge open set of jaws closed right around her upper body! They came around so tightly that her arms were pinned to her sides, and any hint of hope inside her suddenly shattered like a glass bottle, broken by a rock of doom and despair.
Sneed tilted his head back and took a greedy gulp, sending the girl-cub straight down into his waiting belly. “Sneed nearly lose girl-cub to pesky huntsman!” he grumbled. “But Sneed get man-cubs in the end! Sneed feel full now!”
He immediately turned and began heaving his even bigger belly back in the direction of his cave.

When he finally got there, instead of going inside, he went around to the back of the cave. Behind it, there appeared to be a very huge collection of bones poking out of the snow, as if they had been decorated into the ground. The bones appeared to be mostly skulls, sticking out of the snow by twigs and sticks. Only three sticks sticking out appeared to be without skulls.
Sneed hocked up with his breath, and after a moment, he suddenly spat out three more skulls. “Sneed have more to add to his collection!” he grumbled proudly as he placed them upon the awaiting sticks. Now it seemed that Mowgli, Shanti and Ranjan had become the newest victims to join Sneed’s graveyard collection, amongst all the thousands of children that had previously become the greedy bear’s meals.
Once all three of them were supported upon the sticks, Sneed let out a big yawn, which followed with a burp that released Shanti’s purple dress from inside his throat, and he scratched his big belly before turning to re-enter his cave, and return to his hibernation.
The Jungle Vore Book (Sneed)
If any of you have watched "The Blinkins and the Bear", you will probably know the dangerous Sneed the bear. If there's one thing that he hates more than having a grumbling tummy telling him he has to eat, it's having three unexpected man-cubs awaking him from his hibernation!
Diancie at last! The code card finally came out at EBGames, as well as the Special Demo Version for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. I can already see myself living at Mossdeep City :D
I've also been making a few Wonder Trades recently, because i'd been hoping to try out the Masuda Method for breeding a Shiny. It took me ages to finally achieve the Shiny Charm (which is why i've been quiet again), so i'm counting the amount of eggs before i finally achieve it. So far i'm up to a hundred...heck, it could even go to a thousand plus, but i'm determined to prove this method so i'm not giving up. My pairing is currently Ralts with a JPN Litwick (the baby is Ralts with the Egg Move Confuse Ray).
Only one thought crossed my mind...when or if i do achieve the Shiny Ralts, what am i gonna do with my PC filled to the brim with tons of baby Ralts? I just don't have the heart to release them...they're so adorable. :)

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