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Kaa grinned as he finally stopped his hypnotic gaze. Mowgli was already firmly in his power, and was totally helpless, his eyes still spiraling with the hypnotic colors Kaa had bestowed upon him. Sssssssome day indeed I will get this yummy man-cub, the python thought with a wicked smile as he started to loop himself around the man-cub, coil after coil. Maybe Sssssshere Khan will think that I wasssss too late to ssssssave little Mowgli, and that Mugger would have eaten him up, bones and all. But that won't ssssssstop me now for having my mosssssst deliciousssssss meal now.
He licked his lips hungrily, and then slowly opened his jaws, approaching Mowgli's head...
And then...he felt a familiar pull on his tail...
"Eh?" his mouth closed. It wasn't Shere Khan, was it? How annoying it would be to be bothered by that tiger again! His eyes narrowed sinisterly.
But then...he felt something rub the end of his tail softly.
And then...he heard the voice...
"Kaa! Kaa, my darling! Are you there? Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
The python's mind immediately softened...he knew that voice anywhere.

Down below at the foot at the tree, stood a young lady, who appeared to be between 16 to 21 years of age (or so some males figured she was). Her eyes sparkled in the bright sunlight, though they were slightly shaded by her rich, long, brown hair that flowed down past her neck, blowing softly in the jungle's cool breeze.
Her name was Bianca. Today she was dressed in a nice glittering green dress that, if she were up in the tree, would have blended in nicely with the leaves.
And she had come once again to the see her unusual love interest.
Although she had to avoid a certain angry crocodile that she had seen rampaging through the jungle, she knew that finding her love wouldn't be too difficult. Eventually she spotted Kaa's long, brown tail hanging loosely from the tree, swaying from side to side. She giggled and pranced up towards it, giving it a small pull, before rubbing it gently to get his attention.
"Where are you, Kaa?" she called. "It's me."
From up above, the sound of coils shifting around could be heard.

Kaa's smile grew largely on his lips as he carefully unraveled his coils to place Mowgli in a safe position high in the tree. He didn't like being interrupted from his meal, but if there was one person he didn't mind at all, it was the human girl that he loved.
Then once the man-cub was lying down peacefully on the branches, he bent down his neck and began to traverse his way down the tree.
The moment he saw Bianca, he felt his heart melt upon seeing her lovely form, especially the beautiful shade of green she wore around her. Just the sort of thing he would love to keep up in the tree with him for all eternity.
"Bianca," he spoke softly. "Sssssso nice to ssssssee you again."
Bianca coyly sidled up to him, and stroked his scales fondly. "Hello Kaa, my love," she mimicked his tone of a snake. "I'm sssssso happy to ssssssee you too."
"It isssss always a pleassssssure to have you near me, my love. Come up with me." He let a loop of coils down for her to sit on.
Bianca didn't hesitate; she sat down on it and let him lift her up on his self-made conveyer belt into the tree. She pushed a few of the branches out of her way, and soon she was at the top, where Kaa's head immediately emerged to join her.
"Mmm, Kaa, you make it so easy," she giggled as she felt her seat gently jiggle a bit, giving out a rocking motion. She couldn't imagine at that moment what her life would be like if she hadn't met Kaa to begin with.
She was in fact, about to bring his head forward and give him a kiss when suddenly, she heard a snoring sound, and looking to the side, she saw a young man-cub lying upon the branches nearby.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Bianca chuckled. "I didn't know you were going to have a meal."
"That'sssssss all right," Kaa chuckled. "My meal can wait. Having you with me isssssss alwayssssss more important."
Bianca blushed at the comment. "You know, since you've been so sweet to me over time, I've decided I want to give you a special treatment."
"Treatment, you ssssssay?" Kaa grinned. "I really ought to give you a treatment firsssssssst." He immediately began to bring his coils around, and start to wrap Bianca up in them.
"Now hold on, my love," Bianca spoke seductively, holding the coils down. "You treated me last time; now it's time I gave you a treatment."
Then before Kaa knew what was happening, he suddenly saw a change of color in Bianca's eyes; they sparkled brightly and began to turn a sharp bright-green, about as green as her dress. Unable to look away from those eyes, Kaa began to feel drowsy, losing his mind as he uncontrollably relaxed, unaware that for once, the mighty python was being hypnotized himself!
Bianca's eyes finally dimmed and she smiled at her love as he hung in a trance-like state with his eyes shining with that same bright-green glow. For once, it was not Kaa using his hypnotic powers; the human girl was now using her own mind-bending powers upon her snake lover. And this time she was going to give him a treatment he probably wouldn't even remember having!
But though she had been looking forward to giving him the treatment, she felt perhaps a little intro might spice things up a bit. And what better way was there to do it than a dance? Bianca held her arms up, and balanced carefully upon Kaa's coils as she began to perform her dance. Kaa's body began to twist and turn and create shapes in accordance with her moves; she had really been looking forward to doing a snake dance with her love.
She hissed gently, and then began to sing as she danced:

Dancssssssse with me, jussssssst with me
Dancssssssse and sssssssssee, you belong to me

Move yoursssssself, sssssssslide with eassssssse
Through the leavesssssss, of the treesssssssss

Follow my motions to keep in, the flow of this wonderful dance
The way that your coils move, you're a star that can prance

She paused for a moment as Kaa's head swung loosely in front of her, his coils still moving in accordance to the dance. She stepped up towards him and took his head in her hands.
"You're so...amazing..." she gently licked his cheek. Kaa sighed unconsciously and replied, "Thank you." Bianca smiled and continued to sing.

Dancssssssse with me, jussssssst with me
Dancssssssse and sssssssssee, you belong to me

The dance continued on for another five or ten minutes, before Kaa's entire body finally slumped down and his eyes gently shut, falling into a deep, hypnotic sleep.
Bianca looked admiringly at him, and chuckled. Time for your treatment, she thought as she began to slowly take off her sparkling green dress...

* * *

Doing it with her love never seemed to get old, no matter how many times they had done it. As she slipped back into her dress, she looked at her love as he hung loosely from the tree branch, with an expression like he was in heaven. Smiling, she leaned in close to him, and then gently lifted his eyelids, to see the familiar bright-green color irradiating from them.
She snapped her fingers.
The bright-green color immediately vanished from Kaa's eyes and their familiar yellow reptilian color returned. "Huh...w-what?" he stuttered, having woken up from his trance.
"Don't worry, my love," Bianca stroked him fondly. "Did you enjoy the treatment?"
"Mmmmm," Kaa smiled seductively. "I ssssssscertainly did...I feel ssssssso much more at peace." He gently swayed around her. "Would you like me to return the favor?"
Bianca stroked his nose and looked him deep in the eyes. "I'd like that, Kaa...but I'm afraid I have to go now. I've got something important to do...but I will come back, and see what you have in mind for me."
"Ahhh, I sssssssee," Kaa nodded. "What issssss it you need to do?"
"Well," Bianca told him, "I heard somebody passed by the local man-village recently, but the people there say he was full of adventure...and I've heard of a certain person who matches that personality. People call him the Adventurer, but he goes by the name of Trinity."
"Trinity?" Kaa was confused. "But isssssssn't Trinity meant to be a girl'ssssssss name?"
"That's what some people say," Bianca nodded. "I guess it does sound kind of strange, but there must be some reason behind it. Anyway, I've been hoping to meet him in person, so I'd better hurry along."
"I undersssssstand," Kaa nodded. "Let me help you down then."
Then after Kaa gently brought her down to the ground, they both gave themselves one final big hug, body against coils, and Bianca gently kissed Kaa's nose. "Goodbye, my love," she cooed before finally turning and running off into the bushes.
"Goodbye, my ssssssssweet," Kaa called after her. I hope sssssssshe doessssss come back sssssssoon; I can't wait to give her the treatment sssssssshe sssssssso much desssssservessssss.

Then after returning back up to the tree, Kaa gave out a huge sigh of content...and then remembered.
Ah yessssss, he grinned. Time to return to my lunch...
He immediately turned towards the still-hypnotized Mowgli lying on the branches, and he carefully put his coils back around him, holding the man-cub snugly in front of Kaa.
The python licked his lips and began to open his wide mouth, ready to begin his much-wanted meal, smiling as he knew this time he couldn't possibly be interrupted.
Or so he thought...
Kaa jerked as suddenly, he felt another grip on his tail. But this time it felt much more hairier, and before he knew what was happening, he suddenly began to see his coils slipping down the tree uncontrollably.
Oh no, not again, he sighed to himself as the coils around Mowgli disappeared and Kaa felt his head get yanked down the tree, where it fell uncomfortably into a heap along with the rest of his coils.
He groaned discomfortingly, and tried to find out what had happened, when he heard a voice.
"Look, Baloo," it said. "That looks just like the same python I beat up the last time. Remember I said when I saved Shanti I beat up a snake? This has got to be the same snake! Let me at 'im!"
This is a secret chapter I slipped in for :iconraventhedoll:, bringing the Bianca character in to have a bit of romance with the great python Kaa.
Obviously lunch with Mowgli can wait...
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ohhh thank you you done it so will and how did you know that bianca has special powers ?
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After reading the story carefully I assumed she had to possess a power deep down somewhere
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she doe she a witch

she can control time teleport ship-shape make thing fly, and she has more powers .her too uncle are the dark dragon and the other 1 is the horn-king

she has a lot of secrets that why in my storys she is chase by villain

but when she was young she was also friends of the jungle cubs, 'and you should know she was also very close to shere-khan when he was a cub
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