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Whew...all that B-Day stuff and pre-events leading up to it sure took up a lot of my time. I'm hoping I'll finally have a bit more time to do more writing, aside from Saturday when it's time to hit Perth City for the Zombie Walk.
Anyway, I'm hoping to get the ones listed below done first:
:icondark-divergent: Chronicles of Hayden Chapter 5
:iconknowledgeseeker01: Daughter of the Hypnotic Snake (Group art exclusive)
:iconalexandro22: Jungle Werewolf 2
:iconslycooper0213: Jungle Vore Book (Redclaw)
:iconraventhedoll: Detective April
:iconsusenm74: Through the Eyes of a Fast-Biter

Then when that is all done I'm going to turn my attention to Great Valley Wars IV: Attack of the Drones :icongloverboy23: :iconsusenm74:. During this time I am going to lift the request lock, but remember that I can only take a certain amount of requests at a time before I have to lock them again. I will be more specific when the time comes.


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.




Ryder’s Diary: “Personal Diary activated. This is Ryder Karni, logging in with a new update in current activity. Went exploring the outer rims of the Dasha region and I stumbled upon a spatial-abnormality. No idea yet where I am, but I have come to a planet that appears to be like Earth, but the lifeforms living here appear to be all felines. All kinds live around here, ranging from domestic to wild cats. How extraordinary.”
“I am currently at a resort-like area that seems to have been constructed recently. It sounds to me like the cats even have human-like traits upon this world. I am going to call my crew over and see what we can do to improve this Felidae villa.”

“Um….who are you? I haven’t seen you around these parts before,” Duchess the rich cat said upon seeing Ryder appear. “What is your business being here?”

Ryder’s Diary: “Ah, it seems that there is a domesticated household cat speaking to me. I’d best turn my translation device on so she can understand me too.”
Ryder speaks: “Greetings, madam. I mean you no harm. My name is William Conner Karni, but you can just call me Ryder. I have come here to explore this world and see how everybody lives here.”

“Ah, I see,” Duchess nodded respectfully, “It’s always nice to meet someone from a foreign land.”
If any overall species can be said to be close to perfect, it was felines, as the world looked beautiful by pretty much anyone’s standards.
“Do you have a place to stay?” Thomas O’Malley offered.

Ryder speaks: “No, I have only just arrived here. But when my crew comes, we’ll have our own portable housing unit set up, and we’ll be okay for home while we study this world. In the meantime, may I see what your home is like?”

“Certainly you may,” Duchess offered, she always had a generous spirit. A coach came to take the couple and Ryder into town, all of the houses were of fine quality, and several lions and tigers and other felines could be seen.
“Here were are,” Thomas said upon reaching the mansion.

Ryder’s Diary: “My goodness…this planet really is populated by nothing other than cats, both wild and tame alike. And the way they co-exist with each other…almost like they know nothing other than peace here.”
Ryder speaks: “What a nice place you have here. I’m guessing that you have children as well.”

Indeed, peace was the natural way of life here on the planet of cats. Pretty much all of the fighting that ever took place was wrestling/boxing matches that were for pure sport instead of any serious conflict.
“3 kittens, in fact. We’re going to have a nice meal of steak and fish this evening. Would you like to join us?” Duchess offered.

Ryder speaks: “Why, thank you. It’d be a pleasure.” *strokes Duchess’s back* “Would you mind if I explore a bit around the place before dinner? I’d like to see who else lives around here.”

“Certainly, I hope you like music, as my husband’s friends live here and they are a marvellous band!”
“Though right after dinner we’re taking a trip,” Thomas said to Ryder.

Ryder speaks: “Okay, I’ll be back soon.” *goes walking*
Ryder’s Diary: “Hmm…this town looks like it was made by humans, but all the citizens are cats all the same. I still can’t believe that all kinds of them are here, living normal lives like humans would.”
“Let’s see…there’s some wild ones out there, like the black-as-night panther, Bagheera, and the royal fiery tiger Shere Khan. And over there near the fountain are the Lion King family, including Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Sarafina, Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, and even a few others…hold on, that one looks like the Lion Guard! What’s his name again? I can’t remember.”
“Never mind, now let’s see what tame ones there are out here…oh, that looks like Oliver over there. My, he’s grown a bit. And that seems to be Felix the Cat waltzing by with his magic handbag. Ah, and that must be Figaro…I think he was the pet of a certain puppet-maker.”
“Now let’s see if there are any other familiar faces…ah, that looks like Dagnino along with Tai Lung and Tigress over here, my…they make a fine couple. And that must be Bagi, whom they call the Monster of Mighty Nature. Monster indeed! How dare those humans accuse her of being such a thing! Oh, that must be Kimba the White Lion over there, with his girlfriend Kitty, enjoying a massage treatment.”
“Hmm…there’s even a picture on a wall about a cat singing a sweet song…hold on, isn’t that Pussycat Tiger from Jamster? Ah yes, I remember…it was in German language, but it was still quite nice to watch on YouTube. Goodness, there’s so many cats around here that I have no doubt I’ll need to give this place a name.”
“Oh, I’d better get back to the mansion…it’ll be dinner time soon. Diary off for now.”

“So, I hope you’ve liked getting a glimpse of our world,” Duchess said, “As we will be heading to the Roaring Falls Resort.”
“It has everything,” Felicia, a fairly fat lady cat (from Great Mouse Detective) said, passing by, “A spa, a sauna, a waterpark, a ring for fights, you name it.”

Ryder speaks: “Gosh, it sounds very exciting. But I hope there’s enough of those spas and saunas and stuff for everybody. I wouldn’t like to imagine all those cats waiting in line for ages…I’d like to take a look. Maybe I could help to make it suitable for everybody…I am a tycoon-building specialist, after all.”

“We’ll show you,” Duchess promised.
The world of cats also had another problem solved: While plenty of the felines were in great physical shape, several of them (such as Felicia) were noticeably fat, however the planet worked in a way there was no harmful consequences to being big.
“A mice buffet does the stomach good,” Felicia grinned on the way over.

Ryder speaks: “Ah, and what do you have for dessert then? Mice cream?” *chuckles*

“While, being cats, all our dishes are meat based,” Felicia grinned, “And don’t make jokes, I could sit on you and smoosh you, ya know.”

Ryder speaks: “Well, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” *holds up a ball of catnip*

Felicia grabbed it and held onto it.
“Now once we get inside you should meet other locals,” Duchess encouraged Ryder, “So you’ll get to know our planet better.”
The travelling coach soon pulled up the incredibly fancy resort.

Ryder’s Diary: “Looks like the fat feline has the belief that she can do something to me. Don’t see why though…it was just a joke. Anyway, it looks like we’re nearly at the resort. I wonder what the amusement would be like…bet Koaster Suma would like working here. I’ll just send a transmission to my crew and let them know where I am.”
*clicks watch* --BEEP-- *rubs eye-patch over left eye*

“Don’t mind Felicia, she had a forceful personality sometimes,” Duchess assured.
“So, when we’re at the resort,” Thomas said next to Ryder, “Do you want to go see some of the big cats fight, or go see some of the pretty ladies dance?”

Ryder speaks: “Hmm…quite some nice choices, and I rather like them both. I may as well see both in order, so fight first, then dance. That okay?”

“Certainly,” Thomas nodded, “Follow me.”
Pretty much all who signed up for these competitions were males. Kovu the lion was currently in a match with Dagnino the tiger.
“You’re pretty good…” Kovu grunted, the muscled males in the heat of a friendly battle.

Ryder’s Diary: “I’m pleased to see that these competitors are engaging in this tournament, with rules stating that they should be careful while they battle. It looks like they’re quite enjoying themselves.”
“But I digress. This could be an interesting attraction for future tycoons…sort of like a mini-war of playful proportions. War is one thing that should never exist in this entire universe, but there’s no harm in a playful substitute like this.”
Ryder speaks: “Is there any way of telling who will win, Thomas? What are the rules to the fight?”

“There are multiple win conditions,” Thomas explained, “There’s knock your opponent out of the ring, knock them down and hold them for a 10 second pin, or knock them out cold.”
“I’ll beat you with my muscles,” Dagnino told Kovu.
“While the fights are technically open to everyone, you can probably see why only men compete” Thomas added.

Ryder speaks: “Yeah, I see why. A wrestling match is much nicer than boxing or anything of that kind. I’ll watch to see who wins, then I’ll move on to the dancing.”

It was an intense fight, but eventually, just barely, Kovu knocked Dagnino out of the ring.
“So, now you want to see the pretty ladies dance for you, huh?” Thomas grinned to Ryder.

Ryder speaks: “Sure, lead the way. I wonder what the dances are like.”

Several felines in fancy outfits were dancing to music of various genres as Thomas showed Ryder the performance stage.
“Cats are always good on their feet,” Thomas said proudly. “They can really move.”

Ryder speaks: “Wow. They sure can.”
Ryder’s Diary: “I’ve heard a rumour somewhere that cats don’t dance. That rumour is dead wrong. Here, they’re as good as humans, if not better. I see cats doing Tango, Pirouette, Disco, and even Pop. I reckon they should have a talent show for younger cats too, and if I could get a cinema installed here, they could perform on-stage and their performances could be made into movies to watch. I only wonder if financies exist here though.”

“Where do you come from?” Nuka, Kovu’s older brother, asked Ryder, “You don’t like you’re a local here…”
Kovu had won a free buffet for winning his match earlier in the day.

Ryder speaks: “Not really…I came here to investigate and improve the resort. How well do you do here?”

“Just fine, I am the son of royalty, you know,” Nuka bragged.
“But I’m the favored son,” Kovu added with a smirk.
“Do you need a room yet sir?” Oliver, a bellboycat asked Ryder.

Ryder speaks: “No need, Oliver. I have a home of my own. Only it should be arriving pretty soon when the crew gets here.” *checks watch* “Looks like they’re not far off now. Tell me, do you guys like anything in the way of amusement parks? Any rides or such things? Tell me your opinions.”

“We have some amusement parks, yes,” Kovu nodded, between bites of food on his plate, “Most of them are named for some of the most notable of us.”

Ryder speaks: “Excellent. Perhaps in the morning I’ll take a look, and see what we can do to perform.” --BEEP-- “Ah, they’re here. Would you excuse me for a second?” *steps outside* “Hi, Sandy.”
Voice speaks: “Yo, Ryder. You find another hot spot to construct?”
Ryder speaks: “Not just yet, Sandy. I believe this place has some nice pre-built stuff, so we may be on the lines of improvement. Think of it as Park Value goal - double the money worth.”
Sandy speaks: “Cool. The boys have already got the bunker set up. Coming?”
Ryder speaks: “I’ll catch up…just got to speak to a few friends.” *walks back inside* “Okay guys, the team is here. I’ll see you all in the morning, and then perhaps we can take a good look to see what we can do to improve your tycoon.”

“Who was that you were talking with?” Duchess asked Ryder, out of curiosity.
“Someone from where you’re from?” Kovu figured.

Ryder speaks: “Yeah, he’s one of my tycoon crew. I’ll introduce you to them in the morning. I’d better get going…sleep well everybody.”

The various felines all settled into their beds, which were quite comfy. Of course, plenty played at the casinos which were open 24/7 and others watched late night TV.

Ryder’s Diary: “It’s morning again, and the gang and I are making preparations to investigate and improve the amusement center of which we were told about. Kovu, Duchess and the others should be coming to take us there soon, so there’ll be time for me to introduce them to the boys.”

“Ah, you’re up on time,” Kovu noted at the resort’s breakfast buffet.
“This was addressed to you, sir,” Oliver said, handing Ryder a letter with an owl emblem on it.

Ryder speaks: “Ah, from the Grand Duke, huh? That cunning owl never misses a thing. Let’s see…” *opens letter* “Uh-huh…hmm…heh, if he wants conquest he’ll have to wait. We’ve only just gotten here. Okay…cool, we’ll get the info and then send him a request for what we need.”

The Grand Duke of Owls, ever since travelling between worlds was discovered, couldn’t bear the thought of a world existing that he didn’t rule.
“Who was that letter from, may I ask?” Thomas asked on the way to the theme park.

Ryder speaks: “The Grand Duke of Owls. Said to be known as a ruler from another world. He’s often invested in a lot of our creations because to likes to play ‘Conquest’. But he’s not going to dominate this world, that’s for sure.”

“He sounds like an imposing figure,” Kiara noted.
The theme park in question that Ryder was taken to was called “Shere Khan World.” It featured the tiger’s image……frequently, to say the least.

Sandy speaks: “Cor…this Shere Khan bloke sounds like an imposing figure too.”
Ryder’s Diary: “This theme park certainly looks like it has a good reputation for this mighty tiger…but perhaps it may need some improvement, perhaps a few more coasters and some more gentler rides. Perhaps Shere Khan’s reputation should be set for the more wilder rides, and we may need a few stalls to serve out the necessary food and drinks. I’m thinking this will be a challenge, but a good one too.”
Ryder speaks: “Okay, we will definitely need some work on this park, but may I ask…is it mandatory for Shere Khan to be the major character here in this park?”

“He provided a lot of the funding, so there were a lot of shots he was able to call,” Duchess explained, “And he is the type who thinks highly of himself.”
“You can try to schedule a meeting with him,” Kovu suggested.
Another letter sent suggested even if conquest wouldn’t quite happen, the Duke would show up at least.

Ryder speaks: “Good. If we call up a meeting together, we’ll get on the same page and have this place improved immensely. Sandy, hustle up the others and get Techy to prepare some blueprints.”
Sandy speaks: “Gotcha Ryder.” *walks off*
Ryder speaks: “Kovu, Kiara, how do I contact Shere Khan?”

A portal in the sky opened, and out from it emerged a certain giant owl, a few servant owls, and 1 human slave who seemed to be regarded as a “cushion”

Duke speaks: “Ah! So this is the world where cats rule dominant! How fortunate you got here first, Ryder…or I would have dominated this world by now!”
Ryder speaks: “Well, I don’t like they’d like that, Duke…at least not Kovu here or Shere Khan. Besides, we’ve got a matter to discuss concerning the theme attractions here…will you join me in a meeting with Shere Khan?”
Duke speaks: “A pleasure, Ryder.”

Ranjan followed closely behind the Duke, the human was always a loyal seat cushion to the Duke of Owls.
Bagheera led Ryder and the Duke to Shere Khan’s office.

Ryder speaks: “This looks like a nice office…suitable enough for a grown tiger, right down to the man-cub punching bag.”
Duke speaks: “Shere Khan must indeed be content here. How is the eye anyway, Ryder?”
Ryder speaks: “A lot better…in fact, it’s even better than it originally was.”

You wished to see me?” the great tiger asked.

Ryder speaks: “Yes, Khan. Ryder Karni’s the name…and this is the Grand Duke of Owls. *shake* We’re here on a business proposition for an enhancement of Felidae’s amusement park.”

“What is your proposal? It better be worth my time…” Shere Khan told the owl.
“I am your cushion, master,” Ranjan bowed to the Duke, positioning himself so the huge owl would sit on him.

Ryder speaks: “Me and my group have been creating amusement parks for a number of years now, and we would like to see what we can do to improve yours. The Duke here will balance a budget for us, and your reputation will be increased by tenfold, along with a few others that hold championships for sumo wrestling and other such stuff.”
Duke speaks: “A considerable offer…unless you would rather prefer conquest, Shere Khan.”

Shere Khan, while he knew which deal was better, for the sake of being a good host, asked “And what would conquest involve, Grand Duke of Owls?”

Duke speaks: “Domination over all of you, Shere Khan. If there is one thing I do not like to see, it is somebody intending to stand against me and my friends. Since I have placed good trust in Ryder here being able to perfect amusement centres and such, it’s only fair you give him a chance to do so.”
Ryder speaks: “Um, Duke…there’s no need to act that way. I can handle it. I’m sorry, Shere Khan…he’s just a bit put-off because he didn’t get here first so he could dominate.”

“I see, I take it he owns the world you come from?” Khan figured, speaking to Ryder, “If you offer use of your magic, I think we can strike a significant deal.”

Ryder thinks: Heh…imagine him thinking the Duke owns my world. Never happen.
Ryder speaks:A pleasure, Khan…and I guarantee you will still be the head honcho and most respected tiger here at this amusement center.”

“If travelling to other worlds is indeed possible I wouldn’t mind ruling other lands myself,” Shere Khan smirked, “Plus with your business knowledge we could start an entertainment empire!”

Ryder speaks: “Then that will be between you and the Duke, Shere Khan. Me and my gang are amusement park makers, not conquest overlords.”

“Sure,” the tiger nodded, “We’ll have you add theme parks and casinos to the worlds. Now, what were your proposed ideas for my world?” he asked Ryder

Ryder speaks: “Roddy, Techy, bring in the plans and blueprints.” *pause* “Here they are. These two gentlemen are able to tell what can go where at a mere glance. Rides here and there, and shopping stalls with food and drink or information maps and umbrellas, even some souvenirs to show you were here. There could even be some gentle fashioning stalls, for cats that want to be pampered or adored, and basically make them feel like the king or queen of the universe. That’s what happiness is in making a amusement park, you see…we seek out the most desirable things to make for you all.”

“That sounds like a sure fire success,” Shere Khan grinned, looking over the plans. “Tell me….how long should installation last?”

Ryder speaks: “Hardly any time at all…our master of construction, Tongo, can build up an entire amusement park like it was building blocks. It should only take like, say, a couple of days.”
Duke speaks: “You’ve still never told me about how he managed to perform as such, Ryder.”
Ryder speaks: “I would tell you if I could, Duke…but to tell you the truth I don’t really know how he did it. Nobody knows…he prefers to keep his talent to himself, but I respect that because he’s a vital necessity.”

“Feel free to stay in any hotel or resort in this world,” Shere Khan offered his guests.

Ryder speaks: “Thank you, Shere Khan. We’ll get started straightaway. But before we do, I’ll need to get a simulation booth set up for the Duke so he can visualize his conquest all the same.”
Duke speaks: “Ha haa! How nice.”

Khan and some other high class felines watched as the simulation booth was set up.
“Is this just for your eyes or how will this be seen?” Duchess asked the Duke.

Duke speaks: “Oh, anyone can see it with me, should they choose to see how I will conquer. You simply stand in this suite, and the walls around you alter your vision so that you look like you’re somewhere else. Try to walk around, and the floor below you moves around, to make it seem like you’re really moving, while the suite actually keeps you in one spot.”

Nuka, Bagheera, Duchess, Thomas, and Felicia were among the first to test it out.
“Let’s get this thing going,” Nuka smiled.

Duke speaks: “Okay, so…what do you each fantasize?”

“Being King of a pride with my beautiful wife Kiara as my queen,” Kovu smirked, stepping forward.

Duke speaks: “Like I haven’t seen that before.”
Ryder speaks: “Well Shere Khan, while they’re busy with the AR suite, I’d like to ask you a personal question before the boys and I get started. Is it true that you have a certain man-cub rival? How much have you wanted to eat him up?”

“Only every waking moment, and in my dreams, too,” Shere Khan replied.
Kovu stepped into the simulator first to see his fantasy


Ryder speaks: “Then perhaps I could interest you in a few Molecular Delights. They’re all the rage to predatory animals these days.” *hands Shere Khan some pellets*


“Thank you, I may have just the thing to use this on,” Shere Khan smirked, going down to his fancy kitchen.

Meanwhile, Kovu’s simulation began.

Ryder’s Diary: “Well, it seems we’re on good terms with planet Felidae. We’ll get to work on the amusement park immediately. Hopefully we should have it ready within a couple of days. From our budget, we’re hoping to improve our Park Value by at least double the amount it is currently worth. But thankfully with Tongo’s handy building talent and the Duke’s resources, we should meet the deadline before they know it.”
“Perhaps after this is done, the residents of Felidae should check out how we’re going to perform with our newest contract on Terrestria, said to be one of the hub planets of the universe. It only appears for a fortnight every year, but during that time any person from any world and any dimension can get to it and meet others they’ve never met before. There’s also a great festival being held there near the end of the annual fortnight so it’ll be great to have a carnival included. I think we’re all going to enjoy that.”

“Care to have a mouse dish?” Oliver asked Ryder back at the hotel. For the house cats of Felidae, mice were one of the tastiest meat delicacies.

Ryder speaks: “Uh…thank you, Oliver. But I can’t eat mice like you can…it gives me a belly-ache. I wouldn’t mind fish though…battered hoki is my favourite.”

“Ok,” the kitten bellhop nodded, “Here’s a pass to the hotel buffet!” He handed him a special card.
Down at the buffet, Felicia and another big cat known as Garfield were chowing down.

Ryder speaks: “Hello you two. Enjoying your dish, Felicia? Must be nice. I hope you’re not having another Monday, Garfield. I know how much you hate them. Ahhh, battered hoki, my favourite.”

“Any day with food is a good day for me,” Garfield said, burping midway through his sentence.
A lion named Mufasa and a housecat named Tiger were also two who were notable for their appetites.
“A fine fish salad,” was what Duchess ordered from a waiter.

Ryder’s Diary: “Ahhh…this fish is lovely with a few chips and a pineapple fritter on the side.
*short while later* “That was delicious. Guess I’d better get back to the park and continue with the building.”

“You couldn’t eat as much as me,” Garfield chuckled.
“Wow, this is an impressive rate of work,” Kiara commented about the builders.

Ryder speaks: *picks up a nearby pie and throws it at Garfield, listening to the SPLUT* “Tongo does well with his work, Kiara. No one’s ever been able to match him with building.”

Meanwhile Shere Khan and the Duke were discussing a second matter.
“Would you perhaps be interested in a joint world conquest in the future?” the tiger asked the owl

Duke speaks: “Sounds interesting, Shere Khan. I have often envisioned conquering world after world, but doing it with another makes it seem twice as fun.”

“And I could join you two as well,” Kovu the lion offered, “Being king of a pride made of multiple worlds…”
“When’s the park supposed to be open to the public?” Thomas asked Ryder.

Ryder speaks: “Well, technically, the park is open all the same Thomas, even while we’re working. As we develop and build the rides, we open them one by one when they’re deemed ready to go. The overall goal is to try and make a park worth a certain amount of guests or money worth until a certain period of time. That’s the way most amusement parks in our business usually work. In fact, that Brush-and-Comb Parlour over there is just about ready. You want to try it out, Duchess and Kiara?”

“Certainly, I love a good salon treatment,” Duchess smiled.
“And my claws could use a manicure,” Kiara added.

Sandy speaks: “Hey, Ryder. I think these cats are extremely eager to try out all this new stuff. If we continue to impress them, we’ll have triple the Park Value before the end of the day.”
Ryder speaks: “Great news, Sandy. Tell Tongo to open the coasters and the Bird-Catching Saloon.”

“That sounds like fun,” Marie, one of Duchess’s kittens said about the bird catching event.
“So, is it a deal?” Khan asked the Duke

Duke speaks: “It’s a deal.”

“How can I assist you, master Duke?” Ranjan asked.
The lions, tigers, and other felines eagerly awaited the opening of each new attraction.

Ryder’s Diary: “While both Duchess and Kiara (my two favourite felines) are being treated at the parlour, they are being inquired about their thoughts and beliefs of the park. So far the feedback has been very nice, and we’ve been able to balance our budget very easily. We haven’t even needed to take out a loan, and we’re already seeing a very nice value over the park. Now we just need to make the finishing touches, and we’ll finally be able to open the park to the public…whoops, that was fast. We’d better open it now, in fact.”
Ryder speaks: “Okay everybody! The park shall now be opened by the fine tiger himself, Shere Khan. Care to do to the honours please?” *gestures to red ribbon*

“Certainly,” Shere Khan grinned, cutting the ribbon with a swipe of his claws.
The various felines started racing into the park.

Ryder’s Diary: *thump* “Whew…that was close. Had to avoid the incoming stampede of felines coming in to enjoy the park. Now we just need to wait for the tallies to fill up and see how the budget balances. If all goes well, we’ll meet our objective. Then it’s off to the next project.”

The theme park had roller coasters, an arcade, water rides, and this being cats, plenty of food stands.
Some of the more influential cats on Felidae managed to get an aspect of the park named after them.

Ryder speaks: “Well Shere Khan, now that it’s had a nice make-over, what do you think? We’ve even included a resort where special respective felines like the Flying Tigers can hang out. I hope that this will be to your liking.”

“That would be,” Shere Khan nodded, “I am one of the best, after all.”

Ryder’s Diary: “It seems that with everybody happy and raring to go, our job here is done. The boys will want to start heading off for Terrestria soon, but I might hang around a while before heading there myself. There’s a few things I might like to see personally to before leaving. These cats are all wonderful and very nice once you get to know them, especially Duchess and Kiara…undoubtedly they’re my favourites.”
“With that said and done, this journal entry is now finished. This is Ryder Karni, signing off.”

The Felidae Xperience
I shared a new RP with :iconslycooper0213: which involved a world of Felidae...nothing but cats! And in this particular story, my theme park OC, Ryder Karni, comes to improve it with the aid of his construction gang and the Grand Duke of Owls in attendance.
My half of the story is told through Ryder's point of view.
It was a hot jungle when it was full of silence, 'Mowgli felt bad, 'you see he one job to do, 'to be a guide and show Raven the jungle but he got them both lost. 'ohh Mowgli what can we go i mean am far from mom. 'it ok i mean am sure we be a ok.

"really Mowgli i hope, 'Raven was holding his hand she was scared, ' Mowgli felt officer that he lost there way but he will fine it, "by the end of the day they were hot and sweated, "meanwhile to golden eyes stare at the young lost but tasty cubs,

'hmm how good fortune smile on me to fine a little girl and boy hisssss will perhaps il help them into my stomach hehheheheeh. 'then Mowgli heard the leave rushing, 'Raven stay behind me we are about to meet Kaalana, "then a head of a snake came,

'ohh how good to see you Mowgli why not you and her come into my coil il warm you up. "no am not falling for your kindness lies i know what you want, 'and what could be that men cub, "too eat us, 'Raven was scared but she didn't move ether.

'so what if am hungry it the law of the jungle one must eat to live and am hungry perhaps your join me for dinner. "il take my chance in the jungle, 'ohh really. "Kaalana begin to do her work on the men cubs'.
as Mowgli shut his eyes .

"he got to warn Raven about her powers and she was hook she stare and smile, 'so you may not fall for my trick but she has, "as Kaalana coil Raven and took her to the tree, 'what no give her back you snail. 'hohohohho Mowgli il be back need a chat to girl to girl.

' am so ohh i should of warn her will time stated climbing, 'meanwhile, what are you doing here so deep in the jungle. 'Raven.carry.g, 'and how did you get here hmm. 'me and my mom came to rest her and i wanted to see the jungle so Mowgli show me around but we got lost,

'ohh you poor thing the jungle is not for you it dark it dangerous poor sweet little cub il keep you close let go of your fear now and trust in me. 'Raven stare in her eyes as they change, 'yes i trust you mistress,

'good girl now then you are mine, 'then Mowgli clime to the top but it was too late she was under her trance, 'My my what a brave boy you are here il give you a hug, 'as fast as lighten she coil him from head to toe, "but Mowgli shut his eye,
'Ohh come on my cub look at these eyes you seek to rest you seek a way to escape the village.

'nop i wont so there, 'ohh dear boy there no need to fear me am not going to hurt you all i want is food is that so hard to asksss hmm. 'never in my life iv met a snake like you Kaalana you try to eat me once or twice but it never going to happen we see about that Mowgli you have no way to get out of my coils and dear sweet Raven is in my powers like it or not il eat you both.

"sill not stareing at you. "ohh dear come on my coils shall keep you safe and warm away from the village where you can be free, 'no thank am happy what have, 'hmm then there one thing to do. 'she begin to squeeze the breath out of him.

'his face change from red to purple then, " his eyes and he was being pull into the spell. "yes men sleep go to sleep little men cub rest in peace, 'then he was her,
"his eye were full of color has they glow he was calmer now."heheeh i win now down you too go into my tum, "then she uncoil Mowgli and move her head to his feet,

"Kaalana swallow Mowgli feet first. "she picked up the boy's feet with her mouth and started to suck them into her throat as the rest of Mowgli's body hung limp down to the ground. "Damien's head rolled at an odd angle as he was slowly devoured feet first.

"The taste of Mowgli undies weren't too dreadful for Kaalana's taste as her lips begin to take in the boy's shins. she then slowly worked her way up the boy's legs till she got to just above the knees.

"Kaalana's lips continued to gulp up more of Mowgli's legs. When he got to the boy's waist, " Kaalana was tired of the taste of cloth, so she slid his tail under Mowgli's underwear and pulled it up over the boy's head and dropped it to the ground.

His arms dangled lifelessly. With it off, he actually had a nice body of taste, not too ,
"Kaalana liked Mowgli's as he proceeded to swallow the boy's stomach, deciding to swallow the arms when she gets there later on. Kaalana was delighted with her choice to eat Mowgli first as his bare skin was delightfully good.

"Mowgli's body was soaked from the waist down in saliva. His body leaned back as it slid down Kaalana's maw. "Kaalana began to swallow Mowgli's ribs, needlessly making "Mmmmmmmm!" notices as he went

"Soon Mowgli's limp arms hung out of her mouth, his head rolled back lifelessly. "Kaalana begin to take in the boy's head and upper arms slowly, to enjoy the taste more. Soon Kaalana had his lips pass over Mowgli's nose.

"Mowgli's body was covered in a film of saliva as Kaalana's lips passed his eyes. "With the boy's head now going down into her throat, Kaalana was left with Mowgli's forearms and hands. Kaalana slowly gulped them down to join the rest of Mowgli's body.

"Mowgli hand quickly slid into Kaalana's dark throat. "day had became night and the night was still, and silent as the bulge slowly slid through Kaalana's throat "As the boy's hands slid down his throat, Kaalana licked his lips. "Mmm that wassss one of the best man-cubsss I ever had I.

"as Mowgli rest in her tm Raven was next on her menu, 'then Kaalana fine Raven sleeping in her coils sill. ". she decided to eat Raven feet first. Kaalana then unwrapped Raven ankles and sucked on her toes. "Raven squirmed a little as Kaalana's toung tickled the soles of her feet.

"Kaalana then actually started to take her feet into her mouth. Kaalana loved the taste of Raven blue skin. "Raven started to laugh uncontrollably as Kaalana's toung flicked her soft skin. "Kaalana unwrapped a few rounds of coils from Raven shins as she came closer to her ankles,

enjoying the girl's squirming and laughing as she slowly swallowed her feet.
"Raven just burst out not a hearty laugh, the mouth tickling her feet so much. "Kaalana's lips begin to pull in Raven's shins into her terrible jaws. "she then unwrapped some coils to just above her knees as her feet where starting now at the back of Kaalana's throat.

"Once Raven felt Moisture moving up her legs, she felt something was wrong. Again her mind kept nagging her, but this time, she brushed it off, and kept laughing as Kaalana' mouth tickled her body ."Kaalana unwrapped Raven thighs as he took in her knees and he stopped swallowing her so he could try something.

And that something was to tickle the back of her knees with his toung. "Raven laughed even harder never knowing how ticklish she was behind there. " Please! Stop!", she said out loud. "'Ssssso, she 'sss dreaming.' Kaalana thought as she continued.

" to tickle the backs of Raven's knees. Then she stopped tickling her after a while and went back to swallowing her smooth legs. "Raven felt the muscles massage her body. She moaned in delight, "Ohhhhhh, "Kaalana inwardly grinned at hearing Raven's moans as he massaged her body while he swallowed her thighs and unwrapped her waist.

. she took her hands into her mouth. "she then teasingly made "Mmm!" notices as her toung licked her silkily skin. " she then took the girl's waist into her jaws and . "she unwrapped Raven chest and neck completely. "she continued to swallowed as Kaalana took in more of Raven stomached till lips brushed against her ribs ,

"Kaalana gulped Raven all the way to her chest. "she then pull Raven neck into her jaws. "Then Kaalana mouth captured Raven, " and Kaalana then slipped her toung out and it taste her face, 'Kaalana's lips then pulled up to Raven 's forehead as Kaalana. " toung switched cheeks and ran allover her face.

" Then with one finally gulp, she sucked in the top of Raven's head. "Raven slide inside of Kaalana's throat, "she slid into her stomach. "Once Raven was far enough in her throat, Kaalana could talk again. "the bulge slide in her lower throat as it was about to enter her stomached.

"Raven felt herself land in some sort of liquid. "her body felt a tingling against her skin. ' "Kaalana then begin to slither off back into the swamp to let Raven and Mowgli digest properly.

Story written by :iconraventhedoll:
Kaalana of the Jungle Book
:iconraventhedoll: wrote this story for my birthday to donate to the FemaleKaaArt group. Thanks!
etaris333: The sun peeked in through the windows of the house, and I woke up feeling its rays warm me up. “Mmmmm…” I yawned, and then peeked at Nick who was snug in my coils.

Serperiormaster: *I was fast asleep, snuggling your coils close as I snored softly*

etaris333: Nearby, Matt snorted and woke up. “N-No…I didn’t eat it…” he muttered, then realized where he was. “Whew.”
“Stealing chocolate cakes in your sleep again?” I sniggered, before putting Nick gently on Drutt’s belly and then sneaking off to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Serperiormaster: *I slowly woke up and yawed, looking around sleepily*

etaris333: While the others were waking up, Lily crawled out of Myla’s maw and sniffed the air. Something delicious was cooking. “Food…me hungwy!” she squealed in delight and jumped on Tylo’s belly, waking him up instantly.

Serperiormaster: *I looked at her, wondering why she was talking like that*

Delana immediately caught Lily and pulled her away. “Easy, sweetie,” she cooed. “Sorry Tylo; she’s just mad about food.”
“No harm done,” Tylo grinned nervously.

Serperiormaster: *I carefully climbed off Drutt’s belly*

etaris333: Mina stretched and yawned, her nine long tails hanging beautifully behind her. But Drutt appeared to be still asleep.
“Drutt, wake up you big oaf! It’s morning,” Tylo shook him.

Serperiormaster: *I stretched a bit and went to the kitchen*

etaris333: I was cooking up a fresh batch of Poffins for breakfast, including a big cherry-flavoured one for Myla since I knew they were her favourite. “Good morning, Nick,” I spoke as I saw him walk up. “Sleep well?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Yeah. How about you, daddy?” I ask

etaris333: “I think sleeping with you in my coils gave me the best night ever,” I smiled at him and came over. “Just a few minutes before breakfast is ready…want a morning hug?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Of course, daddy.” I said before hugging tightly

etaris333: I smiled and wrapped him up, giving him a soft lick over his face before resting my head over his shoulder as I hugged back.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled up to you close*

etaris333: I began moving my coils around him, acting like a makeshift massager. It was a common trait among snake Pokémon.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and relaxed, quite enjoying the massaging*

etaris333: The two were enjoying each other’s company…but they didn’t notice that a pair of eyes was watching them from the window.
“Enjoy your time here, little worm,” the Pokémon grunted. “Because you’ll soon be mine.”

Serperiormaster: *My belly growled* “I’m hungry. Is breakfast almost ready?” I ask

etaris333: Click! The oven turned off, and I uncoiled Nick for a moment to check. Sure enough, the Poffins were ready.
“Yep, they’re ready. Could you call the others please?” I asked Nick as I prepared to dish them out, and prepare some Aprijuice to drink.

Serperiormaster: *I nodded and went to the others to tell them that breakfast was ready*

etaris333: When everybody came in, the Poffins were served up and a fresh glass of Aprijuice was passed around for everybody. Drutt had a Nomel, Tylo had Pamtre, Myla and Delana sipped on some Iapapa Crush, Lily enjoyed a Watmel, Matt had a simple Oran drink, while Mina enjoyed some Grepa juice, and Nick and I had our favourite Aguav.

Serperiormaster: *I took a sip of my juice after taking a bite of a sweet Poffin*

etaris333: Another pair of eyes joined the pair peering inside from the window. “What a tasty young lad he is,” a feminine voice cackled.

After everybody had finished eating and had adjourned to the lounge, I said, “Now I did promise that there’d be more snuggling this morning, so…” I immediately shouted: “GROUP HUG!”

Serperiormaster: *I giggled as I was put in the middle of the group hug*

etaris333: Even Lily hugged Nick and tried to wrap around him like a snake. She didn’t know any better; living with a Milotic and Dragonair made her adapt somewhat to their ways.

Serperiormaster: *I chuckled a bit nervously, having never seen a little girl do that before*

etaris333: “I think she likes you, Nick,” Myla chuckled, before taking Nick into her coils and snuggling him softly. “And I do too.”

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and snuggled her coils happily*

etaris333: Delana was about to join Myla in the hug when suddenly…she sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?”

Serperiormaster: “Huh? What smell?” I ask her

etaris333: I looked up in surprise. I sniffed for a moment, and then glanced over…
“The kitchen?” I started to make my way over. “Oh no!!!” The kitchen was on fire!

Serperiormaster: *I was surprised. I could have sworn you turned the oven off*

etaris333: Suddenly, there was a shattering of glass followed by a crackling sound coming from nearby, and everybody gasped as suddenly another fire sprung up on the living room carpets. Something wasn’t right.
“Quick, everybody out of the house! Myla, Matt, try to put the fires out!” I shouted.

Serperiormaster: *I ran out with the others when Myla let me go*

etaris333: Matt and Myla tried to put out the fires, but more just seemed to spring up from other locations.
“Wait a minute!” Matt puffed. “I don’t think this is a natural house fire…somebody’s trying to burn it down!”
Outside, the gang all gathered out, but while they were moving, something big and heavy suddenly jumped out of hiding and seized Nick!

Serperiormaster: “H-Hey!” I tried to struggle free of whoever got me, knowing it wasn’t one of your friends

etaris333: “Silence, you little rat!” a deep voice grunted. Everybody else gasped and turned around to see Nick’s captive.
“You again!” Tylo growled.
“Yes,” the Emboar snarled, “and I’m taking back what’s mine!”

Serperiormaster: *I only struggled harder upon seeing it was Emboar* “Put me down! I’m not your slave anymore!” I said

etaris333: “You’ve been my slave ever since I found you!” Emboar snapped. “I found you first, so you are mine! Shut up and hold still!”
“Leave him alone!” Delana hissed angrily. “He belongs to Sylvester!”

Serperiormaster: *I kept struggling hard, trying to escape*

etaris333: Emboar immediately turned and ran off with Nick under his arm, holding him tightly so he couldn’t get away.
“Quick! After him!” Drutt yelled, but they were suddenly caught off guard by a flamethrower spewing fire in front of them, setting the lawn on fire and blocking their path. They looked up to see a female Charizard laughing. “That must be her who set the house on fire…that rotten Bernadette!” Delana growled as the Charizard flew off after Emboar.

Serperiormaster: *I whimpered, too tired to struggle anymore*

etaris333: Eventually, Emboar made his way into an old, abandoned warehouse. Entering through the door, he descended down some stairs and shut a trap-door above them.
Then he took Nick down to a steel table and put him on it. “Now I ought to punish you for being a treacherous, run away type of slave!” he growled at him.

Serperiormaster: *I backed away from* “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

etaris333: “Because you belonged to me in the first place!” Emboar thundered. “It took me ages to track you and that slimy Sylvester down! But thankfully, with a bit of help from Bernadette, I got you back!”
Just then, the door opened, and a Charizard came in. “That takes care of them,” she grinned. “That Serperior can’t last long in that fire!”

Serperiormaster: *I whimpered, hearing that. I hoped you would be okay*

etaris333: “Now, you worm,” Emboar came over and held Nick still, before sitting up on the table. “I’m going to punish you for putting me through all this trouble!” He suddenly moved over and sat right over Nick’s poor form.

Serperiormaster: *I cried out a bit as I suddenly felt his heavy rear on my chest, having a hard time breathing and thinking he was going to break something*

etaris333: “Servants are supposed to suffer for being bad,” Emboar grunted.
“Hey, don’t crush him Harley,” Bernadette snarled. “You promised you’d share him with me if I helped you out.”
Harley simply snorted and moved off Nick, letting him breathe again.

Serperiormaster: *I gasped for breath when he got off me, choking a bit too*

etaris333: Bernadette slyly grinned as she walked up to Nick and licked her lips hungrily. “Well now, servant,” she laughed. “I’m glad I’m going to be able to play with you now. How about a nice game of ‘Crush the Servant’?”

Serperiormaster: *I whimpered and backed away from her into the wall* “P-Please no…”

etaris333: “Hey! No ‘Crush the Servant’!” Emboar bellowed. “That’s my game!”
“Aw,” Bernadette whined. “Oh well, perhaps I could play “Snuggle the Servant” then.”

Serperiormaster: “Huh?” I looked at her suddenly confused. That didn’t sound like a game that a villain would play.

etaris333: “You’re such a wimp, Bern,” Emboar sighed. “You really ought to see for yourself what a game with a servant should be like. Here, I’ll show you…”

Meanwhile, outside, a Haxorus walking near the perimeter of the property was walking a pet human boy who gazed lovingly at his master.
“You act so nicely under Attract, my pet,” the Haxorus smiled. “But let’s see what happens when I play this.” It reached into its bag and took out a red-coloured flute.

Serperiormaster: *The boy looked at the flute curiously.* “What’s that, Master?” He asked

etaris333: “You’ll see. It makes Attract wear off, but as long as you have that Soothe Bell around your neck, nothing bad should happen,” the Haxorus smiled as it put the Red Flite to its lips.

Bernadette grinned at the terrified Nick as Emboar came closer…

Serperiormaster: *The boy looked up at the Haxorus. When he first met her he had been afraid of her, until she had put that Soothe Bell around his neck. Now every time the bell rang, the boy was soothed*

*I whimpered, backing away from the huge Emboar*

etaris333: The Haxorus began to play the Red Flute, music slowly vibrating through the air and into the surrounding terrain…

Bernadette’s evil grin was suddenly turned into a confused look the moment she heard the flute playing in the distance. Suddenly, she twigged. “HEY! What’s going on here?” she roared.
Emboar jumped back in shock. “What the…”

Serperiormaster: *I was very surprised upon seeing the Charizard roar like that, not knowing what was going on*

etaris333: The Haxorus flinched the moment she heard the roar, and turned towards the nearby property. “What was that?” she wondered.

Bernadette immediately glared at Emboar and sent out a Wing Attack at him, sending him flying across the room.
“Let’s get out of here, kid,” she picked Nick up and began flying with him towards the exit.

Serperiormaster: “Maybe someone didn’t like the music.” Her pet suggested.

“Wait, what’s with you all of a sudden?” I ask, wanting to know why she suddenly decided to help me.

etaris333: “Come back with him!” Emboar thundered, but Bernadette took no notice and smashed through the door, escaping with Nick.
“I apologize, young one,” Bernadette told Nick. “My name is Agent Burn, of the Legendary Secret Service. I was on the hunt for that Emboar when he used Attract on me and got me to do his every whim.”

Serperiormaster: “So you aren’t really evil?” I asked, looking up at her

etaris333: “No, I’ve been trying to take scum like that filthy Emboar down since my Charmander days,” Bernadette sighed as she soared into the sky. “I regret what he made me do to your house…I only hope Sylvester is alright.”

“Oh!” Haxorus saw the Charizard flying off with Nick. “What’s that?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded a bit* “Yeah…”

“Isn’t it a Charizard?” The boy asks

etaris333: Eventually, Bernadette finally made it back to the house. It still seemed to be smouldering, and a fire-fighting Kyogre had come to the scene to help put the fire out.
The friends were all still hanging around. But the moment they saw Bernadette dropping down with Nick, they got ready to fight.
“You have the nerve to come back?” Delana snapped at her. “If Harley sent you to negotiate, forget it! We’ll fight you if we must!”
“Hold on,” Bernadette held up her claws in surrender. “I’ve brought Nick back to you. I’m sorry for how I’ve acted…but Harley poisoned me with Attract.”
“He WHAT?” Matt bellowed. “I’ll gut that son-of-a-sow!”

Serperiormaster: *I saw you and quickly ran over to you* “Dad!”

etaris333: I felt horrible, after going through all of that fire that had torched my house. Because I was a Grass-Type, I couldn’t stand fires, and I felt very weak. Myla and Delana were on each side of me, helping me to stand properly.
When I saw Nick running up, I breathed a sigh of relief. “Son, you’re okay,” I croaked.

Serperiormaster: *I hugged your neck, glad you were okay too*

etaris333: I choked. “So Harley was behind this? That swine ruined my house…he is going to regret that!”
“I’ll help you,” Bernadette suggested. “I have a clear case against him, and if he doesn’t show up at court he will become a wanted Pokémon.”
“I’ll go too,” Matt agreed. “If that hot head tries anything he’ll need a drink to calm him down.” He sprayed a bit of water to show what he meant.

Serperiormaster: “I’m staying here, right?” I ask, knowing you wouldn’t want me to go with you guys

etaris333: I thought for a moment. It’d be dangerous for Nick to be anywhere near that Emboar, but I didn’t want to let him out of my sight after what happened. I wanted to ensure his safety.
“No, Nick,” I shook my head. “You’re coming too. I’m not letting anything ever happen to you again. Besides, you must have seen what happened before Bernadette brought you back. We’ll need a witness to prove her innocence.”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded a bit* “O-Okay dad…”

etaris333: I winked at him. “But don’t worry…I know a place where you can be safe.” I pointed to my mouth with a tendril.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled a little bit* “Are we leaving now?” I ask

“Yes. The sooner we get this sorted, the sooner you’re safe,” I picked Nick up and carefully began to swallow him down.

Serperiormaster: *I went down your throat and into your belly*

etaris333: “Are you comfortable?” I asked him.

Serperiormaster: “Yes, daddy.” I say, snuggling up to the stomach walls

etaris333: “Good.”

A while later…

I began to let Nick out the moment the High Court Arceus allowed my Simisage lawyer to call a witness. I showed Nick that we were at the Legendary Court, and the case had commenced. The Emboar was there too, but he was chained up by two Bisharp guards.
“Don’t be afraid, Nick,” I assured him, stroking his head. “We’re here for you.”

Serperiormaster: *I looked around the courtroom then back at you* “And all I have to do is say the truth, right?” I ask you quietly

etaris333: “Yes, don’t be afraid. These are good Pokémon,” I assured him.
“Young Nick,” the High Court Arceus asked kindly, “would you care to explain exactly what happened this morning from 8:40am onwards?”

Serperiormaster: *I explained it to him the best I could*

“Thank you, Nick. You may sit,” Arceus fondly gestured with his frontal hoof.

Serperiormaster: *I nodded and sat down*

etaris333: “The case of Agent Burn vs. Harley Emboar must now confirm that the Attract TM stolen by the defendant six months ago is the same one used on the plaintiff to steal the human Nick,” Arceus announced. “We need evidence that the Attract effect was indeed broken.”
“Your Honour,” a voice called from the audience. A Haxorus with her pet human boy stood up holding up a red object. “I was playing this Red Flute this morning for my pet when I was passing the warehouse. After playing it we heard a roar, and that was when we saw a Charizard taking off.”
She looked at her boy. “Didn’t we, dear?”

Serperiormaster: *The boy nodded* “Yes, mistress.” He said to the Haxorus

etaris333: “Jury, what is your verdict?” Arceus addressed the twelve Pokémon jurors.
“Guilty!” an uproar rose up.
“Harley Emboar,” Arceus announced, “You are found guilty of enslaving fellow Pokémon and abducting young humans. You are sentenced to life in the Volcanion Asylum (V.A.) with parole after ten years, but if you break the law once more, you will be placed upon the Yveltal Execution Row.”
He slammed the gavel down. “Case dismissed.”

Serperiormaster: *I sighed, relieved that I wouldn’t be bothered by Emboar anymore*

etaris333: As the court began to clear out and Harley was taken away, the Haxorus came over with her boy.
I smiled and shook her claw with my tendril. “Thank you for standing up for my son,” I said.
“It was a pleasure, Sylvester. My name’s Valerie,” the Haxorus introduced herself, and then looked over as her pet came over to greet Nick.

Serperiormaster: “Hi Nick. My name is Brandon.” The boy said. “Nice to meet you.” I say

etaris333: I smile. “Looks like we have more in common with our own humans,” I tell Valerie. “He must really love you.”
“Well, he did fight back a bit when I first got him,” Valerie explained. “Because his previous owner treated him badly. But thankfully with an Attract of my own and a Soothe Bell, we’re now on good terms, right Brandon?” She patted his head fondly.

Serperiormaster: *He nodded and hugged her* “Yes, very much mistress.”

etaris333: I smiled and petted Nick’s head. “Well, I’d like to invite you both to our house for a Pokoffeé or something, but it’s a mess after that fire. I don’t think we’ll be able to live in it for a while.”
“Don’t worry,” Valerie smiled. “You both can live with us for a while until your house is fixed. I was sharing my house with a rental, but he left yesterday, so there’s room for both of you. What do you say, boys?”

Serperiormaster: *Both me and Brandon nodded in agreement*

etaris333: “Good. Then it’s settled,” Valerie shook my tendril.
Bernadette then came walking up with the rest of our friends. “I want to apologize for what I did to your house,” she said. “But I’ll get the best people I can to fix it up for you.”
“Don’t be sorry,” I replied. “I know it wasn’t your fault.”

Serperiormaster: *I smiled at Bernadette, as she seemed much nicer than when she had that Attract spell on her*

etaris333: “Well, if you ever need my help with anything, Nick, use this,” Bernadette gave him an orange flute with a Charizard head on the end. Blowing through it made the sound of a Charizard’s roar.

Serperiormaster: “What is this?” I ask curiously

etaris333: “It’s my own special flute. If you use it, I’ll hear it, and help you out if you’re in trouble,” Bernadette explained.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled* “That’s so cool. So you’ll hear it anywhere?” I ask

etaris333: “Count on it,” Bernadette winked, and then gave Nick a kiss on the cheek before turning to leave.
“Well come on guys,” Matt came up. “Let’s get going before anything else happens. We’ve still got a cuddling game to finish.”
“Ooooh,” Valerie beamed. “My favourite game.”

Serperiormaster: “Me too.” Both me and Brandon say at the same time

etaris333: A short while later…

They were all gathered at Valerie’s and Brandon’s house. Everybody was having fun snuggling Nick, Brandon and Lily one at a time, and passing them around to each other after a few minutes.

Serperiormaster: *It came to be Valerie’s turn to snuggle me*

etaris333: Valerie was careful not to cut Nick accidentally with her tusks as she snuggled him up to her chest and wrapped her arms around him.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled back. I expected her to be rough, but she was surprisingly soft*

etaris333: “You’re just like Brandon, Nick,” Valerie chuckled. “Cute and cuddly…that’s the way I like it.”

Serperiormaster: *I smile and blush a bit* “Thank you, miss Valerie.”

etaris333: I glanced over at seeing my son snuggle up with Valerie. I smiled at him, glad that he was now in the best of hands with all of us. I felt lucky to have him as my son, and with close friends to help out when needed, he was going to have a happy life indeed.
I continued to smile as I came over to join in with Nick and Valerie.

Serperiormaster: *I hugged when you came over to snuggle*

etaris333: I hugged Nick back. “I love you, son.”
Serperiormaster Servant RP (Chapter 3)
Shared another RP with :iconserperiormaster: that I'd been meaning to upload for a while. Here's the link to where the RP originated:…
etaris333: I was waiting at the front door for Nick to come down. “Okay, Nick, are you ready?” I called. “It’s time to go.”

Serperiormaster: *I came downstairs* “Yes, dad.” I say, coming over

etaris333: “Okay, son, time to enter,” I grin at him, before leaning down and opening my mouth so he can climb in.

Serperiormaster: *I put my head in, but it was difficult for me to go any further on my own*

etaris333: I bring my tendril around and carefully push him in, working him slowly down until he was fully inside my throat. I lean up and take a big gulp, sending him into the safety of my belly.

Serperiormaster: *I slide into your belly and quickly got comfy*

etaris333: Once Nick was safe, I went out the door, locked it and went along to meet with my friends.

Soon, we arrived at the restaurant. Matt and Tylo weren’t there yet, but the others were. “Hello everyone,” I greeted them.
Delana came over and gave me a squeeze. “So, did you bring him?” she asked.
“I sure did,” I opened my mouth and allowed Nick to come out.

Serperiormaster: *I was spat out onto the ground, covered in saliva*

etaris333: “Hello, young one,” Delana spoke in a nice aunty voice. “Nice to finally meet you.”

Serperiormaster: “Hello…” I said to her shyly

etaris333: Mina hopped over and gave Nick a lick on the cheek. Then Delana introduced Nick to her sister Myla, and their human girl Lily, who was also quite shy. Drutt then shook hands with Nick, just as both Matt and Tylo came through the door. They too greeted Nick and Tylo patted him on the back.

Serperiormaster: *I was pretty shy of all of them except for Matt, but I soon warmed up to them*

etaris333: “Anyway, let’s eat now,” I suggested. “And don’t forget…no snacking on Lily or Nick. We can find more of those playful kids later.”
“Aw, come on, Sylvester buddy,” Tylo grinned. “What makes you think we’d ever do that?”
I snorted and gave the back of his head a slap with my tail.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled a little bit*

etaris333: The buffet had a large collection of different types of food. While there were ranges of Poffins, PokéPuffs, PokéBlocks and other natural Pokémon delights, all the human food types were here too. There were fresh vegetables and crisp salads. There were eight kinds of cheese, various slices of lean cooked meat, a whole salmon, a rack of lamb tipped with little paper chef’s hats and a bottle of champagne on chill for the adults. There was even different types of bread: white, brown, wholemeal, multi-grain, buns and rolls. There was even some tasty desserts for afters, ranging from jelly, ice-creams, pudding, apple crumble and custard tarts.
Everybody helped themselves to whatever they could fit in. Thankfully the buffet was run very well by Pokémon that were quick on their feet and could cook amazingly faster.
I enjoyed a piece of the salmon with some fresh vegetables and a tasty orange PokéPuff. “Mmm, now this is a buffet and a half,” I complimented, glancing at Nick.

Serperiormaster: *I nodded in agreement, taking a bit out of the sandwich I made from the bread, cheese, and meat*

etaris333: Across the table, Lily gobbled up a Poffin and kept her cute eyes focused on Nick. She seemed to really like him.
“Mmm, best buffet I’ve ever been to,” Tylo grunted as he ran his paw over his rounded belly, having stuffed himself with lamb and PokéBlocks. “I wonder if this meal will make me cool enough to enter the Lilycove Cool Contest.”
“Doubtful,” Mina laughed. “Because you’re a Tyrantrum, you’re bound to always look more Tough than Cool, unless you wear Tyrantrum-sized shades.” Everybody laughed.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled a little bit too at that*

etaris333: Then it was dessert time. They shared equal portions that they could fit in, and by the time they finished, Matt, Tylo and Drutt were rubbing their big guts at having stuffed in so much food. Mina was keeping Nick and Lily company by asking Nick lots of questions about how he lived with me, while Myla, Delana and I were playing a game of Go Feebas.

Serperiormaster: *I answered every one of Mina’s questions truthfully*

etaris333: “Um, Nick,” Tylo asked quietly. “It’ll be time to go soon. Do you fancy a hug then before we depart?”
“Oooh, I love hugs. It’s nice to snuggle up with one you care for so much,” Matt agreed.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and nodded* “Okay.”

etaris333: Matt immediately pulled Nick into a big hug, letting the boy snuggle up to his big round belly.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled and snuggled up to the squishy fat happily*

etaris333: Matt laughed as he felt Nick’s hug massage his belly somewhat. “That tickles,” he patted Nick on his head.
“Hey, can I try that too?” Tylo asked.
“Sure.” Matt picked up Nick by his shirt in his mouth and dropped him on Tylo’s belly.

Serperiormaster: *I hugged and snuggled Tylo’s belly too*

etaris333: “That feels so good,” Tylo grunted and ran a claw through Nick’s hair.
“Wait up, Nick,” Mina laughed. “I want a turn.” And she leapt up on Tylo’s belly and planted her own over Nick, sandwiching him a bit.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled and snuggled both bellies at once*

etaris333: With a squeak of excitement, Lily leapt up and began snuggling Nick as well, quite enjoying the affection game too. Mina cuddled up with her and then they both rolled off and collided with Matt, ending up in another sandwich snuggle.
“What’s all this then?” I asked, having finished the card game.

Serperiormaster: “Snuggles.” I said to you with a giggle

etaris333: “Oh. I never thought you knew my favourite game,” I grinned, and immediately coiled him up to snuggle him myself. Then Delana was next, and we squeezed him together between the bulges in our long coiled bellies. Myla meanwhile was cuddling with both Mina and Lily in her coils.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled both of your bellies happily* “So soft…”

etaris333: Delana and I shared a laugh together. “He’s one of the few I’ve ever met to enjoy snuggling like this, Sylvester, like Lily. I wonder why not all of them enjoy it.”
“It doesn’t matter, Delana,” I grinned. “As long as we’ve got our own, that’s all we really need.”
Then as Drutt came over to belly hug Lily, it gave Myla a chance to turn our hug into a threesome with Nick in the middle of three serpent bellies.

Serperiormaster: *I used my hands to rub Myla and Delana’s bellies while I used your belly as a pillow*

etaris333: “Ooooh,” I smiled, and both Myla and Delana went “Ahhh,” as they enjoyed the belly massage that Nick was giving them. They leaned down and each gave him a gentle lick to show their appreciation.
I sigh. “Well, it’s been a lovely night. I suppose we’d better get back home then.” Then I suddenly had another idea. “Hey, why don’t you guys come home with me tonight? Perhaps we don’t need to end the hugging game straight away.”

Serperiormaster: “Yeah! Pleeease?” I begged everyone

etaris333: Everybody cheered. It seemed like a great idea.
“Okay then,” I opened my mouth wide for Nick. “In you come then. Even with all of us it still won’t be safe enough.” Myla was already slurping up Lily to keep her safe.

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Okay.” I said before putting my head in

etaris333: I carefully worked Nick down until I had his waist in my mouth. Glancing at Myla who had Lily halfway in her mouth as well, I grinned and came over to her. We brought our mouths together and gave each other a playful kiss, effectively sending both humans down our gullets instantly.

Serperiormaster: *I slid into your belly and got comfy*

etaris333: All of us went back to my house, singing along together, while other Pokémon with their own slave or pet humans stopped by to watch us.

When we reached the house, I locked the door so nothing could get in, and then when all was clear, we let both Nick and Lily out.

Serperiormaster: *I got a towel and cleaned myself off*

etaris333: When Nick was done, I picked him up in my coils and brought him towards the gang. “Okay, one at a time, then let’s all share a hug together, all of us,” I suggested.

Serperiormaster: *I waited to see who I could cuddle first*

etaris333: Myla came up first, slipping her creamy-coloured scales around him and embracing him gently enough so she didn’t crush him.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled into the coils, putting my head against her belly*

etaris333: Myla started humming a sweet melody while she held Nick in her coils. Mina wrapped her nine lovely tails around Lily in the meantime, whining softly and causing the young girl to giggle under the soft fur.

Serperiormaster: *I kept snuggling her until it was time to switch.*

etaris333: Myla uncoiled Nick, balanced him on her tail and then tossed him to Drutt, who easily caught him by lying on his back and bounced him on his belly.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled and hugged his belly, smiling at him*

etaris333: Drutt nuzzled Nick and then felt Tylo lie on top of them, performing another sandwich hug for Nick.

Serperiormaster: *I giggled as the larger dragon type lied on top of me and Drutt. I snuggled them and gave their bellies one kiss each*

etaris333: Drutt and Tylo chuckled, and then gave Nick one kiss each as well.
Then a blue tail with two orbs belonging to Delana yanked Nick out and dangled him in mid-air, before the coils wrapped around him and cuddled him closer to the Dragonair’s own big belly.

Serperiormaster: *I kissed her belly too and snuggled it*

etaris333: Then Delana gave Nick a huge kiss of her own on his head, before a long green tail with tendrils began wrapping Nick up too and holding him closer. Both me and Delana shared a ‘tug’o’hug’ game together, with Nick’s body surrounded by blue and green coils.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggle you both happily and rubbed your heads with my hands*

etaris333: “My son,” I purred.
“My nephew,” Delana agreed.
“Mine too,” Myla squeezed herself in, having passed Lily on to Drutt and Tylo, and snuggled up to Nick in the scaly embrace.

Serperiormaster: *I snuggled up to the 3 serpents, rubbing their scales*

etaris333: “Perhaps we should do this more often,” Myla suggested. “Maybe with some of our other friends too.”
Delana grinned. “We could ask Flynt and Jayde to join in, and perhaps Sammy as well.”
“Hmm,” I smirk. “Imagine how many of us could coil around Nick at the same time.”

Serperiormaster: “Who’re Flynt, Jayde, and Sammy?” I asked you

etaris333: “They’re some distant friends of ours,” I explained to Nick. “Except Flynt and Jayde are normal snakes, and Sammy is a Pokémon rarely seen around these parts. But they like humans as much as we do. You’ll like them too, Nick.”

Serperiormaster: *I smiled* “Okay.” I say, wondering when I’ll meet them

etaris333: “Ooooh, boy,” Matt groaned from nearby, lying on his back with Lily on his tummy and Mina on top of her. “I think I’ve out-cuddled myself.”
“Us too,” Drutt and Tylo spoke from nearby.
“In that case, how about a sleepover tonight?” I suggested. “We can always continue in the morning.”

Serperiormaster: *I seemed disappointed that the cuddling had to end for now*

etaris333: “Come on, Lily,” Myla cooed as the serpents unravelled. “Time to sleep.”
Lily seemed a little sad too that the fun was over, but she obediently wiggled out and walked over to the Milotic’s open maw.
“Come on, Nick,” I sighed, seeing he looked a bit down. “It’s getting late now…we should get our sleep. But I promise there’ll be plenty more snuggling in the morning.” He winked.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and nodded* “Okay, daddy.”

etaris333: I opened my mouth wide, allowing Nick to climb in. “Perhaps I’ll keep you in here tonight…you’ll be more nice and warm than in a bed.” He glanced at Lily’s disappearing form as she went down Myla’s throat.

Serperiormaster: “Actually, can I stay out, daddy? Please?” I ask

etaris333: “Would you rather sleep in my coils?” I asked Nick.

Serperiormaster: *I nodded a little* “Yeah.”

etaris333: I smile. “You can do what you want, my son…you’re not just my servant anymore.” I spread my coils into a makeshift bed of scales for him to climb in.

Serperiormaster: *I got into the bed and snuggled up, closing my eyes*

etaris333: I gently moved my coils above him, tucking him in and only moving slightly, to rock him to sleep.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and slowly fell asleep*

etaris333: Soon, I felt sleep overcome me and I drifted into dreams as well, protecting my son in my coils. Everybody was soon fast asleep, with Tylo and Drutt making snoring noises.
Serperiormaster Servant RP (Chapter 2)
Shared another RP with :iconserperiormaster: that I'd been meaning to upload for a while. Here's the link to where the RP originated:…
Serperiormaster: *I woke one morning, lying in your coils on your bed. I had come in during the middle of the night because I’ve had a nightmare.*

etaris333: I was still snoozing gently on the bed…being the snake Pokémon that I was, I tended to nap a bit longer than most creatures would. I only felt a slight stir in my coils but nevertheless continued snoozing.

Serperiormaster: *I smiled and snuggled up to your coils as you slept, rubbing them gently*

etaris333: I finally woke up to the feeling of being rubbed, and I hissed gently, opening my eyes and leaning up to see my small human servant in my coils.
I smiled. “Did you sleep better, young one?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded and hugged your head* “Yes, Master. Thank you. How did you sleep?” I ask

etaris333: “Very well. I must enjoy it more with you around,” I smile, stroking the boy’s head with a tendril.
Then I let out a yawn. “My, I guess it’s time to eat. Prepare the Poffin cuisine, will you Nick?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Yes, Master.” I say before running downstairs and making the Poffins for you

etaris333: A short while later, I came down to the dining room to eat. For a superior Pokémon like myself I lived in a rather nice house, since in this world Pokémon lived almost like humans used to.
I smelt the delicious breakfast and smiled warmly. “Nicely cooked, my boy.”

Serperiormaster: *I brought the Poffins to you. They were baked in your favourite flavour. In fact, they were the only type of food I knew how to bake.*

etaris333: I sat down and began to eat. The Poffins were delicious, and I couldn’t help but ruffle Nick’s hair in affection for the good job.
I was glad to have him around in my household…and it seemed to me that he seemed most happy whenever I was around.
“Eat up, my boy,” I told him. “You must keep healthy too.”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded and started eating as well, smiling at the taste even though Poffins weren’t meant to be eaten by humans.*

etaris333: I had been thinking about what to do with Nick ever since he had been brought here a few months ago. While he had been quite useful and obedient as a servant, I was beginning to see him as something much more…
So it meant one thing. And this meant that I had to do something very important.

When we finally finished eating, I said, “Ahh, that was delicious. Did you like it, Nick?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Yes, Master. How is it compared to the last time I made it?” I ask

etaris333: “Better every time,” I remarked, but then, unexpectedly, I cringed. “Oooh! Belly-ache,” I groaned. “I shouldn’t have eaten so fast. Nick, can you come over and give me a belly rub?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Of course, master.” i say, coming over and rubbing your belly

etaris333: “Oooh…oh yes,” I groaned. “That feels good.” If there was one other thing that I liked best about young Nick, it was giving me belly rubs. The way he rubbed and stroked my scales…it was soothing enough to even settle pain.

Serperiormaster: “Want me to do it harder or faster?” I ask

etaris333: “Harder,” I replied. I didn’t mind how hard he did it, but I preferred it if he didn’t go fast.

Serperiormaster: *I rubbed harder for you, pushing more on your belly and you felt a belch coming up*

etaris333: “Mmm…URP!” I let it out, feeling a bit better. I leaned up and thankfully nuzzled Nick gratefully. “Thank you, my boy,” I whispered.

Serperiormaster: *I hugged your neck* “You’re welcome, Master.”

etaris333: I felt a sense of pride while feeling him hug me. “Well, Nick, since you’re such a good boy, I’ll let you do what you like here today. I have to go out and meet a friend to discuss something, but I will hope to be back after a few hours.”

Serperiormaster: *I frowned, not liking when you left me alone* “Can I come with…?” I ask

etaris333: I knew that Nick would be safe in the house while I would be out, but I had noticed over time that he didn’t seem to like whenever I left, even if it was only to go out in the backyard, and he often wanted to stay by my side.
This was the only thing that worried me about Nick. “It’s okay, my boy,” I assured him. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Serperiormaster: *I whimpered a bit* “O-Okay…” I say, wishing you wouldn’t leave.

etaris333: The moment I heard him whimper, I realized this was serious. He was probably a victim of monophobia; it didn’t surprise me since I knew what he had been through in the past. I knew I had to do something, but what?
Then an idea came to me. It was a risky idea, but what other choice was there? I would need him to trust me.
“Nick…?” I asked him.

Serperiormaster: “Yes, master…?” I ask, looking at you

etaris333: “Do you want me to take you with me, or do you not like being alone?” I ask him.

Serperiormaster: “I want to go with you…I don’t want to be alone…” I say, hugging you

etaris333: “Then you must trust me when I say this,” I say quietly. “I cannot simply take you normally as you will be easy for others to steal away. The only safe way for me to take you is…to eat you.”

Serperiormaster: “Eat me…?” I ask, wondering how that is possibly safe

etaris333: “Don’t be scared, “I assure him by stroking his head with my tendril. “You won’t be hurt…I can control my digestive system so you will be safe in my stomach. It’ll be a safe place to keep you as close to me as possible…and you won’t have to worry about anything. I promise.”

Serperiormaster: *I looked at you and nodded a little bit* “Okay…” I say, still a little nervous

etaris333: I smile at him. “Just trust me, my boy. You might even get to like this.” And holding the tip of my tail up behind his back to steady him, I open my wide mouth and let him see inside my throat.

Serperiormaster: “Woah…” I say, looking down your long dark throat

etaris333: I begin to lean forward, my tongue licking lightly over his face. I almost drool the moment I taste his flavour.

Serperiormaster: *I closed my eyes and tried to relax*

etaris333: I carefully moved closer and took Nick’s head gently into my mouth. I closed my mouth a little, feeling his head inside, and then began to slowly take him in, sliding him up to his shoulders.

Serperiormaster: *I was really nervous and fought the urge to struggle*

etaris333: As I took Nick further down his upper body, I felt my tongue poke under his shirt, and I teased his belly button to see if he was ticklish. Sometimes I liked to play with my food too, but this one wasn’t a meal, and I made sure I was gentle.

Serperiormaster: *I couldn’t stop myself from giggling and I started squirming around*

etaris333: “See? I knew you’d like it,” I murmur while I have his body in my mouth. I slide him further down to his waist, and I lean up to point upwards, and make it easier for him to slide down.

Serperiormaster: *I squirmed as I slid down your long neck to your belly*

etaris333: “Mmm…delicious,” I slurp up his feet and lick my lips, eyeing the bulge that slides slowly down into my belly.
“You feeling okay, Nick?” I ask.

Serperiormaster: “Yeah.” I say, moving a bit in your belly to get comfy

etaris333: “You may feel some juices in my belly every now and then, but they won’t hurt you,” I assure him. I begin to make my out of the house.

Serperiormaster: *I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep*

etaris333: A few hours later, I returned to the house with my friend, a Samurott called Matt. It was him who had found Nick in the past when he saved the boy from a cruel Emboar before bringing him to me.
We had both been careful not to wake Nick while he was sleeping, and now with Samurott as my witness, I could finish off the papers I had to sign. But first, I decided to wake Nick up and let him know what I was doing. It was vital he had to know.
I rubbed my belly with a tendril. “Wake up, Nick, my boy…” I whispered.

Serperiormaster: *I slowly woke up and yawned. I looked around confused before remembering I was in your belly*

etaris333: I opened my mouth and carefully let Nick out. “We’re home, Nick,” I said. “And Matt is here too.” I point to the Samurott signing his name on the witness sheet.

Serperiormaster: “Hey, Mr. Matt.” I greeted the Samurott

etaris333: “Hello, Nick,” the Samurott smiled at him as he finished and I took my turn with the papers. “Feeling better since you came to live with Sylvester?”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Yup. Much better.” I say with a smile

etaris333: “There. All done,” I smile as I finish the papers and Matt puts them in an envelope. “Now we have to wait for the confirmation to come through, and dear Nick will legally belong to me.”

Serperiormaster: “I don’t see why I can’t legally be your servant without them.” I say

etaris333: I chuckle. “Oh, being a servant doesn’t require any paperwork, Nick,” I tell him. “But adoption requires plenty of it.”

Serperiormaster: “Adoption?” I ask, not knowing what you mean

etaris333: “Well, I’ve seen how nicely you’ve settled in living here with me,” I smile warmly at him. “And I do like you very much, much more than as a servant…so I’ve decided to adopt you.”

Serperiormaster: “As your son…?” I asked you

etaris333: “Yes,” I nod. “That is…if you’re okay with it.”

Serperiormaster: *I hugged you tightly* “Of course I am!”

etaris333: I smiled and wrapped my tail around Nick. “Then from now on…don’t call me Master. I’d be happier if you called me Dad from now on.”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Okay, dad.” I say, snuggling up to you

etaris333: I leaned my head and rested it on Nick’s shoulder. Nearby, Matt just smiled. “How touching.”

A day or so later…

I was resting out on the patio of the house, waiting for my son to come out. I had shown Nick how to make Aprijuice in the blender, and I couldn’t wait to see what flavour Aprijuice he would bring out today.
The adoption papers had been accepted just the other day, and Nick was now officially my legal son. A threat warranty had been included as a bonus, so if any Pokémon like that Emboar would attempt to hurt Nick, they would be sentenced to prison.

Serperiormaster: *I brought out the juice* “I hope you like it, daddy.” I said, sitting next to you and giving you your cup of Aprijuice.

etaris333: I took the cup and sipped it. “Mmm…Aguav, my favourite,” I drank a bit. “Thank you, Nick. What about yours?”

Serperiormaster: “It’s the same.” I smiled before drinking it

etaris333: “Your favourite too?” I asked.

Serperiormaster: “So far, yes.” I say, as I haven’t tried all the flavours yet

etaris333: I smiled and stroked his head with my tendril. “Well, we’ll see how you like the Spelon Spectacular when we go out tonight.”

Serperiormaster: *I nodded* “Okay, daddy.” I say, snuggling up next to you

etaris333: I felt his embrace and sighed softly. Yes, tonight I would be going out to see Matt and some other friends, but as I promised, I would take Nick along so he wouldn’t be lonely. Besides, my friends had wanted to see my adopted son as well, so it would be nice to let Nick join the outing. Of course, I would have to take Nick in a certain way, so that no horrible Pokémon would attempt to steal or hurt him. But I knew he would be okay with it, since he had already come to trust me the first time we did it.
For now, I simply let the matter go and relaxed for the afternoon, feeling Nick beginning to rub my stomach, and I hissed in pleasure.

Serperiormaster: *I rubbed your belly exactly how you liked it* “So dad, what are your friends like?” I ask

etaris333: “They’re very nice, son,” I stroked his back. “There’s Drutt, my close Druddigon friend from college. He’s a bit rough at times but he has a good heart. Then there’s Mina, a Ninetales. She acts a bit kiddish at times but she is very nice. My oldest friend Tylo the Tyrantrum is a good joker, and I think you’ll get along well with him. He’s much like an eccentric uncle. Then there’s Myla the Milotic and Delana the Dragonair; apparently they’ve got an adopted daughter as well that you might like. And then of course there’s Matt, who you already know. There’ll be a buffet where we’re going so you can eat what you like.”

Serperiormaster: *I smiled* “I’m excited to meet all of them.”
Serperiormaster Servant RP (Chapter 1)
Shared another RP with :iconserperiormaster: that I'd been meaning to upload for a while. Here's the link to where the RP originated:…

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