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February 7, 2013
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As Mowgli carefully stepped out of the water, he shook himself dry as he remembered doing back in his old jungle days. He was much more comfortable now that he had cooled down, and he figured he could sleep much better now. Feeling much more confident, he was obviously unaware of the shadowy creature hiding within the trees of the jungle above him.
The form of a huge rock python lurked out of sight, spying on Mowgli carefully. It was Kaa, who had wanted so much to eat the young man-cub despite how scrawny he was. He knew just how much Mowgli had managed to avoid his coils and hypnotism with a lot of luck, but this time Kaa had a scheme that he was certain would not fail. It was only a matter of finding the right opportunity…
…and this looked way too much like the right opportunity now.
The hungry snake licked his lips as he started to sneak carefully across the trees, and settled carefully on a time limb that was hanging above the pathway. Then he waited for Mowgli to come past him. Having seen which way Mowgli had come to get to the waterfall, he would have to come back the same way, and that would be where Kaa had set up his trap.
As Mowgli finally began to walk back the way he had come, Kaa hung a loop of his coils down like a noose. As it was dark in the jungle, his coils would be difficult to see, and Mowgli wouldn’t even suspect that the coils hanging down would be any different from some thin trees.
Kaa watched carefully as the man-cub came closer down the pathway, closer towards his trap, closer and closer, until suddenly…
He stepped right into the noose!
Kaa pulled his coils up immediately.
“Whoa!” Mowgli gasped as he suddenly felt his legs get yanked up from under him. He fell, but because his legs were being yanked upwards, he was unable to hit the ground and hurt himself.
Kaa grinned as he pulled up the surprised man-cub and hung him above his positioned spot. His trap had worked. Catching Mowgli was by far the best part, but to be absolutely certain, he covered Mowgli’s mouth with a loop of coil, not making it the tip of his tail, lest should it be bitten by the man-cub’s mouth in an attempt to get away.
Then Kaa carefully observed the surrounding area, to make sure there weren’t any other creatures or humans in the close vicinity of the scene, and to make even surer, he checked that all his coils were safely out of sight, so he couldn’t be distracted.
So far it was safe…and now Kaa was very pleased with himself.
Now it seemed he could finally have his most wanted meal in absolute peace.
Looking back towards the struggling man-cub, who had by now figured out what had happened to him, Kaa carefully positioned his coils over Mowgli so that they completely covered his body, and that his head was the only thing he could move.
Then Kaa made eye contact straight with the helpless man-cub…
…and began to perform his hypnotism.
Within no time, Mowgli’s eyes were sparkling with deep coloured rings, and he was left totally in Kaa’s control. The snake smiled hungrily, and then carefully lowered the cocoon lower down, so that it was resting carefully on the tree bough. After loosening up the coils a bit, Kaa stared at the hypnotised man-cub for a brief moment, taking in how delicious and yummy he might actually be.
It pleased Kaa no end now to finally get his chance to find out.
Kaa approached the boy’s head carefully, and then began to open his wide mouth, sliding it carefully over the head, feeling the man-cub’s hair tickle his throat slightly. Kaa bit down a bit, letting his jaws feel the width of the boy’s head, and then began to swallow more, taking in the head past the neck, salivating at the taste of the man-cub.
Because the hypnotism had been strong, Mowgli could feel nothing as the reptile took him in, bite after bite. As Kaa continued to swallow down to the man-cub’s chest, he let out a slight humming sound as he tasted the blissful taste that he had yearned for so much, and continued to take in the body, swallowing up to Mowgli’s loincloth. Taking in a huge bite, the red-coloured clothing disappeared quickly into the snake’s gullet.
Mowgli unconsciously moved his legs around, with hardly even so much as a kick as Kaa continued to eat him, feeling his jaws loosen up a bit as the legs meant more room for him to close his mouth a bit. The feet gently twitched as Kaa took in the legs softly and gently, and then experimentally tickled the feet with his tongue, which resulted with a slight giggle coming from Kaa’s stomach.
Finally, the snake took in one final guttural swallow, and closing his lips, the man-cub was completely sealed up within his throat, slowly sliding towards the snake’s belly. Kaa opened his lips again for a quick moment to lick away the taste left on them, and feeling a wave of happiness and the weight of a full belly, he carefully settled down amongst the trees, to settle down to sleep and let his inner body take care of the rest.
The rock python had finally gained a worthwhile meal, and better yet, it had been his most favorite morsel. Sure, maybe he couldn’t enjoy this man-cub any more, but there were still many man-cubs in the village…it didn’t mean he couldn't still snack upon them. Maybe even an adult human would be too careless and feed Kaa even more…the possibilities were endless.
Kaa silently drifted into slumber, and began dreaming of eating dozens more little man-cubs as the one currently within his stomach began to settle into its final resting place…
Here is the story containing the most popular predator, Kaa the rock python...and he finally eats Mowgli!
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owen-2 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Hello there ,Wonderful story, wonder how long it would take Kaa to digest Mowglii and what if anything would be left afterwards.
aoefreak9 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Writer
Hmm, Kaa would probably take about a few days to digest Mowgli, honestly. :p As for anything that would be left, who really knows? Probably not. xD
etaris333 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Not sure, but thinking of Mowgli's outline in the snake's tummy makes me laugh.
sofia2320 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Wow, I really liked it. It's really good to see some "alternative" stories between Kaa and Mowgli. I kind of envy Mowgli :)
etaris333 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
So do I. :)
sofia2320 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
glad to hear :)
kaavictim Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
so kaa finally gets to eat mowgli huh? I love that idea... would love to see mowgli as a bulge inside of Kaa =P
etaris333 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
And I would have loved to make a picture of it, but sad to say, I'm useless at drawing. Writing's my main form of art in this place
kaavictim Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
it's alright :) just thinking about the idea is more than enough for me
etaris333 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Same here :)
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