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Master Aether and his apprentice
In Conviction of Darkness, there was mention of two Jedi-like warriors that prepared to provide help to the gang. It involved a Varactyl and also Trinity's Subaru Forester.
The master has been revealed to have a name...Aether. While he appears to share something in common with Trinity and Arty, it is currently unknown what it is. The apprentice however, despite being short-sized, remains a complete mystery.

Roy Donald
In suggestion from :iconsusenm74:, Roy Donald will aid Michael the Dino Ranger, Captain Bulge and the DPF to fight off the incoming armies that intend to dominate the Great Valley.

Shackletooth and the Fast-Biters of the Dry Plains
As some of you may have figured, Shackletooth and his pack are Fast-Biters that live out in the desert, and have learned to handle harsh conditions. While Shackletooth stands at the head of the army, he has promoted Screech as his right-clawed Biter (and thus entrusted his army to Thud and Redclaw). However, the Dry Plains pack do not entirely trust Victor Veloci as such.

General Lazerclaw
Suggested by :iconthibodeauxdaniel:, here is the General Grievous counterpart for the story. Equipped with man-made weapons to use as well in the war, Lazerclaw is what you could describe as a Fast-Biter cyborg created by Veloci. Dr. Tenma was a choice too but Veloci is more of a fitting creator for Lazerclaw.

Scarlett, mysterious dino warrior from Beyond
Not a lot is known about this dinosaur fighter or where she came from, but she appears to have the shape of a Fast-Biter and is able to think clearly and sharply, making her a necessary force on the good guys' side. She plays a vital part in Michael's quest to find Ruby as well during the fight...


etaris333's Profile Picture
(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Close to the Wookiee encampment, a young feminine Wookiee sat looking very glum and saddened. She had taken Hayden’s demise a little too hard, and was still feeling very sorry that she couldn’t have done anything to stop it from happening.
She just sat and let her mind turmoil over the situation, not even noticing that behind her, the three young kids, Rockie, Muncher, and Stumbler, were just playing behind her, not realizing that she was actually sad.
“You can’t catch me, Vegan!” Rockie teased, calling out to Gungi.
“Not now guys, okay?” Gungi just muttered. “I’m not in the mood.”
But this didn’t seem to slur the young kids, as Rockie suddenly crept up from behind, and attempted to tag Gungi. But this unfortunately got the wrong reaction. “Hey!” Gungi snapped. “I said I’m not in the mood, okay? So get lost!”
This sent Rockie rolling backwards, down to where the other two were standing. They all glanced at Gungi, wondering what was wrong. Rockie had a rather sad look on his face.
Upon seeing it, Gungi sighed, shook her head and then walked over to them. “Hey look, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just…the game just wouldn’t be the same, without Hayden, you know?”
It was then that the kids remembered Hayden and began to realize what was making Gungi feel down as she sat down and covered her face. “I can’t believe he’s gone.”
The kids just stared at her, unsure of what to do, when suddenly…
A blur of fur suddenly came crashing through the bushes as Brutus emerged. “Gungi! Gungi!” He looked shocked. “Hayden’s alive!”
“What? That’s impossible!” Gungi glanced up.
“But I heard him!” Brutus insisted. “He was saying ‘Don’t tell anyone’.”
Rockie, Muncher and Stumbler glanced at each other.
“You must be having Nexu fever again,” Gungi suspected. “Take two mangoes and call me in the morning.”
Brutus stomped his foot, not giving up. “I heard Hayden’s voice coming from the direction of Dark Canyon!”
“Why didn’t anyone else hear it?” Gungi asked.
“I’m a scout, remember?” Brutus reminded her. “I was scouting near the cliff area, where we lost Hayden. I barely it within ear-shot. I’m positive it was Hayden…nobody ever shouts like he does!”
Gungi just stared at Brutus, and then decided to accept it. “Well, okay then…let’s see if we can find him!” She started walking to let Brutus guide her, not noticing that Rockie, Muncher and Stumbler were excitedly following behind.
“Uh, Gungi,” Brutus murmured. “Hayden said not to tell anyone.”
“Huh?” Gungi glanced behind her. “Oh.” She immediately stopped. “Whoa, whoa!” The three kids bumped into her and fell backwards.
“Uh, you guys have to stay here,” Gungi instructed them.
“Uh-uh!” Stumbler shook his head.
“No we don’t!” Muncher pouted.
“Yeah, you do. You, um…” Gungi quickly thought, “You have to stay back, and er…cover for us! Yeah! Remember, if anyone asks, tell them we’re out picking Wookiee berries. Okay?”
“Oh, okay!” The kids brightened up. “Wookiee berries! Got it!”
“Yeah, yeah, you’re very cute. Now run along, run along!” Gungi waved it off and began jogging off with Brutus into the bushes, leaving the kids to go back in the direction of the Wookiee camp.

* * *

Meanwhile, Hayden was chatting his head off to the alien, now officially dubbed Vegan, as he was leading the boy back to the large tree which he called his home.
“Anyway, Gungi was teaching me how to be a good Wookiee, by pretending to be a monster,” Hayden was saying. “I mean, it’s a necessary skill they say to avoid any monsters out there. We all believed the Vegan was a monster, but you’re hardly a monster at all. I mean, you’re just an alien who’s prete-” But he stopped the moment he got a face full of vines, which in fact covered up an opening into below the tree, and from the look on Vegan’s face, he began thinking perhaps he had spoken a bit too much.
Hayden glanced a bit around the inside of the tree, and was amazed on how interesting it looked. It was large and open, and a little brook flowed through it for water.
“Wow, this is where you live? Where do you sleep here? In the branches?” Hayden asked.
“Not like Hayden do last night,” Vegan grumbled. “Talk too much and you lose mouth before know it! In few words possible, you ready to work out?”
“In what way?” Hayden asked. “It’s only Wookiee tradition, and –”
“But Hayden not Wookiee, remember?” Vegan held up a finger. “You not hairy like Wookiees. Only big mess on head…” he spread out Hayden’s hair almost like one would hold out a wedding dress. “You only raised by them, and they give you awful pudgy belly,” he once again began poking Hayden’s belly, which slightly irritated the boy again.
“If you don’t mind,” Hayden muttered, “my belly doesn’t look that bad.”
“But it only truth,” Vegan lowered an eyebrow. “You must work out or Hayden not survive well in future. Stay on diet too…I recommend the finest of dietary foods.”
“Like what?”
“Special fruits,” Vegan shook one of the branches, and a bunch of small yellow-coloured fruits dropped down. “You only eat so much, but no more and appetite will improve. Now, I show you exercise.”
“Exercise?” Hayden tipped an eyebrow. “What’s that?”
“Silly Hayden, not know what exercise is,” Vegan dropped to the ground so that his wide hands were flat on the ground and so were his feet. “This push-up…go up and down, up and down, up and down.” Vegan began doing push-ups. “You try too.”
“Uh, okay,” Hayden muttered, unsure. But he dropped to his hands and feet.
[‘Freestylers – Push Up’ begins to play]
Hayden begins doing push-ups but often keeps dropping on his belly. Vegan glances at Hayden and puts his hand over his face, sighing.
I think I saw your body ‘fore I saw your face
The way you walked and swayed was tearing up the place
Then you stumbled and you fell down on the ground
You were clearly out of sorts so I decided to turn you round

Vegan is now showing Hayden how to do sit-ups. Hayden is grunting while he does them, but then collapses on his back and his hair goes over his face. He blows through it and he sees Vegan staring intently at him through the opening in his hair. Hayden nervously grins.
You know you have to work that belly off and see
Just what it means when you can work it off with me
Cause I will show you how to pump your inner strength
And make you look like you should have a proper length

Vegan stretches Hayden’s arms out from side to side, and then shows him lifting weights, using heavy branches. Vegan bends his knees and elbows while lifting the branches. Hayden begins trying to do them, but one of the branches slips out of his hand and the other drags him sideways to the ground.
And when we work out, you’re not staying stout
Cause getting fit is just what exercise is all about

Vegan now treats Hayden to the small yellow fruits. Hayden nervously puts one in his mouth, and chews on it, and seems to be satisfied.
And when we’re done then you are going on a diet
That will make you look slim and also make you much more quiet

But then, the juice from the fruit makes his mouth pucker, and thinking something is happening to him, Hayden begins going berserk and runs around the area like mad!
Push up! Your body! And keep your muscles strong!
Vegan rushes to get clear of Hayden’s rampage and trips over a long branch with heavy fruits on it.
Push up! You’ve gotta work it off before too long!
Vegan sits up and looks at the heavy branch before brightening up, and then smirks in Hayden’s direction.
Push up! Let’s do it! We gotta do some more!
Vegan has now gotten Hayden to lift the heavy branch with the fruits on it, just like real weight-lifting.
Push up! You’ll feel the body burning when you feel sore!
[Instrumental part]

Tears of sweat trickle down Hayden’s face as he pumps the heavy branch above his head, but after a moment, it seems to get easier for him and he begins to get more used to it. But then he glances towards Vegan, and looks surprised the moment he sees Vegan chewing upon the fruit-weights on the branch, revealing that he is the reason the lifting seems easier. Just then, the other end tips and Hayden falls sideways, his legs flicking up and hitting Vegan under the chin and flipping him over as well.
Next, Vegan starts throwing ball-shaped fruits at Hayden, who is standing in a clear spot with a tree limb serving as a wall behind him. Hayden is standing like a dummy, not knowing what to do as the ball-shaped fruits bounce off him, one in particular going BONK! on his head. Vegan sighs and walks over. A second later, Hayden is lobbing the fruits instead, and Vegan is dodging them as they come at him, revealing that the game is actually Dodge Ball. Hayden looks impressed by the effort, and keeps lobbing the fruits, unexpectedly grabbing a pineapple-like fruit and lobbing it. Vegan dodges it, but the fruit bounces off the wall and its sharp leaves stick into Vegan’s bottom, making him yelp and spring off the ground. Hayden watches him go up in shock.
Vegan is rubbing his bottom as he watches Hayden using a vine to practice skipping. At first, Hayden seems to get the idea, but when he tries to show off by going faster, the vine eventually catches on his foot and he gets tangled up, falling onto the ground and rolling like a bundle across the ground. Vegan watches him roll and then shrugs, chewing another fruit.
Then Vegan has Hayden standing against another tree-wall, taking measurements with a vine acting like a measuring tape. Then with a small stick acting like a pencil, he carves out a silhouette of Hayden standing sideways on the tree-wall, pointing out his belly still fat and swollen. He points back to the exercising equipment.
Hayden just sighs and drags back to the equipment. Now Vegan has Hayden using the chin-up horizontal tree limb. Hayden strains and struggles to pull up his huge belly.
When we work out…yeah, yeah, don’t give up now
Hayden struggles one more time to pull himself up, but then freezes the moment he hears cracking, and suddenly, the limb snaps and he falls down with it in his hands.
Yeah, when we work out…yeah, gotta work, gotta work off, gotta work that weight off now!
Push up! Your body! Your muscles getting strong!

Once again, Hayden is lifting heavy-weights, but as he pumps them, this time he’s getting better at it, and he finally begins to grin while working out.
Push up! You’ve gotta work it off before too long!
Vegan smiles at him. Hayden winks at him, challenging him to throw more weights on.
Push up! Let’s do it! We gotta do some more!
Vegan lobs another fruit towards Hayden, but instead, the boy catches it in his mouth.
Push up! You’ll feel the body burning when you feel sore!
Vegan is once again lobbing the fruits at Hayden, and this time the boy is easily dodging them, used to the Dodge Ball game now.
Push up! Your body! It’s working now like mad!
Hayden is back on the skipping, and he is going at an incredible speed but he doesn’t once trip over it. He has a big goofy grin on his face.
Push up! You’re feeling happy now instead of sad!
Hayden’s push-ups are also working very fast. Hayden puffs carefully with his breath while he works.
Push up! Just look it! Your body’s gone to war!
Back on the chin-up horizontal limb, Hayden manages to get his head and neck right up above the limb, and then drops down without even snapping the limb.
Push up! And now you see what happens when you do more!
[Instrumental part]

Vegan holds up the measuring vine. Hayden walks towards the marked tree-wall with his silhouette marked on it. He stands in exactly the same spot, but as Vegan measures him, it’s obvious that his belly appears to have shrunk a bit. Vegan marks the new change, and gives Hayden a thumbs-up. Hayden returns it.
Finally, Hayden is still a little concerned about eating the small-yellow fruit for his diet, but while Vegan watches him confidently, he slowly puts it in his mouth, but instead of it chewing it this time, he swallows it straight down. He smiles as he feels better this time, and tries another one, but suddenly lets out a small burp which releases a small gas out, and it floats out of the tree.
[Music slowly fades away]
It’s dusk outside the tree, and a small Kashyyyk bird is roosting on an outside limb of the tree when the gas floats past it, and the bird suddenly freezes in place, before plucking off a small twig and sticking two small fruits onto each end, before using its wings to pump it up like its own little heavy-weight. Whatever Hayden just burped up, it seems to have given an exercise workout to whatever breathes it in.
The Chronicles of Hayden (Chapter 6)
Continuing with the request from :icondark-divergent:, Gungi finds out from Brutus that Hayden might very well be alive after all, and so they head off to find him, almost taking the younger Wookiee kids with them.
Meanwhile, the alien, now officially dubbed 'Vegan', begins to show Hayden how to get into proper shape by making him do exercises and stick to a diet of certain fruits. While this does not instantly work out for Hayden at first, he eventually begins to get into the swing of things, and soon progress begins to take effect.

I wasn't sure what kind of theme to put in for the exercise part, so I tried doing a lyric-altered version of 'Push Up' from Freestylers.
Master Aether and his apprentice
In Conviction of Darkness, there was mention of two Jedi-like warriors that prepared to provide help to the gang. It involved a Varactyl and also Trinity's Subaru Forester.
The master has been revealed to have a name...Aether. While he appears to share something in common with Trinity and Arty, it is currently unknown what it is. The apprentice however, despite being short-sized, remains a complete mystery.

Roy Donald
In suggestion from :iconsusenm74:, Roy Donald will aid Michael the Dino Ranger, Captain Bulge and the DPF to fight off the incoming armies that intend to dominate the Great Valley.

Shackletooth and the Fast-Biters of the Dry Plains
As some of you may have figured, Shackletooth and his pack are Fast-Biters that live out in the desert, and have learned to handle harsh conditions. While Shackletooth stands at the head of the army, he has promoted Screech as his right-clawed Biter (and thus entrusted his army to Thud and Redclaw). However, the Dry Plains pack do not entirely trust Victor Veloci as such.

General Lazerclaw
Suggested by :iconthibodeauxdaniel:, here is the General Grievous counterpart for the story. Equipped with man-made weapons to use as well in the war, Lazerclaw is what you could describe as a Fast-Biter cyborg created by Veloci. Dr. Tenma was a choice too but Veloci is more of a fitting creator for Lazerclaw.

Scarlett, mysterious dino warrior from Beyond
Not a lot is known about this dinosaur fighter or where she came from, but she appears to have the shape of a Fast-Biter and is able to think clearly and sharply, making her a necessary force on the good guys' side. She plays a vital part in Michael's quest to find Ruby as well during the fight...
etaris333: The morning sun beamed brightly over the Pokémon world. Around the fields, bushes rustled and birds chirped...
Before suddenly, a mighty ROAR disturbed the peace!
Thankfully though, the roar wasn't intimidating. Charizard had felt the need to prove his mightiness after waking up that morning. He stretched and rubbed his eyes before turning towards his trainer and best friend curled up in her Charizard form...Laura.
He gave her a gentle lick on her cheek and whispered, "Laura...time to wake up."

CrimsonVampiress: The female Charizard stirred slightly before slowly forcing her eyes open. She raised her head still sleepy. "Morning already?? Someone turn off the sun…" Getting up after getting her bearings; she let out a deep yawn; flaring her wings out to the side stretching them. The flame at the tip of her tail burned brightly. "I guess I must have overslept; Call me a lazy lizard; but this grass is so soft!" The one thing about Laura was; she was never really a morning person; But morning meant breakfast; and breakfast meant food.

CobaltTheRighteous: Yet, on what seemed like a peaceful morning for the two, it was another day of observation to a creature as black as a shadow. He too was a Charizard, and he knew well how dangerous it was to mess with one. But, luckily, he hadn’t messed up. His black coloration camouflaged him well among the trees he used for cover. And, thanks to a twist of fate, the years of tiptoeing in the garden made sure the he didn’t accidentally set the forest of fire. But he was really hating this. The last thing he wanted to do was watch over two Charizards. They hadn’t done anything wrong, that much was certain. They hadn’t even left Hoenn. All he could do was wait. Maybe Alex would come for him when it was time for him to come home. But he knew better than to complain to himself. He was stealthy as ever, and they hadn’t done anything that required him to skip sleeping, or eating or drinking. He was meeting his essentials, almost relishing it if it weren’t for going a day with Enigma berries. But, pushing away his thoughts, he looked to observe the two Charizards.

CrimsonVampiress: The female stretches her wings and scratches the side of her neck slightly. "But I was having the nicest dream…it had taken me ever so long for me to actually get to sleep in the first place last night…" She let out a deep guttural yawn before looking around at her friend. "You look like you've had one hell of a nightmare…are you alright…Charizard?" Her tail sways curiously before she sighed. "It was in regards to that battle back at the tower..?"

The large male smiled rather softly, but with a hint of slight agreement. "Yes…it was…" His voice trailed off as he raised his head to gaze into the breaking dawn of the new day. "I look back on that battle…and keep replaying something in my mind…it could very well be warning me about the possible battles ahead…" He craned his neck down at his stomach.

CobaltTheRighteous: Watching them, he can feel that they've had a bad dream again. Just about every night, they tossed and turned in their sleep, sometimes more violent, but always leaving them exhausted in the morning. He couldn't blame them...that was one hell of a battle. And the male nearly died...He watched them intently, waiting for them to hunt, as they did every morning.

etaris333: Charizard sighed. "Well, let's get to hunting, Laura. It should be a fine day today. Hopefully there'll be nobody around to bother us today."

CrimsonVampiress: "They BETTER NOT BOTHER…it's too early to…" she smirked lightly and rose up into the air with one simple beat of her wings. "Otherwise they will face the face of "bothered."

etaris333: Heh heh...that's my love," Charizard grinned and gave her a gentle lick on her cheek. He loved her was no wonder she had been the only human he had come to least until she had become a Charizard just like him.

CobaltTheRighteous: Watching from afar as they took off, he knew that, once again, he'd have to play it safe as he progressed. They had nearly seen him a few times, or he at least believed they nearly had. But, luckily, being the color of a shadow had advantages.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura sniffed the air curiously before tilting her head. She blinked and hovered in mid-air for a moment. "You smell that…? It’s close by…"

etaris333: Charizard sniffed the air, remembering the other times Laura had smelt something strange in the air. He had a feeling something was following them…but he didn't know what…
He turned his head to reply…
And that was when he saw the Salamence coming right at them! "Laura, look out!" he yelled, quickly pushing her aside before barrel-rolling the other way.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura gasped and twisted around before growling loudly. "Hey! Big bad and ugly! Watch where you're flying!" She hissed before her tail started to light up… a Dragon tail attack!

CobaltTheRighteous: What was this? They were being attacked? The Salamence had attacked them, and they hadn't provoked him. And the way it moved was not random. It was calculated. Now, observing, he began to consider the idea of attacking, blowing his cover. But he wouldn't if they got this under control. He just had to wait and watch…

etaris333: The Salamence managed to dodge Laura's Dragon Tail, but as it turned, it suddenly got a face full of Charizard's Flamethrower. "You dare attack my friend!?" Charizard growled. "Back off or I'll roast you!"
The Salamence seemed to smirk, and then swooped past Charizard, before U-Turning and plowing into him. Charizard flinched, and nearly fell out of the sky.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura growled and started to glow a ruby/Crimson red colour before her body began to change; She had become her Groudon form! She roared loudly catching the large dragon Pokémon’s attention tenfold and with a well-aimed precipice Blades attack. It fell to the ground clearly in pain. Charizard looked around and could see the hungry look in her eye.

etaris333: "Not so fast!" a voice suddenly shouted, and Charizard turned to see a strangely-dressed human standing there, pointing his arm up towards Laura. A red beam extended from it, and the beam surrounded Laura, freezing her in place.
"Hey! Let her go you -" Charizard began, but was suddenly cut off as another red beam shot out from the human's other arm and hit him, freezing him in the air.
The human grinned. His new invention, the Paralysis Ray, worked like a charm. Now he would make these two pay once and for all, after they had destroyed his team twice.
It was uncanny that this same person had been involved in Team Aqua and Team Richez, but being a sole survivor of both, he was determined to finally put these two in their place. He grinned as he drew the stricken Pokémon closer towards him.

CobaltTheRighteous: No! He couldn't let this happen! Without thinking, he charged forward in a fiery blaze. "LET THEM GO!!!" He grabbed the man and pinned his arms against him, half-crushing him.

etaris333: Not expecting an attack from a third Charizard, the man tried to pull free, but doing this unfortunately released the beams holding Laura and her mate. They fell to the ground.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura growled deeply, clearly not amused by the man's antics of daring to attack them. She blinked and did a double take when a black Charizard caught her eye. She saw the Salamance rise off the ground and make a bee line toward them both in order to defend his trainer.

etaris333: Charizard immediately let out a roar and sprang at the Salamence to stop it from attacking the apparent newcomer, although he did find it rather surprising that a new Charizard had just appeared…and a shiny one at that too. He knew he had been right to suspect, like Laura had too, that they were being watched.
But he would get answers later…right after they had dealt with the trouble. He aimed at Salamence and dealt it a Slash across its left wing, causing it to fall off course and crash to the ground. Charizard immediately tackled it and they went rolling to one side.
"Salamence…no!" the human cried out and tried to move, but he was still caught in the shiny Charizard's grip and found it hard to.

CobaltTheRighteous: "Who are you?!? Who do you work for?!?" He growled angrily at the human.

CrimsonVampiress: Laura roared loudly before slowly walking up to the jet black Charizard; her eyes pierced though the human's own, rendering him paralysed with fear. She let out a loud warning snarl. "Keep him pinned…he's up to no good…who are you…and why were you trailing us??" She grunted clearly not totally trusting the new flame Pokémon.

CobaltTheRighteous: He sighed. "I'll explain everything…after we deal with this trash." He crushed the man more. "Now explain yourself!"

etaris333: But the human simply grinned at the Charizards. "I'm not explaining anything…not when the whole world is about to learn of Team Richez's great return! And nobody is ever going to stop us this time! Beware of Project Z!"
Nearby, Salamence suddenly kicked off Charizard and flew straight at the other two. Swooping by, the dragon caught up its madly-cackling trainer, and swooped off into the sky, disappearing out of sight.

CobaltTheRighteous: He sighed, as he watched them vanish. "Damn it…" He turned back to Laura. "Do you have any idea who that guy was?"

CrimsonVampiress: Laura glared slightly, remembering what the man had said: "Team Richez's great return…" She bared her fangs in aggression at the situation and landed back on the ground with a loud thud. The flame at the end of her tail was now burning so intensely; it was making even her break out in a sweat. She hadn't forgotten what that brat of a person did to her Charizard; Nor had she forgiven him for it. The memories would not dissolve out of her mind as the leader's form had dissolved in her mate's stomach acid. Her eyes were pupiless as she eyed back to her mate.

etaris333: Charizard sighed and glanced at Laura, then back to the shiny Charizard. "No, we don't know who that was, but he spoke about Team Richez!" he growled. "If that horrid team is coming back again, we have to do something about it."
He advanced on the shiny Charizard. "But before that, we want answers from YOU! Who are you, and where did you come from?!"

CobaltTheRighteous: He sighed. “Alright. I’m here to do reconnaissance on the spread of Team Magma. My friend…wants to make sure that it doesn’t spread outside of Hoenn. But he also told me to keep an eye on you two. I think he’s got a lot of faith in you and wants to make sure nothing happens to you.”

etaris333: "Why us?" Charizard narrowed his eyes, not quite trusting this new Charizard. "All we ever did was rid Hoenn of that terrible Team Richez! Eating its leader Julien was very satisfying for me, and my mate Laura here ate a rival of her own as well. What possible threat could ever bother us now?"

CrimsonVampiress: Laura joined in with the aggressive assault. "We shall only heed your warning due to the fact that someone showed up here to confirm what you said; But get this through your head; If your leader wishes to track us; reveal him to us; If not;…" Charizard could see the red orb around her neck starting to burn up; He was sent flying backward slightly as Laura took on her form of Groudon. She glared at the shiny Charizard and snarled. "Fly away; and stay away… before I decide to eat you!"

CobaltTheRighteous: He backed up. “Look, if it weren’t for the re-emergence of Shadow Pokémon, he’d be the one here, not me. And I get the feeling that he’s not afraid of you…he’s afraid for you. He does want to meet you, but with Team Richez, he had to track down the bigger and more potent threat. Trust me that he doesn’t want to hurt you or your mate.” He continued backed up, trying to stay far away from Laura. And, on his translator was a slight pinging, and a small red light blinking.

etaris333: Something about this one's words seemed to get to Charizard at that moment. A bigger threat? What did it involve? Him and Laura? About what happened at Sky Pillar? He hoped it wasn't true, but if they were going to find answers they needed to take this chance…they were going to have to believe the shiny Charizard.
He turned to Laura. "Laura…we may have to believe him. I mean, why else would we be targeted? Whatever this 'Project Z' thing is, we must be involved."

CrimsonVampiress: Laura snorted lowly and returned to her Charizard form once again. She had now stared to pick up the gravity of the situation and thus calmed down. "I … I agree… we are most definitely involved… and I know it's not a good part to play."

CobaltTheRighteous: He sighed heavily, and the slight pinging turned off. He sighed. “Well, since you’re being targeted, I don’t think it’ll be smart to stay out in the open. You know any good places to keep from being killed?”

etaris333: Charizard thought for a moment. "I don't think we should go back to Team Magma's hideout…if we're being targeted, they might track us to the hideout and we don't want to risk our team getting destroyed as well. The only other thing I can think of is, uh…"
Then he remembered. "What about that trainer we met on my old hometurf, Mt. Silver? Er, what was his name again?"

CrimsonVampiress: "Mt. Silver! Of COURSE! If we LEAVE Hoenn for now; we'd be safe… Kanto and Johto are far away… We'll be in luck if we can find that trainer again. He may be able to help us!" She nodded. "But how will we convey the situation to Team Magma??"

CobaltTheRighteous: He sighed. “Mt. Silver is isolated. I might work well. But telling Team Magma…maybe you should stop by and tell them before going to Mt. Silver. They already know that you work with Team Magma, so they’re in for a fight no matter what. But if you really need to tell them, I’d recommend doing so.”

etaris333: "Only, how will we be able to tell them of the upcoming danger?" Charizard wondered. "I only speak Pokémon, aside from Laura who can understand me, and Laura is now a Charizard like me. There must be some way to translate our warning to them."

CobaltTheRighteous: “Well, it’s lucky then that I’ve got a translator.” He pointed to the device on his head. “It translates languages somehow, so I can translate for you.”

CrimsonVampiress: Laura nodded. "I know how; we can take the pass up to Mt. Chimney; my orb is connected with Maxie's keystone; so is my other one. I can signal him via channeling my aura and power to him. I know it will work; and underground will hopefully give us a good block and cover. I hope we're not too late!" She growled softly before lifting off into the air.

CobaltTheRighteous: He nodded. “Then let’s go. We don’t have much time to lose them.”
Pokemon-Z: The Charizard Recruitment (Part 2)
Been practicing a bit sharing an RP with more than one deviant. The story continues with two familiar Charizards :iconcrimsonvampiress:. When they unexpectedly get attacked in the forest by a mysterious trainer with a Salamence, a third Charizard owned by Alex :iconcobalttherighteous: comes to the rescue and explains the situation to them.
But what is the mysterious Project Z?
Great Valley Wars: Basic War Drone by etaris333
Great Valley Wars: Basic War Drone
The robot drone featured is one of many that are being used to build Dr. Tenma's army in the Great Valley Wars, planned to hit the story in Chapter IV: Attack of the Drones. While the majority of these drones in the army are set to strike the Great Valley, a few miscellaneous ones have also been sent in other directions, as if to sniff out any fleeing citizens...
Art work done by :icongloverboy23:
etaris333: The next morning, the sun shone into the cave, but where Nick had been sleeping with Ryuu for the night, he was now snuggled up with Ryulete instead.

Serperiormaster: *I slowly woke up and yawned, then smiled sleepily and pet Ryulete’s head*

etaris333: Ryulete let out a soft purr with the affection, and snuggled closer to Nick.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled her back, petting her more*

etaris333: Ryuu woke up, and grinned, having promised to give Nick to Ryulete halfway through the night.

Serperiormaster: *I rubbed her scaly belly*

etaris333: Ryulete started pawing the air in her sleep. Ryuu chuckled at the sight of his sister acting adorable.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled and rubbed a little harder and with both hands*

etaris333: Ryulete rolled on her back and continued to paw at nothing, her legs moving to join in, and her tail swished about.

Serperiormaster: *I started laughing, seeing how silly she was being*

etaris333: Ryuu laughed too. “She doesn’t even realize what’s happening,” he told Nick. “Keep it going for hours and she’ll still be dreaming.”

Serperiormaster: *I giggled before carefully slipping by her and off the bed*

etaris333: Ryulete pawed the air a bit more before settling down. A second later, her eyes opened.
“Aw, thanks Nick,” she cooed. “I loved that. Hey Ryuu, next time you think I’m asleep, check first.”

Serperiormaster: “You weren’t asleep?” I asked, looking at her

etaris333: Ryulete shook her head. “I was playing along. I’m an early riser, but I thought I’d enjoy your rubbing treatment after I saw you do the same to Ryuu while you were both asleep, enjoying it so much unconsciously…”
Ryuu’s face went deep-red. “Wha-I, er…did that really happen?”

Serperiormaster: “I’m pretty sure I was awake for that.” I say

etaris333: “Even if you weren’t, you were enjoying it immensely,” Ryulete giggled.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled a bit and rubbed her head gently*

etaris333: “Well, we’d better get some breakfast,” Ryuu hopped off his bed. “I’m hungry.”

Serperiormaster: *I giggled a bit* “Of course you are.” I say, already knowing that Ryuu loves to eat.

etaris333: The kids immediately rushed to where breakfast was being made. But they were surprised to see they had a visitor that morning…Rogan from the Council had come by and was talking with their parents.

Serperiormaster: *Yasashi looked over at her children and smiled* “Good morning, kids.”

etaris333: “Morning, Mom and Dad,” the kids squealed. Then they stopped. “Who’s our guest, Mom?”
“I’m from the Council,” Rogan smiled. “Draxx sent me here to collect your human friend. We believe we may have found a way to return him home.”

Serperiormaster: *I peeked out at him from behind Ryuu. I looked down a little, not really wanting to go back to Earth, even though it’s where I belong.*

etaris333: “I know this is a bit sudden,” Rogan sighed. “But if we don’t hurry and get you to the portal we’ve made, it’ll most likely shut down and can never be used again.”

Serperiormaster: “How long will it be before it should close?” Sekai asked Rogan

etaris333: “An hour or so,” Rogan suggested. “If I don’t hurry and get him over there, this boy will most likely be stuck here for all eternity.”

Serperiormaster: *Sekai sighed and nodded, before looking at me and his children* “Alright, kids, it’s time to say goodbye.” He said

etaris333: Ryuu and Ryulete looked saddened by this, for they had grown quite fond of Nick. But they knew this was for the best, so they nuzzled him. “Bye, Nick,” they said. “We’ll miss you.”

Serperiormaster: *I hugged their necks* “Same here…” I say, sad as well

etaris333: “Right, let’s go,” Rogan let him climb on his back. He began to leave, while the family waved goodbye.

Serperiormaster: *I waved back at them, sad that I was leaving. Soon, they were out of sight*

etaris333: “It’s a shame you had to leave,” Rogan told Nick as he flew. “It is fascinating having a human here in her fair land of Dragonia.”

Serperiormaster: “Yeah…I wish I could’ve stayed with them longer…” I say

etaris333: A short while later, back at the cave, the family suddenly received another visitor.
This time it was Draxx. “Hello, how are things here?” he asked. “Is the human okay?”

Serperiormaster: *Yasashi looked at him confused* “What are you talking about?” she asked. Sekai was also confused. “Rogan was just here and picked him up. He said you sent him.”

etaris333: Draxx looked surprised. “What? Rogan?” he uttered. “I didn’t tell him to come here…I thought he was studying at the Council. Besides, I would have come to collect the human myself…I wouldn’t ask anybody else to do something for me.”

Serperiormaster: “He said a portal to the human world has opened, and he had to get Nick to it before it closes.” Sekai said

etaris333: Now Draxx was beyond surprised. “A portal? We didn’t open any portal…it’s hard to find any such portal these days.”
Ryuu and Ryulete gasped. “Rogan tricked us! He’s taken the human for himself!”

Serperiormaster: “Draxx, where does Rogan live?” Sekai asked Draxx

etaris333: “Up in the Stormy Mountains,” Draxx replied.

Serperiormaster: “I’m going up there. Yasashi, stay here with the kids.” Sekai told Yasashi and she nodded

etaris333: “But Dad, our friend’s in trouble,” Ryuu insisted. “We wanna help.”

Serperiormaster: “The Stormy Mountains are dangerous for any non-lightning dragons, so you’re both staying, and that’s final.” He said

etaris333: The kids both sighed, and gave in.
Meanwhile, the Stormy Mountains crackled, up where Rogan was taking Nick to. “Almost there now,” Rogan said.

Serperiormaster: “The portal is up there…?” I asked him, nervous of the lightning

etaris333: Rogan didn’t answer. Instead, he banked down towards the mountain and swooped in through a cave opening. Once inside, they emerged into a strange crystal-glowing cavern. A cold metal door slammed shut behind them, and Rogan dropped Nick off his back.

Serperiormaster: “Where are we?” I asked, looking up at him

etaris333: “Where I want you,” Rogan smirked. “It was worth telling Sekai’s family those corny lies to get you here. Now Dragonia is really going to believe that humans bring good luck…after all, why start a rumour about good luck without bringing a human here to make it true?”

Serperiormaster: “W-What are you talking about…? Humans don’t bring good luck!” I say backing away

etaris333: “Hmph, like they all don’t believe that rumour I started to try and get them excited,” Rogan grinned. “But I can use you to make my own good luck. And then perhaps Dragonia will see what it’s like to have the luckiest dragon! Don’t try to run away…you’ve got nowhere to go.”

Serperiormaster: *I saw the only entrance/exit was closed, and I looked at him* “H-How could I possibly make you lucky!? I’m just a kid!” I say

etaris333: Rogan indicated towards a special machine. “This special contraption will…once you are sent through and turned into a good luck charm, you’ll be all the rage! Every dragon will want one, and then I’ll bring more through my special portal, just like I did with you!”

Serperiormaster: “W-Why can’t you just use a normal animal…?” I asked him

etaris333: “They have no luck at all,” Rogan sneered. “Because they are not rare here on Dragonia…humans are the treasure of them all. Now, into the machine!”

Serperiormaster: *I shook my head, getting as far away from the machine as possible*

etaris333: Rogan began to advance on the scared boy, his nostrils flaring fire. “You’d better not disobey me, or I’ll…”
Suddenly, there was a SLAM, and the door suddenly flew off its hinges and smashed into a wall.

Serperiormaster: *I immediately looked to the entrance to see Sekai* “Sorry to break it to you, Rogan, but your plan’s not going to succeed.” He said, and with a flap of his wings, he released a gust of wind that sent Rogan flying back a bit

etaris333: Draxx flew in behind Sekai and frowned at him. “To think you started this rumour about humans bringing good luck, so that you could trick us into bringing one here,” he snarled. “And you end up bringing this one here yourself when we refused! You shame the Council, Rogan!”
Rogan growled. “Aargh! What rotten luck!” He immediately pulled a nearby lever, and the roof opened above him. Rogan instantly took off and flew out of his cavern, before anyone could catch him.

Serperiormaster: “I’ll go after him. Draxx, please take care of Nick.” Sekai said before flying out after Rogan

etaris333: Draxx allowed Nick to climb on his back and then flew out of the cave, turning back for a moment to shoot a glowing fireball at it, blowing the cavern up. He then took off with Nick to return to Sekai’s cave.

Serperiormaster: *I held onto Draxx’s back tightly, not really knowing who he was, but knowing he was a friend.*
“Get back here!” Sekai roared at Rogan as he chased him.

etaris333: Rogan didn’t answer back as he was too busy flying away. He disappeared far into the horizon, never to return.

Serperiormaster: “Darn… he got away…” Sekai growled before sighing. He then flew back to his cave.

etaris333: Ryuu and Ryulete were incredibly happy to see Nick again the moment Draxx brought him back home. They rushed up to him and cuddled their friend.

Serperiormaster: *I cuddled up to the two young dragons, happy to see them again too*

etaris333: While the kids were hugging, Draxx was talking with their mother. “Unbelievable that Rogan would start such a rumour, and then bring an actual human here to befuddle us all,” Draxx said. “Now we know at least how Nick came to be here in the first place.”

Serperiormaster: “Did you find out how he in fact made the portal?” Yasashi asked him

etaris333: “No,” Draxx shook his head. “But I assume he used some of our forbidden dragon magic. Having access to the Council, he was quite capable of taking it and sneaking it out without us knowing it. But thankfully he hasn’t gotten away with his little plan…I hope Sekai has managed to get rid of him.”

Serperiormaster: *Sekai landed in the cave* “If by ‘get rid of him’ you mean ‘fail to capture him and put him in prison where he belongs’, then yes, I got rid of him.” Sekai said, walking over

etaris333: “Well, he won’t get far,” Draxx assured him. “Every dragon in Dragonia will soon learn of his treachery and will report him the moment someone sees him. For the time being, perhaps we should continue to find a way in returning young Nick to his home.”
“Um, master Draxx,” Ryuu asked at that moment, “If you wouldn’t mind us asking, but can Nick stay here with us?”

Serperiormaster: “If I went back to Earth, I would be living at the orphanage and being back to having no family. So I want to be a part of this family. Please?” I asked Draxx

etaris333: Ryulete squealed. “You wanna stay? Yessssss!!!” she began jumping up and down excitedly, as did Ryuu too.
Draxx smirked. “Having no family in that world…then I suppose it would be legible for young Nick to have a family here even if he is different.”

Serperiormaster: “Yay!” I hugged Ryuu and Ryulete. Sekai and Yasashi chuckled at our excitement, and Yasashi leaned down and nuzzled me. “Welcome to the family, Nick.”

etaris333: “Well, I must be going now,” Draxx bid his farewell. “I shall have to inform the Council of your newest family member, and issue a ‘capture-on-sight’ for Rogan. If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to call.” He spread his wings and flew out of the cave, waving as he left.

Serperiormaster: *Yasashi and Sekai waved back. I kept cuddling with the young dragons.*

etaris333: “Well, let’s go out and play!” Ryuu cheered. “Now that we’re all a family!”
“Yeah!” Ryulete nudged Nick onto her back.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled and climbed onto her back* “Have fun, kids.” Yasashi said with a smile

etaris333: Ryuu and Ryulete carried Nick off into the woods to play, happy to have each other together as a family.
The Good-Luck Human RP (Part 2)
Shared another RP with :iconseperiormaster:, one about a human appearing in a dragon world called Dragonia. A rumour is spread around the world that humans bring good luck, and when two dragon kids find the human they can't wait to see what kind of good luck they'll have. But is the rumour true...or not?

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