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I'm just about to check in for the Backstreet Boys concert tonight. Just having one of those casual Friday nights, since I don't go out a lot.
Today I heard an old favourite track, Hungry Like the Wolf from Duran Duran, my favourite Guitar Hero song. It left me thinking of the Ricky the Fox character I made after meeting :icondj-xyclone:, so I'm thinking of making a new part to his life, probably set when he's a little older.
I'll be focusing on a few priorities too. This includes the next chapter in Great Valley Wars and the Chronicles of Hayden, and also a vore story I promised for :iconstarfighter101:.


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(also known as the Extra-Terrestrial Anonymity wRiter In Space)
I'm a simple-minded guy living a happy life Down Under, and in my humble abode I long for nothing but to see the world smile.
I have a cabling license (not an electrician, though) and it keeps me busy during the day to earn an honest living.
But whenever I have some free time during the night, the secret world within my mind struggles to break free and share itself with the artists on deviantART...
And so here I am.


Within the Temporal Asylum, the guards gave way to the escort leading down to the maximum confinement area. Chief Kardon Blue marched in the front with three other guards escorting Trinity from both sides and behind. Obviously as this was an asylum, the guards had to keep an eye on their charge.
Not that Trinity seemed to mind. He simply walked along, occasionally tilting his eyes to the sides, noting the prisoners behind their cells, some holding on to the doors and staring at them. Some were even making eye contact with the Adventurer, but whatever was on their minds couldn’t be a good thing.
The hallway door opened up, and they emerged into a control room. Behind the bulletproof glass-shielded panels, two guards looked up and saw the escort. One of them stood up and walked out from behind the control panel. The other began typing upon his keyboard, typing in an unlock sequence to deactivate the security.
Once the security was deactivated, the nearby passcode console beside a secured door sprang to life. The guard that had moved out from the control panel typed in the passcode to open the door. The door slowly slid open, revealing a stairway behind it leading down. This would lead down to the room where the convict they were visiting lurked.
Kardon and his escort were about to proceed down the stairs when the door leading from the hallway suddenly opened again. Another guard approached. “Chief,” he called out.
The escort turned. “Yes?” Kardon replied.
“There’s been a request from Lucien Gredey,” the guard told him. “He requests that you bring Trinity the Adventurer down to the release wing on a special parole.”
Kardon’s eyes narrowed. Where had this come from? He glanced over at Trinity, but when the Adventurer locked eyes with him and shook his head, he frowned. It could only mean bad news.
“Tell Gredey he’ll have to wait,” Kardon told the guard. “We have business to attend to right now.”
“But sir,” the guard spoke. “Gredey insists. He was very specific about his request, and he does have clearance through the major court…”
“I’m in charge of this asylum, not Gredey!” Kardon suddenly yelled. “And while my importance is to the maintaining of my charge, visitors will have to wait until I am ready for them! Do I make myself clear?”
The guard flinched, and then took a step back nervously. “Y-Yes sir,” he turned and left back through the door. He didn’t dare cross his superior when he made his reasons clear. It was true that while Gredey had certain connections to the law courts and whatnot, Kardon was in charge of the Temporal Asylum and his word here was law. It would take much more than an insistent lawyer to force him into following his every whine.
Kardon then nodded at the escort guards. They resumed taking Trinity down the stairs, but while they were moving, they momentarily glanced back where they were coming from, concerned about the request. What exactly was Gredey’s sudden interest in Trinity’s parole?
They would find out later. Right now duty was duty. Nobody disobeyed Kardon.
A doorway came up ahead with a swipe lock beside it. Walking up to the door, Kardon turned to the guards. “Wait here,” he instructed them. Two of them took positions to the left and right of the door. Kardon put his swipe card over the lock, and the door opened. Kardon ushered Trinity inside and followed him in, and the third guard shut the door behind them before standing in front of it.

Inside the room, Trinity and Kardon stood on one side of the table that occupied the middle of the room, looking down at the person who was sitting on the opposite side of the table.
Dressed in his restrained confinement suit, Rott-Wyler simply stared at the table, before looking up smugly at the Adventurer and chief of the asylum. While the arch-villain momentarily glanced at Kardon, his eyes were mostly on Trinity with keen interest.
“You look good,” he muttered innocently. “Been working out? You look like you could do with a little rest. Why not ask your jail bud here to fetch some pillows? We could have a slumber party right here if you’re interested.”
Trinity just frowned, but didn’t say anything.
“Oh, wait, I think I know,” Rott-Wyler laughed. “Maybe you’re here to let me off the hook because I’ve been such a good boy recently.”
“When have you ever been a good boy since your corruption?” Trinity pointed out. “It’s only a shame you chose not to let that mental scar go.”
Rott-Wyler’s face went serious at that.
But Trinity just raised his eyebrow. “Don’t look at me like you think I caused it,” he said. “We hadn’t even met back then. I’m just…a flaw in your new lifestyle.”
“Maybe,” Rott-Wyler muttered darkly. But then, his grin suddenly returned. “But this lifestyle is great at least for having sleepovers.” He began laughing his head off at his own little joke.
Trinity just glanced unamused over at Kardon, who removed a gadget from his pocket and turned it on. A holo-screen flickered up in front of Rott-Wyler, showing a vague image of a bounty hunter with a star-shaped visor.
“He goes by the name of Count Starr,” Trinity went on to say. “Been causing trouble in the Great Valley along with a Dark Lord that corrupted a…friend of mine. What do you know about it?”
Rott-Wyler stared casually at the figure on the holo-screen. “That he looks pretty horrible in that outfit,” he smirked. “Kinda reminds me of my earlier get-up, y’know, when I was crime-fighting instead of crime-causing. Wearing an outfit like that is to inspire kids to get away from the TV and start detective work. Ah, these kids today.”
“If you don’t cooperate,” Kardon snarled at him, “you’re going to find yourself on a bad case of restraint.” He indicated to the nearby restraint room.
But Rott-Wyler simply laughed at him. “Restrain me more? Don’t make me laugh. I’m already in a tied-up situation as it is,” he shifted himself a bit to show that his arms were bound in the restraint suit.
Then he glanced back at Trinity. “Besides, even if I knew anything about this…Starr person…I doubt I’d tell you anything anyway. That’d be just as bad as breaking the news to you about your old comrade, right?”
Trinity tensed at that remark.
“Ah, yeah,” Rott-Wyler just sighed and grinned, enjoying the insulting game. “Been a while now hasn’t it, since I last played with your ‘partner-in-arms’. You know, maybe it would have been a lot easier for you to have seen me beat him up. Perhaps if you hadn’t been so late in coming you would have seen the fireworks up close.”
It was clearly obvious to all three of them that Rott-Wyler was referring to when he had done away with Astrono. It still haunted Trinity down to his core…losing his fellow Adventurer comrade, and what made it worse was that it was coming from the same murderer’s mouth.
“Not that I’d let you return the favour of course,” Rott-Wyler continued, “But it would have been a thrill to let you share his last moment in that warehouse, before the bomb went off and al-AACCCKKK!!!” Suddenly, Rott-Wyler’s voice was choked as Trinity suddenly seized him by his collar, pulling him over the table and slamming him hard against the opposite wall.
Trinity held him tightly, his teeth gritting in rage as he stared straight at Rott-Wyler’s pained face, struggling in his grip. What he wouldn’t give right now to rip this man to pieces, to do away with him, to kill him, this murderer, this monster of what had once been a true human. Every fibre in his body twitched in anger like white-hot pokers, trying to force him to do the deed right here and now…
Then, Rott-Wyler managed to slide a grin into his face while in his position. Something about that grin, Trinity could see, held something familiar, almost like the inner darkness of the villain was taunting him, even if he was holding it at breaking point by the collar…
“Are you really gonna do it this time?” Rott-Wyler gasped through his throat. “Or are you just going to put me in another sling and cast? Make sure to sign the cast when you’re done, heh, heh!”
Behind Trinity, Kardon began to look worried. Was his friend really going to do it? If he did do it, if he finally let his anger get the better of him and murder the villain right on the spot…
But seeing Trinity so angry right here was enough to even make him back off a bit. He was actually afraid of what might happen if he tried to comfort his friend. Had Trinity finally snapped?
Trinity just continued to glare at Rott-Wyler for a few more seconds…
Then his frown replaced the angry look, and he finally dropped Rott-Wyler down to the ground in front of his feet. Rott-Wyler choked for air, and then managed to breathe properly again. He then glanced up at Trinity, with a slight smirk on his face.
“How disappointing,” he muttered. “I was so looking forward to it, when you would finally see what it’s like to be me.”
Trinity just stepped away, in control of himself again. “I’ve already seen it too many times in my life,” he muttered darkly. “Through the eyes of every Dark Lord that I’ve rid this universe of. At least they’re the only beings that I can ever kill.” He finally turned away and started to walk towards the door.
Kardon just looked down at Rott-Wyler, who just smiled and shrugged with his shoulders even though he was lying helpless on the floor. Without sparing a glance longer, Kardon turned and went to take Trinity out of the room, the meeting now over. Rott-Wyler just watched them go, quietly chuckling to himself since he had managed to stir the Adventurer up somewhat.
A shallow victory perhaps, but for him, it had been rather enjoyable.

As the cold metal door slammed behind him, Kardon looked over at Trinity who just turned away and stood looking at a wall. He still looked pretty discomforted after what had happened.
Kardon finally managed to fight back the mental strain and came over to put his hand on Trinity’s shoulder. “You alright?” he asked.
Trinity took in a deep breath, and then let it out, shutting his eyes as if trying to break down the pain. “I think so,” he said. “Who was I kidding, thinking he might know anything? I came very close to undoing myself.”
Kardon patted him on his shoulder, reassuring him. “Everybody has their weak points, Trinity. He knew yours, and he nearly got to you, but you managed to stop yourself. That’s what saved you…you’ve always been strong at heart, Trinity. I don’t know how you do it, but for you to stop yourself from killing the one who killed your friend, that’s a pretty strong willpower.”
Trinity just sighed. “I know…I just wish, he hadn’t spoken about killing Astrono like that. I mean, I know Rott-Wyler was reckless with his torture, but there was no need to brag about it. He nearly gave me a heartache when he almost got to do the same thing with –” Then his voice cut off the moment he thought about it. “Chomper?”
“What is it, Trinity?” Kardon asked, now more curious than concerned for his well-being.
Trinity thought for a moment, and then seemed to realize something. “Wait a minute,” he muttered. “Chomper.” He thought deeply. “That’s right, the one time he stole Chomper from Ruby at the Secret Caverns, just so he could lure me in and use him as a hostage to kill me.” He shuddered at the thought of it…Rott-Wyler had in fact managed to prove his point by hitting Chomper a few times, giving him a black eye and bruising his purple skin. But thankfully, Trinity had managed to save him before the violence had become too brutal.
“But…then again, I can’t really see what that could have to do with what’s happening now, with Count Starr and everything else.” Trinity shook his head. “All this thinking’s confusing me…I’d better take a rest for now.”
“Good idea, Tri-mmmmmph!” Kardon began to say, before suddenly, a gloved hand caught him around his mouth from behind! At the same time, something went THUNK over Trinity’s head and he was knocked unconscious, collapsing on the floor.
Kardon was wrestled back against the wall, where he could now see a group of shady characters wearing masks so they couldn’t be recognized. Only one person walking up calmly stood out amongst them.
The chief of the Temporal Asylum growled through the hand over his mouth as he stared at Lucien Gredey who in turn didn’t look pleased to see him either.
“You’re about to find this was very ill-advised!” Gredey growled at him. “When I demand something I expect to be answered!” As if he didn’t expect Kardon to make a reply, he ignored the growling coming from the chief’s mouth as he was pulled away and forced back out of the maximum confinement. Several other masked people came to pick up Trinity’s prone body and carry it out.
Gredey put his hands in his pockets and followed them out. Having to use force in the Temporal Asylum hadn’t been necessary, but he hated being kept waiting.
Not when there was the promise of a fortune in hand once he delivered Trinity to Veloci.

The thing about Lucien Gredey was this…cross two letters of his last name between each other and he really did live up to his name. Gredey was ‘greedy’. All he cared about was money and power.
Because of this a lot of people didn’t like him at all (what did he care…he didn’t like them either), but there were some candidates who might think similarly to his choice of handling life. Seto Kaiba was one such excuse, and Gredey had remembered hearing about when Seto had complained about being ‘picked on’ by Shelly Blake of the Time Kids, when all she had been doing was telling him the obvious truth that Seto had no friends because he was selfish and cold-hearted.
But Gredey didn’t care for Seto’s excuses either…Gredey too was self-centred and only cared about his own view of life. Money and power were the only things that he craved here in this useless world that he lived in.
Aside from one slight other thing…death to the Adventurer!
Before Trinity had been sentenced to the Temporal Asylum, Gredey had been through a pretty hard case at the law court, and had been fined immensely for his bad manners at calling the last client a ‘wanker’. Personally, he didn’t see what the harm had been in it, but the complaints he had given out about saying a certain word had only made it worse for himself. The more he complained about it, the more they fined him until he was finally out of breath…and his bank out of savings.
Faced with going broke, Gredey feared he was losing his power over what he had in this world. Dealing with Trinity’s sentence hadn’t been very uplifting either. Gredey had wanted nothing more than to kill him straight there in the court, but if he even lifted a finger, the judge would have sentenced him to death on an attempted murder over the despicable Adventurer.
But later, when he had been ‘summoned’ by Victor Veloci in the Mysterious Beyond and heard of his offering, Gredey was prepared to listen. Not only would he be able to relax for the rest of his life with money and power, he would finally get to see Trinity himself killed at his own hand.
Right after Veloci had, of course, used him as bait to kill his enemies.
It was a bargain that Gredey was looking forward to seeing fulfilled, when he would finally have the three things he wanted to relish in for the rest of his life…money, power, and the Adventurer’s death.

“Hurry and get that Adventurer on the plane!” Gredey shouted at the masked people as he followed them outside of the Temporal Asylum. “If we don’t keep on schedule you’ll all lose your share of the bargain!”
One of the masked people came running up holding a certain crystal. “What should we do with this?”
“Give me that!” Gredey snatched it unnecessarily and put it in his pocket. “Never allow him anywhere near this thing again! It belongs to me now!”
Then without saying another word, he walked right past the masked person and hurried to board the plane that was sitting on the nearby runway.
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (25)
While the Great Valley is occupied with another attack caused upon the Great Valley's outpost on the Looking Rock, trouble lurks within the Temporal Asylum as well when Trinity, after visiting Rott-Wyler for any information on Count Starr, is suddenly abducted by the same lawyer who put him into the asylum. What is Gredey's connection with Victor Veloci? Will the Adventurer be able to survive what is yet to come?
Obviously, Lucien Gredey is one of those selfish, careless people who are always so self-centred, and because of this, he doesn't have many friends. He shares this similarity to Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, and with the section I included him in with this chapter, it shows a reference to the picture provided by :icongloverboy23:.…
It was mid-afternoon over the Pridelands. The sun shone down with its brilliant yellow but faintly orange glow, illuminating the sight of Pride Rock standing as the king of all the lands. And it was of no surprise, because Pride Rock was home to the lions, whose leader was queen of all the Pridelands.
Queen Kiara…who ruled over all the animals, with her husband, King Kovu.

Kiara was currently sunning herself upon the tip of Pride Rock, enjoying the sun’s rays like she was feeling the warmth of her grandfather Mufasa smiling down upon her. She let out a cute meow in her bliss, and turned on her back, holding her paws up to the sky and pawing slightly towards the sun, almost as if she was re-living her old cub days when she was so curious about everything.
There was nothing wrong with that.
Kiara let out a wide yawn which showed her big throat, and she looked up into the sky, lost in this tranquil moment…
Until she froze at seeing a strange object flying through the sky, unlike any bird she had ever seen. But as she looked at it, she began to think maybe it wasn’t a bird.
What kind of bird left behind a strange black trail behind it, almost like it was…
Kiara gasped and rolled over, getting up to her feet. She remembered how dangerous fire could be; as she remembered, the one time she had been trying to hunt properly, and had almost fainted with close proximity set to the Pridelands before she was saved by her mate Kovu.
Now, seeing this strange object now coming down towards the Pridelands, if it started a fire out here again, more trouble was bound to rise. She had to stop it from happening.
But Kovu was currently out at the moment, and he had taken Zazu with him. The lionesses were out on their daily hunt, which left her all alone upon Pride Rock.  She sighed as this meant she was the only one to do something about it.
Without putting any further thought into it, she started to jump down the slope of Pride Rock and charge out into the Pridelands, determined to chase the strange object in the sky and stop it from setting fire to her kingdom.

“Drat! I’ve got to land!”
The young teenage boy, John-Paul (or JP as he liked everybody to call him), who happened to be flying the plane, had been annoyed upon finding out the engine hadn’t been fixed properly, but hadn’t expected it to suddenly catch fire. Realizing this was serious, JP started to look around for a safe place to land.
Of course, flying around the savannah wasn’t a good thing, since it was full of a lot of dry grass and would be easy to catch fire if he went anywhere near it. He needed to find somewhere else.
Then he saw a lake of water to the right, quite close to a giant L-shaped rock that was standing as if reaching up to touch him. Deciding to try and land it there, JP steered the plane towards it…
Suddenly, there was a BANG, and the fiery inferno that had once been the engine exploded out and damaged one of the wings. The plane started to wobble out of control.
“Crud!” JP gasped, and immediately reached down to unclip his seat-belt. He held tight as he watched the plane slowly descend down, down, down…straight towards the lake…
And he jumped a second before impact! He landed straight in the water a second right after the plane, as it made contact and fell into pieces as it capsized and soon reduced itself to a pile of broken wood and metal. JP felt the cold water hit him and he held his breath, before kicking with his feet and springing to the surface, swimming to the edge of the water.
Pulling himself out and crawling a slight way away, he breathed slowly, waiting to calm down from the sudden shock of the escapade from his plane. He was stuck out here now, and he had no idea how to get back to safety from here. His map had been on the plane, and it was probably amongst the mess, burning to a crisp. JP sighed, wondering what he was going to do.
He looked over his shoulder, at the remnants of the plane, before he suddenly heard something rustling back in front of him, and he turned his head back around…
And he found himself nose-to-nose with a lioness!

Kiara was relieved to see the flying object coming down to crash into the waterhole, because at least it meant there would be no fire in the Pridelands. But what she was mostly curious about now was the strange creature that she saw leap out of the object before it crashed into the waterhole.
When she saw it emerging from out of the water, her curiosity betrayed her as she had never seen something like this before, and she peeked her head out to take a closer look and sniff the creature…
Just as he looked around and her nose met his!
Something about this sudden moment caught her attention, much like the way she remembered kissing Kovu while they were spending time together. This innocent act made her grin at the human.

“Whoa!” JP cried out and pulled away, stumbling back at the fear of the lioness eating him. “Please…don’t eat me.” He watched as the lioness stepped out of the dry grass, staring at him curiously. He was just about to try and get up from his position…
When suddenly, the lioness did the strangest thing that caught him by surprise.
“I won’t eat you,” it spoke! “I’ve never seen something like you before.”
Needless to say, JP was stunned. “You – you spoke! You can talk?”
Kiara cocked an eyebrow. “Of course I can talk…everybody talks, just like you. What’s your name, strange creature?”
“Uh…John-Paul, but I like everybody to call me JP,” he replied, feeling a bit relieved since it seemed this talking lioness was just curious about him and said that she wouldn’t eat him. “I’m a human, by the way. Do you have a name?”
“Yes, I have a name, JP,” the queen lioness replied with a slight smile. “I’m Kiara, queen of the Pridelands.”
“Queen?” JP was surprised. “H-Have I…uh…intruded in your territory? It wasn’t on purpose…my plane was on fire, and I was forced to come down.”
“I see. So you didn’t purposefully come here,” Kiara nodded, taking a few steps closer to him. “I think I understand. I suppose it would be okay for you to stay for a while.” She sniffed him and took in his scent…something about him was starting to tug in her mind. Did she really mean when she said stay for ‘a while’? Why not longer? For a long time…perhaps forever…hmmm…
“You’re…allowing me to stay here?” JP’s eyes widened. “But I should be trying to get home.”
“Why go?” Kiara asked in a sultry voice. “I’d really like to get to know you better. For a ‘human’, a kind that I’ve never seen before, I could get to like you.”
Kiara grinned and walked up to JP, letting out a gentle purr as she rubbed her head against him. “Really,” she spoke quietly.
JP hadn’t expected that a talking lioness like this one could act so docile to him. What did she really have in mind for him though? If she didn’t want him to leave, then what did she want from him?
Kiara circled around him in his sitting position, eyeing the boy up and down, wondering how he could possibly be so hairless. Never mind; he would at least be nice and smooth to sample when the time came.
As she came around from behind his back, she rubbed her head against his, and then began licking up his hair. Kiara usually liked sampling taste after scent; it made them all the more tasty.
JP almost shuddered the moment he felt that rough tongue starting to make his hair stand up. “W-What are you doing?” he asked.
“Shhh,” Kiara teased him, putting her paw over his mouth. “Just relax…you’re safe here in my Pridelands. I’ll take care of you.” Then without another word, she stood over him and began to open her mouth wide, sliding it gently over his head.
JP almost had a heart attack the moment he felt that softness of her throat close upon the top of his head, and seeing those huge feline teeth slip in front of his vision. He attempted to move, but Kiara’s paw was suddenly holding him in place, as her standing behind him fixed him against her chest. “You-you said you wouldn’t…” he stammered.
Kiara murmured over closing her mouth over her little friend’s head. “Eat you?” she managed to mouth over him. “I won’t eat you in that way, JP…trust me, you’ll be okay.”
Then she started to widen her jaws as the human’s shoulders slipped inside, and the light in JP’s world was blotted out as he could see nothing but the fleshy walls of Kiara’s throat. Oddly enough, the flesh didn’t seem quite so sticky as it could have been, and for a meat-eater, the queen lioness seemed to have a fresh scent, so JP’s nose didn’t have reason to wrinkle up.
Kiara purred deeply as she took in JP’s chest and shoulders, managing to swallow quickly so she could take in his arms, and loosen her mouth up a bit. With half the human inside her, she was able to hoist him up, so that he was dangling above her, and it would be easier for him to swallow him down.
JP moved about a bit, still finding it hard to believe this was happening. While part of him feared the worst about being eaten, another part wondered curiously why this feline queen of Africa was being so gentle with him. She wasn’t even biting him into pieces…swallowing him whole was queer. Again he thought what she really had in mind for him, as he felt himself sliding further down her throat, and by then his head began to emerge into Kiara’s stomach.
The queen lioness yummed him up more and more, taking him in further until his legs were hanging out, weakly thrashing up and down, but it didn’t hamper Kiara’s pace at swallowing him down. “Almost there…” she murmured. “You’ll be mine soon, my cub.” Her purrs went deeper as she swallowed down more of his legs.
As JP squeezed down into her stomach, he wondered what Kiara meant when she said the word ‘cub’. How in the world could swallowing him whole have anything to do with making him into her cub? It didn’t make sense, but he would just have to wait to find out.
Finally, Kiara made it up to his feet. “Mmmm…yum,” she muttered as she lightly bit upon those two dainty objects in her mouth, and then, taking one final swallow, she sealed the boy completely inside her, and shut her mouth, licking her lips at his delicious taste. She eyed the bulge in her belly, and smiled warmly.
Kiara had done well after eating up the young human boy, for what she had intended was working like a charm. Instead of letting JP get digested for food, she had chosen to unbirth him instead…make him into her own lion cub. It wasn’t that she was barren or something…oh no, she had just felt that the young boy was so adorable and cute that she couldn’t help but feel a little love for him.
“Rest well, my dear, you’ll need it for when I ‘let you out’,” she cooed gently, and then, looking back towards Pride Rock, she proudly trotted off with her belly swaying, plump full of human cub.

A month or so later…

Kiara was just waking up from her nap upon the tip of Pride Rock again when she felt it happen. She started going into labour. She worked hard to deliver, and while the lionesses minded her and helped to treat her, she eventually managed to give birth, and a young male lion cub emerged out into the world. JP had indeed been reborn…into Kiara’s own son.
Panting wearily from her deliverance, Kiara slowly moved over to her new cub. “Hello, my son,” she cooed. “Welcome home.”
The cub seemed to meow in surprise. “I’m…I’m a lion cub!” JP looked up at Kiara.
“Yes…and you’ll grow to be quite a handsome lion and future heir,” Kiara started licking him up, cleaning him and marking him with her scent, claiming him to be rightfully hers. “Believe me, JP…I wasn’t wrong when I said I would eat you that way!”
Despite being a lion cub now, JP still seemed to maintain some of his human memories and instincts, and for a moment he thought it strange to have been made into a lioness’s cub, but his new mother’s gentle tongue, her scent, and her comforting paws upon him allowed him to relax, and simply purr as he snuggled into her chest and let her bathe him. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad after all to be a lion…not to mention the future heir to the throne…
Meal for the Queen Lioness, Kiara
For :iconstarfighter101:...his OC John-Paul, or JP as he likes to be called, crashes his plane in the Pridelands, and he encounters the lioness Kiara, who is now Queen of the Pridelands. She takes a liking to young JP and decides to make him into her cub...
Story includes vore and unbirth.
Within a deep forest, all seemed to be silent and quiet. Only a few sounds of birds chirping nearby could be heard as somewhere within the forest, a herd of deer were grazing quietly together, nibbling at the grass that they found quite delicious.
But they were not alone.
Because if anybody thought that the deer themselves were delicious, the wolves did.
They were slowly sneaking up upon the herd through the bushes nearby, each one licking their lips at the thought of filling their bellies. There were plenty of the tasty cervine to go around.
Then one wolf, obviously the leader of the group, nodded at his fellow canines, to split up and cut off any possible escape routes, so the herd couldn’t hope to get away. Coming in from all directions would make it easier for the wolves to catch them.
The wolves all separated to the sides, slowly making their way around the area to cut the herd off from every possible getaway direction. As soon as they were almost in position, the lead wolf began to stalk even closer, almost to the edge of the bushes, intending to make the first move and grab the plumpest, tastiest doe nearby, while prompting the rest of the herd to move off, straight into the ambush.
And they would feast well. Their leader would be proud of their successful hunt.

But what even the wolves didn’t know, was that something else was watching what was happening. Another creature was hiding amongst the bushes, unseen by the wolves and the herd. It was not quite as big as a wolf, but it stalked silently through the bushes and watched as the wolves were getting ready to pounce from their positions, to get their claws and teeth upon the herd.
A tongue ran hungrily over the creature’s lips. It was going to enjoy this.
There was a moment’s pause. The lead wolf was just about to leap out and pounce out upon the nearest doe…
When suddenly, the unseen creature made its move and pounced out from the bushes!
The herd of deer immediately looked up in surprise, and got ready to bolt…
And to their surprise, the creature zoomed straight past them…
…and pounced upon the lead wolf hiding in the bushes! The canine let out a surprised howl, which immediately alerted the herd and caused them to bolt at the presence of wolves.
The other wolves, though surprised at the leader’s sudden howl, immediately leapt out of their hiding places, and attempted to make their catches…
But before they could seize the deer, the same creature suddenly ran at the wolves with surprising speed and smacked into them one at a time, shoving them away and saving the herd from getting attacked. Even the young were spared. They broke through an opening and ran for their lives.
As the herd disappeared, the creature stopped where they had been in the beginning, and the wolves all gathered around, snarling angrily at having been robbed of their meals. The lead wolf pounced out from the bushes, his teeth glistening with furious anger. They soon surrounded him together.
“You little pest!” the lead wolf growled angrily. “How dare you try to steal our dinner!” He eyed the young teenage fox up and down, who simply stood in the middle of their circle, wearing an eager face which was rather confusing, because normally, a fox like this should be frightened of their murderous intent.
Not this one though. He simply chuckled. “Why would I do that?” he asked. “Did you really think I was after the deer?” He surprisingly took a step closer to the angry leader, and licked his lips.
The lead wolf’s anger seemed to leave him as he stared in confusion at the young fox approaching him, with eager intentions. The fox wanted to eat…him?
Then that meant…
The other wolves began to realize this too, and suddenly, instead of closing in on the fox, they began to take a step or two backward, with a hint of fear upon their faces.
This had to be Ricky, the very same fox. The very mention of him was enough to send a chill up the spine of a predator, and with good reason too.
This fox could eat wolves.
The lead wolf stammered anxiously. “G-G-Get him, you idiots!” he croaked, and turned tail, running off like a coward.
But all the other wolves didn’t seem to think that was such a good idea. They immediately turned and ran for their lives as well, not wanting to become food for the young fox.
Ricky just laughed. “Yes, run like the mongrels you are,” he grinned, licking his lips again. “That makes you all the more tastier.” Then, he began to run.
And whenever Ricky ran, no creature was ever safe.

(Music starts)
The wolves run through the forest, terror stricken through their faces as they can’t bear to look back.
Here in the forest, here is my meal
No one can ever try to stop me for real
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do

The wolves start to split up in different directions, but as they do, something goes zooming behind them like a bullet.
Dash through the bushes, run for your life
There’s no escape you’re on the edge of the knife
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do

Then as a wolf dashes through another bush, there is a sudden ZOOM, and the very fast object slams into the wolf, knocking him over. The wolf goes rolling.
In touch with the ground
I'm on the hunt I'm after you

The wolf stops rolling and manages to weakly stand up. He nervously puts up a stance as he finds Ricky standing in front of him, with his eyes piercing into the wolves’ own eyes, with the intention of sampling the delicious wolf meat.
Smell like I sound, I'm chasing a crowd
And I'm hungry for the wolf

The tongue laps hungrily at the fox’s lips as Ricky suddenly zooms off at lightning speed away from the scene, and the wolf can’t see where he has gone.
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I'm on the hunt I'm after you

The bushes whiz past as Ricky, running incredibly fast, chases after another two wolves, easily overtaking them from the side-line. He pants as he runs, with drool running down his mouth.
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry for the wolf

Then he charges to the wolves and knocks them over too, one into each other, sending them falling into a nearby pit where they can’t get out. Ricky dodges off again to catch the next wolf. He sees another hoping to run away from him.
You can’t escape no matter how much you try
I’ll hunt you down until the end is nigh
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do

Ricky’s tongue hangs out as he continues the chase. He finally pounces on the wolf’s back and bites him on the neck, causing the wolf to fall. Ricky then leaps off and chases another wolf ahead.
Heat on your fur is so delicious to bite
And when I catch you, you can’t hope to fight
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do

The wolf runs like mad, but when he trips and falls, he turns and expects Ricky to pounce on him. But Ricky doesn’t appear, and the wolf thinks he’s escaped after all. He turns, just as Ricky attacks him from the front, having sneaked around him when the wolf wasn’t looking. They roll over the ground again.
In touch with the ground
I'm on the hunt I'm after you

Ricky again bites the wolf on the neck, and the injured canine howls in pain, before Ricky lunges off to chase the rest of the pack.
A scent and a sound, it’s you that I’ve found
And I'm hungry for the wolf

Two other wolves are following the hunting leader as he runs for his life. He glances over his shoulder to see Ricky chasing after all three of them.
Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine, I'm after you

Determined to escape, the leader treacherously hits the other two wolves behind him one at a time with his hind-paws to serve as a distraction for Ricky.
Mouth is alive, you’re burning inside
And I'm hungry for the wolf

The wolves tumble down, hitting the ground, and whimper as they fear the worst. The leader just keeps running away, not caring if his own kind is eaten by the fox.
Finally, the forest gives way to a clearing and the leader runs all the way across the field, realizing that there aren’t any other wolves left to join him in his retreat. He is astonished to see Ricky managed to attack them all so quickly.
Hungry for a tasty wolf…
Shutting his eyes in regret, the wolf runs for the safety of his den on the other side of the field. He is almost there, when Ricky suddenly pounces on the leader and bowls him over.
Burning the ground, I break from the crowd
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you

The wolf lay still upon the ground, whimpering in fright as Ricky walks over to him, eager to eat.
I smell like I sound, it’s you that I’ve found
And I'm hungry for the wolf

Ricky then opens his mouth wide, and begins to take the wolf’s head inside.
Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you

The wolf whines with hopelessness as Ricky swallows down, taking in the head fully and swallowing down to the neck. Saliva runs down his lips as he feasts on the tasty wolf flesh.
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry for the wolf

Another swallow and the wolf’s forelegs are taken in, the paws hanging out of Ricky’s mouth as he continues to eat up the wolf, running his tongue over the tasty wolf’s stomach.
Burning the ground, I break from the crowd
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you

Ricky then finally has enough of the wolf inside him to lift his head up and swallow the wolf’s rear downwards.
A scent and a sound, it’s you that I’ve found
And I'm hungry for the wolf

All that remains of the doomed wolf is the rear-legs and tail. The tail dangles limply out of Ricky’s mouth but the rear-legs point upwards as he starts to swallow them down. They feebly kick about in the air, but get nowhere.
Strut on a line, it's discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine, I'm after you

Ricky makes one big swallow and the legs and tail go sliding down, leaving only the rear-paws sitting between the young fox’s jaws, which he nibbles upon for a moment.
Mouth is alive, you’re burning inside
And I'm hungry for the wolf

Then he finally swallows the paws down, and licks his jaws upon finishing his meal. He looks around to admire his fully-engorged belly full of wolf meat.
(Music ends)

As Ricky started to make his way home, though moving slower as his full stomach was weighing him down, he smiled as he believed he had done away with another target in the wolf pack. Taking down the pack’s hunting party had been worth it…the pack’s true leader wouldn’t be pleased with losing his hunting party, and sooner or later, he would have to come out of hiding from wherever he was in the forest.
And when he did, Ricky would look forward to justice…in taking down the same wolf leader that had killed his first family, his fox family. Ricky had sworn that someday he would get even with the evil wolf pack, and this victory today had brought him one step closer to that day.
It was just as well he had learned to hunt wolves like a pro…living with and learning from his friends Lily and Luc had been very worth it.
He remembered when Lily, the carnivorous white-tailed deer, had first found him, and it made him smile every time he thought of her eating him up for the first time, before taking him home to meet her mate, Luc, the lone wolf, whose pack was trying to kill him. It was odd that all three of them had lost their own family, herd or pack, but in a way, it made all three of them family together.
And Ricky hadn’t looked upon them like family just because they too had lost their own kin…he appreciated them both for their help. Not only had they shown him how to move like lightning and yet as silently as a ghost, they had also taught him to enjoy meat again just like any predator would.
And as time had gone on, Ricky had soon learned also to enjoy the meat of actual predators, including wolves.
This was how he had gotten his reputation as a wolf-eating fox while growing up. Nobody messed with Ricky and his friends here in their forest, and once the enemy wolf pack was dead and buried, then he would finally be content.
Smiling, Ricky made his way over to the pit he had knocked the two wolves into earlier, and looked down to see if they were still there. He was certain he had dug the pit big enough to keep them from getting out.
The wolves were still there. They were weak with energy after trying to get out, and were lying prone at the bottom. They would make a pretty good dinner for Lily. Now he just needed to find something for Luc. Probably a few raccoons would do nicely.
He had enough energy and movement left to do one last hunt for the day…
Ricky the Fox - Hungry for the Wolf
This one is for :icondj-xyclone: and The Nostapalian from FurAffinity, who respectively own Lily and Luc.
Young Ricky the fox is now a little older since the day he met Lily and Luc. Over the time he has spent with them he has grown stronger and faster, even more so than the average fox. He has also redeveloped the taste for meat - and not just any meat, either. As proven in the story, he's taken a liking to the wolves that he swore to get even with after they killed his family years back. A clear case of this is when he vores down the hunting leader of the pack.
I based this partly on the song Hungry Like the Wolf done by Duran Duran. I tried retyping the lyrics to match up with it to speak through Ricky's point of view. Hope you guys like it.
I'm just about to check in for the Backstreet Boys concert tonight. Just having one of those casual Friday nights, since I don't go out a lot.
Today I heard an old favourite track, Hungry Like the Wolf from Duran Duran, my favourite Guitar Hero song. It left me thinking of the Ricky the Fox character I made after meeting :icondj-xyclone:, so I'm thinking of making a new part to his life, probably set when he's a little older.
I'll be focusing on a few priorities too. This includes the next chapter in Great Valley Wars and the Chronicles of Hayden, and also a vore story I promised for :iconstarfighter101:.
Within the Secret Caverns that served as a secret pathway between the Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond, something appeared to be taking place.
Something was glowing deep within the caverns, but there was nobody around to see it. The glow lasted for a few seconds, before finally fading and the caverns returned to their normal, dull, bleak, cavern-like atmosphere.
Then the sound of footsteps could be heard.
The form of a young, orange-coloured Sharptooth with blue eyes appeared from around the corner of where the glowing had taken place. It turned out to be Yoko, the young tyrannosaurus rex from the Ice Age era. His mouth contained a very big smile as he felt proud at being able to come here to the Great Valley, particularly because it meant he could catch up with his human girlfriend, Shelly Blake.
Then, from behind Yoko, more footsteps were heard. It turned out his brother and sister, Egbert and Shelly, had come along with him. But they didn’t seem as excited as their sibling did.
“Yoko, you’re nuts coming all the way out here,” Shelly complained. “Just to see her.”
Yoko looked over his shoulder at her in annoyance. This was the umpteenth time he had heard this, and he was getting annoyed. I knew I should have left her at home, he thought to himself.“Well, you’re not helping with your constant complaining, Shell,” Yoko retorted as he began leading them through the Secret Caverns. “Besides, you don’t get out enough, wanting to stay home instead of going out on an adventure. Adventures are great fun.”
“Yeah,” Egbert muttered nervously. “But what’s Mom going to say when we get back?”
Yoko didn’t have an answer. He hadn’t thought much about what he was going to tell Momma Dino when they got back home. His mind had been set on his human friends, and in his blind thoughts to see them again, he hadn’t thought about anything else.
He simply shrugged, and Egbert and Shelly just glanced at each other, worried about their brother.

A moment later, Yoko finally led them out of the Secret Caverns, and breathed in a lungful of fresh air. Something about being in a whole new world felt amazing even to a young T-rex like him. Yoko could feel the spirit of adventure burning within him, and he couldn’t wait to explore it.
But first things first…there was a friend to find.
“Now,” he muttered, “I’m pretty sure Michael said that the Dinosaur Protection Force was close to here, but which way was it?”
“To the right,” Shelly suggested.
“No, left!” Egbert argued.
But just then, the sound of something emerging from the caverns behind them caught their attention. The three young Sharpteeth turned in surprise, and the moment they heard a strange sound getting closer, they knew there was trouble.
“Hide!” Yoko shouted. Together they dove to the side of the caverns and hid behind a boulder. They watched carefully from around the corner, and suddenly, the form of a familiar-looking demonic Fast-Biter emerged out into the Great Valley as well.
Yoko’s brow narrowed. “Not him again…” he whispered.

Victor Veloci didn’t care how many times he found a way through the Secret Caverns to reach the Great Valley. All that mattered was that he was putting his plan into action. With the trap baited and set for Trinity the Adventurer, he had earlier told Redclaw and Thud to search for their missing companion, Screech, while keeping an eye out for Dr. Tenma at the same time in case he decided to attack or taunt them again.
In the meantime, Veloci would storm the Great Valley himself. He had a suspicion he knew where Tenma had really gone…to meet up with Chomper. After all, he had been responsible for the young Sharptooth’s deadly lightsaber weapons. He would get answers from this, and even if he had to pin down the mad doctor and tear him to shreds for answers, he would do it.
Veloci let out a determined growl, and then set off running in his Fast-Biter form, in the direction where he knew the Dinosaur Protection Force was.

Yoko quietly emerged from hiding with Egbert and Shelly right behind him as he watched Veloci disappearing into the Great Valley. His expression was now filled with concern.
“Looks like there’s gonna be trouble with that biter-brain if we don’t stop him,” Yoko muttered. “We’d better hurry and chase after him.”
“But, Yoko…!” Shelly started to complain again…
But it was pointless, as Yoko was already running after Veloci and didn’t hear a word she said. Beside his sister, Egbert just shook his head, knowing this was hopeless. He just stared at Shelly, and she quietened down. Then they took off after their determined brother.

* * *

Elsewhere in the Great Valley, both Michael and Q-Zone had met up, having tried to compare their information found, but it wasn’t very fruitful. They weren’t much closer to finding Count Starr, but they were hoping at least to find something through one last link they had…
Chomper. He had seen the Count…he was bound to know something.
“I wonder why we didn’t just ask him from the start,” Michael wondered.
Q-Zone snorted. “Hmph…I’m a hunter, not an interrogator. But I’d give anything a go if it means keeping war from breaking out even beyond this Land before Time. I mean, if war starts out over this universe again, there’ll be no more bounties for me.”
Michael didn’t reply to that. Perhaps he didn’t know the whole story behind Q-Zone’s past, but he accepted the fact that Q-Zone was simply helping them out because both he and Arty were doing everything they could for their friend Trinity. The Adventurer didn’t deserve to be locked in the Temporal Asylum…if they could just find the Count and take him into custody, they could clear their friend’s name and get him out of there.
But this wouldn’t be easy…the Count practically had an invisible reputation.
“Well, let’s just head back to the DPF for now and see how the others are getting along,” Michael suggested. He started to jump back into Christine. Q-Zone was just about to follow when he suddenly glanced in the direction to his left. “What’s that?”
“What’s what?”
Q-Zone pulled up a pair of binoculars and focused. “There’s something happening on the Looking Rock…I can see it even from a mile away. Looks like there’s some kind of fire there.”
Michael glanced over. “You don’t mean…the outpost?”
“Could be,” Q-Zone put down the binoculars. “I’ll go and check it out…I’ll meet back with you guys at the DPF.” And before another word could be said, he fired up his jetpack and took off in the direction of the Looking Rock. Michael nodded and started Christine up, throttling off down the road towards the DPF.

* * *

At the Dinosaur Protection Force, the friends had all gathered around after their search for the Elements around the Great Valley.
“Any luck?” Jane asked the others.
“We found this one,” Littlefoot spoke as Ruby held up the Psychic Element, and placed it on the table in front of him. “We found it in the Hidden Canyon, where those fruits block off an entrance to the Great Valley. But it wasn’t easy since we did have to wear down its power before we could actually claim it. Good thing Ruby already mastered its abilities.”
Ruby nodded in agreement. The training she had gone through with Trinity previously had sharpened her mind, so being the cunning Fast-Runner that she was, she had no trouble managing to defeat the psychokinetic creatures that the Element had summoned as a defense mechanism. It was odd to think that a spherical palm-sized object like this could act on its own if left out of control.
“Any others?” Arty asked.
“We found one too, we did, we did,” Ducky piped in as Shelly put the Light Element upon the table. Ducky’s guess to search in the secret cavern under the Thundering Falls had been a good one. She had already found it once there with Trinity, although a Shadow Demon had beaten them to it. The shadowy influence had caused the element to create a shadowy version of Trinity called Darkwave, which acted much like a mirrored version of him. Although they found they had to face Darkwave again in the same cavern, luckily Shelly had been armed with the Chronos Hammer, a potentially powerful weapon that Darkwave was unable to shield against. Destroying him with it dispelled the dark shield over the cavern, and allowed them to take the Element.
“That’s two so far…five to go,” Jane counted her fingers.
“Five to go, indeed, heh heh,” a different voice suddenly spoke up, making them whirl on the spot. There, standing in a corner of the room, was Dr. Tenma, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. “I like scavenger hunts in a way…after all, they bear a similarity to a hunter tracking prey.”
“Tenma?” Josiah stared at him. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, I’m just keeping an eye on you while a friend of mine is making preparations for taking control of the Great Valley,” Tenma grinned.
Everybody glanced at each other.
Then Tenma suddenly seemed to de-materialize, and vanish from where he was standing. “He’s been keeping a step ahead of both you and Veloci,” Tenma’s voice suddenly spoke from the other side of the room, and they turned again to see him just strolling casually up to them. “He takes no chances in letting any distractions bring the plan to a halt.”
“Plan?” Cera growled. “We won’t let you get away with this!” She pawed the ground with the intention to charge. While Littlefoot and the others just stared at her, they made no intention to try and stop her, because once she acted like this, she couldn’t be stopped.
“I’m afraid to disappoint you, little Threehorn,” Tenma smirked. “But we already have. If any of you had really been paying attention while you were out looking for the Elements, perhaps you might have notice that Chomper had been sneaking away?”
The moment he said this, everybody jolted. Yes, it was true! Chomper wasn’t with them!
Tenma just laughed. “Some friends you are to him indeed! Good thing that while you were distracted I took the opportunity to urge him into attacking the outpost on the Looking Rock.”
“Chomper!” Ruby gasped. “Oh no!”
Tenma disappeared again, this time re-appearing standing on the table where the Elements were laid out. “After all, that’s where Michael keeps an eye out for any trouble from the Mysterious Beyond, isn’t it?” He made an impression of sight-seeing by putting a hand over his eyes and staring out in a direction. He laughed. “To put it simply, Chomper is disabling your eyes to the outside of the valley. Just bringing it one step closer to the assault that is to come.”
“What’s in it for you though?” Jane determinedly asked. “You were supposed to specialise in robots, not dinosaurs. Why did this Count guy choose you to be involved in this war?”
“Starr believes I can make Chomper into the ultimate dinosaur ruler of this world,” Tenma laughed. “Which is something very similar to the dream I’ve always fantasized. I was intrigued by his offer, so how could I refuse? Besides, it makes a change from Astro Boy…Darth Chomp will soon rise again, I kid you not.”
Then he de-materialized again, this time appearing just near the door leading out of the room. “Oh, by the way,” he finished. “I’m not going to bother taking those Elements from you, because it wouldn’t be much fun if you don’t get to finish your little hunt first. In the meantime, I’ll just let you get acquainted with another…uh…problem.”
Then he simply walked out the doorway. The gang immediately started charging to get at him, but the moment they opened the door and stared down the hallway, he was already gone, having teleported away the moment he had left their field of vision.
Arty clenched his fist. “I don’t believe this…first they corrupt Chomper, then they trick Trinity into getting locked away, and now they’re exposing us to this war that they fantasize. What are we going to do?” He was particular distressed about it because he didn’t think it was fair that his brother was being treated like this.
If only he could see it through Trinity’s eyes…how the Adventurer had managed to stay cool even through the toughest times. How did he ever do it?
“It’s okay, Arty,” Ruby put her hand upon his shoulder, offering him a bit of comfort. “We’re not going to let war destroy the Great Valley. We’ll stop this from happening.”
“For sure,” Jane agreed. “If we still stick together, we can do it.” The others all agreed.
“Uh…” Ken began to say. “But what did Tenma mean when he said ‘problem’?”
They weren’t sure.
Suddenly, there was an explosion, and the DPF shook. Everybody nearly fell down.
“What was that?” Shelly gasped. “It sounds like something just broke inside!”
“Me not so sure about this,” Petrie began to stammer, and dove straight into Littlefoot’s neck, his teeth chattering in fright. The young Longneck just rolled his eyes.
Everybody braced themselves, unsure whether to leave the room or not, in case they saw something they dreaded to see. Arty quickly ran over to the table and pocketed the two Elements they had found, while the others prepared the Dinosaur Emeralds for use.
There was a moment’s pause…
Then, CRASH! The door came falling in! And a familiar-looking raptor with evil yellow eyes stood glaring at them all.
“Veloci,” Ruby grimaced.
“Where is he, then?” the Fast-Biter snarled. “Where is Tenma? And your little Biter friend? Where are they?”
Everybody took a step back. Despite being armed with some pretty handy equipment, they dared not stand against one of the evillest, most cunning and violent Fast-Biters ever known to exist. It was obvious that this was the ‘problem’ Tenma had casually ‘warned’ them about.
“Are you going to tell me or not?” Veloci hissed, getting impatient.
“Why should we tell you?” Shelly shouted at him. “Even if we did know, we wouldn’t tell you anyway, because you’d just kill Tenma and Chomper.”
Veloci glanced at her. “Dear little Shelly Blake,” he hissed in a teasingly fashion. “You act so much like a heroine even at such a young age. But you’re still so young, and fragile to my claws.”
Then he charged instantly. The instant move made everybody nearly jump out of their skin, and in the confusion, Veloci quickly sprang at Shelly and seized her in his claws. She cried out as he pulled her away from the rest of the group, and dropped her upon the ground in a corner of the room. The others tried to stop Veloci, but the moment he whipped his tail around, nearly hitting Arty and Josiah, they stopped, and backed off the moment he screeched demonically at them.
Then Veloci grinned as he looked back down at the frightened Shelly below him. “And you have a lot to tell me, my dear,” he hissed. “Unless you’d rather see me kill your other friends first. So do tell me, little Shelly, everything that you know, about Tenma, about Chomper…”
Then he ran a cold talon down her cheek, which made Shelly shudder in disgust.
“And you have also to tell me about your special wristband that makes you into a dinosaur,” he purred excitedly. “Such a beautiful humanoid dinosaur…”
Suddenly, a huge door on the side of the room labelled ‘Storage Room’ started to rise open. Everybody immediately turned at the sound, including Veloci, whose face became angry again upon being distracted again.
The huge door rose open to reveal something mechanical, almost robot like, only it looked like a machine accustomed to lifting heavy loads. The lights flickered on inside, and the machine slowly rose to life, taking steady steps towards the crowd, revealing a familiar orange figure piloting the machine from inside.
The young dinosaur Yoko glared at Veloci. “Get away from my human, you son of a carnivore!”
Great Valley Wars: Conviction of Darkness (24)
A surprise awaits the Great Valley...visitors from the Ice Age era had arrived in the form of Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko! Yoko has led them here in the hope of meeting up with Shelly Blake, but he is unaware of what trouble there is befalling the Great Valley until he suddenly sees Veloci intending to attack the DPF.
But more troubles are brewing as Q-Zone sights something queer on the Looking Rock outpost, while Tenma is seen taunting the rest of the gang after they have found two Elements. But when Veloci then shows up looking for answers, who will come to Shelly Blake's rescue when she tries to stands up to him?

Things to point out in this section
I consider the 'Darkwave' scene a bit of an outtake on the Dark Link encounter in Ocarina of Time from the Zelda franchise. I decided to arm Shelly and Ducky with the Chronos Hammer (Megaton Hammer), as the dark nemesis is unable to shield against this heavy weapon.
Also, the scene at the end with Yoko piloting the machine in the Storage Room while confronting Veloci is a spoof of Aliens, where Lt. Ripley confronts the alien queen in a sparring match on board the Sulaco. Here's a picture provided by :icongloverboy23:...…

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