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It's been a whole year now since I started doing RPs as a form of story-writing with other deviants. I'd like to thank all of those deviants for sharing some terrific stories so far, and I hope there'll be more to come.

Thanks to the deviants listed below:


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


After, with some effort, the gang had managed to get Mama Sharptooth to stand up and rescued a Ken Blake-shaped pancake, they all began discussing about what to do next. Before they realized it, Victor Veloci came running out of the DPF with a rather nasty burn upon his chest.
He snarled at the group. “That little biter has finally crossed the line!” he snapped. “Now I don’t care what it takes…I shall kill him with my own claws! If any of you value your lives, you won’t follow and try to stop me, because if you do, you will meet the same fate!”
And without another word, he ran past them and darted into the Secret Caverns, in hot pursuit. Seeing him escape, the two adult Sharpteeth turned towards their friends and gave them uncertain growls, but then turned and started to walk away, making it clear that they were going to climb over the Great Wall and chase after Veloci, and possibly even their son.
“What do we do now?” Littlefoot spoke up first. “Chomper’s gone mad with his darkness again, and he’ll never be the same again, not after what happened with his…well…” he winked his eye to show.
Ruby had a very guilty look on her face. “I hadn’t meant to do it,” she whimpered. “He was going to kill you, Littlefoot, and if I hadn’t tried to stop him, he would have killed you.” A tear rolled down her eye. “Now we’ve lost Chomper forever!”
Michael came over and tried to comfort her. “No, Ruby,” he whispered. “We haven’t. One way or another, we’ll find a way to make things right. We should never give up – that’s the last thing Trinity would ever do. And we won’t give up either…we’ll make things right, or die trying!”
“Yeah!” Josiah, Shelly, and Jane pumped up their fists in agreement. Ken wasn’t exactly keen on the term ‘dying’, but he managed a nervous grin. “Yeah, I guess so.”
But Ruby’s melancholy look didn’t fade. “But Chomper said we would pay…what will he do? Will he come back and kill us…or our families?” She suddenly jumped in fright. “He might kill my family! They’re out there in the Mysterious Beyond, and I’ve got to warn them!”
“Ruby, wait!” Michael shouted as Ruby tore away from him and ran for the Secret Caverns, but she didn’t stop. She immediately disappeared into the darkness of the caves, and was seen no more.
“We’ve got to stop her! She’s going to get into tr–” Michael tried to follow, but he was stopped by Josiah and Jane.
“Calm down, Mike,” they said. “Ruby knows how to defend herself, after all that training. And she’s only going to protect her family…she’ll be safe.”
Michael sighed. “I hope you’re right,” he nodded. “I’m just worried about her.”
“We have to trust Ruby, we do, we do,” Ducky put her small hand on his leg. All the other kids agreed with her.
The Dino Ranger eventually relaxed. “Okay, you’re right. I trust her.” He cracked his knuckles and glanced at the others. “I’ll feel a lot better though when she gets back with her family safely. But it now looks like we really are about to get a war on this valley. We’ve got to evacuate all the dinosaurs to somewhere safe.”
“But what if there’s nobody to protect the valley?” Cera asked.
“Oh, there will be,” Michael assured her. “With the Dinosaur Protection Force still in one piece, and fortunately with my links to the Galaxy Railways, I reckon we’ll be able to summon up enough of an army to defend the valley and fight our way through Tenma’s army at the same time.”
“What about Trinity?” Petrie asked. “Won’t he be able to help us as well?”
“I don’t know,” Michael shrugged. “But hopefully they’ll let him out of that asylum when they see what’s happened. Arty’s trip back to our time will have recorded our encounter with Starr and everything, so they’re bound to see that Trinity was set up. If they let him out, that’ll be good for us.”
“But what if they don’t?” Ken asked the obvious question.
Michael remained quiet for a moment, then his expression went serious, and he put his foot down. “Then we’ll just have to manage without him. Come on, guys. It’s time we prepared for war!”
He began leading them back towards the DPF, to prepare a plan for defending the Great Valley. Everybody followed him inside, but as they did…
Littlefoot, who held behind a bit, glanced over to the side for a moment because he thought he noticed something standing near the trees. Two figures, that appeared to be dressed in robes that disguised their looks. One of them stood tall and human-like, and the other…much smaller…only like two-fifths the size of the first figure.
Littlefoot just stared, wondering who they were…
“Littlefoot!” Cera called. “Are you coming?”
The young Longneck glanced over at the doorway, and then back…
But by then, the two figures were gone, disappeared out of sight.
Littlefoot blinked, wondering if he was seeing things. Then he turned and hurried to catch up.

* * *

What am I going to do? Tenma panicked as he saw again what had happened over the video screen. The plane matching Lucien Gredey’s ownership had indeed been taken down, but he had programmed the drones too carelessly. They had practically destroyed everything they had seen.
Possibly even Trinity…and Starr had wanted him alive.
Ripples of fear washed over Tenma’s brow as he hoped deep down that he hadn’t killed the Adventurer at all. Trinity was a lucky human…he had often survived a lot of these incidents and showed up when they least expected it. Hopefully at some point the Adventurer would eventually reveal himself out of the blue once again.
But the haunting feeling that he might not show up at all refused to diminish in Tenma’s mind. He had to do something…he hated to think what Starr might do to him if the Count found out what had happened.
This meant he was going to have to take desperate measures, to make sure nobody suspected anything.
I didn’t think I’d have to do this, but I have no choice. I must not let anybody find out about what happened! Tenma gritted his teeth to get the fear out of his mind, and shut down the screens before taking out the tape and throwing it into the rubbish bin.
Then he walked out of the room, down the corridor, and into the wide docking area, where the first army of robot dinosaurs was set and ready to go. Typing in a start-up code on the nearby console, he brought them all to life with a single touch of the button.
“MARCH! To the Great Valley! The war has begun!”
The robotic dinosaurs, ranging from Mecha-Tooths to Robo-Biters, Sharpbeak Drones to Steel-Bills, and many more, immediately began marching out of the wide open docking bay door, out into the wide open Mysterious Beyond, in the direction where their mission logs told them the Great Valley was. Their steel feet clanked with every step as they marched away.
Tenma took in a deep breath and programmed the base’s machinery to immediately start setting up the second army. While the process would take time, it would give Tenma the opportunity to start carrying out his own personal plan.
Picking up a nearby gadget, he prepared it for usage. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but it looks like I’m going to have an actual fight in this war. I just hope nobody finds out about me, he thought as he prepared the gadget for use. He walked out of the room and the door slowly shut behind him.

* * *

Thud stared around, wondering how much longer this ridiculous search was going to take them. It was scorching hot under the Bright Circle, the entire area surrounding them was nothing but mountains of rocks, and while he was tiring, his boss Redclaw was astonishingly as awake and alert as ever. He was almost like a machine…
The weakened Fast-Biter shuddered at the thought.
Redclaw noticed his underling lagging behind, and growled at him to keep up. But when Thud didn’t show any signs of responding, the tyrant red-eyed Sharptooth let out a small sigh.
Then he sniffed the air…he could smell water nearby. He immediately turned and walked up behind Thud, pushing him roughly in the direction of the scent. Thud nearly jumped out of his skin, but Redclaw roared at him to hurry up and move, and the Fast-Biter immediately put every last ounce of strength he had to obey.
Then, after a small climb over the rocks, they saw the pond. Thud let out a happy screech and pelted for it, splashing into it and drinking up as much as he could. Redclaw just rolled his eyes and let out a sigh as he too came over, and gently lapped at the water. While the water wasn’t cool, it was still nourishing enough and he was grateful for that.
"Boss, thank you for that bit of support," Thud finally replied gratefully. "I thought we were never going to find anything."
"Hmph!" Redclaw just growled in his bad temper. "All of this just because Veloci told us to find your colleague. We must be miles away from the Great Valley now…and Screech could be anywhere!"
"I know, boss," Thud muttered quietly. "It’s like trying to find the funny bone of a half-eaten carcass." But when Redclaw glared at him, Thud decided not to try and humour the situation again. It wasn’t doing Redclaw’s bad temper any good.
"When I find Veloci, he’s going to regret ever sending me out looking for something that we can’t even find!" Redclaw roared angrily. "He promised me once that he would take over the Great Valley for me, and even now he has not fulfilled that promise! I’d much rather rely on a real Fast-Biter to do the job rather than one that’s half-human!"
"Then perhaps we can help out!" a sudden new hiss replied in answer. Redclaw and Thud immediately turned upon hearing the voice, and looking up, they suddenly realized they were not alone! Upon a rock, a solid-looking Fast-Biter with dark-red scales, orange stripes, and sharp-green eyes, stared down at them with a firm expression. Behind him, many other Fast-Biters began to emerge, making their way across the rocks, slowly forming a circle around both the minions standing in the pond.
Thud trembled at being outnumbered, but Redclaw was not about to back down yet. "Who are you?" he demandingly roared.
"Oh, how rude of me," the lead Fast-Biter laughed. "First meetings normally warrant introductions. I am Shackletooth, the finest Fast-Biter warrior of the Dry Plains. These are my pack…we are many. We own a great amount of land out here in the Mysterious Beyond, and here in the Dry Plains, our word is law."
Then he paused. "And of course, you are Redclaw…and that is your minion Thud, right? We’d be glad to help with your little mission if it shall please you."
Thud was astonished on how these Fast-Biters knew their names. But Redclaw did not seem to trust Shackletooth. "What interest do you have in helping us? And what makes you think we’d listen to you?"
"Because just recently, we found somebody whom you might know," the Fast-Biter grinned. "He told us the whole story of what happened, and needless to say, we’ve actually been expecting you to arrive. Come forth, fellow Biter."
Then a look of surprise hit both Thud and Redclaw as they saw a familiar Fast-Biter walk up to Shackletooth’s side…it was Screech! "Thud…Boss!" he eagerly shrilled. "I’m glad you’re here."
"Screech…thank goodness you’re okay!" Thud came running up to him and embraced him like sharing a brotherly hug. "But how did you find these guys?"
"When we got separated I got lost out here in the Dry Plains," Screech explained. "I wandered for days before Shackletooth and his group found me. I told them what happened, and they were intrigued…they decided to help out in the hope of at least exploring beyond these lands."
Shackletooth nodded. He turned back towards Redclaw. "So, what say you then?" he asked. "Will you allow us to help you conquer the valley you desire so much?"
Redclaw kept quiet for a moment, this time actually considering the offer. Staring at all the Fast-Biters around, he thought there would be quite enough for a considerable – what was the word Veloci used? Army? He imagined that with this many Fast-Biters invading the valley, they would be unstoppable.
Yes…that would most definitely be satisfactory.
"Very well," Redclaw nodded in respect. "I shall request this of you, Shackletooth of the Dry Plains, for you and your many Fast-Biters to assist me in taking over the Great Valley."
Shackletooth nodded, and then tipped his head back and let out an ear-piercing shriek. All the other raptors returned the shriek. Thud flinched, but Screech stayed calm. "It won’t take long for you to get used to it," he assured his comrade.

* * *

Elsewhere, upon the shores of an inland, three soaked figures slowly climbed out from the Big Waters and waded up the beach until they fainted with exhaustion upon the sand, worn out from their mad swim for life.
But eventually, their strength returned to them, and they began to make their way across the beaches of the island that they had stumbled upon, hoping to find a sign of anything familiar that could give them an indication of exactly where they were.
But after a while of walking about, and not encountering anything, they began to see that the day was starting to fade, so they decided to set up camp for the time being, and wait until the morning before exploring any further.
Despite the fatigue after everything they had all been through, Trinity decided to keep the first watch for the night, and allowed his two fellow humans to sleep for now. He watched as they crawled into their makeshift tent of old parachute canvas. Trinity sat down on a nearby rock, and then stared out across the Big Water, hoping deep down that he would eventually find a way to get back to his friends in the Great Valley.
He watched as the Bright Circle slowly descended, and the sky began to turn orange…

* * *

And near the close proximity of Saurus Rock, if anybody appeared to be standing upon the rocky statue at that very moment, they would have seen an angry Fast-Biter charging out into one certain direction, looking out for the one small Sharptooth he intended to kill.
And in another direction, a young pink Fast-Runner ran, to search for the family she was determined to protect from the very same young Sharptooth.
But they never saw the figures watching them from above…
Because it turned out there was somebody standing on Saurus Rock…and not just somebody…
Darth Chomp himself stood watching young Ruby run one way, while the human-like villain known as Count Starr watched Veloci run the other.
Then they both turned around at the same time, and stared at the slowly fading Bright Circle, as it sank down below the giant walls that protected the Great Valley…

To be continued...

Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (30)
Now to finally end the Conviction of Darkness, we see the insights of the final day before the war begins for real over the Land before Time.
What shall await everybody in the war that is to come? That story will be told within the next upcoming part of the Great Valley Wars...
So stay tuned and wait to find out!

All characters involved belong to their respective owners.
The Time Kids belong to :icongloverboy23:
Michael the Dino Ranger belongs to :iconsusenm74:
Trinity the Adventurer/Arty/Q-Zone belong to :iconetaris333:
Land Before Time belongs to Universal Pictures

Whew! Finally at the halfway's taken a lot of writing to get up to this point, up to a hundred pages on Microsoft Word! No, I'm being serious...100!
For now though, I'm going to take a break once again from this project and move on to the rest of the requests...
But I'm not gonna forget about the Ken Blake side-story for this section...I did promise there'd be one for each part!
Elsewhere, high over the great seas of the Land before Time, something appeared to be taking place high over the sky. Something was coming out of a warp-space, through its path of dimensional travel. The air shimmered and warped, before something that appeared to be a huge metal Flyer came shooting out. It was a plane.

On board, Lucien Gredey grinned his infamous grin as he stared at his prisoner, Trinity the Adventurer, hanging from his wrists that were tied up with a piece of rope on the top of the cargo hold. “It’ll be quite a pleasure to see you finally out of my life,” Gredey sniggered. “Once Veloci is finished with you, there’ll be no more menacing Adventurer to get in my way ever again.”
“What do you mean I get in your way?” Trinity retorted. “If I recall it’s usually you that gets in my way. Last time you tried to make it look like I purposely tripped you up. It’s not my fault you’re such a dork.”
Gredey’s grin twitched. “And it isn’t my fault that you’re such a thorn in my backside! I’ll be glad to see you ended, and nobody will ever know the reason behind your demise.”
But then, Trinity smirked. “That’s where you’re wrong, Gredey. Veloci isn’t afraid to confess to the Time Kids or Michael if given the question. How much do you want to bet he won’t open his mouth and say that it was the pathetic rat that you are? Even if I do die, my reputation’s going to live on much longer than your sad cases.”
Gredey walked right up to Trinity. “We’ll see, Adventurer. We’ll see if your reputation can really hold up after I’m finished with you.” Then without warning, he sucker-punched Trinity in his stomach, making him grunt. “And we’ll see who the pathetic rat really is around here.”
Trinity coughed and strained to keep his cool, but he was really getting annoyed with this game of wits. “If I wasn’t bound right now I’d break your nose for that, Gredey.”
“And what exactly are you going to do to get at me, huh? Talk me to death?” Gredey smirked. “Don’t make me laugh.” He turned his back on Trinity.
“Laughing…that’s a rare thing on your list,” Trinity muttered. “But if you feel like laughing, let’s see how you laugh when you find out about Chomper’s clone.”
“Chomper’s clone…that’s never gonna make me –” Gredey suddenly bit his tongue the moment it hit him. “Wh-what? What did you say?” he turned back towards Trinity.
“I simply said that laughing was a rare thing on your list,” Trinity just shrugged.
“No, after that,” Gredey snarled. “About Chomper…what do you mean a clone? You never mentioned that before.”
“Oh dear,” Trinity let out a chuckle. “I must have been blabbering without thinking…did you really think I was talking about an actual clone? Maybe that punch of yours damaged my brain too.”
Gredey gritted his teeth and grabbed Trinity by his collar. “You’d better tell me OR ELSE!”
But Trinity simply spat in his face. “Or else what? If you expect me to say anything else at all, can you at least let me use the bathroom first? I really need to go.”
Gredey grimaced at him, but regardless let Trinity go and turned to walk out of the hold. “Let him do his business,” he grumbled to the two nearby guards standing in the way of the door. The guards simply watched Gredey leave, then sighed and walked over to let Trinity loose off the rope.
They escorted him over to the nearby cubicle. “You okay, Trinity?” one of the guards asked.
“My wrists are sore, but I’m fine,” Trinity sighed.
“Sorry about this,” the other guard replied. “I don’t even know why we even agreed to work for that monster. I’d rather work an honest job without pay than for him any longer.”
“Me too,” the first guard nodded.
“I can respect your opinion, but you’d better not tell him that or he’s bound to treat you as bad as me,” Trinity pointed out. “How about escaping with me from this plane?”
“We’d like to, Trinity, but we can’t. We’re too high up, and the parachute packs are at the front of the plane,” one of the guards told him. “And since Lucien is always hanging around the cockpit, he’s bound to see what we’re up to.”
“Well, the escape was worth a thought,” Trinity shrugged as they opened the door and let him step inside the cubicle. They stood in front of the door while they waited.

A short while later, Trinity flushed the cubicle and ran the sink to wash his hands. Then he splashed a bit of water over his face as well, and stared at his reflection in the mirror. Unlike the way he usually looked, treatment during Gredey’s flight had left him a bit ruffled. His face looked sore, his hair was messed up, and his eyes were a bit red.
I look like I just came out of a big fight, Trinity thought to himself. Not quite though like those fights I used to have while adventuring throughout the universe.
He wiped his face with a paper towel and sighed. Am I ever going to see Arty and all of my friends again? I hope they’re okay out there in the Great Valley…if a war really does break out, are they going to be able to protect the valley? Will they be able to manage without me? And what will they think…when they find out about Chomper’s–
BOOM!!! Suddenly, the entire cubicle jolted and the door burst open behind him. Trinity found himself slipping outwards, but he managed to grab hold of the side of the door, hanging sideways in the room as a sudden gale of turbulence hit the plane and everything went haywire.
CRUD! Trinity thought. What’s going on?
Then the plane settled slightly, and Trinity felt his feet touch the floor again. Nearby, the two guards began picking themselves up and struggled to reach him. “You okay?” they yelled, having to shout because the sound of the plane outside was sounding very noisy and unnatural.
“I think so!” Trinity yelled back as the plane continued to shake. “What’s going on?”
The guards began to pull their way towards the nearby door which led to the front of the plane. Trinity followed them as they opened it. They could see the cockpit at the far end of the room, and the pilots looked like they were struggling to keep control of the plane, which wasn’t easy since the turbulence was hitting them really badly, and Lucien Gredey shouting at them wasn’t exactly helping either.
“Come on!” one of the guards shouted, and the three of them made their way through the front of the plane, unnoticed while the people in the cockpit were too focused on controlling the plane to see them. They made their way to the left side of the plane, holding onto the wall so they could stay on their feet. A guard opened up a cupboard and started pulling out some packs to put on their backs. Trinity noticed they were parachutes.
These guys are gonna spring me out after all? How convenient, he thought.
Another pocket of turbulence suddenly hit the plane, and it jolted. Now all of a sudden Trinity had the suspicion that it couldn’t be normal turbulence affecting the plane. Something wasn’t right. Were they getting attacked or something?
“Let’s get out of here!” one of the guards put on his parachute and made his way back towards the door they had come through. The other guard followed, who beckoned to Trinity to follow him. Trinity was just beginning to follow…
When another shift of the plane caused a cupboard on the plane’s right side to open up and spill its contents out. Trinity suddenly noticed the white glow of something familiar, and recognized it. My crystal!
He immediately turned away from the door, and dropped to the ground so he could crawl over. He struggled while the plane wobbled and shook madly, but he finally managed to reach the cupboard and grab hold of his crystal. Grabbing a nearby safety net, he pulled himself up and quickly put his crystal back in his pocket. Then he started to make his way towards the door…
Before yet another turbulence hit the plane and nearly made him fall. At that moment, Lucien Gredey glanced outside the cockpit and spotted him. “Stop!” he yelled, pulling a gun out of his pocket. “Stay right there!” he pointed it straight at Trinity, who froze where he was.
“Don’t try anything, Adventurer,” Gredey shouted in the cockpit doorway, “or I’ll put a bullet in your –” but his sentence was suddenly cut off as the plane suddenly seized, and the mad lawyer’s head hit the top of the door. His voice turned into mad screams as he clutched his head and dropped the gun, stumbling forward and rolling across the area towards Trinity.
The plane started to tilt, and a ghostly feeling hit Trinity as he had a feeling that the plane was now actually flying vertically now, and they were going downwards. The Adventurer found his feet, and he barely dodged Gredey rolling at him, and then, the moment he saw the lawyer look painfully up at him…
CRACK! Trinity’s fist connected with his nose, causing him to roll away in pain.
I told you what would happen if I wasn’t bound, Trinity thought with a hint of satisfaction. Then he struggled to make his way towards the doorway leading back into the cargo hold.
He saw the two guards yelling out towards him near the open door leading out of the plane, before they leapt out from the plane altogether so they could drop away safely and use their parachutes.
Trinity clawed his way up to the doorway, and peered outside to see where they were. To his astonishment, he saw just how dangerously close they were to the sea level, probably only a few hundred feet above now.
And what on earth were those things flying about in the sky? They didn’t look like ordinary Flyers to him. They looked more like robots. Especially since they appeared to be firing rockets at the plane…
Another plane seizure brought Trinity to the conclusion that the plane was indeed being attacked, by whom he didn’t know, but he knew he had to get out of here fast!
Double-checking his pack, he planted his feet carefully in front of the open door, took in a deep breath, and then leapt! The plane disappeared from his view, and he stared at the open waters way down below him before pulling on the cord to release his parachute.
Within moments, he was drifting safely away through the air, and he could see the guards nearby parachuting down as well. There looked like there was land not far off from where they were, so even if they landed in the sea, they’d be able to swim that far to safety.
Trinity turned his head, and watched as the plane went sizzling way down below them, before crashing down into the sea below, and bursting apart upon impact. Several of the robotic metal Flyers went dive-bombing down towards it, almost as if they hadn’t even finished attacking the plane.
Or rather, searching for something, because no more rockets came firing down on the plane.
Just then, Trinity looked up, and saw a few other Flyers coming in the direction of himself and the two guards parachuting down towards the sea. They too didn’t fire, but seemed to hover nearby, as if checking them out.
And it was when one of them came straight at him that Trinity realized it…it was him that they wanted. Whoever was in charge of these monstrosities must have placed him as the primary target!
Well, these guys aren’t going to take me without a fight! This will be dangerous and probably hurt quite a bit, but what greater cause, he thought as he reached down to undo his belt buckle…
And before the robot Flyer could snag Trinity and his parachute, the buckle came loose and Trinity fell free from his parachute, plunging down towards the giant sea below!
As he fell, Trinity took in a deep breath and held it in. It took only a few seconds before he felt his body SMACK the great world of water and everything turned dark and watery around him. He floundered about for a moment, and then managed to get his bearings…
He burst back up above the surface of the water, letting out a cough or two, and then looked up to see more of the flying robots attacking the parachute that still floated about in the air.
But sooner or later, they would probably see him in the water…
A strange whirring sound caught his attention, and turning around, he found to his horror one of the sinking plane’s engines was leaning down towards him, still spinning! He began swimming like mad, trying to get as far away before the inevitable occurred. As he swam, the engine slowly dropped into the water, which filled up the inside of the engine slowly, and after a moment of water mixing with engine…
KA-BLAMM!!! The engine exploded, and Trinity felt his world turn around as he was sent under the water again, spinning out of control, and for a moment, he was certain he would drown this time…
Then suddenly, something grabbed him from behind and pulled at him. He panicked and bubbles of air escaped from his mouth.
But then, he felt air refill his throat as he was pulled back up to the surface, and he found the two guards from earlier pulling him along. “Come on,” they urged him as they struggled to swim away from the scene, towards the land in the distance. The metal monstrosities were apparently still busy with the plane.
Hopefully they would be able to make it to the land before the robots noticed they had survived after all…
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (29)
Now we cut momentarily to Trinity, who is being held hostage on Lucien Gredey's plane, inbound for Victor Veloci's base in the Land before Time. But what nobody knows is that the plane and its occupants are about to have a nasty surprise waiting for them when Tenma's flying drones attack. Trinity manages to escape from the plane, but can he escape from danger? What will happen now that he's back in the Land before Time? Can he make it back to his friends or will he fall prey to Tenma's army?
And what exactly did Trinity mention about Chomper? Is there still something that only he knows about?

I based the plane scene loosely off the crash scene from the movie 'Cast Away'. I tip my hat to Tom Hanks, who played the lead character so well.
Serperiormaster: 10 months after the Pokémon emigrated to the human world, I got off the bus home from school, and began to walk to my house, with my older brother, Noah, walking behind me. Finally, my sophomore year of high school is over, and my summer vacation had begun. After A few minutes of walking, me and my brother got to our house. My brother went inside, while I walked around to the backyard and took 8 PokéBalls out of my bag before tossing them up into the air, releasing my Pokémon: Charizard, Arbok, Ampharos, Swampert, Lucario, Serperior, Zoroark, and Goodra.

etaris333: “Ahhh,” Charizard stretched his wings. “Good to be home again.”
“Yeah,” Serperior nodded. “I can’t wait to see James again tonight…it’s been so long since we’ve seen our old trainer.”
“We’ve never met your old trainer before,” Ampharos told him, curiously. “What’s he like?”

Serperiormaster: “You’ll see what he’s like tonight, Ampharos. James said he was going to be here at 7:00, right Charizard?” I asked Charizard, setting the PokéBalls back in my bag.

etaris333: “Yeah, 7 was the number,” Charizard grinned before Goodra came up to him. “Do you think he’ll like Goodra?” she asked. “Goodra is always keen to meet new trainer…Goodra loves to show affection with a hug.”
“Ahem…yeah,” Swampert rolled his eyes, since everybody knew what happened whenever Goodra hugged someone.

Serperiormaster: I chuckle a little. “Anyway, guys, since we’re competing in that tournament that’s coming up, I thought we should get some training done,” I say to all my Pokémon.

etaris333: “Yeah!” eight voices all cheered together, and both Serperior and Arbok slapped each other a high tail.
“So who’s first, Nick?” Lucario asked.

Serperiormaster: “You, and…Charizard,” I say to Lucario, knowing he’s weak against Fire and Flying types, and figuring it would be good for him to have a Pokémon of those types as his training partner.

etaris333: Lucario knew this too. He grinned as he took his position in a clear spot in the backyard, and Charizard crossed over to the other side. “Hope you’re ready, Lucario,” Charizard challenged him. “I’m not going to hold back.”
“Neither will I,” Lucario eagerly held his fists up, as if ready to brawl.

Serperiormaster: “Just don’t use too much power. My parents wouldn’t like it if the fence was destroyed. Alright, Charizard, use Flame Burst, and Lucario, dodge using Quick Attack,” I say.

etaris333: Charizard’s attack came swiftly at Lucario, but the jackal Pokémon easily dodged it and ran like a blur straight at the dragon, knocking him backwards and posing before back-flipping back towards the spot where he’d been standing.
“Wahoo! Nice one, Lucario!” Arbok cheered.
“Whack him again!” Ampharos pumped her fists in the air.
“Goodra wants to see more!” Goodra jumped up and down.

Serperiormaster: “Great, Lucario! Let’s give you a challenging move to dodge! Charizard, Flare Blitz!” I commanded Charizard.

etaris333: Charizard flew towards Lucario as a swirling vortex of heat. Lucario stood dead still, watching as the inferno came towards him…
Then right at the last second…
He leapt upwards! Charizard hit nothing but air, and as the attack dissipated, he suddenly felt the jackal Pokémon jump upon his shoulders and spring off him, flattening the dragon to the ground.

Serperiormaster: “Great Lucario! Now Charizard, use Air Slash! Lucario, intercept with multiple Aura Spheres!” I say.

etaris333: Lucario formed his spheres in both hands and used them to knock back each slash as they came his way.

Serperiormaster: “Alright, Charizard, repeated Dragon Claws. Lucario, use Close Combat,” I say.

etaris333: Both dragon and jackal lunged at each other, and they became a ball of dust sparring against each other. Everybody waited to see what the results would be…
Then the dust cleared, and both Pokémon lay on the ground bruised and battered, but still conscious.

Serperiormaster: I ran over and placed a hand on both of them, immediately starting to heal them.

etaris333: The two Pokémon recovered, and Charizard grinned at Lucario. “You were pretty good to stand up against me, Luc,” he said.
“Thanks, Char. You’re a pretty good challenge for me to take,” Lucario shook Charizard’s claw with his paw.
They stepped off the field. “Alright, who’s next?”

Serperiormaster: “Next is Arbok, and you’ll battle against Swampert,” I say, looking at Arbok and Swampert.

etaris333: The two Pokémon took their positions as Lucario and Charizard got out of the way. Arbok hissed eagerly. “I hope you’re ready, mud boy,” she teased. “I’ll take your mud slaps any day!”
“We’ll see, poison girl,” Swampert played along.

Serperiormaster: “Swampert, Mud Shot. Arbok, dodge it,” I say.

etaris333: Swampert fired straight at Arbok, but the purple snake grinned and swayed to the left to avoid the first shot, swayed right and dodged the second shot, and finally ducked straight down dodging the third shot.
“Come on, what next?” she taunted Swampert. “Thought you’d put up more of a fight.”
“I’m just getting started,” Swampert grinned, playing along. “Watch me when Nick gives me my next command.”

Serperiormaster: “Swampert, use Dig! Arbok, try to dodge this attack as well!” I say.

etaris333: Swampert disappeared under the ground. Arbok sat patiently and waited, and then, just as Swampert came underneath her, she leapt into the air and spun her coils in a loop before landing gracefully upon Swampert’s head and shoulders, slipping down and embracing him teasingly. She gave him a gentle peck on the nose.

Serperiormaster: “That’s great Arbok. Use your Wrap attack,” I say.

etaris333: Arbok grinned and gave Swampert a rather tight squeeze, although to an Arbok it would be simply put as a close-up show of affection.
And Swampert was used to it. He tried to relent but Arbok had his arms pinned and she vibrated her coils slightly, making Swampert flinch and topple over, falling down with Arbok still coiled around him.
Arbok laughed and gave him another peck before saying, “Pinned ya, big boy!”
“Alright, lemme go!” Swampert relented. “You win.”

Serperiormaster: “Great job Arbok. Although, I’m not sure flirting with your opponent is the best way to battle,” I say to Arbok.

etaris333: “Can’t help it if I like a bit a fun,” Arbok chuckled. “Besides, we all know who I really like best.” And she winked at Serperior, whose face went beetroot-red.

Serperiormaster: “Alright, just be careful. Some Pokémon might think you’re single if you keep doing that,” I say.

etaris333: Arbok finally let Swampert up and they moved off to let the next two Pokémon have their turn.

Serperiormaster: “Alright, how about Goodra and…Serperior?” I asked.

etaris333: “Goodra fight!” the said Pokémon happily bounced over to the field while Serperior slithered to the other side.

Serperiormaster: “Goodra, start off with Sludge Wave, and Serperior you jump to dodge and use Leaf Blade,” I say.

etaris333: “Goodra will not hold back!” she fired her attack straight at Serperior.
“Neither will I!” the grass snake managed to dodge to one side and retaliated with his own attack. Goodra ducked in time.

Serperiormaster: “Goodra, grab Serperior then toss him high in the air,” I command Goodra.

etaris333: Goodra lunged at Serperior. The grass snake was about to dodge but Goodra suddenly feinted her lunge and moved to the left, and caught him. She picked him up and then tossed him into the air…

Serperiormaster: “Goodra, use Aqua Tail. Serperior, use Dragon Tail,” I say, watching as Serperior was tossed up.

etaris333: Goodra lunged up and swung her tail around, but at the same time, Serperior’s tail swung and they caught each other. They attacked again and bounced off each other.

Serperiormaster: “Serperior, Leaf Storm. Goodra, dodge and use Body Slam,” I commanded.

etaris333: Serperior whirled towards Goodra, leaves aimed at her. Goodra flipped in the air and slammed straight into Serperior, knocking them both down. Goodra stood up, but Serperior lay still, eyes swirling.

Serperiormaster: I ran over and healed them both. “Good job, both of you,” I say.

etaris333: “Guess that means we’re next, eh Amphy?” Zoroark grinned.
“Sure does, Zoey,” Ampharos smiled as they took their positions for the last training session.

Serperiormaster: “Zoroark, Dark Pulse. Ampharos, use Electro Ball to intercept,” I say.

etaris333: Both girls fired, and their attacks collided and dissipated. Both Zoroark and Ampharos stood grinning at each other, and then fired again, once again their attacks meeting in the middle and vanishing upon impact.

Serperiormaster: “Ampharos, use Discharge, and Zoroark use Night Daze,” I say.

etaris333: Both Pokémon spread their arms out, and released the attacks at the same time. Darkness enveloped Ampharos while electricity surged into Zoroark. They both stuttered out of control, spun backwards, and then landed on their backs. Their eyes began spinning.

Serperiormaster: “Well, that ended quickly,” I say, running over and healing them.

etaris333: Zoroark smiled up at Nick once she recovered. “Do you think we’re ready for the tournament?” she asked him.

Serperiormaster: “Well, if we want to win, I think we should do some more training and even have you guys learn some new moves,” I say, helping her up.

etaris333: “I could help with that,” a familiar voice spoke up. “I’ve got a new stack of TMs to try out.” Everyone turned to see James walking up.

Serperiormaster: I smiled. “Hi James. You’re pretty early,” I say as he comes over.

etaris333: “I finished early. Couldn’t wait to see my successor and three favourite Pokémon again,” James grinned as he slapped Nick a high-five and then walked over to ‘Char, Swamp and Serp,’ as they hugged him together.

Serperiormaster: “James, this is Arbok, Ampharos, Lucario, and Goodra,” I say to James, gesturing to my 4 latest team members.

etaris333: “Hello to you all,” James greeted them each, including Zoroark as well. “Looks like you’ve made quite a nice team, Nick…rather versatile too.” He grinned.

Serperiormaster: “Thank you, James. So you brought some TMs?” I asked him.

etaris333: “Sure did,” James held up a box with TMs inside it. He opened it. “Who wants to learn a new move?”

Serperiormaster: I took a look at the TM’s before looking at Lucario. “Lucario, want to learn Stone Edge?” I ask.

etaris333: “Yeah, that will be a nice move,” Lucario grinned. “Gives me a better chance against Fire.”
James placed the TM on Lucario’s paw. “Which move should Lucario forget?” he asked.

Serperiormaster: “Let’s forget…” I say, thinking about what move to forget before finally saying, “Bone Rush.”

etaris333: The TM sparkled in Lucario’s paw. “Ta-da,” James announced. “Lucario now knows the move Stone Edge in place of Bone Rush.”
“Alright!” Lucario pumped his fist. “I wanna try it out with Charizard first.”
“Aw, come on, Luc,” Charizard shied away. “At least give me a chance to try a new TM as well.

Serperiormaster: “Okay then, Charizard. How about you learn Solar Beam?” I asked Charizard.

etaris333: James checked through his collection of TMs and eventually found the green disc. He put it on Charizard’s claw and asked again which move Charizard should forget.
“Just so long as I don’t forget Flare Blitz…I’m particularly fond of that move,” Charizard pointed out.

Serperiormaster: “Are you okay with losing Flame Burst, Charizard?” I asked Charizard.

etaris333: Charizard gave him the thumbs-up. “I don’t mind learning Solar Beam over it.”
“And a good choice too,” James suggested. “If you had a Charizardite Y to go with it, your new Drought ability will make it an instant attack.”
The disc shimmered. “There. All done.” He took it off Charizard’s claw. “Who’s next?”

Serperiormaster: I think for a minute. “Arbok, would you like to learn Payback?” I asked Arbok, even though she’s more likely to be interested in Attract.

etaris333: “Hey, Nick,” Noah’s voice called from the upstairs window before Arbok could answer. They turned to look up at him leaning out the window. “Can I use Payback after you…my Houndoom could find it useful.”

Serperiormaster: “Don’t ask me, Noah. Ask James. All these TM’s belong to him,” I say to my older brother.

etaris333: “Now, now,” James put up his hands. “Your brother’s welcome to use it too…so, uh…Arbok, do you want to learn Payback?”
“Sure,” Arbok smiled. “If it means I can also learn Attract.” She winked at Serperior, whose face went deep-red.

Serperiormaster: “Alright, Arbok. You can learn Attract, but one condition. Don’t ever use it outside of battle for selfish reasons,” I say to Arbok.

etaris333: “Me, selfish? Never,” Arbok coyly mutters as James holds the two discs against her hood. “Which moves should go then?”

Serperiormaster: “Okay with forgetting Glare and Belch, Arbok?” I asked Arbok.

etaris333: “Fine with me,” Arbok nodded. The TMs shimmered and Arbok was soon loaded with her new moves. Zoroark decided to move in front of Serperior in case Arbok went back on her word.

Serperiormaster: “Alright. Who’s next?” I ask, looking at Goodra, Zoroark, Swampert, Serperior, and Ampharos.

etaris333: “Goodra wants new move!” the said Pokémon excitedly bounced up and down.

Serperiormaster: I chuckle a bit. “Alright, Goodra. Calm down. How about Blizzard?” I asked the big slimy dragon.

etaris333: “Goodra freeze other dragons with Ice move. Goodra want Blizzard!” she cheered. James just laughed and brought the bright-blue disc over. “She’s an excited Pokémon for sure. Which move shall it replace then?”

Serperiormaster: “How about Aqua Tail?” I asked Goodra, gently petting her back.

etaris333: Goodra nodded. The TM shimmered and James took it off.
“Goodra know Blizzard! Goodra thank friend!” And before they could stop her, she grabbed James and hugged him tightly.

Serperiormaster: I chuckled a little. “Alright, set him down, big girl,” I say gently trying to pry her arms off James.

etaris333: Eventually Goodra let James go, who stood there looking stunned, his clothes and hair dripping with goo. Swampert came over to hose him down with Water Gun.
“Thanks Swamp,” James grinned as Charizard then blew a small fire nearby to dry him off. “How about you get a new move next?”

Serperiormaster: I thought about what moves Swampert can learn. “How about Ice Beam?” I asked Swampert.

etaris333: “I could take Flying types down with that one, since my Ground moves don’t work. Sure,” Swampert agreed, and James fished through the collection for it. “But which move should I forget?”

Serperiormaster: “Let’s forget Mud Shot,” I said to Swampert.

etaris333: “Here you go,” James put the disc on Swampert’s head and it did its job.
Ampharos nudged Zoroark over. “Go on, Zoey. You should go next.”

Serperiormaster: “Do you want to learn Aerial Ace, Zoroark?” I asked Zoroark with a smile.

etaris333: “Cool move!” Zoroark grinned. “Oughta show those Fighting types a move or four!” She boldly stepped up to James, who put the TM on her paw. “Which move should be forgotten, Nick?”

Serperiormaster: “How about Dig?” I asked Zoroark.

etaris333: “Yeah, that’ll do,” Zoroark nodded casually. “It’ll save getting my fur dirty and besides, Swampert does that move with much more power.”
“Done to perfection,” James let the TM pass onto Zoroark, and Ampharos came up next. “Am I gonna get a really cool move?” she asked.

Serperiormaster: “Well, let’s see…the only offensive TM’s you can learn are Electric, Normal, and Fighting type TMs, and none of them are good against Ground types, so if learning a cool move is all you want, we can do that, but we can’t teach you a move that will do well against your main weakness,” I say to Ampharos.

etaris333: Ampharos just smiled. “I don’t mind, Nick…even if I’m not as good as the others, I want at least to make a good impression on the battlefield.”
“More of a Contest girl, aren’t you Amphy?” Arbok chuckled.

Serperiormaster: I pet Ampharos’ head. “Well, what do you say about learning Hyper Beam? It’s strong, and the only flaw is that you have to recharge for a bit after it’s used,” I say.

etaris333: “Awesome!” Ampharos cheered. “Even if I must recharge, Swamp will protect me.” She winked at Swampert. It was his turn to blush.
“Then which move shall go?” James placed the silver disc on her chest.

Serperiormaster: “How about…Thunder Wave?” I asked Ampharos.

etaris333: “Done and dusted,” James took the TM off Ampharos. “That just leaves you, Serperior. Which one should we try out on you?”

Serperiormaster: “Hmm…when it comes to moves that will help with your weaknesses, Aerial Ace is probably the only one you can learn from a TM. Want to learn Aerial Ace, or a different move?” I ask Serperior.

etaris333: “Can I try Return instead?” Serperior asked. “I want to see how strong that move really is since I trust you, Nick.”
“That sounds very trusting,” James smirked as he put the TM on Serperior’s head. “Then what move should be replaced?”

Serperiormaster: “How about Growth?” I asked Serperior with a smile.

etaris333: “And…done,” James finished with a grin as he put the TM back in the box. “I reckon you guys should be ready for that tournament now…I might even see if I can get you some LITE Crystals to hold.”

Serperiormaster: “LITE Crystals?” I asked James curiously.

etaris333: “Oh yes,” James nodded. “They’re quite interesting…they were discovered a month or so ago. Any Pokémon holding one gets a white aura around them and their elemental type becomes Light. It’s said that they also gain an extra fifth move to match their new element.”
Then his expression went serious. “And I think it’s best if we did try them, because there’s going to be trouble at this tournament.”

Serperiormaster: “What do you mean ‘trouble’?” I asked James, wondering what he was talking about.

etaris333: “Well, I went down a day or so ago to see what the tournament was like,” James explained. “Suddenly, I hear this person around the corner whispering to his mate about using a newly-energized Shadow Pokémon to win all the way through. He also mentioned that there’d be other Shadow Pokémon users involved to get rid of all the ‘weakling’ competitors. This tournament is fixed, and it’s going to be unfair on the other competitors unless something is done about it.”

Serperiormaster: “Do you have any idea who these people are?” I asked James.

etaris333: “Not for sure,” James shook his head. “The guy was wearing glasses and a hat, and the other competitors haven’t been revealed yet. We’re going to have to encounter them at the tournament when it begins, and you’ll need those LITE Crystals to stay safe…because if your element is Light, attacks from Shadow Pokémon have no effect on you.”

Serperiormaster: I nodded. “Alright. Do you have enough for my Pokémon, and my brother’s as well? He’s entering the tournament too,” I say to James.

etaris333: “How many does he have?” James asked.

Serperiormaster: “Six Pokémon. They’re all Dark types,” I say.

etaris333: “Right, so that’s fourteen in total,” James counted his fingers. “I’ll have to look fast to find enough of those crystals for all of you. I’ll get Lugia (who sends his regards by the way) to scour around too and tell the Tao trio to find them as well. It won’t be long before the tournament starts so we must be fast. When I get back I’ll show you all how they work, so we can be prepared for what you’re up against.”
Then he glanced up at the window. “But first I’d better go over Noah’s Pokémon and see which moves he wants, including that Payback move. I did promise.”

Serperiormaster: “Alright, James.” I say before looking at my Pokémon. “Want to test out your new moves, guys?” I asked them with a smile.

etaris333: “Yeah!” eight voices all cheered together again, and both Serperior and Arbok slapped each other a high tail once again.
“So who’s first, Nick?” Lucario asked again.

Serperiormaster: “We’ll do you versus Charizard again” I say to Lucario.

etaris333: Lucario grinned as he took his position in a clear spot in the backyard, and Charizard crossed over to the other side. “Hope you’re ready, Lucario,” Charizard challenged him. “I’m not going to hold back.”
“Neither will I,” Lucario eagerly held his fists up, as if ready to brawl.
“Oh boy,” Zoroark grinned at Ampharos. “It feels a bit like déjà vu.”

Serperiormaster: With that, I command both Pokémon to use their first attacks, and we spent the rest of the day preparing ourselves for the upcoming tournament, as well as the Shadow Pokémon we are sure to battle.
The Story of Real-Life Pokemon (Part 5)
:iconserperiormaster: wanted to try a new type of story involving Pokemon crossing into the human world. The real world is now completely aware of Pokemon living amongst them, and now our hero Nick is preparing for a tournament with a new total of 8 Pokemon on his team. Introducing Arbok, Lucario, Ampharos, and Goodra onto the team. In preparation for the tournament, they undergo some training, and then James comes to teach them some new moves in preparation.
But what awaits them in the upcoming tournament...more importantly, will they be aware to deal with the threat of Shadow Pokemon rising again?
They came driving back to the DPF, with Michael driving the Great Valley kids in Christine, and Arty driving Josiah, Jane and an injured Q-Zone in Slyder. Mama and Papa Sharptooth escorted them to watch out for any trouble.
Eventually, they arrived at the DPF, and the Time Kids and Arty helped to get Q-Zone out of the car as he hobbled, being unable to stand properly with his injured leg.
Q-Zone sighed. “This guy’s got some pretty good skill,” he muttered. “And as much as I hate to make clear a point…”
“And still that is often exactly what you do,” Arty replied, uninterested.
“I can’t help that…it’s in my nature,” Q-Zone shot back. “I’m saying that this Count has got better talent than we thought.” He flicked on his holo-cam to show the footage of him chasing Starr. “He’s been trained and trained well…probably by some means of expertise. Like right there…that!” he pointed at the scene which showed Starr slashing Michael’s rope off his ankle.
“What about it?” Jane asked.
“Don’t you see how he moved to slice that rope off his ankle?” Q-Zone asked her. “Michael was a great shot, I’ll give him that. We would have had him, but Starr cut it clean off his ankle before it went tight. The thing is…you can’t just do that. That technique had to be learned from somewhere…and practiced.”
“There’s the knife too,” Michael also noticed. “Do you guys know how many knives can cut my ropes with a single slash?”
“Not many,” Josiah shook his head.
“No,” Michael agreed. “Not many. It’s like this guy knows how to counterattack us…maybe he doesn’t just know Trinity, but he knows all of us too.”
“But how?” Shelly Blake asked. They all turned to see her emerging from a nearby time buggy. Ken was just behind her, but his walking pace was slow, he looked deep-red in the face, and his shorts were torn from behind.
He simply walked past them and into the DPF to get changed…again.
“What happened to him now?” Littlefoot asked.
“You don’t want to know,” was all Shelly said.
Arty gave out a sigh. “Well, we’re going to have to try and find some way to stop this Count before he sends out this army of his. But you’re gonna have to sit this one out, Q-Zone.”
“Come on Arty,” Q-Zone complained. “I can still help.”
“You already have. You’ve given us a good lead on who we’re up against,” Arty assured him. “Thank you. Come on, I’ll take you back to the T.W.C. so you can get home and rest.”
The bounty hunter just sighed in defeat. “Fine,” he hobbled back into the car. Arty told the others that he would back soon, and he took off in Slyder.
“So what now?” Cera asked. “Are we going to fight yet or are we still dawdling about?”
“No, Cera,” Michael shook his head. “We’d better get back inside the DPF…maybe we can scan the Great Valley’s outer perimeter for any dangerous activity. With the outpost destroyed, we’re kind of limited to range.”
“What about Veloci?” Ducky then asked. “He is still locked inside the building. He is, he is.”
“Me no think bad guy would be nice to be locked in here,” Petrie stammered.
“I suppose we’ll have to let him out –” Michael began, but suddenly, the sound of a CRASH caught their attention from somewhere in the building, and it made them jump. “– unless somebody else let him out first!”
Then, in front of them, something pierced through the metal wall and started cutting a hole through it. The gang shrank back, recognizing the deadly colour of red glowing through that lightsaber.
A section of wall thudded into the corridor, and Chomper came leaping through the hole, apparently grinning. “You won’t catch me yet, Veloci! Better luck next t –” but his voice cut off the moment he saw the gang standing there blocking his way. His smile faded and he looked shocked.
“And where do you think you’re going?” Shelly asked sternly.
Chomper stood there, stunned. But then, his grin grew back. “Anywhere other than here…especially when it’s Veloci that I need to retreat from!”
“You aren’t going anywhere until you tell us what you’ve done!” Littlefoot sternly confronted him.
“Tell us what you did to the outpost,” Michael demanded.
A hint of worry etched on Chomper’s face, but from the way he glanced back, it seemed he was more worried about getting away from Veloci than he was of talking to them.
“I’m afraid you guys aren’t my concern,” Chomper snarled. “If you don’t move out of my way, I’ll cut you all down one at a time if I have to!”
Everybody stood there, astonished the moment they heard Chomper say that. Now that they took a good look at him, they noticed his spikes had re-grown again. And every now and then, his red eyes glowed slightly yellow. There was no doubt…his darkness had not disappeared at all.
Even Littlefoot and Ruby felt shocked to their cores…this was not the Chomper they knew anymore.
But just then, Veloci, in his Fast-Biter form, came leaping through the hole behind Chomper, and snarled angrily at him before leaping at him. Chomper easily overleapt him and jumped on his back, taking that opportunity to leap right over the heads of his ‘friends’…
His sudden grin of escape turned into a sudden look of shock the moment he saw two pink blades spinning towards him.
Chomper barely caught them with his own red lightsabers, and found himself facing Ruby, whose face had gone furious and yet showed some emotion of heartbreak. But she was not letting those emotions wear her down as she confidently held her lightsabers angled to block any of Chomper’s incoming strikes as he ferociously cut at her, trying to get out.
Littlefoot immediately jumped past the rest of his friends, as they made way to avoid getting hit by Veloci who in turn charged as well. The young Longneck desperately tried to get to Chomper before the maddened Fast-Biter did…
But then, Littlefoot had to duck as Chomper suddenly cartwheeled, swung one of his sabers his way, and lay flat on the floor as the blade sizzled over his head…
“Yyaahhhh!!” And Veloci’s sudden screech of pain indicated the cretin had come a little too close for comfort. Littlefoot peered up and saw Veloci stumbling back, clutching at his chest before he hit the wall and slipped down onto his side, hissing in agony.
Chomper immediately spun back around and advanced on Ruby. “You can’t win, Runner girl!” he snarled. “You’re no match for the power of the dark side!”
“I knew I would hear that when I would fight,” Ruby shouted back. “But I never knew when I would fight I would hear that from you, Chomper!”
“Do not call me that!” Chomper reversed his sabers and parried as Ruby struck back. “That name no longer has any meaning for me…I am Darth Chomp! And this fight has only begun!” Their sabers clashed and stuck between each other, four sabers hissing in tandem together as their faces glared at each other…
And were parted the moment Littlefoot decided to intervene and struck the ground in front of them, firing a Solar-Wave at them to break it up. The ground shook and both Chomper and Ruby were knocked back.
Chomper turned and faced Littlefoot. “Brave of you, Longneck…do you want to face the same fate?”
While the word ‘Longneck’ instead of his own name stung Littlefoot in his heart, he stayed focused and prepared to fight back. “There’s no fate but your own, Sharptooth! Your parents will be very upset if you carry on like this!”
Michael and the Time Kids immediately fired up their own lightsabers and moved to help as Chomper lunged at Littlefoot. The Longneck immediately dove forward and dodged Chomper’s slashes as they came from high up. Chomper’s sabers caught between Shelly’s and Jane’s, and he was forced to move away, having to jump over Littlefoot who attacked him from behind…
And then, his vision was blurred by a scorching hot pink blade that came very close to his face…
A little too close.
“ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Chomper screamed as he felt a sudden burn upon his left eye. He almost fell and dropped his lightsabers, but barely landed on his feet in time. He deactivated one saber, but held the other for defence as he put his claw up to where he had been hit.
He growled angrily at his ‘friends’. “You’ll pay for that!” he growled. And this time, with no one to block him, he turned and ran out of the corridor, to escape from the DPF.

Chomper’s parents were horrified the moment they saw Chomper running out of the DPF, with a brutal scar over his eye and holding a deadly lightsaber in his claw. They tried to stop him, but all Chomper did was growl menacingly at them and wave his lightsaber at them to make them back off. He continued to run, in the direction of the Secret Caverns.
<Chomper…my son, come back!> his dad roared.
<Please, Chomper…don’t leave!> his mom pleaded as they ran after him. They desperately tried to catch him, but Chomper was putting up a surprising pace, and he was so close to the Secret Caverns that it seemed at that moment he would truly be gone if he disappeared inside…
Determined not to let that happen, Mama Sharptooth lunged forward to grab him with her mouth…
But Chomper barely dodged as he leapt into the caverns.
WHAM! Mama Sharptooth groaned as she found herself caught in the entrance of the caverns. As the light was blotted out, all she could barely see was the deadly glow of red disappearing out of sight. <C…Chomper…> a tear rolled down from her eye. <No.>
Realizing it was hopeless trying to catch him now, Mama started to try and squeeze out…
But it was found to be harder than expected. <Oh no,> she growled. <I’m stuck…>
Papa Sharptooth stared as his mate tried to move, but she seemed to be wedged in tight. <Hold on, dear,> he roared. <We’ll get you out of there.>
At that moment, the Great Valley kids, the Time Kids, and Dino Ranger came running up to see what had happened. Michael immediately turned towards Christine and took a rope out of her backseat. “We’d better help to pull her out. Everybody together now.”
Michael gave one end of the rope to Papa Sharptooth, who tossed it over Mama’s back, and Spike caught it to pull it under her huge belly towering over him. Michael then tied a tight knot in the rope, and they all took hold of the rope, even Papa who held it with his small arms from higher up.
“And PULL!” Michael shouted. They all pulled together, as hard as they could. They heaved and hoed and heaved and hoed. At the same time, Mama kept trying to push herself out, using her own small arms to push against the rocks, but she was really wedged in. It was taking a lot of effort to get her out.
Eventually, the humans and young dinosaurs just couldn’t pull anymore, and they collapsed on the ground, exhausted. Papa growled with disgust at not even being able to get his own mate out.
Just then, Ken Blake came walking up, having finally finished changing once again, and having missed the entire event that had led up to this moment…
Finding everybody sitting down panting and puffing, while Mama Sharptooth appeared to be stuck.
“What’s going on?” Ken asked innocently. “What’s Mama doing stuck in a hole?” But nobody said anything, too puffed out to talk.
Ken just sighed and shrugged, spotting the rope nearby. “Oh boy Ken, gotta do everything yourself, don’t ya?” he said to himself as he picked up the rope and tried pulling himself.
In the cavern, Mama grunted as she felt herself beginning to move. <Almost there…almost there…>
Ken gave a big hard yank at that very moment, just as the rock surface of the cavern entrance suddenly crumbled, and Mama’s huge form suddenly broke free and she came tumbling out…
And the young Time Kid’s eyes widened the moment he saw a mountain of Sharptooth drop down towards him. “Oh no…OOMPH!”
Everybody stared in surprise as Mama Sharptooth found herself sitting awkwardly on the ground. Papa came over and asked her if she was alright, before a small squirming sound combined with a “Let me out from here!” became evident under her butt.
Shelly Blake just sighed. “Oh dear…”
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (28)
Probably the darkest chapter yet, as Chomper confronts the gang as they return to the DPF, and makes it clear that his Darth Chomp side has fully taken over once again. But the fight that ensues ends with Chomper getting something hauntingly similar to Redclaw, and while his own parents try to stop him from fleeing the valley, Mama unfortunately gets stuck in the entrance to the Secret Caverns. The resulting situation in getting her out makes the perfect opportunity for Ken Blake to receive another taunting game of squash...
The Mama getting stuck scene was partially based off this picture made by :icongloverboy23:, and though it is not the same story idea, the conclusion pretty much tells what happens when she finally manages to get out:…
Thanks to both :icongloverboy23: and :iconthibodeauxdaniel: for giving me this idea for Ken's ordeal throughout the series.
Chomper smirked as he made his way into the DPF. Now that Michael and the Time Kids were out, he would take this opportunity to destroy this facility as well. That would render them helpless and at his mercy. As much as he wanted to see how much more they would suffer once Tenma deployed his special army that he had seen at his base, he decided that it would be much more satisfying to have them on their knees by his own doing.
Chomper’s grin grew and his eyes glowed yellow with excitement before fading back to their normal red colour. He held his lightsabers tight, ready for taking out anything that stood in his way.
But he had barely gone too far inside before he suddenly heard a strange clunking sound coming from a nearby room. Curious, he followed the sound, and found it coming from a huge door that was labelled ‘Storage Room’. Sniffing with his sniffer, he found there was evidence of a certain evil Fast-Biter…
Chomper grinned. This might be fun.
But the first thing to do was to open the door. He couldn’t see anything that looked like a button around to open the door. Deciding not to bother with calmly opening the door, he fired up his lightsabers and stabbed them straight into the door itself.

The moment he heard the strange VSSSHHHH sound coming from the other side of the door, Veloci twigged and sprang back, and just in time too, for a mere second where he had slammed his head to try and bust the door down, a bright beam of red plasma pierced straight through and began burning its way through the door, while another beam seared through and cut symmetrically in the other direction.
Veloci just stood and watched, his nose twitching with the smell of lightning in the air. He had seen those beams of light before…but he wasn’t sure who it might be, that Mangle creature, or Tenma, or even that pathetic small biter again. He waited to see who it was, as the beams cut a huge hole through the door, and the reinforced steel fell through.
“Heh, heh,” a familiar voice grinned. “Well hello there.”
“Little biter!” Veloci snarled. He wanted so much at this moment to lunge forward and rip Chomper’s throat out, but he dared not approach the small Sharptooth while he held those deadly weapons in his claws. Plus he had seen how good Chomper was with them…he could easily cut Veloci’s snout off the moment it came close.
Chomper just grinned and took a few steps back, giving the maddened Fast-Biter the decency to climb out of his metal prison. Which Veloci did, although he kept his eyes on Chomper the whole time. He stared with his evil red eyes, but then began to change form…
And within moments, he was partially human again. Veloci gritted his human teeth at Chomper. “Why exactly are you allied with Tenma? If you really want power so much, then why don’t you work with me? Redclaw and I can give you so much more.”
Chomper just snickered, but withdrew his lightsabers. “You certainly can give me more,” he laughed. “Your blood for starters.”
Veloci tensed. “Do you not understand that your powers could be of really good use to us? That goof Tenma is trying to use you in his plot to bring robots to the Great Valley…they are even more despicable than humans! If you join us, we can easily stop the Great Valley from getting any worse than it is now!”
“I’m surprised you care that much about what gets destroyed and what doesn’t,” Chomper pulled a face. “Besides, don’t you think I like the thought of robots getting involved…when they can wipe the valley clean with pests like you? I’m not afraid of you, Veloci, and you and Redclaw can’t stop me.” And then, just to taunt the maddened half-human, half-Biter, Chomper turned his back on him, knelt down and wiggled his butt in front of Veloci.
Seeing this really ticked Veloci off…his teeth now looked like they were going to break with anger. If there was one thing above anything that he couldn’t stand, it was being taunted.
And this really bit the bullet.
“If this is meant to be a joke, it’s not funny!” Veloci growled as he began to change form again…

* * *

Tenma smiled as he stood gazing at the assembly line before him. The pieces were coming together just like it had been planned. Soon there would be enough of this special army of Robo-Biters and Mecha-Tooths to take down the Great Valley within a single swoop.
And Darth Chomp, the rebellious young Sharptooth, would be in charge of it all. Even Redclaw wouldn’t be able to stand up to this kind of assault.
Tenma snickered as he thought of just how well he had planned it out. To slip the army in first into the Mysterious Beyond, and then send them through every possible ‘vent’ of the Great Valley; that being said, every cavern and entrance that may be possible to find. And he had equipped them all with just the capabilities for finding such methods inside. He didn’t believe he had missed any details.
Cracking his knuckles, Tenma began wondering just what it was going to be like once the Great Valley was conquered and Darth Chomp would be king of all the dinosaurs. If at worst not all the dinosaurs would bow to him, he hoped at least that Victor Veloci would finally be taken care of and vanquished for good.
That crazed half-human; half-Biter hardly deserved any better.
He turned around and walked towards the desk with computer consoles that only dominated at least 1% of the entire cargo area within this hideout. The cargo area stretched way out because there needed to be a lot of room for these mechanical dinosaurs by the hundreds. Especially with the robotic versions of Sharpteeth…they hogged a good amount of it.
As he approached the desk and began to programme the missions necessary to taking down the Great Valley, he heard the door open behind him and he turned to see Count Starr walking in, normally like he usually would, but oddly, Tenma could sense something disturbing about him. He didn’t know how, but he just had a ghostly feeling that something had spooked the Count.
“What happened?” he simply asked.
Starr stopped where he was and hesitated for a brief moment before he finally asked, “Trouble at the valley…bounty hunter.”
“Which one?”
“The Adventurer’s friend, the one that goes under ‘Code Zoner’,” Starr grumbled. “He must have had a lead on me, which actually surprises me because I thought I severed all the leads to myself.”
Tenma didn’t look surprised though. “Maybe not yourself…but Mangle perhaps.”
That remark seemed to get an interesting reaction from Starr. “The Dark Lord weaponry…I should have remembered. No matter how hard one may try, carelessness always gives you away.” He growled under his helmet before deciding to change the subject as he walked over to view the cargo.
“So is the army set?” he asked.
“Ready for the first assault at least,” Tenma nodded. “Their mission logs will be logged in, and then once their transmitters are completely synced with each other, I guarantee we shall have a flawless army ready to invade.”
“And the primary targets…” Starr pointed out. “You have allocated them to their missions?”
“Yes,” Tenma nodded again. “But I am curious as to why you chose Veloci…not that I see anything wrong with him being a target, but that you asked for his priority not to be ‘KILL’.”
“Veloci must live,” Starr bluntly told him. “That is priority one to you…and to Chomper. You will probably not trust me for saying this, but Veloci is also essential to my plans.”
“Your personal plans…”
“Yes. When my business is done with Veloci, you may do about with him as you please. And don’t forget that you will be given what I have proposed to you.”
Tenma nodded. Starr was making it clear that he was not about to go back on his promise, but it still troubled Tenma just exactly what Starr’s plans really were. How did it involve Veloci?
I have a bad feeling about this, he thought to himself.
Just then, the monitors on the desk crackled, and the screen changed into something else.
“We interrupt this programme with an important newsflash,” a voice spoke over the speakers. “There has been a break-in at the Temporal Asylum, and Trinity the Adventurer has been found to be missing!”
Starr’s voice seemed to tense. “Missing…!”
“Information on the break-in is very limited at the present time, but the International Police are currently investigating. Chief Kardon Blue was found to be drugged in his office, and is found to be suffering from amnesia, with no recollection of the past events that took place. There has been no clue to the Adventurer’s disappearance, and personnel staff at the Asylum is limited, but security should be restored within a few hours. This is Charlotte Jordan, One Hundred News. Back to you, Freddy.”
The monitors flickered, and then the programme reverted back to normal.
Starr glanced at Tenma, who glanced back. “Who would dare try to break Trinity out of the asylum? If one of those scumbags has decided to get involved after all, they’ll get what’s coming to them!”
“No,” Tenma shook his head. “It’s Veloci.”
“You know that for a fact?” Starr accused.
“I have my intuition and I know Veloci would hire somebody with ideal talent to attack such a place, leave no evidence, and drug the witnesses involved,” Tenma crossed his arms. “And if memory serves me right, I believe he hired Lucien Gredey to do this. That freak of a lawyer would do anything to hurt or even kill Trinity, so undoubtedly Veloci will have bribed him.”
“But if Veloci gets to them before we do, or if Trinity gets loose, it will only make things more complicated,” Starr pointed out. “We must intercept and stop them from reaching the Land before Time.”
“Leave that to me,” Tenma typed in a code on the keyboard. “I was planning to send these ones out as well in the first assault, but these Sharpbeak Drones will stop them easily.”
“You had better be right,” Starr suddenly spoke with a harsh tone. “Remember, while Trinity must be kept away I still want him alive. Do what you want with the others but he’d better be unharmed!” He turned away and stormed out, leaving Tenma staring for a brief moment before turning to assess the Sharpbeak Drones. They were like giant Fliers, but also armed with rocket launchers and other weapons on their wings.
Tenma typed up the start-up code on the console, and began programming them to start searching for any possible transport linked to either Victor Veloci or Lucien Gredey.

Elsewhere, in another location…

The man with his face hidden under his cloak looked up the moment he felt the disturbance. “It is time,” he muttered quietly.
A figure sitting nearby, also dressed within a cloak, peered up. “Time to return?”
“Yes,” the first person nodded. “Our friends are in more danger than we expected. It is time to face the heat of battle for real. You have been well trained, my apprentice. You will not fail me.”
“I won’t be able to, not after all your help, master,” the apprentice bowed his head in respect.
The master smiled and got up, leading his apprentice out of their small cabin. Walking outside, they glanced over at the nearby pen where an alien-like creature was being kept. It was a quadruped lizard with a beaked maw and feathers splaying out from its scaled skin.
Most people in this world might think it was some sort of alien, but to the world where the New Republic dwelled, it was known as a Varactyl, native to the planet Utupau and one of the finest creature mounts for the Utai race, or even humans, to rely on. It snorted and gave out a hooting sound as they approached.
The master put his hand upon the Varactyl’s beak and petted it gently. “It is time for us to go,” he spoke softly. “Now you shall bond with one that may need your assistance.”
The Varactyl honked in reply and shook its head, as if raring to go.
“Good, then I shall bid our protectors farewell for now,” the master walked out towards the wide open field, took out a whistle and blew into it. The sound seemed to echo out across the air current, blowing it in the direction the master was facing.
There was a short pause, and the master and the apprentice looked out into the distance, as if they were expecting something to appear at any moment.
And then it did.
A small figure came charging out to them, from far off out of sight.
It got closer…and closer…
And then finally after a while, it finally came up to them, its white fur blowing gently in the wind.
“Is it time?” the young white lion asked.
“Yes, Kimba,” the master nodded. “We must return at long last…thank you and all the others for your help. I hope that it has not been any trouble at all.”
“For you and Trinity, it’s never trouble at all,” Kimba smiled. “Good luck, both of you.” Then with a quick charge, he turned and disappeared back out of sight.
The master patiently watched him go, and then glanced at his apprentice before turning towards a very huge group of bushes dwelled. Walking up to it, he reached into the bush, and took hold of something that seemed to be a rope, before pulling it and causing the bushy disguise to come slipping off, revealing what was really underneath.
It was a grey Subaru Forester that happened to belong to a certain somebody, with a giant trailer attached behind that was wide enough to hold the Varactyl…
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (27)
War is about to strike the Great Valley as while Veloci once again finds himself facing the darkened young sharptooth, Chomper, Dr. Tenma is found to have his special army ready to invade the Land before Time and strike the Great Valley down. But when things go asunder due to Starr's close call with the heroes and Trinity found to be missing, what shall happen in their plan of attack?
And who exactly is the mysterious master and apprentice hiding elsewhere in the universe with a creature from the galaxy where the New Republic dwells?

Here's a picture showing the scene where Chomper taunts Victor Veloci:…

And the Varactyl from Star Wars which has yet to make an appearance in the series:…

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